<Kim> had an old film camera with her tonight as she peered at the map of places the tour would be visiting this evening. Famous cemeteries, old historic battle grounds, and buildings that were rich in history. Kim checked her purse to make sure she had extra film in her bag as she waited at the meetup sight. People were already gathering and the tour guide was taking names and the fee for his services as he checked off a list.

<Aditi> is out enjoying the evening weather as she goes on a stroll, accompanied by a woman close to her age. She eventually bumps into Kim near a slowly gathering tour group, giving the other woman a wave.

<Kim> smiles and gives Aditi a wave in return, “Oh, hey Aditi! Are you and your friend joining the tour group as well?”

<Aditi> “Well, we were both going to visit a club, but we can always go later?” She looks at the woman, who pastes a smile on her face and nods.

<Kim> nodded her head and looked around at the group of people, “I think they still have room for a couple more people to sign up. I admit I am kind of starting to chicken out.” She laughed and rubbed the back of her neck, “I mean… what if I see a ghost? I’d freak out, right?”

<Aditi> “C’mon, bro. You have me and Marisa here to back you up. What can possibly go wrong?”

<Kim> squinted at Aditi with amusement and then laughed, “Uh huh. Aren’t those ‘famous’ last words? Though I suppose you are right.” Afterall, these things were made for tourists so they probably manufactured some scares to keep it exciting. The tour guide smiles as he came up and asked is Aditi and Marisa were joining. The fee for the walk was $20 for the half hour tour.

<Aditi> pays the fee for her, Marisa doing the same before she looks at Kim. “Well, yeah. I’ve seen plenty of horror movies, but sometimes cliches slip out?”

<Kim> smiles as the man added Aditi and her date to the list and gave the general instructions to stick with the group, feel free to take pictures, but don’t touch anything or wander from the route. They had permission to go to certain spots for the tour, but they needed to be respectful of the owners of the property and the graves. He’d then call for the group to form up and begin leading them to the Lafayette cemetery to begin. Kim chuckled as

she checked her film camera again while they walked, “Actually… I’m not really a fan of horror movies. But this is an interesting way to learn about the history and culture of the region.”

<Aditi> listens to the instructions, forming up and staying close to both Marisa and Kim, looking to the latter as she spoke while keeping pace with her. “Really? Okay, I’m inviting you over to my apartment sometime to try out some horror movies. Hand-picked.”

<Kim> laughed and shrugged helplessly, “Ok, but no clowns. I have a phobia of them and I make no promises about jumping out of windows to escape.” She seemed to be at least half serious. The guide lead the group into the cemetery and along a path that had been roped off for the tours to keep people from wandering. The guide paused to speak, giving a brief history of the cemetery, historical figures buried her, and allowing people to snap photos

and ask questions. Kim lifted her own camera to take photos of the area as well. Including one of Aditi and her date, as well as an old fashioned ‘selfie’

<Aditi> “No clowns. I promise.” She gives Kim a reassuring smile as the group heads into the cemetery, pausing to let the tour guide speak about the current location. When they’d finished, she’d take out her phone, snapping a few pictures of the graves and her companions.

<Kim> hopes that Aditi was being honest or the other woman would get a first hand glimpse of Kim’s crippling fear. For now though, Kim smiles and extended her trust, “Thanks, I might make it through them in that case.” She paused then and motioned to one of the taller mausoleums, “Oh look! There is an owl sitting on that one!” She raised her camera to take a picture of the magestic bird at rest. That was going on Facebook!

<Aditi> “Sounds good. I’ll….” She followed Kim’s gaze to where the owl was reclining on top of a mausoleum, managing to take a pic of it before it took wing, Marisa catching it in flight a second or two later.

<Kim> smiled at the pair, “If either of you two caught it in flight, I totally would love a copy of the picture.” After a moment the tour guide called them to follow along to the next destination, old homes that were purported to be the homes of practitioners of voodoo or people who had died tragically. They were likely chosen for the creep appeal with certain windows being pointed out as ‘ghost’ hotspots.

<Aditi> looked at Marisa, who nodded and kept up with Aditi and Kim as the tour group continued onward. When they stopped at the first house, she listened to the tour guide, looking at the windows pointed out before continuing onward, taking note of them for later.

<Kim> paused to take pictures of the windows as well as a few candid shots for fun. The film was quickly changed out as they continued the tour to sights of old battles and famous tragedies. It wasn’t an in depth tour, but the sights were nice all the same

<Aditi> kept up with Kim, taking pictures whenever she could.

<Kim> was disappointed when the tour came to an end, but at least it finished up at a local coffee shop that was not too far from where they had began and tour participants were offered a 10% discount on post-ghost beverages.

<Aditi> stretched when the tour came to an end, and took the offer, whispering to Kim briefly. “Want to come back later for an ‘unofficial’ tour? See if we can find any ghosts?” This earned her an arched eyebrow from Marisa, and she gave the other woman a sheepish look, whispering the same thing and earning a sigh.

<Kim> laughed quietly, “Real ghosts are a bit too real for me. I think my room mates would kill me if I tempted fate like that. They believe in spirits quite strongly. This was just a bit of harmless fun, but going on an unofficial tour might actually gather unwanted attention and if I bring home an unhappy ghost, well, they will be unhappy with me.”

<Aditi> “Right, right. My bad, bro.”

<Kim> chuckled and shook her head, “Naw, it’s a fun idea. I would have been up for it before. Just with all the odd stuff and cranky spirits being around, it isn’t really something I can risk. But hey, why don’t I treat you two to some hot chocolate?”

<Aditi> “Fair enough, bro.” She looks at Marisa, who turns to Kim, nodding. “Sure, why not. Maybe we can split the bill?”

<Kim> smiles and nods, “Sure, if you like. I think I’ll get the hot chocolate with whipped cream.” She motioned the two of them to follow to the counter to order with the plump woman ordering first.

<Aditi> orders some mint hot chocolate after heading to the counter, while Marisa orders herself the same thing as Kim.

<Kim> pulls out her wallet from inside her purse to pay, but splits the bill with the other woman since she’d asked, “So what club are you two heading to? The imaginarium or someplace else? I admit, it’s the only club I know.”

<Aditi> sips her drink after paying for hers, Marisa just holding her cup. “An LGBTQ-friendly club nearby. Why?”

<Kim> shrugs with a friendly smile, “Well, I’m new to the area and a bit curious, I guess. I am still learning my way around.”

<Aditi> nods and leaves.