+||+ Kim +||+ dressed as nicely as she could afford for the high scale event. She wasn’t exactly high society, but she was hoping she could buy something in the auction as a donation to the event. At the very least she’d buy back her sculpture if it didn’t get any other bids. Though the plump woman felt nervous among the high rollers and stuck to the edge of the room with her glass of wine held untouched in her hand.

<Aditi> was….wearing something decent for once, namely a nice silver and green dress and heels. She wasn’t sporting her usual hair dye and accessory with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

+||+ Kim +||+ smiled to Aditi nervously as she kept her place near to the wall and tried not to look too much like a cornered animal. She really regretted coming to the auction, but it was a good cause and all the donators were given free admission.

<Aditi> waves back, and would’ve brought Marisa to the event, finding a seat fot the two of them.

The seats were set up near to the auctioneers stage for the main event. The rest of the ballroom and gallery for were people to view the donations. There were paintings, sculptures, and other craft items from various local and international artists. In total, two hundred items were on the docket for the evening. Most people were moving around and mingling. No doubt some artists were interested in making connections with potential patrons. Kim made

her way to one of the tables to snag a plate of some sort of fancy finger foods that she could nibble on.

<Aditi> doesn’t sit yet, choosing to mingle with her date, and getting a few looks thrown her way. Eventually, she catches up with Kim, giving the other woman a smile.

+||+ Kim +||+ smiles and lifts her plate to Aditi and her date in silent toast, “Hey you two. Come to support the fund raiser? Or did you donate something for the auction?” She seemed nervous, shifting from foot to foot nervously as he considered sipping her drink.

<Aditi> looks at Marisa, then at Kim, noting the slight fidgeting as her date speaks. “We came to support the fund raiser. And is something wrong?”

+||+ Kim +||+ smiled nervously and and looked around, “I don’t do social gatherings very well. I am a bit nervous to be here, but I figure I could bid on the item I donated, at least. I’m worried no one else will.” She admitted sheepishly and then chuckled

+||+ Kim +||+ looked towards the stage as the auctioneer took to the podium and people started taking their seats with bidding paddles held in hand.

<Aditi> “Relax. It’ll be fine. What did you donate, by the way?” She idly munches on a thing she picked up before gathering a plate for herself. Marisa did the same, but took a glass of wine.

+||+ Kim +||+ set her glass down on the table with a nervous smile, “My sculpture is entry 33. So it will be over quickly at least.” Kim nodded to one of the tables where a sugar-sculpture was on display. It was about a foot tall and elegantly painted. A native american fox danced around a bon fire in a winter scene as spirits looked on from the frozen landscape, “I don’t expect it to do well compared to the other pieces of

art, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.” She chuckled as she headed to sit down in one of the back rows, ready to bid.

<Aditi> nodded to Kim, looking toward the indicated sculpture with a somewhat impressed expression, Marisa looking at the other woman. “This is really good! Maybe I can get something for the apartment? If…it won’t attract insects?” She followed Kim and took a seat in front of her, before Aditi did the same. “Crap, right. Marisa, Kim. Kim, Marisa. I completely forgot to introduce

her to you last time.”

+||+ Kim +||+ settled into her seat for the auction and smiled as she wiggled her fingers in hello, “I have heard of people using a sealant on them.” She turned her attention to the auctioneer as a painting was brought out of a horse crossing a picturesque river. It was truly striking and beautiful. Something to spoke to the free spirited soul. The auction started at $100 for the painting and paddles rose and fell to the

auctioneers voice.

+||+ Kim +||+ nearly jaw dropped when the painting went for a cool 46k and Kim had to wonder if her $500 was going to get her anything. Though she could always just donate it later. Items came and went on the auction block with the high rollers tossing money at the charitable event.

<Aditi> watched Marisa smile back before her date responded to Kim. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind if I get one like that.” She turned to look at the stage, blinking at the price that the painting had gone for, listening to the auctioneer declare the winner before the next item went on stage.

<Altaryn> stepped into the auction fashionably late. Of course he was wearing his fine tailored suit and carried himself with a graceful sort of dignity. He quietly stepped to the side near the back and observed.

<Aditi> is sitting in the second to last row, wearing a silver and green dress, as well as heels and ear studs. Her hair’s a nice shade of brown, as opposed to the usual colors of dark red with purple streaks. She’s also sitting with a Latina woman who’s close to her in age.

+||+ Kim +||+ watched and after the horse painting the auctioneer brought up another item to the block. Altaryn had just missed a stunning painting of a horse crossing a river and donated to the auction by Tansy. It was truly a work of art. There were various members of high society sitting in the seats facing the stage as the auctioneer introduced other items. Some sculptures, some paintings. Each one donated by local artists. Kim is

seated in the back row near Aditi, nervously holding an auction paddle. Of course, one was offered to Altaryn, when he entered as well.

<Aditi> was oblivious to Altaryn’s arrival, as was Marisa, both women watching the stage and the items appearing and disappearing.

+||+ Kim +||+ didn’t raise her paddle very often as the bids often went out of her price range. Some items went for seventy or eighty dollars, others ranged into the hundred and a couple that caught the right fancy would range into the thousands.

<Altaryn> accepted the paddle or it would have looked weird. He was curious what was up next. As he waited though, he glanced about to see who was about, if he recognized any faces.

+||+ Kim +||+ became more and more nervous as the items came and went, mentally counting in her head as it got closer and closer to her item of interest. Eventually the sculpture of sugar was brought onto the stage to be displayed as the auctioneer read out the description: An edible sculpture of sugar-glass submitted by a local artist. It depicted a native american fox dancing around a bonfire with eerily depicted spirits watching

during a winter scene. The auctioneer called out for the starting bid to be $50. Kim didn’t hesitate, lifting her paddle to bid. Afterall, she didn’t want her donation to raise nothing.

<Altaryn> looked at the first bidder and a faint grin. He waited to see if anyone else intended to bid as well.

<Aditi> finally noticed Altaryn, giving him a wave, while the woman she was with looked at him for a moment before turning back to the stage just in time to see the sculpture get its’ first bid. Neither of them bid on it, though.

+||+ Kim +||+ was the only bidder on her sculpture, perhaps it was no real surprise since something made out of sugar might not be high end item that people would want to pay money for. The auctioneer called out to try and raise the bid, reminding the crowd that this was for charity. Something that make Kim wince. Then he called out the classic going once, going twice, SOLD!”

<Altaryn> waited till the last moment and called out “One-Twenty.”

<Aditi> looks at Kim with a sympathetic expression, before turning her gaze toward Altaryn as he bid on the sculpture as well.

+||+ Kim +||+ swiveled her head in surprise at the voice that called out from the rear and pointed his gavel with a resounding, “SOLD! For 120.” A man would approach Altaryn to give him a ticket to pick up the sculpture from the clerk as people began clearing the stage for the next item on the docket. Kim was still in shock as bidding commenced on the next object in the auction. It did considerably better, being a painted

porcelain bowl and quickly rising to bids in the low thousands.

<Altaryn> calmly wrote a cheque for his bid, the bowl didn’t interest him any. As this went on though, he consciously avoided looking in Kim’s direction as if he didn’t eralize she was there.

+||+ Kim +||+ slipped from her seat now that the item she was worried about had been on the auction block. The paddle was offered back to one of the attending clerks and she gave Altaryn a little smile, even if he avoided looking at her. Though it did sting a bit that her sculpture was probably bought on pity after the auctioneers words, but it was for charity and maybe he’d enjoy eating it. It had been fun to make, at least. Kim

finally allowed herself to leave the uncomfortably high class auction house.

-the clerk accepted the check and issued Altaryn a charity receipt for the item with a cheerful thank you for supporting the fund to help victims of the local terror attacks-

<Aditi> hung around for a bit, giving a check for 150 dollars as her donation, before turning to leave with Marisa, who returned the wineglass to where it was supposed to be.

<Aditi> gives Altaryn a smile as she reaches the exit, turning to look at him and moving out of the path of anyone leaving. “Fancy meeting you here.”

<Altaryn> “Hmm. Is it,” he asked innocently. “Did you expect I had no interest in charity or in art?”

<Aditi> “I honestly don’t know a thing about you, so I can’t really say for sure.”

<Altaryn> had to nod in agreement. He wasn’t sure he remembered her name. Did it matter though? “Well it is for a good cause. If you will excuse me, I need to make sure the weather doesn’t disintegrate my purchase. “With affairs settled, he would take his wrapped sculpture and depart.