::Keenan had stepped out for a few minutes just to take care of a couple of things, making sure everything was set for the night that he was going to have out for Celeste, he was wearing some nice casual clothes, a short sleeve waffle knit shirt, a pair of crisp looking black pants and his shined up black steel toed work boots, not only were they functional, but they were quite nice looking when cleaned up too, he moved back to the bar

and sat down at the rail on a stool ordering a glass of coke.::

Mike grins at Him “Black and tan?” He looks at his cloths “Okay sharp Dress man, Looking good what the occasion .? ” He asks pouring the drink for keenan . ” Missed you last night I thought Something aweful happened to you man.”He slide The drink to him.

::Keenan smiled at mike.:: “Yeah black an tan, got a dinner with she whom shall not be named, so I figured I’d dress up nicely for a change.” ::he tilted his head at the last point though.:: “Something awful? Dude I’m a chef, the worst that can happen to me is I work a few extra hours or some idiot spills something hot on me.” ::he chuckled to himself as he sipped his beer once it was passed to him.:: “Nah I just had to work later,

restaurant got packed, Friday and all that.”

Mike laughs “Brother bullshit you want to make a impression.You look good..”He drops the subject” I hate when people dump shit on me and then run off act a fucking fool..

::Keenan laughs.:: “Actually this is just business casual when I’m walking around, I put on the rough clothes when I want to go clubbing and unwind, different style clothes for different reasons, besides I don’t dress to impress people, I dress how I feel.” ::he sipped his drink.:: “so what’s got you all pissed? who dumped shit on you and ran?or is this a topic not to be discussed?”

Mike leans into the bar “Some asshole hit my truck,Like A shitless bitch and drove off..ssorry asshole.

::Keenan was sitting at the bar and looked at Mike.:: “Seriously? so you’re left handling the repairs, you need external camera’s on this place, wait was the collision here?”

mike laughs “Happened out side of town,Some dickless shit just fucking swiped my front end fucking merging.

<Henry> slipped into Golgotha to take a peek around. He paused to adjust his glasses as he scanned the establishment wearing a tweed suit. After a minute he shuffled to the bar nervously and settled into a stool

Mike leans over the bar “Hey Man what can I get you?” He nodded to keenan.”Pardon me a second.” Looking to henry “What will it be friend?”

::Keenan nods slowly.:: “That’s a shitty thing to happen.” ::he looked as Henry sat at the bar and nodded to the man.:: “Sure thing brother.” ::he sipped his beer.*

<Henry> looked at the offerings and adjusted his glasses as he smiled softly, “Ah… I don’t suppose you serve tea here, my good man?”

<Henry> smiles to Keenan politely and dips his head, “Good evening, young man.” Perhaps it was odd given Henry didn’t seem so old.

Mike looks at him “No we don’t.. Have Tea, This is a bar. something else perhaps?”

Mike Nods to him “we have liquors Perhaps something refined?

::Keenan smirks and nods to mike.:: “Wouldn’t you have an Icetea mix for Long Island Icetea brother? maybe fix him up a long island with less long Island.”

~^ Henry ^~ looks maybe a little crestfallen, as he nods and looks back to the offerings, “Ah, yes… though sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.” He seems to consider the drinks for a moment and then in a questioning tone, “Would you happen to have a wheated bourbon, by chance or… Icetea would be delightful as well.”

Mike Nods “Ice tea I have..that all you want I do have soft drinks .And I have A GLENLIVET 17 year aged single malt..Its better then the ice tea.

::Keenan raised his glass to Henry with a grin.:: “There you go, options.” ::he smirked as he pulled out his phone and then slipped it back into his pocket.::

~^ Henry ^~ chuckled a little nervously and ducked his head almost apologetically, “Ah… I am terribly sorry if I am a bother. Yes, the Glenlivet sounds lovely. I do enjoy a bit of a treat now and then.” He pulled out his wallet and simply handed Mike a card to charge it do. Henry didn’t indulge often so he wasn’t terribly concerned about the price of this little treat. His eyes crinkled closed at the corners as he turned to

Keenan, “Non est ad astra mollis e terris via… save for, perhaps, a fine dink.”

Mike looks at henry Pouring his drink “try going in a straight line if your reaching stars. Normally fastest way anywhere.” He takes the card and swipes it handing it back to henry . “Enjoy sir if there is anything else simply ask.”

::Keenan looked at Henry when he spoke the language.:: “I’m sorry, I didn’t learn that language in school, the english I got.” ::he raised his glass to the man.:: “English, German, French, Spanish, and Greek were my mains.” ::he sipped his beer again.::

~^ Henry ^~ chuckles and smiles as he accepts the card back and files it into his wallet, “Perhaps it is the fastest way, but some journeys are worth taking the long way around.” He did seem delighted though, especially as he looked to Keenan, “Ah, a practical man, hmm? Those are fine languages, though I admit that I never did learn spanish or German. Are you familiar with the Ancient Greek dialects as well?”

::Keenan shook his head.:: “I wish, I just learned it oversea’s also a little Arabic when I did a tour in Bahrain.” ::he raised his glass and looked at Mike.:: “Educated men are an ancient pillar to a crumbling society built on overwhelming practicality.” ::he sipped his beer.::

Mike Looks to Keenan and then Henry “No sir afraid not..I latin yes, German Ja,and Well Thats about it..”He looks to Keenan.”I didnt exactly Go to a public school. But Yeah I got hit on the way home from work.

MIke nods to Keenan and then Henry “here here.”

::Keenan shook his head.:: “That sucks brother, you got a ride to cover you while insurance hammers out?”

“I got my Car out front.”

~^ Henry ^~ lifted his glass in the light toast and then sipped the amber liquor. It was held on his tongue fore a moment and rolled across his taste buds before his eyes closed and he swallowed with a delighted little shiver, “Education comes in many forms. Not all knowledge is held in books and I would say that the education of your life is more impressive than books held on a shelf. There is little use for ancient words that

decorate the imaginations of men such as myself.” He glanced back to the door, ” Ah… I believe I saw a car with some damage to it. Are you alright, sir?”

::Keenan nodded to Henry as he spoke.:: “It all starts somewhere man.” ::he looked around at the various goths and industrial types, his head bopping to the Ministry song playing in the background.:: “Glad you’re okay Mike, if you’re walkin around then it obviously could have been far worse.”

Mike lift a eyebrow “Mine is in the body shop,Oh I am fine..good truck , seat belts..”He looks to both Men “I have to repair the stain glass Upstairs tomorrow,get my truck out the shop and I swear someone hits My Belair they die..

~^ Henry ^~ didn’t seem to notice if he was out of place of not in the club. The mild and friendly man simply content in his unassuming suit with his dull mouse brown hair making him look somewhat washed out. He tended to look more like a scholar than anything else. Almost like he was from the clipping of a library magazine. “Stain glass?” That seemed to catch Henry’s attention and he smiles, “What a lovely art form. I lament

that I didn’t notice the windows when I came inside. I was a bit distracted. I shall have to take a peek when I depart later.” He paused a finally looked around and blinked. He seemed to finally notice that everyone seemed to be dressed darkly. Carefully he adjusted his glasses and looked down at himself and his suit.

::Keenan was wearing some nice casual clothes, a short sleeve waffle knit shirt, a pair of crisp looking black pants and his shined up black steel toed work boots, not only were they functional, but they were quite nice looking.:: “So, my name’s Keenan Graves, pleasure to meet you sir.” ::he nodded to Henry, Keenan might look familiar if Henry read any magazines, he’d been in a few in regards to his Chef capabilities.::

Mike Looks around “Yeah its converted Catholic church, the upper level is off limits at the moment the stain glass is up stairs the rest is under a boards at the moment till my boss okays Pulling them down..I think he wants them insured first. Some By the Front doors too just boarded up at the moment.

~^ Henry ^~ turned his eyes back to Keenan and there was a small tilt to his head before he offered the man a hand. Henry didn’t seem to recognize the name, but he was friendly, “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Graves. Henry Haines, at your service.” His grip was light and almost delicate, the hands of a scholar that was used to working with the most delicate of items and manuscripts. He nodded to Mike with a small

smile, “Ah, that is a rich history indeed. I am glad that the windows will be preserved. I recall watching some being repaired by hand one night and it was a good reminder at the sentiment, care, and respect that those old works hold and convey. Part of my job is restoration and I can say that it is best if the items are cared for in the first place, hmm?”

::Keenan shook the mans hand, and then let go after a moment, his hand flicked as he looked at his watch and nodded then went back to his drink.:: “It’s rather cool looking stuff, one of the reasons I came in here, the other was the tunes and the booze.” ::he smiled and looked at the dance floor.:: “And a few other reasons.”

Mike Looks back and around the Dance floor”Yeah I would agree Mr, I tend to agree..”He looks at the walls and then the faces “It was a spanish fort first the Natives killed most of them, then the French came..Killed them too with the aid For the Spaniards. Then when the revolution Francis Marion and his men hid here between raids on the english north part of the State. .Civil war they used it as Pow camp..and Hospital..”He looks up

stairs..”Place is old..real old

::Keenan smirks.:: “Now people come here and get shit faced with no real regard for the history of what it’s done for their lives in the past, Ironic…ain’t it?” ::he chuckles and takes a sip of his beer putting the empty down and looking at Mike.:: “I’ll have a coke now please, keep it light, don’t wanna get pulled over for drunk driving on my way to dinner.”

~^ Henry ^~ looked at the dance floor as Keenan did and he smiled gently in understanding, “Ah, I see. I admit I stopped to rest before I needed to head out. I’m heading back to New Orleans tonight, but I thought I’d see where my feet took me before then. I haven’t had the luxury of wandering in a while.” He placed a hand on the bar and ran his fingers over the smooth surface as he gave it a curious look. Then his eyes turned to

take in the place as Mike described it. Henry’s eyes were unfocused though. He was looking around, but he wasn’t seeing the bar, “A deep history… it’s good someone remembers. Someone should always remember.” For a moment, just a brief moment, Henry’s eyes might seem to grow a bit darker in colour, but they still held warmth in them, “Imagine… all the lives touched by this place over the years. Each person with a story, much like our

own… ”

:Keenan gestured to Henry.:: “He’s starting to sound like Gavin.” ::he chuckled.::

~^ Henry ^~ tilted his head and chuckled softly, “I am afraid I don’t know a Gavin, Mr. Graves. Is he local? If he shares a love for culture and history, it is a shame I likely will not meet him.”

Mike nods to Keenan “Yeah No problem “Coke Going in Cup and ice.”Here you are..”Mike nods to them Both “Yeah think thats why Gavin agreed to take the place..Well Some people its in there Blood you know stories and History same thing both half truth half Well not truth,Yeah i some how Doubt you Will bump into the Guy ,But christ only knows.

~^ Henry ^~ seemed to consider the statement for a moment, “Hmm, I can’t say I agree with that. Predestined predilections only go so far. At some point it is a choice that defines a person’s life, not heritage or blood.” Then he chuckled, the seriousness melting away, “I am not from Baton Rogue, and it’s my first time out this way and likely the only time I will travel this way. So no, it is not likely at all.” He lifted

his cup and watched the amber liquid as it swayed against the glass, “I suppose I was curious, but it is not so different from home.”

::Keenan shrugs.:: “Well, you never know man, you might bump into him some time.” ::he shrugs.:: “The worlds a funky place like that.” ::he sipped his coke and looked at the V.I.P. lounge for a moment, a short smile coming to his face, and then he turned and just looked at the two while they talked, he leaned against the rail a little as he hooked one leg over the other.:: “Too bad, there’s great restaurants out this way, a few in New

Orleans too, I’ll be bouncing around to try them all out, best way to widen your palette.”

Mike Looks to Henry “You really Wrong about that statement. It’s Very Different.. Ask the natives They Disagree about the logic of history. But the truth and unknown well then again if we are talking taught history ..its bullcrap. Actual history well its in the earth.”He wipes the bar down and smiles”But what the Fuck Do I know”He chuckles..”Yeah NEW orleans has too much turn over rate..tourist right? Seems lost in The gaslight streets

and ghost stories..Eh again..What do I know only lived here my whole life.

Mike shifts his head”I left a few times but always right back here..I land here.

~^ Henry ^~ didn’t have his eyes on one place very long, he always seemed to be curiously peering at this or that. His eyes did follow Keenan’s to the lounge curiously and they lingered over the place that was clearly for members only as if it might hold a little tidbit of treasure inside. Though what Henry considered treasure was hard to say, “I suppose that is true. Stranger things have happened on occasion.” He looked back to

Mike and after a moment he shook his head, “As a British male, I have no moral ground to argue heritage. I simply do not see that bloodlines are so important, but perhaps that is simply privilege talking. Or wishful thinking. I have certainly been reminded of my culpability in historical atrocities committed by my fore bearers that are inherited by my birth… so perhaps it is simply an attempt to shrug off obligation.” He shrugged and his

head turned in the direction of New Orleans, “I don’t know. I never minded the tourists, but I wasn’t in a position to travel here. I thought I’d rectify that, but… now that I am here, I believe the differences you mention are lost on me.”

Mikes nods “I don’t do white Guilt conquering races Conquer..thats what they Do..Not forging any tears from my eyes either.”

::Keenan smirks.:: “Well, it’s only an hour away from New Orleans, so it’s not like you’re far away, and it’s not like there are country borders diving the place, so you aren’t restricted in traveling.” ::he smirked at the man.:: “But that shit’s totally up to you man.” ::Keenan sipped his coke and licked his lips.::

~^ Henry ^~ nodded to Mike, but what Keenan said made him shiver and his eyes looked around the bar, “Ah… I suppose you are right.” But something seemed to unsettled the British man as he tenses and held his glass a little tighter. Tight enough that he was white knuckled, “I suppose, it is habit… Nervous traveler, you see.” He nodded to the VIP section with nervous curiosity, “Members only, back there?”

Mike nods to the stairs”Its not done,The floors and walls see..”He mixes anther drink handing to it to a woman and stepping back into the conversation.” Well Relax traveler.”

::Keenan stood up after finishing his drink and slid the glass over to Mike.:: “Well, I’m off to meet up with a woman about dinner.” ::he smiled and patted Henry on the shoulder, dropping his card off in front of her.:: “If you end up in Baton Rouge again, come on into Mansurs on the Boulevard, tell them that Chef Keenan sent you, I’ll give you a meal on the house, it’ll at least give you a reason to come back and meander.” ::he smiled

and looked to Mike nodding.:: “Night man.” ::He then made his way to the door.::

((in front of him))

~^ Henry ^~ actually seemed to relax at the news and he took one last look around the bar before he smiled again with his graceless habit, “A dinner on the house? Perhaps I could bring my…er… boyfriend. If it isn’t too much trouble.” He picked up the card with delicate fingers and looked it over, “Good night, Mr. Graves. Do be well.”

Mike Nods To keenan as he Gets up and leaves “Night Keenan..” Mike looks to Henry “You want a Refill?”

<Henry> looked down at his glass and gave it a consideration before nodding, “Perhaps one more glass. It is a bit before I need to head home.” He set the glass down so he could pull out his wallet again and offer Mike his card to pay, “It is a lovely vintage. I admit I don’t tend to indulge too often, but I really do enjoy a fine bourbon.”

Mike took his card scanning it handing it back” Here You go Henry, enjoy..”He pours him a shot and then Doubles it. “You got a ride home? Dangerous to drive after two of those.

<Henry> was not expecting a double, and blinked in a bit of surprise, but he supposed that if he was having a second one, he wouldn’t be driving in any case, “Ah…” no he didn’t have a drive. That was right, this wasn’t a cab drive from home, “Hmm, no. I suppose I could simply stop at a local hotel for the night.” He tapped his fingers against the glass, “Though it would likely be wiser to simply enjoy the scent and experience over

actually drinking.” He imagined it didn’t matter to the barkeep so long as Henry paid for the drinks.

Mike looks at the Glass then Him”Its cheaper to call yellow cab. .I have a thing you put in your windshield of your car it stop them From towing it for 24 hours..you can come back and get your car the Next the day. trust me the cab is better most hotels suck, and there are lower rates on safety cabs from bars ..kind of a state law to keep drunk drivers off the roads. So feel Free and you give them the Number on th back of the sign you

put in your car window..that will get you a discount rate.

~^ Henry ^~ looked genuinely curious, “I had no idea that was a system that was in place. What a marvelous idea. It would hardly be any trouble to return during the day. I don’t work tomorrow, afterall. Well, aside from a touch of freelance work.” But he waved that off as he lifted his glass to his lips to enjoy another sip. He closed his eyes again, enjoying the flavour for a long moment before swallowing, “You mentioned that

you’ve lived in many places, might I inquire what has brough you back to Baton Rouge this time? Friends, family, a lovely work environment?” It was a friendly question.

Mike hands him a Bright yellow Tag. “Hollywood,India,Africa,Russia, Indo-asia Egypt New york ,South africa..Few other places here and there. I am a native of baton rouge..My family is from here. M y services were requested by a family friend and well then I do this as a Side gig to make some cash between jobs I do. I am a body guard , Mostly actress and actors Recording artists.

Mike shakes his head”Not as glamorous as it sounds

~^ Henry ^~ accepted the yellow tag to look it over like it was some sort of curious artifact in his hands, “That is certainly a wide collection of place. You are certainly well traveled. I moved to the region for work and while I have studied a number of cultures, I hadn’t been outside of England before I traveled here. I am perhaps, a touch envious.” He was careful to tuck the tag into his suit pocket, “You are quite

fortunate to have a family that is so close, how marvelous, and an interesting career, as well. It sounds like an interesting occupation. I am a linguist, myself, and a cytologist with a bend on anthropology. The only stars I have seen are in the night sky or on clay tablets. Though… I do have a record… er… a disc?” He waved a hand lightly, “Someone recorded my voice while I sang, it was dreadfully exciting to have the opportunity.”

Mike Nods to him “that’s a very cool honor. Never recorded anything myself. “He looks over at Him”You do a lot of Interesting things it sounds like you enjoy it, all that really matters is that at the end of the long haul. I mean really spend a life time doing shit to survive that’s just bullshit People were never meant To live like that.

~^ Henry ^~ shook his head slowly, “No, no. That was a friend helping me make a gift, actually. It was nothing that you’d hear anywhere.” He chuckled softly and swirled the amber liquor in his glass, “Honestly, I spend most of my time gardening and translating old texts. I think… we all have hobbies we enjoy, yes? I have been fortunate to find friends to share mine with, I suppose.”

Mike Shakes His head”Call me strange I don’t have either really. some friends one maybe three..And I don’t have a Hobby Actually. I work all the time. I sort just dont have time for that sort of amusement,I am not sure I would know what to do with enough time to consider a hobby.I sleep and work,eat do it again over and over..I am good with that.

Mike looks at his Phone see Clients. Let me message them back fast Pardon me a second.

~^ Henry ^~ looked up and blinked his eyes at Mike for a moment, “Mmmm, by your own statement, you should take some time to enjoy yourself. Live life, as you say. You don’t need to spend a large amount of time on a hobby to make it enjoyable.” But at the end of the day, Mike was his own person. He nodded as Mike needed to take a call, “Please, don’t let me hinder you.”

Mike shakes his head “Done with that. I am good with myself at the end of the haul..I do enjoy what I do..No you dont understand I have no need for amusement for the sake of amusement. Just not any logic or time in that for me other people sure..I find creative process unimpressive and waste of energy myself. I am more of the guy who gets things done..I dont do hobbies. I can appreciate art if it falls in my time between jobs the radio or

something I see moving around. alien Right.

<Henry> sat back with a curios expression and he seemed to roll that around in his own mind, “Hmm… no. I wouldn’t say alien. Different, yes. But Alien? No, I wouldn’t go that far. We each have something that motivates us, you recognize that within yourself and that is not a bad thing. I’ve certainly heard of more Alien concepts.” He chuckled and lifted his drink to his lips, “I am a scholar and a dreamer, Sir. But I have seen enough to

know that we each have something that calls to us. If your happiness comes from what you accomplish then that is no bad thing. Too many people die without that.”

Mike Looks at him and nods “People Die,Death doesn’t give shit if they feel accomplishment or joy. But Yeah You get it. Its got jack to do with honor ,Innerself piety or if you Dream. Death just dont care hell life doesn’t either..But as people we have a understanding of what we want. Better do it while you can timer is ticking.

Mike nods to himagain “Its about who you are..in this cycle..Do what you do but do it well.

<Henry> had to look away for a moment as he lifted his glass and drank back the rest of his drink, “No… death truly doesn’t care. I’ve seen enough friends die to know the truth of that matter. Returned to the cycle, for good or for I’ll. But Bright Lady, do I miss them.” He set his glass down on the counter and smiled, “But look at me getting sentimental. I believe that Is a sign I should head on home. It was a pleasure to speak with

you, Sir. I hope you have a pleasant remainder to your evening. Perhaps our paths will cross again.”

Mike nods to Henry”I am sure you will See me sometime..Please use the ticket I gave you and drive safe.” he gives him a wave and steps back and goes back into his work.

<Henry> gave Mike a pleasant smile that while friendly seemed to imply he thought it very unlikely, “Perhaps. And do not worry, I have the ticket. I shan’t be endangering anyone tonight.” He patted his breast pocket as he stood before making his way outside to call a cab and place the ticket on his windshield. He’d return around noon the next day to fetch his car.