Lottie txts Lynn: hello, Beth said to text you to meet up?

{Lottie} comes to the fairgrounds, having driven there and then parked her vehicle, she has her purse with her, she was dressed in a business casual attire, looking around for anyone that may be around, pulling out her phone and texting Lynn.::

Lottie txts Lynn: “I’m here, the rather well dressed blond, looking like she’s looking for someone.”

<Lynn> is dressed like a cowgirl, boots and hat and the works. She is a pretty blonde standing about five-nine, with bright blue eyes and rather healthy features of life. She is currently brushing one of the horses inside, but her phoine can be heard.

{Lottie} looked around and as she heard the phone she poked her head around the corner.:: “Uhm, hello luvie, would you happen to be Lynn?” ::she said wiggling her phone back and forth in her hand.::

<Lynn> nods as she pats the horse and looks over to Lottie. “That’d be me. Also known as Shotgun by some, but Lynn sounds a bit more friendly.”

{Lottie} laughed as she slipped into the stable that the woman was in, but she kept her distance from the dangerous end of the horse.:: “Pleasure to meet you Lynn, which do you prefer, I do find Shotgun to be rather evoking.” ::she smiled as she said it.:: “Either way, Beth had mentioned you were available to talk, here we are.” ::she held her purse at her side as she had one leg stepped out as she stood in a relaxed posture.::

<Lynn> peers out to make sure the suit-guy is still out by her jeep and then nods to Lottie. “Yeah, what’d you want to talk about?”, she says as she affectionately runs her hands over the horse’s side. “Oh, this is Charlie. I’ve raised him since he was a little thing. I run a ranch up north, where we do some rescues.”

{Lottie} smiled as she looked at the horse and stepped a little closer.:: “Well, I have something of a puzzle, have you ever heard of an individual whom is able to…well, able to essentially quiet our beast, and essentially draw that emotion of lust as it were onto themselves?” ::she looked at the horse.:: “A living person? not..our usual suspects?” ::she nodded to the horse.:: “Would Charlie mind if I patted?”

<Lynn> shakes her head. “No, go ahead. Charlie is used to our kind so he isn’t skiddish around us, and my blood flows in him.”, she looks back to Lottie. “Maybe… I know a couple someones that would for sure if it’s related to us. I have seen a lot of weird stuff too, like psychics and stuff. Could it be related to that?”

{Lottie} shrugged as she patted the horse with a smile.:: “I actually hadn’t considered that, most psychics that I’ve seen are frauds.” ::she seemed throughtful as she petted the horse and then looked at Lynn.:: “Though no, this in fact has nothing to do with our blood.” ::she seemed to really think about this.:: “Would it be some form of, empathic link created through touch?” ::she furrowed her brow.:: “That would be rather


<Lynn> nods her head a bit at that. “Maybe. Magic and stuff is not really my thing. But I have seen some crazy shit, like I said. It could be this person has some form or natural presence or auspex thing going on. Do you know how to reach out to someone else’s Beast to keep them from Frenzy? If they have been around us a lot, they might have picked that up.”

{Lottie} shook her head slowly.:: “Sadly that’s not an ability that I’ve acquired for myself, however it is one that I’ve really considered as it seems so incredibly useful.” ::she smiled as her hand drew down the flank of the horse, she herself however stayed to the side.:: “It would appear that perhaps this is something you’ve managed to acquire yourself.” ::she glanced back to the horse.:: “For a very good reason I may add.”

<Lynn> chuckles a little, “it’s not a magic power or a discipline… it’s just a certain way of communicating. I can show you. It’s useful… especially when things get heated, given our tempers.”

{Lottie} quirked a brow and nodded with a smile.:: “A natural born talent, well, I suppose a skill that can be learned? This is something that I would be very interested in.” ::she kept her hand on the horse as she watched the woman.:: “Even more so if it would allow me to be closer to these magnificent beings without causing much of a scare.” ::she had the smile of a little girl that was getting a long wanted wish.:: “I absolutely

adore horses, quite obvious I’d imagine.” ::she’d let out a little giggle.::

<Lynn> smirks a bit at that and nods. “Thhhhhaaaaat is a discipline. But I can teach you that too if you like. Also very useful in dealing with our Beasts. Animalism has a lot of uses, one of them being able to get close to animals without them getting upset.”

{Lottie} smirked a bit.:: “If you’re willing to teach, I am willing to learn, and thus far, I think haircuts may be about my only method of repayment.” ::she gave a slight laugh.::

<Lynn> looks to Lottie, “Well, I don’t know about me but i could use someone to help grooming the horses.”

{Lottie} quirked a brow.:: “Are you serious?” ::she looked between the horse and then Lynn, smiling a bit wider.:: “Well, I do suppose that’s an acceptable trade.” ::she smirked a bit as she ran her hand over the horse again.:: “do I get to style the mane and tail as well?” ::she giggled again and winked.::

<Lynn> smirks and nods. “Sure. I am serious. While I am down here I bring horses in for the summer. And it’s good for us to have outlets.”

{Lottie} smiled at the woman and nodded.:: “Well then, I do believe that we have an agreement, I shall come here and help you with your horses grooming when you’re in the city, and in turn, I shall learn what you feel I can be taught of these abilities.” ::she smiled as she then stepped towards Lynn, extending her hand but keeping one on the horse to ensure that it knew that Lottie was still there.::

<Lynn> nods to her and shakes her hand warmly. “It was nice meeting you. I know a bit of our history, but more importantly I know a couple of very old geezers of our clan that like to talk about history.”

{Lottie} smiled warmly and gave a soft giggle.:: “Wonderful, if I could get some assistance with this wonderful little puzzle, that would be fantastic.” ::she nodded to the woman.:: “Of course, if you should ever want a style, I will freely offer my services when you desire.” ::she bowed her head to the woman politely.::

<Lynn> smiles a little and then starts to head out. “I will certainly keep that in mind. You have my number, so we’ll keep in touch.”

{Lottie} nods with a smile.:: “Oh, and do be mindful of your device, I’m told others are listening in on them that we may not wish.” ::she called out to the woman as she then began to help close up the stall and then head to her car afterwards.:: “Safety in secrecy and all that.”

<Lynn> chuckles a little bit and nods to the guy in the suit to get in his car and follow her before looking back to Lottie. “Thanks. I’ll see you around soon!”

<Lynn> gets into her jeep after tossing a heavy looking duffle back in the back seat, gives one last wave, and drives off.