<Storyteller> Salazar was sleaning up from his feeding when he notices a young man who was taking out some trash has definately seen him and is backing away toward the back door of the resteraunt.

<< Salazar >> took his time to pick a target. He had to be certain that they were someone who preyed on innocent people in some way. Once he was certain that the man in question was a valid target he’d follow him into an alley and then in a burst of speed and strength, pin them face first to the wall. He hissed as they struggled under his hold and then bit down in a fluid movement to sink his fangs into their neck to feed. As he releases

the man to crumple to the ground and turns to see the man backing towards the door to frown, “Stop moving now.” His voice is quiet and commanding as Salazar turned towards him, “I do not wish to hurt you, but if you run you will leave me no choice.”

<Storyteller> The guy looks at the guy on the ground and then straight up bolts for the door, yelling out something in another langauge.

<< Salazar >> growls darkly and turns to bolt as well, but to leave the scene. There was no bite mark remaining on the man and he didn’t want to deal with the servants ‘friends’ or get into a proactive fight.

<Storyteller> A couple of people open the back door to let the panicked guy in and yell at Sal as he flees.

<< Salazar >> isn’t interested in figuring out what the guys yell as he leaves. If they try to follow him, he’ll kill them, but otherwise, he simply leaves them to comforting the panicked guy.