Marc Stands outside Looking at her “welcome home sascha..sit with me Please and rest your worries there..

<Sascha> stalks off back to the Temple, with questions rattling about in her mind as her feet hit the stones and she stops as she sees Marc and tilts her head at him before nodding to him and sitting down beside him.

“You have been gone why? why did you leave the circle here? “He asks looking over her face”I am not angry .I am happy your home..I just want to know how i hurt you so deep you leave us here in words of anger.

<Sascha> sighs and looks back to him, “Think about this… how long has Rose been there to guide others? I understand there were traditions before I came along. And it’s all supposed to have a reason…”, she frowns and takes a breath. “I really want to make a smart-ass comment about robes and not being Jedi but I shall refrain. Part of it? I’m selfish. You’re mine. Cherub’s mine.

Yitzak’s mine. I don’t want to lose any more of you than we have already lost. What happens when there’s no one left to give Confession to?”

You fought with us, I see you had a point..I was in my vows..But I see what you mean. Yes we have one person ..God..Who heard my confessions when i could not speak..god sascha..above all things and all is god.”He looks at her face and smiles “What is a jedi..? “He rolls his eyes and grins “I know what a jedi is..I am not a trog.. But yes no your right, sainting has a point as well but not one I can see saving our ways and who we are..I

also see it as suicide we have no right to take god gifted us with and caine anointed us in . You changed some but your still that little young lady who stared holes at me in the dark..tell me more.

<Sascha> smirks a little, “I don’t feel bad then… we aren’t Jedi, Marc… there’s no spirit of that person still guiding everyone else. I believe in redemption. I believe in seeking the forgiveness Caine would not because of his Pride. That same Pride is what causes things like the Sainting to come about. Thinking we know better than God.”

<Sascha> rubs her arms a little bit, shaking her head. “And… there might be something else. An alternative?”

He nods to her”there is always anther way,But we should respect those who wish for sainting..they forget something Sister,this is not about us, but the roads of faith in our hearts. I know thats where the tide keeps balance but we can always find a better way cant we..the complexity of us as creatures..its our very design to Seek the darkness and the way to fight it at the same time. I think if you try and find a way you will..But none

shall judge you least they be judged . You do not have to swim the same current as all the others, that’s not what its about.

<Sascha> looks thoughtful and nods, then looks back at him directly. “Let me start over and ask this, cause in my anger I don’t think I ever have asked… but tell me, exactly… what does the Sainting do? What is it meant to do?”

It hands our knowledges and feeling over, passes the torch ,It ends the long watch of those who look to the one above.. But yes its diabrie I have no proof it even works like that anymore. You know the part about is this ..that soul going into them Its the transcendence ..Give me the way you change this and share what you learn and feel..Show to the others the knowledges gathered?

<Sascha> looks thoughtful. “Who does it go to? Who keeps the ones that have passed?”

He looks to her”the next leader of our path ”

<Sascha> blinks slowly, “And the current leader is… Alfred? Since Zhou is gone?”

Marc smiles to her holding his red hands out to her stench of vitae potent in lingering stages “I am at the moment..Alfred is resting..”He looks to her placing a blood stained hand on her lips “See His vile wants made mine swim..and well Now I am incharge till Alfred awakens..He cant run and hide in the heart ..he must confront his sins in his sleep..”He paints a cross on her brown alfred’s blood smiling . Crossing himself .”What were

we talking off Sascha sainting..its a thing of Well days gone by

<Sascha> makes a throaty growl and nods to marc, then gets up and starts pacing a bit. “Part of it makes sense though. Some crap that Zaluut said about a clan that does that… I saw it somewhere… ugh, I don’t remember where. But then Rose… there’s a Cathari ritual that is kinda the same too, but different… And…”, she makes another throaty noise. “I am connected to another person

who is still alive, very much so. And there is no basis of Faith in that connection except for each other.”

<Sascha> “I just left Rose fairly freaked out, her, not me. I am used to it. I didn’t realize it was weird.”

Marc Looks at her “good show then dear..she needs to feel something.Faith is alive in all things whom love god..Be it cainite or human or garou..gods love is shown back we know this. “salubri.. do this or did, Some of the newer ones are less then impressive..faltering into self induced delusions of grandeur or over compensation of their guilt and sin , Some assamite do the same rite..its not that uncommon..but I myself find it to foolish

as well..

<Sascha> tilts her head and then nods a little, slowing down her pacing. “My ally, Kaladorne is one of these Salubri, but I don’t know anything about the Clan… he’s got Faith and a Hospitaller’s mark. We have been hunting Infernalists together. I didn’t know Rose before, only by reputation, but she helped me. And I want to help US, I hate to see us dwindling while it seems like the

enemy only ever grows.”

<Sascha> “YOU taught me that it’s okay to be angry. That anger can present as either Justice or Wrath, and I seek Justice.”

MArc smiles to her”then get your proof and findings to me..Yes we are angelic in that way. Truth does come with wrath..We are fading by the years.And we will not endure if we continue this line of foolish self destructive behavior..Bring me your proof sascha and we will show the others there are new ways better ways to hand our strength on and preserve gods work here on earth .

<Sascha> stops pacing and then nods. “I will figure this out and bring it back for us.”, her eyes shifted to the doors, then back to Marc once more.

Marc laughs in there..Ohh sascha..alfred is safe..Yitzhak will need blood and well the others that did not flee..they are hurting but suffering for their lack of introspect..they needed pain and wrath to show them even the most enlighten fall..alfred..he chose to wander to close to the edge of his own faults and i merely showed him my dear the error of his ways..they give god a offering of suffering tonight as christ did..they will stay

there till they too learn they are not alone in sin..they must purge it from their souls in agony be humble before god.

<Sascha> headtilts and then looks back to him, she isn’t going to question the the fact she was summoned away and ended up talking to Rose most of the night instead of being here when this happened… “We now have an easy way back and forth, so I am close if you have need of me.”

Marc nods to her “I am your brother always ,Your voice has been missed.I want to know more about this plot you have and mystic meaning you have to push us into a new era..I think this is a holy thing and god will bless it or damn it..Its not in my hands but i know god walks with you and I have faith in your path you walk.

<Sascha> “I am not sure yet… You remember Patrick? Who introduced me to you when I first came out of the ground… him, Ninette… I’d say something about my blood yet I feel like I might have been human when it happened, and that might be part of it… I need to go back. I need to evaluate some of these things… and I need to pray on it.”

Marc shakes his head..”I know the large man he came here not long ago year or so I sat with him while watched from outside. “He watchs her and makes a odd face “very well Sascha go reflect ..I must go and do a service for my brothers and sisters now they have clear minds of humility ..”He kisses both her cheeks does the sign of the cross on her blessing her again “Go with god and be in peace my sister

Sascha speaks in French: “Walk in peace, my dear brother. God keep you. I’ll be home again soon.”

<Sascha> smiles to him and bows her head, before then making her way straight toward Beatrice, then back to Baton Rouge via the mirror.