◄║Maryska║► has her hands in her pockets, boots on her feet, wearing her blue denim jeans black t-shirt and leather jacket, her sunglasses are on and she has her hair left loose, the sounds of the drumming beats and dancers are a distance off if they’re still there at all, it was a full moon in two days, and she was feeling a bit of the energy from that, taking long full breaths as she looked around the empty space with the


◄║Maryska║► continues to walk around the field, just enjoying the energy, taking in deep breaths, remembering her night with Black Unicorn, seeing as how it was last night, that’s not too hard to remember, she takes a minute and smiles to herself as she rolls her neck and reaches up into the air in front of her with her hand, and tries to push her way through.

◄║Maryska║► pushes her way into the Umbra, her phone dropping to the ground behind her and just goes for a walk.