<Durmah> knew how to walk in heels. Walking -sexy- in heels was a bit of a learning process still. But there was a certain amount of gliding grace needed to walk on heels and not fall on one’s face. The skirt was much shorter than she preferred, but she had long enough legs that it was still attention-getting in the heels She’s not being trailed by the full security team as she scans the

streets to see if she can catch sight of Phillip.

<< Salazar >> left the Asylum to hunt in Baton Rouge for people that would be a tempting morsel to the old warrior. Those who preyed on the innocent were a favorite treat. After he fed he’d return to the Asylum to head to the practice grounds where he was usually found at night. The dummy’s were adequate targets for him to exercise his skill with and their company straightforward. Dressed in his dark clothing, Salazar headed to the dummies

and checked one over for wear. Finding no damage to compromise the integrity he moved away to take a stance and draw his sword. It wouldn’t be an impressive fight, but it would be clinical.