<Yevi> : makes it back from Canada land walking into the courtyard:

<Durmah> comes back with Phillip and Yevi (and at least part of a security detail). She liked Montreal well enough as a city, she supposed, but the collection of old, some of them devout Cainites was a bit creepy for even her. Durmah’d changed on the plane, back into comfortable cargo slacks and a plain t-shirt. The rosary now looks a bit out of place, but ah well.

<Yevi> :is silently walking with the group knowing how the others think of him:

<Durmah> glances over to Yevi, “Was the flight back better this time, since you knew a bit more what to expect?”

<Yevi> “yeah it was a lot better, that was my first flight since I ascended”

<Durmah> “Each clan has their difficulties, and then lines are different, too. That’s part of why Santos didn’t embrace me. He wasn’t keen on my having his curse. I think it bothered him more than it usually might have because we’re related. But you and several of the others are headed out to Zaluut’s homeland soon to get you your own dirt, aren’t you?”

<Yevi> “it is not just his homeland actually, I was born there myself and emigrated to America at the age of 14. I had spoken both Romanian and Russia before English was ever language I spoke. I do know sometimes the message I try to convey sometimes does not translate properly into English. Mostly I think in Romanian so when I speak a lot of tim

es I am translating in my head from my natural language. But yes soon I will be going to the castle of my Sire.. And I do know there will be temptation by his sister

<Durmah> lifts her hands in a warding motion. “I don’t know the details myself. That’s not something he’s likely to explain to an outsider, much less an outsider female. I didn’t even know his sister was still around. But yes, if that’s the case, she might try something. Politics are fun like that, especially at the gentry landed level. Good luck.”

<Yevi> “well Sasha spoke openly of it around you so you know some of it maybe. Still it’s less politics and more scorned jaded jealousy but I also can understand the alternate perspective but I also understand what is expected of me in the situation.. and I do know if I do not follow what is fully expected things could get unfortunate for me

<Yevi> “but again don’t take it to his I don’t have freedom to be myself as myself and sire are on completely different paths.. I think he views it as me trying to sow my wild oats in my youth and that as I grow things will change..

<Durmah> hums a sound of agreement to the first comment. “It’s always a danger to not meet expectations, though perhaps you now know a bit more of why that’s an issue. I’m not sure if the Heart has something like the Temple’s living cruicifix, but that’s fairly creepy.”

<Yevi> “but also at the end of the day I am still young and still unproven.. so there is some leeway but also some expectations there..

<Durmah> nods slowly, “The unproven is the more important thing there, really.” She looks to him now, giving him a measuring look. “The good news is that you have room to improve, and if you do improve, you’ll probably be fine. If you don’t, well.” She shrugs. “He’d probably be annoyed regardless if his sister removed you, because there’s pride there, but that doesn’t protect you from his

own wrath or irritation.”

<Yevi> “But it also does and I know sometimes I forget it and others can as well.. I can mess up and I can do something that others may veiw as wrong but I have the freedom and ability to learn and grow. Hell you might never believe what I said at the club and I understand that.. my accent and sometimes the words I can use can come across as creep

y especially for a follower of my path just like what has happened between myself and Sissy and no one might ever veiw what I was saying there as fact in either situation. But I’ll also say I have never forced someone to ever do something they have told me no too.. Sissy when I first saw her and talked to her she was just another meal.. and anothe

r potential mortal to test to see if I could push her to fall. Honestly that was my goal and ambition. Fault me for following my path to my understanding of it at the time.

<Durmah> pats the top of her head warily and gives the air above her a scalding look. But then she looks back to Yevi, “You can say that, Yevi. But I clearly told you no, and you persisted. That’s why Phillip got angry with you. And Jade, I imagine. It’s not typical for a Tzim to pop to their scarier form at just a word.”

<Phillip> ensured the mirror was delivered and in good working order before he left it to find Durmah. When he reappeared he was still dressed in a nice black suit that made his albanism all the more stark by comparison. He headed towards her with a smile that faded slightly at the topic.

<Durmah> smiles immediately upon seeing Phillip and she’ll step away to go unbutton his suit jacket and snuggle into him, arms wrapping around Phillip’s waist under the jacket.

++ Phillip ++ returns the gesture to wrap his arms around Durmah and hold her close before kissing the top of her head, “I’ve missed my Emerald Rose, what trouble have you found on this starlit night? Since we’ve returned, I trust you have found your course? I neglected to ask.”

<Durmah> hums and nuzzles his throat. “No troubles tonight, my heart jade.” And then her tone turns wry, “And I think I’m probably not going to have trouble getting lost while I have a security team.” She sort of eyes one of the nearer guard

++ Phillip ++ turns his head to look at the guard and chuckles, “Probably not… are they going to be around -all- the time? I mean… could be kinky.” He looked down at her with a playful smirk, “I was wondering what your path might be too.”

<Durmah> snorts softly, “No idea. I’ll find out when he comes back to New Orleans. Judging by Yvette, it’s possible that they’re going to be around anytime he’s out of town or I’m somewhere he considered dangerous.” She chuckles, “Inner voice and power… it’s somewhat amusing to have an elder vampire comment on how you’re doing the path instinctively.”

++ Phillip ++ chuckled, “I’m not surprised that you are a natural at it. You are pretty exceptional, Durmah.” He leans back to smirk with amused eyes, “Huh… should I be worried that he is so protective of you? Am I going to be traded out for a more impressive lasombra? He has a nice butt, so I couldn’t complain.”

<Altaryn> parked his car and headed towards the Asylum. He was wearing one of his fine tailored suits and struck a fine image, calm, confident.

<Durmah> in a dry, dry tone. “Let me repeat. We are -related- and so it doesn’t matter. At all. And I can assure you, you have a fantastic butt.” She reaches down to goose him.

++ Phillip ++ chuckled because relation didn’t mean anything anymore, not really, but the goose made him purr, “You’ll have to tell me all about it. I can only imagine how amazing it is.”

<Durmah> pauses as she catches sight of Altaryn, Her hands clentch up in Phillip’s shirt, but she’ll nod politely to Altaryn.

++ Phillip ++ gave Durmah a gentle hug and likewise dipped his head to Altaryn

<Altaryn> paused at the stairs and he looked up at the pair. “I didn’t realize you were back,” he said quitely and bowed to the pair of them, deeper than he would for one he saw as an equal, though still not as deep as he would for Micheal or even Zaluut. “How was your trip?”

++ Phillip ++ glanced to Durmah in confusion and then looked back to Altaryn, “It was a decent trip. I made a new friend and was given two great honours by a high priestess of my path. How have you been, Altaryn?”

<Durmah> motions Altaryn towards Yevi, who now has longer hair, and several peircings he didn’t have before. And she’s creeped out by the bow, so she’ll shift to move to Phillip’s otherside, keeping Phillip between them. She’ll let Phillip give his answer, then she’ll shrug once, “Terrifying for me, though I suppose enlightening in it’s own way. It had the advantage of giving me space to


<Altaryn> “And yet here you are, stronger for the experience,” he said to Durmah with a polite smile. Then curiously he turned to Phillip. “Two great honours, is that right Phillip? Are you permitted to tell me of it?”

++ Phillip ++ didn’t mind Durmah moving around him and nodded to Altaryn with an easy smile, “There is not reason I can’t. I progressed a step farther along my chosen path and my deeds and philosophies validated by the priestess. I am permitted to travel to Montreal to continue my studies with her. When I am ready, I will be able to face the trial of the 4 chambers.”

<Altaryn> “Sounds….like an adventure,” he answered impressed. “I knew you were destined for great things Phillip.” He went back to the preious question Phillip had asked. “I’m….fine. But I still need to track down the setites…before I run out of time.”

<Durmah> doesn’t respond to his first comment. There’s no good way to reply without being rude or scathing, so she doesn’t. She’s still a bit annoyed at him for his comments before she’d been told to pack up to head north with Sascha. The latter has her looking at him, though, “Out of time?”

Maryska txts Durmah: hey, it’s Mary, didn’t hear back from you, did you want to hang out soon?

++ Phillip ++ shrugged and laughed, “Great? No. Just doing what I need to do. Same as always.” He nodded to Durmah’s question.

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<Durmah> pulls out her phone as she gets a text notification, and will type out a reply

<Altaryn> “Kitt never did explain but you were there,” he answers politely to Durmah. “Something about being sent east. It doesn’t matter,” he said fixing his posture. “Kitt was right. I have allowed the snakes to dig in far longer than they deserve. It puts all of us in danger and must be dealt with. Then I can focus my efforts on Bishop and the arsonist.”

Maryska txts Durmah: Okay, well I can come to Redstick and hang out if you’re okay with that.

<Yevi> looks at Durmah for a moment as he seems to have been caught in deep thought. “No.. nothing I say to explain things will help here.. please I am sorry for making you feel unconfortable Durmah.. it was not my intention however its what happened.”

<Yevi> looks to Phillip.. “I want to appologize to you as well for causing doubt, and crossing a line, nothing else matters besides I crossed a line to both of you.”

<Durmah> in a dry tone, “I’m sorry, I was far more focused on what you were saying and how angry you were making me.” She looks to Yevi for a moment, gazing at him silently for a few beats and then she nods to him. “Thank you.”

<Altaryn> “Yevi,” he says with a welcoming smile. “Welcome back, brother. How fruitful was your trip to Montreal?”

<Phil> nodded to Yevi and a tension left his shoulders, “Thank you, Yevi.”

Maryska txts Durmah: Whenever you’re free hun, I just want to hang out, let me know when’s good.

<Durmah> pauses again, then inhales slowly. She’ll pat Phillip’s side. “Sorry, hun. I’m going to give the security team white hairs. I’ll be back before dawn.” She arches up to kiss his cheek then turns to go down the steps before she does, indeed, give into the desire to punch Altaryn.

<Phil> nods to Durmah, “I’ll catch up to you before dawn. I need to check on the mirror I brought back.” He chuckles at how odd the sounded and waved to Yevi and Altaryn before heading out himself.

<Yevi> looks to Alt.. “The Trip was painful.. and enlighting”

<Durmah> strides past the security team that had been sort of shadowing at a polite distance. No doubt there was a moment of confusion as she heads past the cars and just starts jogging down the road.

<Yevi> looks at Alt now that they are the only ones there.. “So what have you been up to Brother?”

<Altaryn> watches as both Durmah and Phillip take there leave, and he was left with just Yevi. His eyes lingered on the road where Durmah had headed before he finally turned back. “I’m afraid I’m no closer to the snakes, and there is a growing problem with buildings being burned down in New Orleans.”

<Yevi> “Can I ask why thats our issue?”

<Altaryn> set a hardened gaze on Yevi for a moment before he let out a breath and seemed to relax. “Tell me, Yevi. Who controls New Orleans?”

<Yevi> “I know our sect freely travels there now.. but its nither the Sword or the Tower”

<Altaryn> “Yes. They call themselves Prometheans, and took the city from the Tower. Rather, they pressured the Tower to relinquish control to them. You are correct,” he said with a smal smile. “We are permitted to travel there freely now. What should we make of this?”

<Yevi> still looks at Altaryn.. “We as members of the sword are the stewards of this world. We have accepted our role as monsters and have accepted the truth that we are not human, nor do we cling and hide behind that mask of humanity. If the arsonist is not dabbling with demons, nor working towards furthing the will of the Tower.. what makes it our business that some buildings burn?”

<Yevi> “Now again, brother I could be wrong I’m speaking from the eyes of an unproven”

<Altaryn> remained calm, even patient and he sat on the steps and invited Yevi to join him with a nod. “You are jumping ahead. Should the Tower strike back against the Prometheans, or should the Promethean ideals risk our very existence, who shall step in? If we do not establish a presence, we can do nothing but watch.” It seemed he had more to say on the subject, but he set his gaze on Yevi and declared, “we are not all monsters, dear


<Yevi> “While thats mostly true.. most members if not all members of the sword have forsaken their humanity.”

<Altaryn> “Just because we aren’t human, does not make us monsters, brother. Are you having trouble coming to terms with what you are?” Though in the past such a question from Altaryn might have been mocking in some manner. This time however, he sounded concerned.

<Yevi> looks at Alt.. “Not at all, I know what I am.. and know what I Can be”

<Altaryn> left the tangent discussion at that, for it was to Yevi to decide who Yevi was. “In order to guide events to our favour, to stay informed, and to be ready to sweep away the ashes should the others fall, we need to secure Domain. Such that the Prometheans have graciously permitted. This is what I am working on. Kine contacts are concerned no doubt because they had previously assissted one of the Brujah who has since met final

death. What might this suggest?”

<Yevi> thinks for a moment.. “Was that Brujah of the Sword?”

<Yevi> “The Tower..”

<Yevi> “Or was he a lone brick?”

<Altaryn> “Does it matter?”

<Yevi> “It could”

<Altaryn> “Enlighten me to your reasonings. Tell me first what these arsons could mean if this Brujah was Sabbat.”

<Yevi> “If its a member of the sword than deductive reasoning could point that there may be something coming after members of the sword with fire.. one of our banes..”

<Altaryn> “And if it the Brujah was of the Tower?”

<Yevi> “It could be a member of the tower in a ploy for power, it could be someone going after a potential threat, it could ahve been a miss play of mortal infulence..”

<Yevi> “it could have been one of us”

<Altaryn> “And lastly, what if he was anarch, Promethean, or a lone wolf,” he asked patiently.

<Yevi> “It could have been a coincidence .. or someones targeting kindred.., now that reasoning could be all of them”

<Altaryn> nodded quietly, then with a soft smile continued. “The Brujah in question has met final death over a year again, before I arrived. And yet the arsons have been recent. The kine who alerted me once worked for this Brujah. When he died, the streets destabilized and the Setites moved in and took advance, steadily growing in power. The kine will work for me, if I can take care of this snake gang they see as rivals.”

<Altaryn> held up his hand asking Yevi to wait before answering.

<Yevi> watches Altaryn waiting for him to continue.

<Altaryn> “Now I have already done some asking around. Zane, Brujah Promethean leader, says his clanmates worry a hunter may be targetting his clan mates. I have also learned at least one of the buildings was burned as a message, not to an individual but as a group. While another was once a popular hang out for our kind, Sascha and Patrick among them. Now, brother, what significance does a few buildings in New Orleans matter to us?”

<Yevi> “Honestly its a few buildings.. they come and go”

<Altaryn> “It is not about the buildings, Yevi.” He paused to close his eyes and take a deep calming breath. When he opened his eyes again he was wearing a polite smile. “A dead Brujah has empowered the Setites and created a problem for us. These burned buildings could be the setites keeping the Brujah out of their business. It is not so much that we care about the Brujah, but we care what the Setites are up to. If they are clearing the

area to burrow in, then we will not wipe them out by attacking where they have been months ago. It could also be the infernalist Prince, aiding both the demon and the Tower. Or, there may well be hunters in New Orleans. We are already aware of technomages who want to wipe out not just the other mages, but all supernaturals. So it could be them, or a new band of hunters. Either can be disasterous to our kind in New Orleans. Worse, should

they turn their eyes to Baton Rouge. It is okay if you cannot see these connections. I will be here to point you in the right direction.”

<Yevi> “I can understand that and respect that. I’m still trying to learn more on how to be the warrior I am ment to be”

<Altaryn> “Yes, I had thought that was your goal. But your single minded focus is that of a fighter not a warrior,” he answers with a touch of disappointment.

<Yevi> looks to Altaryn.. “Brother my focus is not of a single mind I know it may look it but there is much more that you have not seen out of me.”

<Yevi> “Also please do not forget I am young and unprooven”

<Altaryn> “If you were proven, my lesson would not be one of words. A warrior is more than a weapon and the skill to wield it.”

<Yevi> “A warrior is a shield with the wisdom to use it.

<Altaryn> “A warrior is responsible for his actions and inactions. He needs to understand the consequences of both, and make the best decision with respect to his honour, duty, and purpose,” he states firmly. “True warriors are the nobility who lead their fellows to greatness. They are the ones who stand unswerving from their duty with integrity and impeechable character.”

<Altaryn> sighs at the mist leaving a moist film on his suit and rises to his feet. “Well. Consider my words, Yevi, and what it is you wish to be. Warrior, or soldier. I am heading inside before my suit is ruined.”

<Yevi> looks at Altaryn.. I understand what your saying brother.. and I do not see myself as just a common soldier” ::He says moving inside with Alt

<Altaryn> steps through and holds the door open for Yevi to follow him. “Then understand I am trying to help you to see our current problems as a warrior. My sire expected me to understand all this well before he considered granting me the gift of embrace. And despite all that, one mistake became fatal. So it is on the path of a warrior.”

<Yevi> moves insidelooking around.. as he looks to Altaryn.. “I was not embraced to be the Soldier”

<Yevi> “I was not embraced to be the warrior.. I sill to this day do not know why Zaluut chose me”

<Altaryn> leaned against the wall next to the door, having no need to go further if they were still talking. “Why then, do you wish to be the warrior? You are Sabbat, does it matter why Zaluut chose you?”

Patrick txts Durmah: report to me in two or three days since you have touched down here

<Yevi> “I wish to protect those,in my pack.. protect those of my family.. and protect those of the sword.”

<Altaryn> “If our pack only knew how to wield mundane weapons, we would be vulnerable on many other levels. The pack weaves our strengths together that we are more versatile in what we can handle. Think of your strengths, Yevi. And become who you are destined to be, not who you think others need you to be. If you will forgive me, I wish time time to myself to review what I have learned, and decide my next course of action. Enjoy the

rest of your night,” he said and touched Yevi’s shoulder with encouragement. Then with a nod, he headed to his room.

<Yevi> nods to Altaryn.. “Have a good night brother”

Currently the scene is: Green-house at Pennington in BR and it is Night ( Whispers of night )