<Sascha> had been about to go talk to the Shepherds when she got the sensation she needed to be elsewhere. Having felt it before she chose to follow it to it’s source, sighing to herself as it led her back to the Heart. Looking at the building she didn’t hesitate this time before going inside.

<Yevi> has been going where he has been told to go and trying to learn as much as he can while he has been here at the temple.

<Sascha> did not particularly enjoy being Summoned anywhere, but given the status and the fact they had just really helped her, she wasn’t about to put up a fight about it. She was more upset that this cut into her time to discuss matters with those on her own path. Or that maybe they killed Yevi… and then Zaluut was going to be a delight to deal with for a little while.

Rose Moves about the club and stops by few tables and looks at Sascha as she moves by “Its been done,You can collect them up. Pass my smile on to the powers that be..He is here wondering around.”Rose smiles to her empathically .

<Durmah> is not far behind Sascha. She was in a flirty dress tonight, showing far more leg than she -preferred- which is to say the dark purple and blue dress was a couple of inches above her knees, showing of a length of toned legs in high heels. She’s done her hair a bit more casually, left partially down and pinned just a bit back with her silver hair combs. It was -not- her usual outfit

out, especially not with the scoop neck top of the outfit. The rosary is still in place at her throat as she looks about the room

<Sascha> tilts her head briefly but then nods and smiles. “Yes, Ma’am. I will make sure he gets back to where he belongs.”, she then starts to look around for Yevi.

<Yevi> is currently in the Library with several books opened as he seems to be in study..

<Durmah> will curtsy if Rose looks her way. Durmah herself is trying to ignore the sudden security team she has.

<Sascha> looks at Durmah like she’s nuts. “What the crap?”

<Durmah> wrinkles her nose at Sascha, “I’m not -staying- dressed like this, but I was going to go get a bite first. And legs are better.”

rose Curls her lips and almost spits the words out more then says them “Have a pleasant evening,Do come back.”She tilts her head moving away from the table and turns back to the throng of the clubs debauchery and antics.

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow, not so much worried about the clothes as the fact she didn’t figure Durmah would come near here… but goes to gather up Yevi. She nods to Rose and interally facepalms again… she really needed an actual vacation one of these days.

<Sascha> looks to Yevi and thumbs toward the door. “Car, now. Assuming you can walk.”

<Sascha> looks at Durmah. “Dibs on not carrying him if he can’t.”

<Yevi> looks to Sascha as she shows up to collect him, his hair is now blond and longer, as he has also added some new facial peircings on his face.. or at least someone added them.. as he closes the books frowing as he has to put them up.. as he moves towards Sascha.. “Is it time already” ::he frowns..:: “Its been so much fun” he adds in.

<Yevi> does look like movement though is challenging as he moves towards Sascha.

<Sascha> rolls her eyes. “Somehow not think you would hav-…”, she stops and tilts her head before frowning a little. “Okay. Yeah. Lets get you back home. I am staying in town, but you can’t go running about by yourself and the Bishop seems uh, done with your antics.””

Jade Smirks sascha “its like a postcard ..you can just keep the picture love, and write whatever Message you want on the back ..and then “She looks at Durmah and Yvei ..”The picture always looks diffrent doesnt it based on the message?”

<Durmah> arches her brows at Sascha, “This place mostly bothers me less than the temple, actually.” She might have replied to that dibs thing, but instead she follows after Sascha. She at least -does- know how to walk in heels though it’s not quite as flirty of a walk as she’d like for hunting. Durmah’s also… startled at Rose’s reaction, so she’ll dip into a graceful curtsy as the bishop

turns away again (though she has to keep a hand down to keep from flashing).

<Sascha> looks to Jade and then nods softly, starting to put something together that made her skin ripple a little around her hands and face. “Thank you. And I’d like to thank Mistress Rose for her hospitality as well.”

Jade smiles to her winks “So you all enjoy the trip home, santos Men were asked to regroup outside,when ever your ready dearys. Sascha she is in her office,go ahead you know knock and all that.

<Yevi> :looks to Jade as he looks down at the ground not looking directly at Jade at all:

<Durmah> considers Sascha warily, especially that rippling action.

<Sascha> nods a little and then looks to Yevi. “Alright, you go meet them outside, they will get you home to your Sire.”, she then smiles a little to Durmah. “Sorry. I’ll catch up with you in a while… do you… want help after I get out of here? You uhm… look terrible at that. Sorry. No offense but I … yeah. I usualyl beat the snot out of pervs for food so I get it, but you don’t

have to dress like that.”

<Durmah> smiles broadly to Sascha, “Thanks for that. But no, I’m good. I didn’t even accidentally kill my first snack. But Phillip’s rounding up his supper, so I can meet up with him. ”

<Yevi> :offers a nod to sascha as he heads outside of the temple:

<Sascha> nods to her. “Alright then, I am going to go and thank her properly. Have fun and I’ll see you later.”

<Durmah> doesn’t take offense at Sascha’s words. Compared to the ladies inside the Heart she absolutely was an amateur, but she also didn’t have the sort of strength that Sascha hand. Or her intimidation. She nods to Sascha, and will follow/herd Yevi out to the waiting security team.

<Yevi> :gets herded outside:

<Durmah> moves at Yevi’s pace, not making a big deal about it, and aware that he seems to be having some trouble moving at speed.

Rose slips out hugging a arm around sascha whispering “Why do you go back,I mean really we have demons right here. “She laughs watching them leave”You poor dear did you piss that throwback off and he shaft you with the lowest in his pecking order..I mean one sends someone to learn something one woulds send his brightest no?

<Sascha> turns her head and looks at Rose. “You know why… other than they need me, it’s not complately altruistic. My earth is there, I am bound it it whether I want to be there or not.”, she smirks a little bit. “I think Yevi finally pissed him off using him as a shield. I guess he figured being bossed around by girls was the worst punsihement he could think of.”

She smiles to her “you want to see what he suffered..Dont you..Or you rather not feel the sting of the widows bite love..Your heart is very complex and your soul is all ready redeemed . Your passion fills you to christ and your sin draws you closer to the pains he endured as man shit on his temples steps .A brave contest of Notions and wills..that is painful but the you find yourself caught in a MAry magdalen situation.. Do you love the

man, or the father who bore him? that is intresting

<Sascha> watches Rose as she responds, “A part of me does. He ranks up there with the general human scum out there I regularly teach justice and sometimes repentance to. I believe that the Lord makes us all this way for a reason, though sometimes I have to wonder if the lesson is his own, or someone elses.”

She laughs slowly in a way that almost looks like that touched her slightly .”We are punished by our sins not for them..the paradox that Neutered boy will learn.

<Sascha> nods slowly. “Good. Why I suggested the trip for him… and I do feel the need to apologize for subjecting you to that. But I don’t think he was going to listen any other way.”, she sighs. “Also why I asked Phillip to join us, when I talked to him it reminded me of the things I had heard from those on the Path here.”

Rose tips her head”Well it shows we are more a like then we knew..you sent me the best one..and well the boys club..and that penis..Detatch them from it and you get see what they are really made of..the slay of the sword between the legs, Remove that motive and you see the real man..Some times his brightness and kind and masculinity.. Others their weak feeble insecurities ..anger sadness..that one is going to suffer ..Oh so slow

<Sascha> nods a bit and smiles faintly, before her tone turns serious again. “I pushed him to come back here to talk to you. He doesn’t get it but I need him strong. We don’t have the backup there that is here, or as many that can fight against that thing down there.”

<Sascha> “For me as well, and I thank you for that… I couldn’t handle that down there without reorienting. You helped me get my bearings.”

She looks at sascha “he will fail..His want for Lust over rides his sense of balance..his want for sexual need is pathetic at best..Most base things will corrupt him into the arms of hell he has to be broken of this facet of sin its base primitive and he has no control of it. My chambers are always open to you. I serve to enlighten those who need steel added to their will sister.

<Sascha> nods a little, “I meant Phillip… I half expect to having to be destroying Yevi when he ends up that things puppet. But same thing… We all get tested one way or another. He’ll either do better or I’ll have to send his soul back to where it belongs, whether Heaven, Hell or to come back here and try it all again.”

Phillip knows the links to the sins back to the base of the nature of the cathartic soul. Compassion and Hate,Love and desire..the lines are clear with him..COnflicted at times which is good..he tests himself for purity and I think he has some great ability to resist even the most deadly of sins..Pride..

<Sascha> nods a little and looks thoughtful, but decides to go ahead and ask while she is here. “I know that reincarnation is something that comes up… but that person is not the same person, right? I am not sure how to put it… I’d say my views should be straight on that, but the bible was also written by humans, so there’s some things not covered.”

Rose shrugs”I dont know,I ve seen it twice..Maybe three times.Its painful process..Your not his sister. “She assures her looking up and down.”Your likeness is maybe a punishment for him or you ..or a reward hands of fate move things in angles in the eyes of those of in cathari somethings have multiple uses and views expressed nothing is as simple as it looks multi facets of a diamond which makes all things a treasure?

<Sascha> looks to her and nods. “Well that makes me feel less icky being attracted to him. Yeah, I get that nothing is simple… Idiots are the ones that blindly adhere to what they -think- God’s Plan is, while those with free will realize we have it so we can question why and try to understand.”

She grins and shakes her head”Its a like this Flesh is made of nerves correct some grow necrotic and die..others flare and burn with pain ..but some Some can be saved withthe proper care and blood flow oxygen .Feelings are much like this.

She looks over her face and leans back “Oh my god..How the hell do you handle that?

<Sascha> nods softly. “I ha-“, she stops and eyes Rose curiously for a moment. “What do you mean?”

Rose looks closer at her “You want so much and never take it moving between desires ,lusts and passions..I mean it shows a great deal of strength..But their is a innocence there cradled close to you..Its strange..Because I mean Its in you like I could touch it physically..You protecting something very dear..Or did it grow in you.

<Sascha> frowns a little, swallowing as she nods. “It was what drove me here, because if I had stayed there I would have risked harming that part of… us both really. We have had a very strange relationship over the years, one I can’t quantify, nor really explain.”

Rose touchs her Cheek “I can rip it from you..Not the feeling but what ever that is inside you pulsing behind your auras..Its not your faith i ve taken that more times then I can count from pius men and given it back twice as strong in vigor restored in god..But that is something else..Something is there..and its “She tilts her head looking toward sascha arm and to her chest below her collar..”Did you hide something there..Its not my

affair..BUt its pulsing with emotions..real ones its small like a peeble, Or thorn..Its very tiny..But its there..

<Sascha> doesn’t shy away but watches Rose curiously. Thoughfully she runs her finger to her own chest and stops… her expression one of thought for a moment, not exactly one to hide her emotions. “I suppose that falls into whether or not you believe someone can protect a piece of a soul, if not a whole one.”

Rose looks at her and nods “I happen to know its possible..But never actually seen it first hand..Its Small and bright..”She tilts her head . sascha can she her eyes dilate and pulse with some kind of slow rhythm. “Its strange but comforting rhythm..can you feel that? Do you feel other things with or it just purity..and calm..

<Sascha> “Sometimes other things.”, she nods slowly. “It’s his heart. I can tell when he’s excited or afraid. I never really thought of it much in those terms I guess till now, just accepting it as being a part of me. Been that way since I was human. I felt it calling me out of the ground even…”

Rose blinks again motioning with her hand for permission to touch where it is as she takes a glove off. “I want to feel it against your flesh..It called to you from the grave. How did he even manage that feat..I am curious now. I know he was on the honor path before he went to the feral whispers of the dark Mother..”she leaves her un gloved hand poised but not touching where her eyes focus down.

<Sascha> nods slowly, watching Rose with those blue eyes that were a true rarity for the color of her hair and gave her a naturally haunting appearance without modifications. “I know he had a … friend or mentor that was Catharist and Tzimisce… I was told she wanted to Embrace me but my Sire feared my taking up that Path so he stole me out from under her.”

She touches a finger to her collar and seems to drink some kind of feeling her skin breaths it in as much as her wide eyes she lets a fait gasp out small but audioabile “Oh my god..”She looks at her pulling her glove on “I wis h I could have met this person who did this for you..that’s very very special ..different and I have never seen that done I heard theories of this being done and knew it pssible..its like hearing about a black

hole..then seeing one in person..

She clasps her hands together sort of smirking like he does and angles her head”Catharist have a rite a old rare rite that allows for them to take a fragment of their being and put it in some one to retain who they are pieces of their essence. I ve never heard of them putting in someone they didn’t anyway I am looking at it I can not belive that has been in you that long.

<Sascha> tilts her head a bit but then slowly nods. “I only met her once. I didn’t know what she was at the time but I feel I would have liked her. She’s gone now, her physical remains share my grave.”

She glances away and up at her eyes “that was nice of you..that must be symbolic of something..Or it could be instinct driven did you put her there?

<Sascha> shakes her head softly. “Patrick did, but I told him I don’t mind the company. As for this rite… I don’t know how she would have put a piece of him in me, as I don’t think it was her, unless she was already keeping it for him and … okay now it’s complicated. I don’t know much about it really. As I learned Auspex I got flashes and such from him, but it’s not easy to piece

together sometimes.”

Rose smiles to her”Feelings often are not easy..”She shakes her “Head she was very advanced to do this for him..”One theory is its given during sex ..Or love making depends how you see it ,But he has never done that the other is willing acceptance of anther innocent persons tears and laughter..Not as simple as that but more metaphor.I ‘ll stop..You seem Distressed about this and all ..I ve never seen anything like that though.

<Sascha> nods softly. “It’s like carrying around the keys to a vault. But I ma not the safest place for something like this. I delve into things sometimes nightly that would tear it apart without a second thought.”

She nods to her”No No you would’nt..You know what this is Sascha..?”

<Sascha> shakes her head softly, and lets her tattoo rise to the surface to cover the skin across her chest, only barely peeking up where it reaches her collarbone.

rose smiles to her “the beauty of this is a catharist and child of lilith have show you how to By pass sainting , the very argument you had with them..this is priceless. you need to find out how they did this sascha.

<Sascha> blinks and then eyes Rose a moment, before nodding softly. “I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors…”, she snickers faintly at herself and shakes her head. “Patrick has her journal, maybe it will help me.”

She smiles “I adore that song..All great truths Begin as blasphemy..they do dear..he let you look at it..”She asks very intently..”this is a huge break through..For many sect members on various paths. This is a very interesting sascha.

<Sascha> smiles in kind as she looks back to Rose, “I haven’t read it but I know he would let me if I asked.”, she nods softly. “I should go back. Soon. Patrick was worried about something, someone setting old places on fire in the city. Not sure yet what it’s about but the Lord rarely deals in coincedences.”

Rose Chuckles “Well 25 17 is all here so there is one fire bug off your list..”She smiles to her and looks over her collar again..”Use the mirror to come back to me..

<Sascha> groans inwardly but nods. “Yeah, pretty sure I didn’t piss them off -that- bad.”, she smirks and then looks to Rose again seriously. “I will. I feel we may have a lot to talk about in the future.”

Rose nods very deeply to her”I would like to see that book but he wont come here..He just wont talk to me. Avoids this place..most cainites while he was here..He slept alone in the catacombs or near the bastille..Maybe you can explain to him why I need to see this..

<Sascha> looks to Rose, and then nods. “He might let me bring it. I understand why he avoids others to some extent… and until now, I avoided this place as well, though for different reasons. Part of me thinks i should have met you sooner, but I am not sure I’d have been ready to handle it then.”

Rose smiles to her , we all move at paces but all roads lead back to the heart love..

<Sascha> smiles and nods to her, taking a deep breath. She casts her gaze over Rose again, taking in her features but in a different manner than before. “Thank you.”

“Rose smiles to her “Oh your welcome sascha ..Now you mirror is in beatrice’s anti chamber no way in or out with out her so much fae magic in there its maddenig

<Sascha> nods a little, “And I imagine they’ll put the other in Zaluut’s care since he can seal the earth over it and ward it…”, she purses her lips just a moment, “And I imagine he may be cross with me just now so this will be a lovely first trip.”

Rose looks at her and laughs slightly “My girl is that thing every happy…I beleive he has more on his hands then he can handle

<Sascha> smirks a little. “Agreed there. His little brood is … there are no words.”, she laughs a little. “I can’t wait for him to get that image of that kiss in his head. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.”

She laughs and winks to her . Its like she took some of the aspects if patrick in touching you ..its odd but its like some kind of Symbiosis

<Sascha> tilts her head a little and studies the woman curiously, she had some similar experiences with her vicissitude and auspex, learning people down to their patterns but this looked different and she didn’t usually spend time anywhere close to other Tzimisce much less in physical contact as much as she had in the last week… like… ever aside from fighting Zaluut.

Rose shrugs her shoulders”You staring at me as if I had a answer I could give you to what you already know within yourself.why we dont and why we do iits a dance of up and down and in circles with our kind

<Sascha> shakes her head a little… “I said just before coming here same old song and dance… yeah. Just strange I guess seeing things from outside I usually internalize.”

She nods to her”I know..Well we do that a lot make the Inside the outside and what have you

She shadows her gaze at her”Why are you scared of the interactions between us all as a whole ..Not all of our clan are throw backs to burning villages and boy on boy action with hushed tones and holding courts of sexual stressed females.

<Sascha> “Yeah, I suppose so.”, she growls a little faintly in the back of her throat. “Instinct. It’s not a feeling or emotion just… this core inside me moves me sometimes. The same way I make artwork, or connect with each place that I go in a different way…”

She nods again like her head would pop off. “I know its foolish how the beast wants things and then that other feeling..It moves like air inside us slow or rushing but it always moves.

<Sascha> smiles a little, “I dont think it’s so foolish.”

Rose looks at her and grins back to her .”Not in the moment not..Its not

<Sascha> “Only in the moment? That like… seemed like a good idea at the time?”

She shakes her head violently and steps back from sascha holding her head flopping on her sofa she lets a growl out and pants blood running out the corners of her eyes the emotionless mask back in place on her face.”thats more then I expected in that moment, Snorting growl comes up again “Dear god “She mumbles holding the edge of the sofa “what is wrong with him ..

<Sascha> blinks as she steps back and her expression turns to one of concern, taking half a step forward before stopping herself where she is, and unsuppressed growl rising in her chest but then fading back again as she looks to Rose and then takes the half step back again. “Are you alright?”

rose leans up and looks at her “He has conflicts with wanting you bad..Not as vampire..But he ..god you know its a issue I had all that hit me..Just a second.. I thought it was bad but dear god he hurts for you but is drawn to anther because thats the dance you two choose to dance he knows that and accepts it but his envy and passion its covent by lilith the dark mother

<Sascha> nods. “I know. I stopped sensing him, I thought he was dead. I moved on. He came back. Made for some… drama. But we accept it, and the most ironic thing is that the one he’s gotten close to is the childer of the one I took vows with. Pretty sure we are both being punished for something there.”, she chuckles darkly, “You know they say that Dracon was the purest piece of Tzimisce

and held an unchanging part of that whole safe, even from himself. Some would call that just a backwoods cult, his bloodline in hiding… but maybe there is some merit to the story.”, she says and then takes another half step away. “I am sorry. I should get going.”

Rose gasp to her “You should leave see me in three or four night..Please. I want to see that damn book..”She looks at her and waves to her “this is beautiful “She grins blood running down her face in scarlet serpents under a mask of agony.

<Sascha> nods and then takes her leave of the Heart, checking the time and debating where to go for the rest of the evening or if the others had made it back yet for her to return… then again… she could go back first thing tomorrow.