she was home as her text had said. and she was dressed in simple shorts and shirt, her hair pulled back in a pony tail out of her face, and from the looks of her hands s he had been working in the garden or the green house, well the dirt on the hands, and knees.

Ryelei unlocks the Door and enters in the back yard “Jet its me I wish to keep my knees so dont swing the bat..” He moves up the foot path and taps on the green house door .then looks over working between Rows

would look up at the gate opening, though she would laugh at the comment about the bat “hello rye” was her responce, giving him a wave from where she was weeding out unwanted plants standing up and brushing off her knees as she moves heading towards him

Ryelei Smiles to her Holding up a Stuffed Unicorn head on a stick .The toy looks way over animated as he grins to her”I couldn’t resist, I saw it and had to get you one..You doing okay? I started freaking out after I didn’t see you for a day or two

she laughs at the toy unicorn “very cute, and your always welcome to come by or send a text its not like my house is gonna just randomly get up and move

she of course does take the toy unicorn holding by the stick so she doesnt get any dirt on the white of the toy “hmmm. now where to put this.

Ryelei smiles at the response seeming to drink the small amount of happiness “I will do both. I am glad you have a good sense of humor,I am even more glad you understand I am Little different then most people and hell of a lot more different then most men. Iam more worried I’ll come off creepy or something I mean its rational fear i suppose.

she eyes him at that “hmm creepy? nope, differnt, yes, but in a good way, please, come on in? i will clean up while you make what ever your wanting to cook?” with that she turns heading for the backdoor

Ryelei smiles to her “Thank you ,I would love to come in and help cook and talk if you are fine with that.”He looks at the ground and grins to her”Yes I would like that very much actually.

<< Jet >> of course she heads into the kitchen waving him to the stove. it was clean but not a model house showing kind of clean, it was a lived in kind of room. she moved to the sink to wash her hands off while he gets himself oreinted and the like “pans are down beside it, spoons and such for stiring are hanging their on the wall’

<< Jet >> looks over her sholder at him and grins “oh, and i picked up some coffee for you. its up there *she points* its still unopened. but figured you might appreciate it

Ryelei moves to the sink washing his hands off. Collecting a few pots and pans .”You have a very Nice home, its beautiful and so big.”He looks up smiling back to her as he gets the coffee down “You knew I come back here didn’t you.”He turns watching her as he pauses cooking food. “You know I do greatly,Its wonderful actually..Is this what your life is like Doing wonderful things for people and feeling good about it? I mean we are deeper

drawn to our natures then Gaje..But I mean you have these wonderful beautiful things that come forth like rivers of beauty. Like this kindness .

<< Jet >> was listening to him , trying to work out what he was trying to ask “hmm i have beautiful things because i enjoy having them about me. and i dont do much in the way of wonderful things, but i do enjoy what i am doing, and how it is working out for me. the people i meet and make freinds with is also a bonus. and i was rather sure you would at least stop in and visit

time to time

Ryelei Shifts his head ” Am I one of those things You enjoy having about? ” He asks as he starts looking through her garden vegetables making a few choice selections.

<< Jet >> laughs at that “hmm well yes, but i dont think you would look exactly right hanging from the wall like the pictures and such

Rylei grins “twice you said you put against the wall..ugh Put me on the wall..”He stares at her and a blur of rapid seconds of a blink his hands blur with a frightening speed slashing up garden things into a salad in a second dangerous weaving the blade over food and near his fingers as he talks to her in some kind of rapid motion fire pattern . ” So you like a meat or fish or something too..? “You can see his mind catch up with a grammar

mistake as it blushs his neck slightly.

<< Jet >> she just grins at him going red, though she wasnt sure why. “hmm i am good, make it how you wish to enjoy it. i think the only cooked meat i have is the stuff in cans, tuna and chicken.

Ryelei smiles to her Pushing the bowel to her slowly “I eat with you ,that’s how I enjoy it.” He gets some honey down , Balsamic vinegar , throwing fresh onions in a bowel, adding some cracked pepper and diced garlic mixing everything together slowly and pouting it over the salad leaving a little of the sauce in the bowl he mixed it taking a Small loaf of bread out between them.

Ryelei smiles to her Pushing the bowel to her slowly “I eat with you ,that’s how I enjoy it.” He gets some honey down , Balsamic vinegar , throwing fresh onions in a bowel, adding some cracked pepper and diced garlic mixing everything together slowly and pouting it over the salad leaving a little of the sauce in the bowl he mixed it taking a Small loaf of bread out between them.

<< Jet >> would just smile at that, moving to another one of the little cabinets and getting out bowls for the salad, and silverware as well, setting the table for the 2 of them, getting out glass’s as well, though she isnt sure what he will want to drink but she fills her own with milk

Ryelei looks at the milk and Smiles to her”ohh bad stuff there for the ryelei..”He chuckles “Do you have some bottles of water..tap stuff is bad i was told..”He watches her ste up and he starts to fill her bowl then his. He just seems lost in her motion around him like it was something new or he was processing how it worked around him his place maybe hers and smiled . “this is nice.”

<< Jet >> would nod “yes, or coke if you wanted that? and like i said, i have some coffee i picked up for you

Ryelei starts to boil up a bottle of water in a pot.”You really want to part of the world..Some people dont get that but you do..You work magic here and you know it..But you do not.I can feel it your very different..Your like that song by the police..Everything she does is Magic

<< Jet >> would nod “i work little magics, potions to help people. simple herbal cure kind of magics, i can do some minor magics by enchanting items to have some minor effects, but it takes a while to put them together

Ryelei Shakes his head “I can do somethings,trinkets..But this is much different..Or I am being helpless caught in you in the moment. I am not really use to feeling like this.I am a happy person yes,I have many feelings I have strong senses of who I Am and people around me. But I’m sorry I speak ..a lot when I get near you. this probalay something people feel Now and again . Its a first for me..I am a very close open person..this what

mean about me coming off creepy.

<< Jet >> she smiles at his rambling “it would seem for some reasons i make you nervous then? there is no need to be, i promise not to try to spank you, well unless you want me to.

Ryelei shakes his head with a smirk “No what I want to do is stand across that fire again and have the courage to have taken that offering of a kiss but I let the moment pass,I froze up..”He looks down and turns getting the coffee made with the water. “I am good at that freezing up ..When the moment I should have been Brave.. I froze up when the shimulo came for my family,When I saw the Black madonna..And when I wanted to have a magic

thing with with you.

<< Jet >> she chuckles at that “hmm, well, the offer for the kiss is an open offer. and since i wasnt their when the family was attacked i cant judge for or against you. but if you were not in a position to kill the attacker at the time, commiting suicide would have been a bad alternative. as long as you are alive, your family name and heritage is also alive. eventually you

wil need to find someone to have a child with to make sure your family name lives on. im sure we can look amongst the avialable girls to find you a suitable wife

Ryelei shakes his head again “I am not going to make anyone Ever feel that..from me.”He sets the coffee down and smiles to her”When the magic is just right I will take that offer..”Ryelei smiles to her again joking a little “No I am alone But you make me feel not alone.Its a very beautiful picture you draw for me here”He taps his head softly. “and here “He thumps his heart a little . “BUt those things can never be mine. Never,Dreams do

happen,I have one here now..But this is as far this world we live in now will ever let me get too that. But Right now here with you I get to taste what that would feel like.Its good reason for me to protect people who live like this with out the darkness taking this .

<< Jet >> she listens as she nibbles at the food. finally she just smiles a bit “dreams do come true time to time rye, we already had that confersation. no ones fate is locked in stone. you will never let go of the fear and hatred and such at what you saw, but you can look foward to bring joy to others, have your own family your own grand children and the like

Ryelei Shakes his head” I did talk about this with ,But I am reminding myself..I have to remind myself when I am near you . You have convinced me its okay to fall in love.. I Dont know what to do from there.Its so confusing to me.

<< Jet >> gives him a smile and a soft laugh “does anyone know what to do when they feel the bite of cupids arrow? isnt that why so many want to wring his neck?

Rylei laughs to her holding his coffee.”He is a funny little man..I am going to always think that . the arrow in my ass..when I saw you drifting like a childhood dream through the people. I was elfshot.

<< Jet >> just grins at that

<< Jet >> just grins at that “well, we can always go dancing at the various clubs if you wish for some time out and about that isnt so private as this.

Ryelei shakes his head again “No I like this club is illusion this I can see you..I see you how you are. I am being creepy again “He takes a drink and laughs “I like this more..Beautiful moment.”

<< Jet >> she would eye him with a much more serious look “do you have any idea what might be making the rain so well feeling of corruption? or do you know if their is someone safe to talk to about it?

ryelei takes the coffee in hand mood shifting rapidly “Yes we need to speak with my cousin and other tribe people..See what they hear but this rain comes witha power of corruption and vileness set to hurt people..You can feel it ..too corrupt life. Could be evil spirits ..Could wicked magics..Could be many of those things.But we should do what gypsys do ..Find each other and find answers yes. I ‘ll makes calls in the morning and set that

all up call them back to the Camp

<< Jet >> would nod at that “hmm, what about the um, the other kin? the big ugly ones?

Ryelei smiles to her”You want to find one with me…”He grins “We can do this..together..maybe sissy knows one. But I am sure I know where to find them they just get mmooody

<< Jet >> would jsut grin “oh impretty sure i know where to find one or 2 of them, i just dont know how safe it is to ask them about this. and let them know i know about them.

Ryelei shifts his shoulder “I can see some are okay with us knowing others use to kill our kind too..But we can look and leave if we dont like what we see.\

<< Jet >> she grins “i can always go back out and talk to matty, the one that was at the camp

Ryelei Nods to her”Okay but we go together? Or you want me to stay back and let you talk to him..?”He looks calm about the subject much more then dealing with his own shit. “I think we can actually get more answers together. I know some Moon family there if we do it formal it would be safer their elders wont let them harm you or me with out reason..but alone they might.

<< Jet >> would nod at that “sounds like a plan, maybe this weekend?

Ryelei Smiles to her”that would be perfect. I think we can defiantly do that and see what they know about the rains and if they dont I know one other way maybe..We go to our camp.

<< Jet >> nods at that “i will make sure to get a sample of the water as well, maybe that will help them if they havent gotten any of it in the areas they are in and its just located here

Ryelei Smiles to her and thinks a moment “Maybe dirt too? We can find someone to check it for magic and things..sissy knows someone I think..”He nods again thinking”Rain safe out by Krotz i think they might know something out there.

<< Jet >> she would nod “sounds like a plan then? long as they dont try to eat us ore something like that

ryelei shakes his head “No not likely they do that but they kill us I am sure of that. They go crazy most of the time..

<< Jet >> would frown at that “hmm maybe they wont be able to help then? dont need them going crazy on the streets and having mass murders happening, just to stop the corrupting rain

Rylei shakes his head”they not that bad they just get twitchy and they have special people like us that help them deal with things like that.

<< Jet >> would give a nod, then goes about cleaning up after the meal as they chat “i will keep that in mind, no sudden moves kind of twitchy? or a differnt kind?

Ryelei says “Yeah all those things ..Jet you look sleepy you should lay down ..I’ll clean this up and go get some sun and rest ..I ‘ll leave a message if I go

<< Jet >> she would flash him a grin “hmm, oh i did get some more um, well some less girly soaps if you need to use the shower, and yes, bed sounds good just lock the door if you leave.

<< Jet >> she would head off with that, back to her room where the door was shut.