<Durmah> parks at Pennington and strides up to the front door. She didn’t make it as rough on the guard guys as she could have, mostly because she’d realized that it was pointless to exercise until tired. Not that she had unending stamina, but dead fatigue was a different sort of thing. So she’d headed back and gotten the shower and change…. pausing long enough while Alt was mentoring

Yevi to extract most of her things from the room and shove them in her car. Her hair’s still damp as she steps in to look for patrick.

Patrick waves her toward the green house”In here ..I am not in a social mood “He waits For her pass in with him to the rich green thick gardens inside “have a seat .. what the hell is this about altaryn?

<Durmah> steps into the greenhouse, and almost ends up side hopping at the voice. She bats at the air irritably before going closer to take a seat. “If you’re not in a social mood, Patrick, I can come back tomorrow. I’m sorry I didn’t come to check in first.”

Patrick hauls his shirt off and sits down in the Dark soil looking at her eye to eye “What is this about him..”He looks at her and motions to sit”You need me ..I am here sit places now..We should talk and work through this now while you feel it.

<Durmah> sits across from him, suddenly momentarily amused, “I’m not nearly drunk enough to haul off my shirt this time.” It’s a weak joke though, just a small distraction because she honestly didn’t want to annoy him. She shakes her head, “I’m just being particularly emotional. He did that whole deal with not even looking at me and then avoiding me the night of my Embrace, which I can

now even sort of abstractly accept given he pretty much never wanted me Embraced. And the next day he fully expected me to drop him like he was some useless thing that I had gotten finished playing with. And -tonight- I come back with Yevi. Altaryn bows to me, but then greets Yevi like a longtime friend.” She looks at the soil and finds a patch that doesn’t appear to currently have anything

growing, and will spear her fingers in it to squeeze.

PAtrick smiles to her “He is too weak for you.”He says bluntly..”Iam going be very blunt …Forceful and answer me yes or no. No big answers just yes or no ..Do you have a Pussy? Dont look at me just answer the question..and look me in the eyes hon and answer it.

<Durmah> gapes at him a moment. Then lifts up her hands and throws the dirt she’d fisted at him.

<Durmah> “I wish I knew your whole name so I could yell it at you right now!”

Patrick swats it away “then why do you need anther one…Look at him for a second

<Durmah> sighs at him, “Need? It’s not like we had sex. He was, however, central to keeping me safe for a long time. I don’t want to leave him behind just because it’s no longer easy for me. Because he absolutely could have left me behind. Easily. It’s why I never tried killing him.”

Patrick looks at her “Patrick Riley O’Connor . I am not talking about that he is too young for you..So weak because he is prone to his emotions ,and fits stop..Come here and show me your wrists I am not gonna hurt you show them too me

<Durmah> ….. well. She couldn’t argue that one. Altaryn -was- young. Really, it had never occurred to him that she was older than she looked, and most of the Sabbat had pegged her age by looking at her dresses. Still, she gives him a wary look but dusts the remaining soil from her hands and holds out her wrists.

Patrick leans down kissing them both. Touching her cheeks and leans back “Welcome home ..Now He needs time. “Patrick leans forward giving her a hug sighing and leaning back “He is too young for you and I am talking with him about some of things ,Some things His sire seems to be a issues.

Patrick lights a cigarette and draws on it looking at her like a Older teen age brother who gets where she is at “I had something like that happen to me once Dee,But she and I worked through that stuff ,But we were not like you guys were where passion desire got blurry ,and its cool ..thats how people are. But he cant let go of his emotions .Because he has never had any of his own

<Durmah> sighs and leans into the hug. And then she’ll pat his side and straighten. A grimace crosses her lips, “Yes, his sire was a hell of a peice. I was -very- glad we didn’t stay there.” She shakes her head at the words passion and desire though, “Literally none of that. I am -clingy- because I felt safe around him, but he mostly just tolerated me. He doesn’t actually even care for

being touched.” She draws her knees up and hugs them. “I’m going to leave the building in the company name, but I’ll find somewhere else to stay. I just -really- didn’t want to stay in Montreal any longer.” She shudders.

Patrick nods to her”You stay with me and Abequa here now if you like, when your not studying with santos. “He shakes his head at her “You care for him, its not your fault he is blind by misguided ways..all that shit in his head hon he has to regroup himself. He has to dig down inside Durmah and find who he is now..he cant cling to his sire, the tower or you..Now he has to be just like everyone one else… Fucked.”He puts the cigarette

out. “I need to focus on whats good for you. But this sort of bullshit keeps happening remove yourself, save face and grace.

<Durmah> smiles at him a bit and shakes her head, “I’ll ask Yvette, which is practically staying with Santos when he’s around. You and Abequa are getting to know each other, still sort of testing things yourself. And that’s good for -you- so I think its better if I’m not third wheeling. I do appreciate it, though.” she sighs a bit, “And if you guys are in New Orleans close to dawn, remember

that there are light safe rooms in the second story of that building.”

Patrick smiles to her”abby has here own room she goes between mine and hers,You have a room here with our Pack durmah.And if abby wants to be alone with me we got for bike rides and get lunch a movie maybe a dance. But we are one..all of us you me Abby and phillip..”He looks to her and shakes his head”Leave those things in the past that cause pain to stand alone and cast aside..”He looks to the garden around him and to her “I rather you

stay here with me and with santos. Just till I am certain of a few things.

<Durmah> looks around as he does, brows arching a bit. “… I need to keep trying to find the killer, so there’s that, but what is on -your- mind, Patrick? That sounded a bit more ominous than all of your threats rolled together.”

<Durmah> flinches and bats at the air again, scowling. If she ever met someone with that voice, she was probably going to punch him. Or at least slap him a bit.

Patrick bats at his ear”I am always ready fuck off… “He nods to her “You hear that shit too..”He draws a long blade out behind Fangs slipping down “You heard that right…

<Durmah> stills and watches him as he draws the blade. “…. It’s not the first time I’ve heard him. Not the first time tonight even… but I’ve been hearing that one for a little over a week.”

Patrick snarls moving near Durmah .Head crooking to one side dagger going down his chest blood coating his knife fizzing and poping like acid as he stares in the room “just stay still Remeber how I showed you to dance move with me if I say Move..Dont get my blood on you or you will hate life. Snarling deeper and looking about..”they must have left..Some asshole playing around could get fucking killed bad, this is my dark garden Lil

cainite I leave before your corpse feeds my children in here.”Hand going on Durmah..”I think we are along..mostly some dick screwing around iam sure.

<Durmah> eyes wide, she gets her feet under her to move, and she rises, thinking he’d meant for her to leave, but then his hand lands on her and she startles a bit. A swallow, and she’ll look at him sideways, “… They wouldn’t have been next to both of us, I don’t think…” And she glances down at the ground, eyeing the two handfuls she’d drug up and wondering if she should apologize,

but he hadn’t seemed angry at the time….

patrick snarls with a deep growling draw bumping his head along durmah. The throaty rumble drawing long like a coffin hinge. Bowie knife goes behind his back hand loosening on her shoulder. “Sorry..I hear things now and again as well.”He sits back down chest wound vanishing on him “You good Dee..ehh ignore it..talk too me about what you need .You want me explain why I think you should leave altrayn be till he matures from His experiences

Ican play devils advocate.

<Durmah> isn’t as in touch with her animal side as he is, but when he does the cat bump, she’ll reach up to brush fingertips through the hairs at the nape of his neck, just a light touch meant to be soothing, and then away. A wary look goes to the blood that was on him still, “So your blood is scary when you want it to be. I’m not nearly as needy as I used to be. I used to need someone to

help me walk around until I learned a building. Pretty embarassing to walk into walls. And I get what you maen, I’m just afraid he’ll think I’m abandoning him… exactly like he apparently expected me to do.”

Patrick looks to her”Oh well then dont , but dont take his shit either. He gets dramatic..Let him cope..He is a okay guy ..he is just very very young durmah , so Naive at the aspect he con his sire into embracing him..If he did good game for Altaryn and his sire is the dumbestest fucking Kindred to live. We all need help walking in the dark durmah..then once we know our darkness like i told you ..we can fly in it.

<Durmah> snorts softly at the use of very TWICE before young. She chuckles, “Believe me, I know he’s young. And yet he doesn’t keep up with any modern things at all. Like I don’t think he’s seen a single movie in five years. Ten maybe.” She waves a hand because that isn’t really the point, but nods to what he says. “On the other side, by the way, Sascha spent much of the first night with

Bishop widow, and was very calm after that. I, on the other hand, hope to never be near that crucifix in the temple ever again.”

Patrick nods to her”Red is part of me,She is kind and caring ..but she has the vicious aspect under it all. She is a vampire..and cainite..But most of all she is redeemer of the unholy..”He rolls his hands “She protects us.. His anatics are for attention ..he has some serious daddy issues..he cant help that..that sect feeds that horse shit.. Under he is strong and self driven which I fucking respect greatly. ..I dont want to know what

you all did there okay..I just dont . I hope it helped but in your case I think santos said he aid you in the way in the darkness.. Iam too. But not like he will. I am not like you two but what I teach will burn on in you..I am gonna show you how to handle all this here the others. Dont show him it hurts you or makes you angry.. He will stop.

<Durmah> nods a bit at the latter, “San-” stops. lifts a hand to her throat and wrinkles her nose, then rubs her throat when it passes, “Santos, yes, I know that. I -do- intend to put some mischief in his life for not warning me of a few things, but he gave me the opportunity already to walk away. Seemed totally prepared…. which is actually very frustrating, by the way.” She scowls.

“What is with -both- of them being like that?” She’s a bit indignant now that she realizes it, actually.

Patrick tilts his head”I know when I killed my Sister it wasnt easy, when I killed my pack mates it was not easy..But I am a vampire..I loss those feeling very fast..Maybe altaryn feels like he was used? Or he used you..and he cant come to terms.Santos I kind of get,He killed his own flesh..thats something that stays with you. The prepared part well durmah you were prepared for me to tell you to go fuck off when you walked in

here..perhaps some of their condition is they give options and expect the worst..altaryn I think he just wanted to Own you more then be a partner..or he did not know how to handle his fucking stupid asian concepts of honor..Honor didnt help them when the bombs dropped on nagasaki or Hiroshima did it..Honor is some fucking loose born concept..Its forged in blood and trust. service and duty , compassion and understanding..No god damn

bullshit oath will make you feel it. No dick faced cammie grinding that shit into your head knows what that means.

Patrick continues “Honor comes in when you earn it through growth..the samurai jack horse shit makes me laugh . Human concepts of honor..boo hoo..I was on honorable accord..got tired tired of being a good little nazi..and denying myself the things I wanted..needed..the code of milan is important but its not a good path to walk if you like to think for yourself.

<Durmah> sets aside the pulse of terror from being reminded that hed already killed one set of pack mates. Lovely. And instead she waves a hand slightly, “No, no. I mean why have they both assumed that I’m going to turn that simply or that neatly against them. Certainly if Santos had killed me randomly, I would have had very wrothful words for him. And maybe set something he likes on fire.

But he did what I asked, mostly, and even that I knew he’d already chosen not to turn me himself, so that wasn’t a surprise. And Altaryn just utterly got hung up on that concept that I could have killed him without accepting the fact that I chose not to. They’re -both- being utterly disparaging of me, and I think that pisses me off.” She sits there for a moment, posture very correct as she

thinks through that.

Patrick nods to her “I get that..I think its about them and not you..Maybe . talk to Santos more on it..Altaryn ehh when you two can look at each other with out..what wait he thought you kill him or he wanted to die..Okay well he is sick..why the fuck would you want to die..I mean really..I told him most that crap is cammie bullshit. He understands some of that he needs tasks to make him think ..when he is focused he is sharp and on

point. But I dont care about him..he seems okay to me..Your my concern.

Patrick speaks low to her”tell me of your shame and Pride please worst shameful thing and the most proud moment you ever had.

<Durmah> grimaces, “Yes, it’s part of why I wanted to support him because he is sharp.” She waves it off, because it’s more upsetting than anything at the moment. But the question draws her attention back to him. Her brows narrow, “Probably the most shameful was asking Santos to go ahead and turn me when I knew he and Altaryn weren’t really ready. And the most proud moment was when I passed

my chef’s test, despite not being able to taste anything worth a damn, why?”

Patrick laughs a little”I am gonna tell you he was ready , but umm the Blood messages of Kinslaying will fuck you up..even if you dont think they would.No shame in taking the lead on your direction in this world thats having balls to take charge..Well as far as proud goes you are a fucking great cook,so I have to say you got a good reason to be very proud..Do you think His lust stopped him from embracing you..Lust can do that.

<Durmah> arches her brows, “Altaryn? No. Santos? …. I asked him once if he was attracted, given I reminded him of his lover. He said no, or at least that it wasn’t an issue because we -are- related. It honestly wouldn’t have occured to me that that might have been an issue.”

Patrick shrugs a Little” ask him ,I mean both of them really. You want to feel ..I know..but you cant feel them all..not their emotions.But I’ll give you something to think about okay..Do you honestly Feel inside that this was not about you entirely . Just reach out past yourself dont think like a cainite feel the beast in you now..think like it..Maybe just maybe It called the whole thing into you ..inside them ..What does yours say when

you think about it..Does it want those things..I think you should speak with Santos so your path might help you ground some footing to seek over things and view them differently..just dont use your path for excuses for actions or feelings..give me a hug and I’ll walk you to the car.

<Durmah> scoffs, “I don’t want to hear about either of their lusts at the moment. I think I’m going to be in a snit for a bit.” She says it very primly, too. She purses her lips, “My beast sort of wanted to wrestle. And it -certainly- didn’t want to go in the ground, but that’s how Sabbat do it. I’m more relaxed being here, even if I do want to punch a few people. And I thought I was

staying here?” But she’ll lean over to give him a hug, “And, mister priest, are you doing alright?”

Patrick sighs getting his hug from her “ehh Okay really..I am going through some shit my self .Little odd but its nice..I am not sure what to do,I am seriously screwed up I think..But I mean I didn’t ..but ughhh “He laughs to her rolling his head”I am tired of the whole I have to be Sitting here in the dirt and not feeling things..I miss some things and it sucks..But boy I got alot of really awesome things here..You guys red, abby…

<Durmah> moves to sit next to him, comfortable with a companionable one armed hug, and leaning against him. “Okay, why do you have to sit in the dirt and not feel things? Did I some how miss the cue on Vampire Lent?”

Patrick laughs and shakes his head”No ..lent thats cute. I am worried I am getting close to someone..Its safe to talk to me about it I am okay to talk its when people get stupid I ..you know. He bumps his head on her shoulder.”she will leave me too..just like they all do and I am tired of it,I am changing and learning from Ninettes diary how to handle these feelings with my views of the dark mothers blessings. But I know I have to teach

her first before she leaves me . I want her to be strong and fierce..a cunning predator who has no shame no guilt and love for self and the beast she is.. But the boy ..it wants more of her Dee and it drives me crazy because we do get hot and heavy in our own way.

Patrick sighs and makes a lost look in his eyes at her “I want too much and lilith taught me how to suffer the most painful things ..loss and emptiness..alone in the lands east if eden.

<Durmah> nuzzles into his hair when he bumps against her. “Okay…. I’m… not a Lilin, though I think you know already that one of my first owners was a path of Thorns. She delighted in putting people in anguish, physical and metal. And I understand that the focus is on how one can use pain to transcend and make yourself stronger, but to an extent I always thought that going to extremes

is to deny the motherhood aspect and to make her the very thing she accused others of. If she’s to be equal or better than the ones who threw her out and betrayed her, who left her alone, doesn’t that mean she also wants to be with others? Like, she doesn’t -need- it, of course, but isn’t the whole idea behind a garden is making it a place where it is possible for one to grow?”

Patrick leaves his head there warm body against hers like a tired beast catching his breath .” the garden is for growth,But its also to create wonderful things ,It also shows respect for the growth and creation. Like what happens to me..then all those beautiful things I tend to with such care and adoration ..Die..wither sleep leaving me alone. Ninette, she had to go,Sascha had to go and abequa will too..My mother and sister gone..”He

looks at her and smiles “they cant help it..the dark mother lost god, adam ,Lucifer and caine then her own children the Danui ..then..well It happens . I have learned to embrace it.I lost sascha,But I did not she took her roots deep into me and nothing can tear her from me. Abequa god she is spreading all through me..You ,phillip ..your my garden

Patrick shakes his head slow not alert her to his motion and looks up at her”I Find comfort in blood on me from under the glow of moonlight..I seek these things..I love how it feels.. I love the hunt,I love thr battle..MUrder even feels pure to me. Its clean ..senseless I have never killed anything with out reason.

<Durmah> ghosts her hand almost touching close down where he’d cut himself, but careful not to touch any remaining blood. “Yes, you jump in quickly. Willing even to force your body into such difficult changes. It’s good the two of you were able to connect again, and that you know her well enough to keep her calm through what was happening. She told me, you know. Mentioned that she’d tried

to get her best friend to kill her.” She kisses his forehead lightly. “Good job, not letting her. And… by the way, I suspect what happened was indeed very painful. But she settled immediately, and was cheerfully reading in the library the next day. And i don’t intend to go anywhere at the moment.”

Patrick looks to her”Red wants to be the best. Her heart screams for it..She needs it like blood..when she feels failure it hurts..”He watches her hand and nods to her.”She hasa fire you know.. so do all of you ..its behind the beast Dee..its there sleeping when you need it I ‘ll show you how to call it out..Its liberating become one with your self..the vampire I want to show you and phillip..”He smiles a slight bit drawing spirals in

the dirt with his fingers . “You dont have to be afraid with me or hold back I dont judge you by what you say or do..I under stand that. “He looks up from the spirals.”I use to be so damn IN my element out there hunting the streets ash of my foes in my hair their blood all over me..Madness of fighting God when I shut my eyes here durmah I can feel that again..I got fucking mad really bad the night you were embraced..Its was beautiful by

the way.

Patrick nods to her “You looked so pretty being carried on those black wings to the grave, black shadows holding you with all that care and kindness death held you beautiful my friend . Iam glad they put you with me..I want to help you be the strongest you can be and the wisest one of them.

I got Mad when altaryn said we sabbat took things for granted…As I stood on the ground my packs died in fighting for..and walked New orleans over where they met death with more bravery then any of these cowards have in them.

<Durmah> stays where she is, because unlike Altaryn, she was quite comfortable with casual contact, as long as she’d agreed to it. The layers of skirts were her own sense of propriety, but also simply useful for the layers in their own ways. Her lips purse a little, and her voice turns wry, “Considering how much I’ve wanted to punch people since I rose, I’m not sure that’s the best of

ideas, since I might even less likely to hold back. I went out on a run earlier because I was trying -not- to punch him in front of Yevi. I’ve done smarter things than go for a midnight jog through the swamp lands, even if I did stay on the road.” She’s silent a moment, “What happened that you ended up having to kill part of your pack?”

<Durmah> hums “Altaryn has a very limited view of history. And yes, I’m happy to be in a pack with you. At first Santos told me I’d end up in -his- pack and that wasn’t something I was ready for – being in a pack with the Bishop and arch-bishop.” She huffs a laugh

Patrick relaxs a little letting his neck level his head low on his chest and smirks over to her “But he was sort of right, some of them do..Not all of us.Still pissed me off”He laughs lightly to her growling bumping his head off her shoulder why she holds him over his shoulders. “I am happy your here with me too, Ehh you got the better pack but will be a good mentor..My old packs..were Kamuts,Black strike teams ..most died fast,some

dragged it out..then we started to Keep closer ties to the sabbat as new orleans started to fall we took some of their members in ..Sascha was brought up in a war city, hiding and striking into the enemy heart night after night..I had friends in other sabbat packs working the area during those days. The ones I killed and devoured are the ones you want to know about? My pack mates that is??”He gives her a easy glance from her shoulder. “I

dont mind talking about it Honesty between packs is what keeps up together and trust building.

<Durmah> chuckles at the bump and nuzzles his hair again. “I suppose I’m glad I was pretty in death, mostly I just felt cold, though.” She sticks out the tip of her tongue thinking about it. “I was trying not to fight him, and then I just got cold. And mostly it’s not that I want to try and force a difficult story out of you, I just want to know what -not- to do so I don’t put you in that


Patrick nods to her “You wont do it,I am sure of that. But they were tricked so they screamed before they crumbled to ashed or husked up in my arms when I tried to take what they took from me. Four of them Helped her get me weak enough for her to take advantage of me..And I ate every drop of them,I could hear Mary screaming trying to pull the halligan tool I stapled her to the floor with when I made her watch johnaths soul enter me as

he turned to ash inches from her face,I was drunk on the terror in their eyes as I dragged one down and made that whore watch..then I let her go..I hunted her for months after that just taking her down every so often feeding off her till well the time came and ..well Marie was no more..I used what was left them to grow a beautiful garden in my house of Delphine And Charles . House I burned down but the trees and garden are there still

sascha has some of my Roses around her chapel.

<Durmah> is confused at first, because the context didn’t make sense. But then it clicks and she draws in a sharp breath. She leans into him then and tightens her arm in that hug. “Yes. I hope I would never do such a thing.”

<Durmah> is actually quite content to stay chatting or just sitting quietly with Patrick, though she has -no- intention of sleeping in the dirt, and will go inside in time to find wherever her apparent room is.

Patrick shakes his “You wouldnt do that too me”He stands up helping ehr up off the earth floor “I am gonna lay out here abby has some movies and junk food up there if you want some and drinks and stuff she might be watching pretty in pink again, or something else on netflix.

<Durmah> rises and scoffs a bit, “I probably need to check the stocks I’ve been investing in. That stupid cheeto voldemort has been hell on portfolios.”

<Durmah> waves and heads on inside.