Sissy txts Kim: Not really. Been keeping my head down. The fairgrounds are cool though, you been? Summer carnival all summer.”

Sissy txts Kim: Oh he is so not my boyfriend, never was. They are mid-city here in NOLA.

Currently the scene is: Fairground at Mid-city in Nola and it is day ( spin until you barf )

+||+ Kim +||+ had been enjoying the little cafe, but the carnival was always a draw. No, she didn’t really like the rides that might make her barf, but the games could be fun and winning a stuffed animal was always on the top of the list of things to do. Or try to do. She wasn’t exactly a good shot or… good at any of the games. Maybe she could drag one of the monks here later to win her a prize. She smiled at the thought as she paid

for some tickets and entered the carnival to have a look around. She didn’t have any place in mind, so for now she simply wandered to get an idea of the layout and the offerings.

+||+ Kim +||+ paused at one of the game booths and watched a couple people tossing baseballs at stacked milk bottles. It looked pretty cool and fun to try, so she’d head back later. For now she continued on. It wasn’t until she reached someone doing fortune telling that she decided to let herself be parted from her $20 for a reading. Love, destiny, fortune? Who could say no to that. She smiled as she paid the fee and sat down to have

her palm read.

+||+ Kim +||+ left the fortune teller more than satisfied, if a little dubious about the authenticity of the reading. The woman had been good at the craft and it was a good show and that mattered more than the veracity of it. Afterall, wrinkles on her hand hardly mattered in fate. Though the promise of fortune finding her drew her back to the games alley so that she could try her luck at the baseball toss. She didn’t need money for

fortune, but she’d love to win a teddy bear. It was time to put the woman’s fortune telling skills to the test.

+||+ Kim +||+ paid her five dollars for the three balls and eyed the stuffed prizes with a smile. Ok, there was a snowballs chance in Hell that she’d actually hit something, but you never know. Throw enough balls and maybe one will eventually hit. It was the law of averages. Kim picked up a baseball and focused on the stack of milk bottles before she tossed the ball with a little hop. Yeah, she wasn’t good, and it was likely more chance

than anything that the ball hit and knocked over a couple of the bottles. She clapped her hands and squeaked with excitement as she grabbed for the next ball. She almost had it! Tossing the next ball only had it bouncing off the already knocked over bottles . She needed the other three to win the little prize. Wincing she picked up the thrird ball and gave it a toss. Two of the bottles fell, but one was left sitting there, stubbornly upright. No

prize for her. She shook her head and declined trying again. She didn’t -need- a stuffed animal and she knew from the past that she could spend a small fortune here and still win nothing. Looks like her fortune was a little less than accurate.

+||+ Kim +||+ moved on to the rides next and while she kept to the tame ones, it was still a fine time as she rode the ferris wheel and the carousel. She’d spend a few hours there before heading out for the night.