<Ashe> had to admit that the fresh construction was a little alien to him, even if it was built to his specifications. At least it was a work area that he could use… unless a giant puppy with a bad attitude came in to wreck it. The mage sighed as he reached up to place some stock steel on one of the racks and rolled his eyes. Maybe his next project should be to give Tanner a muzzle. With a sigh he let that idea go. What was more practical was for

him to -stop- throwing his mortal body into mortal danger. Yes, he was fast. Yes, he could fight. But he was also not built to take a hit or heal well if something like a garou actually landed a hit. He’d be dead before he -could- do anything.

<Ashe> chuckled at his own stupid self as he finished organizing the racks and pulled out a familiar bundle of oiled cloth. It was the pair of axes that he’d started working on for Breanna. With sure hands he unwrapped them to take a look and see how’s they’d faired and was pleased to see no rust had started to rot them. That was a blessing at least

<Ashe> wrapped picked up the two axe heads and compared the weight of each in his hands with a look of concentration on his features. They were well matched which meant he didn’t need to do much on that front, but they were still unfinished and Undecorated. He moved to the work bench and set them down before reaching for the sheets holding his plans and laid them out to look over.

Gunner walks up and looks around with curious intent “Ashe..you got five? need too ask a few questions if your all good . ” gunner is totting few beers in a card board carton with two lemonades hanging out.

<Ashe> looks up and nods to Gunner as he wraps the unfinished metal to protect it. Just in case 5 was 5 hours, “Sure, the benefits of being self employed – I can take my breaks when I want to. What’s up?” ashe was dressed in a brown samue and wearing traditional sandals as he moved to meet Gunner and eyed the lemonade with a grin, “I approve of bribes, you know.”

Gunner tips the lemonade too ashe “Grab one man, I got a touch of subject I want to to you with about dae, Just talking here.” he takes a beer out and looks up at him”first let me thank you for fighting with us.Does dae need to be made aware cant do what he did in NOLA here? or does he understand that . I am asking you man cause you know the guy better. No t saying he has to go fuck off..I am just asking can he grasp that?

<Ashe> let out a breath as he helped himself to a lemonade and looked heavens ward, “Ah… yeah…. I can see your concern. Honestly, conceptually he gets it.” Ashe did believe that, “But he is also prone to panicking and making poor choices when he does. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m the guy who jumped on a frenzying garou’s back, so I don’t have a right to say anything.” Ashe paused to look at Gunner, “He wants to be what he is and

he wants to show it off, so you need to make it clear that he can’t change forms here. That’s my honest opinion.”

Gunner nods to Ashe.”respectable answer bud, I am asking because I dont want to be the one man to give the kill order with out taking to you he is your fiend but i have families out here to include yours i have to speak for. I talk like this cause it makes me feel good or cocky ,It actually kills a little of me to even think like this..be we have counter measure here ones that wont give the Men in black a second shot if he does it. I’ll

talk to him, or mary might get through his head gentler, i tend to sound a bit threatening. i just need you to know before i spoke to him. I am really not that guy..but i cant let his whimsy ways allow those guys a way in and to assault us.. that whole thing waco texas david koresch thing..that was the Nwo taking a safe point out..school mass shootings in the usa hit marks killing cubs in schools .I cant let that happen here.

<Ashe> nodded his head to Gunner grimly, “Believe me, I know it isn’t an easy thing. Dae is a friend, but he needs to be careful. I believe that if you let him know the consequences he will stay in his human form. I’ve lost two homes now and I have kids too. I won’t risk them again.” Ashe sighed and closed his eyes, “Has he done anything or said anything to make you think he might change out here?”

Gunner nods to him”He has..but I think he gets it to a degree.”gunner takes a drink shaking his abs looking up Ashe.”I wont do it unless he does that or endangers us. But I wont hesitate to end it fast and clean. No ,more houses and hauling ass for you my friend your home with us..unless you got some sweet places out the beach we can go set a bar up and go surfing..”He laughs a little off hand but keeps a easy tone.

<Ashe> shouldn’t really be surprised, but he rubs a hand over his face with a groan anyways, “I swear, he’s giving me grey hair. When the guy giving garou a piggy back calls you crazy, you’re crazy.” He eyed Gunner then with a smirk, “That said, you have permission to toss me somewhere if I even think of doing that again. Not that it wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t smart either.” Then he laughed, “No place at the beach, sadly. Maybe if

I sell the other place.”

Gunner Tilts in with a smile to ashe”naw bud you wont ever never have to do that again man,I hope ..”gunner Looks over at the bench ” You got everything out here to do what you need man?”

<Ashe> chuckled, “I hope not. I’m not as touch as you guys. If I actually take a hit, Im dead. I just try not to let that happen.” He nodded to the work bench, “Mostly. I have what I need to work. Might buy other tools when I’m settled, but for now I can work again. I’ve got a good start on Bre’s axes, as well. Decided to make them a bit ago.”

Gunner takes a second beer out.”we got a few magic tricks up our sleeves might help you..”he shakes his head chuckling “some guys get girls candy, flowers a stuffed bear. I bring mine Axes and vodka..’

<Ashe> chuckled and shook his head, “I’m not sure your spirit magic would work for me. I don’t have those same ties that you do.” He leaned back to bring the lemonade to his lips, “Maryska, it’s daggers and deer steak.”

gunner nods to him “I am sure there is a few things i got that help you, “he nods to outside I am gonna make call real fast you excuse me ..There is anther lemonade in there later I’ll introduce you to hard lemonade..its pretty good its like a alchool lemonade.

<Ashe> chuckled and waved Gunner off, “I’ll catch you later and try some of that. Take care.”