<Durmah> had first gone with Phillip to get a nibble in. It was nice to know she could keep from killing the guy, though the tendancy towards wanting to play with her meal was new. After they’d let the guy go and she’d changed into less provocative wear (note: she hates modern bras), she will head back to the Coven house to do some exploring, or perhaps some reading. The rosary is still

around her neck, carefully left to drape over the higher neck of her shirt.

Beatrice seems to be busy for a moment as she moves from shadows back around to durmah approach He angelic fae like smile seeing drink as she touchs her neck and grins “Well hello Dearest

<Durmah> smiles and dips her head. She’s been trying not to curtsy all the time, but it also seemed pretty hideous to her to not show some deference to a host. “I hope this evening finds you well?”

Beatrice pulls her lace choker back on and clasps it shut “Oh very well, I think someone came to see you . I dont know how long he is planning to stay . But you may want to talk to him. He is yup stairs he just left the archbishops chambers ..Follow me and I’ll leave you two alone for a bit, be a dear and make sure he stops by to see me again before he departs?

<Durmah> arches her brows at Beatrice, but will follow after her. There is a small pause, and her voice sounds amused, “Since I heartily doubt Altaryn flew up here, I’m guessing either Patrick or Santos. And if you want to see him, I’m laying odds on it being uncle.”

Beatrice shivers as she walks up the stairs to a balcony over looking the library below dark scarlet Curtains provide privacy in the area a small wooden table with two comfortable over stuff french quit woven antique Chairs on either side a ashtray and box of match lead up to santos sitting there who goes to stand and beatrice shakes her long dark locks walking out to leave them to speak.

<Durmah> arches a brow again as Beatrice leaves without a word, but she’ll shake her head and step into the curtained area. This actually made her a bit twitchy, because she didn’t like not being able to see, but she’ll step in to turn and face him. Something about the setting made her want to make sure it was him before she said anything.

Santos dips his head”I wanted to see before I left if it doesnt pain or vex you.”He looks to angling his head to better see her .Match striking off the box touching the end of the cigar as he looks up putting the match in the ash tray “If you rather not I can respect and will take my leave.”

<Durmah> considers him a moment, then moves to take a seat. “A new conflict somewhere, or something else? And what do you think I might be irritated over?” It isn’t that she’s -not- irritated (she is) she just wants to know what he’s considering worth the concern.

Santos shakes his head “I am going to Vanish for a little while. I Need to consider a few things..And regather myself .I wanted to be sure bared no I will to me, Or if you did I could at least see you once more. I am not vanishing because of this I just need some time to think things through dear.

<Durmah> sighs softly, “I do sort of want to punch you, but I’m certainly not going to do it here. A bit of warning about the rosary at least would have been nice.” She frowns a little, “So this means I’ll be reporting to Eliza in the mean time? I’m… not sure I can be pleasant to her right now.”

Santos Lifts a eyebrow No Patrick is you pack leader,I am your mentor granted the things that eliza can sway your way are far more inclined to help you along dear,But I have a few tricks up my sleeve to share with you . I can and will teach you the ways of how i ve made it this long. How i have seen the hands of time fold their cards out time and time again. Her blood made you, my fangs took you..I am not sorry it happened I did not

think you wanted her to do that nor did i want our blood in her..Its confusing dear

<Durmah> draws her feet up a little and gives the space under the table a wary look. Damn gross dream bastard. She focuses on him again. She frowns, “I’m not angry that it was her blood that raised me, though I -would- have rather it be yours. I’m angry at her stupid little prank. I’m sure she thinks it was hilarious, but I wanted to throw up all the blood I’d had. And then you and Altaryn

-both- disappeared on me…” She stops abruptly and sucks in a sharp breath, then lowers her feet and composes herself. “It has been a very odd three, four nights. I have been referred back to you regarding the path of inner voice and power, as Beatrice seems to think it resonates strongly with my typical behavior.”

Santos to her and shakes his head “You have always had that calling durmah, part of the reason I wanted to gift you this but not like this. ” He paused a brief moment and slide his words out careful but caring very sincere she call almost hear his voice crack a little.”I failed you..Not something I will ever stop regretting . I felt you and still do inside me,I killed you and could not gift you back the embrace..I hate i hurt you I tried

so hard to make you feel everything I felt about you the pride , the compassion the yes love..joy when I took you ..But the sorrow It was too much for me,Its something I did not expect.I did not expect it to eat me as it did not like that..but it did I was barely able to keep myself sane..I murdered you not embraced you..I dont care what the crying child felt ..I killed my own flesh and blood and offered her nothing..

<Durmah> felt a certain amount of idignance at being referred to as a crying child. Sure, she was sulking, but it was more of a ‘I-want-to-throw-my-knives-at-you’ thing and less of the crying upset. And she could readily admit she doesn’t understand what he’s going through. She considers him a moment. “I don’t see how leaving will help you balance. It would seem to make more sense for us

to do another vaulderie together to remind your other half that I’m not gone.” Doesn’t add that she very nearly was totally gone. She had no misconceptions about how long she’d been under, or that hallow, super weary feeling she’d had after. “… But no, I don’t bear you any ill-will, Santos. You did what I asked of you. Now. I might switch out all of your cigar stash with a bunch of cheap,

nasty smelling things. Or I’d fill your house with peeled garlic and ghost chili oil if it wouldn’t upset the others.”

Santos angles his head I dont care what Altaryn feels or felt the marks of Insult on your face betray you a bit ,Altaryn is a crying child who mourned you but not you a moment snapped shot. I wish not to disparage this conversation anymore with his name at the moment. I will give a dark gift from within me when you are ready dear ..Powers of darkness and mind to pair with your New powers.. I wont be as brazen or daring to ask for

forgiveness for what I bore to you that day..I just pray some day you will find it in your heart to remember the tender moments i had in your living company and think a second of it fond. I must Leave for a short time till I can escape this feeling, did you want to go with me If your ductus would see it fit I would..

Santos shakes his head and smiles to her”But you are beautiful ,You do wrench my heart and i see her in you.. i am not leaving New orleans or baton rouge.

<Durmah> lets her eyes crinkle in some humor, “Santos. I’m most cross with you for not warning me about other things. LIke this.” She points to the rosary, “Or that your lovers? Flames? Former partners would be able to practically sniff out our relation. I am afraid that your version of ‘for a short time’ will be significantly longer than I’m used to thinking of as ‘a short time’ And that

alone you may slip into a malaise that parties here seem to have expected.” She arches her brows at him, “I’d think you’d need permission from Michael, as well, given I only participated in a single vaulderie with my new pack, and not yet the three he’d ordered.”

He looks at Durmah and smiles to her softly “Michael will give me what ever I want as long as it does not weaken his hand holds. The Cross was what kept me alive under the mountain here Its from the splinters of a cross that stands on Mt royal the same damn thing that tried to end me. The timbers used to make that cross on the mountain . They were the same ones Joan of Arc was strapped too..That cross became mine Before I went into the

mountain after I did a task here for the arch bishop,I wore it the night we fought methadrix

Beatrice feels you because she knows me very well ..I am staying in New Orleans a few weeks it wont keep you from your pack.

<Durmah> nods slowly. “Alright. Sounds like that’s easily arranged then. Be aware, by the way, that Sascha thought your avoidance of embracing me was an issue of concern. I didn’t realize she is an Inquisitor until we arrived here and went to the…” she wrinkles her nose and motions in the vague direction of the room with the living crucifix. A shake of her head, “Regardless, I’d rather

be around you than not. Though I do not promise to not sabotage your cigars.” The last is said primly.

Santos tilts his head looking at her oddly then smiles to her the Path of power and inner voice wears itself good on you..They called it the devils road when I was younger. It splintered into two schools of philosophy. THe Path of cathari and Power and inner voice. You have to learn power is granted and taken..be it from what ever foot hold you might find. but respect those in power and those whom grant you respect . reward those who

deserve praise but well those who fail you give them nothing more the contempt

<Durmah> leans forwards, her brows arching at him, “Then it’s probably good that I don’t feel you’ve failed me, isn’t it?” Still isn’t promising to behave with his smokes though.

Santos laughs at the mention of cigars and shakes his head “I think that be small price to pay..very indeed. I have I would be concerned but she interrogated me once already . I have nothing to hide from her or you..ask and I’ll tell you..but bewared I now tell you everything. You might not like what you hear depending on the subject

<Durmah> shakes her head, “She hadn’t told me the details of her curiosity. Only that she’d asked to begin with.” She’ll lean to one side and prop her chin in one hand, “Honestly I don’t know that I’ve got any questions I want to ask you while we’re here. Though… I would like, eventually, to hear more of the details of your escape from the mountain. Not out of morbid curiousity, but to

try and think through what I can do in the off-chance I’m ever in the same situation. HOpefully never, but I doubt you want to speak of it so close. So instead, did you know that every single person who has mentioned of your sire has tended to append swear words?”

Santos smiles evenly to her “Athena was always a bitch of sorts,But to me she was kind for a very long time..She changed and became tormented or what have you..Inside that moment Our relationship was over I just never was told that . Santos touch his own chin and shakes his head “I fought, with everything i could find . Weapons vitae of fallen sabbat. I climbed hand over hand ..I will tell you more of it when we leave here most of them

lost many someones to that fight that day

<Durmah> nods solemnly. And then she glances at the curtains in a wry sort of way. One hand lifts to her throat, patting there as she tries to ignore the feeling that was… probably… just oddity. Her expression turns to unease, but she wouldn’t voice that she honestly didn’t like it here, stronghold of the sabbat or no. Instead, she shakes her head and focuses on him again. “Other

questions can wait. I appreciate your coming to speak with me. Like I said, I’m not angry or upset in the way you seem to have thought. Mostly just piqued.”

Santos outs his hands down to her skims over her eyes slowly searching for something and stops suddenly leaving his hands out to her “I understand durmah .. I can take my leave if you are needed else where.. ?

<Durmah> shakes her head and rises to stand next to him, reaching down to press her hands against one of his (the one not holding a cigar). A slightly exhasperated tone as she crouches down next to him. “Really, gramps. I’m pretty sure you were able to read thoughts at some point. I’m not comfortable here is all.”

Santos stands his palm turning up to touch hers “I know Its hard here..You want to learn so much but the dangers here are so subtle..this ia a powerful court full of power cainites

<Durmah> hums a sound of agreement, and will rise, leaving her hand in his. “Not the typical first week visit spot for Cainites, no.” Her tone is humored, at least. “I’ve been trying not to upset anyone and to be diplomatic, but everyone keeps telling me to relax.”

Santos turns to face her Pulling her hand slightly as he moves in closer to keep their voices hushed “Do you your instincts say dearest..what do they say..too much power here..Its full of conspiracies that kill softly . Do they saw watch them hear their whispers with every talent you hair from keen ears to the hairs on your arms sensing movements..Do not second guess them dear..Wheni ts the most dangerous they say relax..Mind nothing be

yourself..they seek to see the real you..never give this to anyone whom you can not trust with unconventional faith

<Durmah> perhaps paradoxically finds this relaxing. It was a strain to constantly second guess herself, to think she’d just been some sort of paranoid. She’ll lean against him breifly and then straighten with a smile. “Beatrice asked me to pass on that she’d like to see you before you leave. She has your phone number now, not that you brought it with you.” She glances about them and purses

her lips, “And now that I know you’ll be at New Orleans, I don’t feel quite as pressured to try and learn things. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go indulge with Phillip a bit more. Being able to nibble on him with fangs has been more fun than expected.”

Santos takes her hand and stands up drawing his arm through hers to rest on top of his hand arm over arm guiding her up and out past the curtain . “You enjoy your nights of wild passion and I will mine,but when we return to New Orleans my dear,I am going to show you the world through my eyes and see if your sharp instincts find their way out into the night as mine have. “He steps down the stairs walking out to the floor with her .He

glances to few men in well made suits and they rise moving in to her and him “Durmah this my security force her our security force They will escort you to the heart ,When sascha and you are ready..they will deliver you back to me..good night Signora.”He turns kissing both her cheeks and bowing his head.

<Durmah> eyes widen at the security team. And her lips part as if she might say something, but she thinks better of it. She supposed that if he wanted Yvette to have a security team, then she ought not be too surprised when she ended up with one too. So she’ll just kiss his cheek in return and curtsy, before glancing to the men and stepping away to head back out into the night.

Currently the scene is: Halls-of-eternal-whispers at Coven-house in Montreal and it is night ( darkest hours. )

Santos sits after durmah leaves pulling Beatrice into his lap oddly enjoying the feel of her against him wearing denim. “I need to teach my clans ways she should have been mine but that bastard she ran with bore insult to eliza attentions. He also repeatedly screwed me over ,I tried to teach him the way to power,He could have been a bishop by now and what does he opt to do..cry..cry over a demented sire who lashed in oaths of blood.He

feels he Fucking betrayed the creature,tricked him..the placid thought of it..really who tricked who there…and if he did good game I say..well played..damn fool needed to part his his vitae ..

She looked at him with black orbs rubbing into his collar and lost in the scent of cedar and cypress her hands combed through his hair “Finish what you started dear..groom and make the sect stronger..he will find his way to bishop by your hand and her priscus soon enough ..keep at it hone and sharpen them to fine blades edge to strike down the foes of the sword..”

Santos leaned his head into her hands and smiled wide. “I should return to that back water place and find this Prince bishop and remove his heart with my bare hands..and torch that tower to the earth ..stupid fools camarilla boot licks do not see they are taught to offer themselves up to the slumbering ones from the day they are brought forth..and even now they disgrace brothers like altayrn to the point of repulsion of liberation of the

soul. I wish he had turned her but I had too ..I hate it happened that way but it had to happen..I need them both to topple and hold the region for Sword and Michael .

Beatrice nudge her mouth along his neck and smiles whispering dark fae like dreams into his ears “Santos ,Santiago love..You will be there long after the ash settles..calm yourself beautiful lasombra..She will do her part and this other you groom to bishop will crush his former alliances with the enemy camp . then you will have done your part ..”Her lips twist around the edge of his neck darkling smile breaks along flesh .

Santos turns his gaze at her combing his own hand through her hair, “and what have you think of me when I devour the very souls of the elders and realign my soul with the powers i left behind in slumber my dark queen..what will your god say then when my plan slaps together and i Draw my power back fueled byt the souls of out foes coursing through my body,,will you want me then as you do now,will I be your sweet sunset. or will I be left

looking at a her devouring Him in her arms with tears of blood ..she was my flesh and blood and I murdered her..

Beatrice stares up from his neck and smiles to him “Santos..sweet sweet creature of passions You will guide her ..he wont fall to her fangs and hunger she has aims else where..they came to our city and learned the ways of our sect..when theyreturn I assure you their out looks on a many things will differ from those of our enemy. “She shifted her weight insure he felt her to him like a fine cut suit. On lookers gasp once in the temple

halls but quickly retreat their gazes for fear of drawing the darling queens eye.

Santos nudges her neck with is face “I want Michael to do this ..he needs this or all his works will be a failure.. I will not let that happen..Not this time..”He switches his hands from her hair drawing them down her shoulders faulting perfectly to her hips “I need to do this ..I have to ..who else will North America has to fall to the edge of the swords blade and come to heel..Christ I attacked the tremere in Austria..Its insane how

easy it has become to do these things ..wait watch “Her lips cut his words off in a intoxicating dance as he forced his hands through her hair gripping in a hard draw to his kiss with a neck breaking force .

Santos ears caught her words whispering in a musical notes sung on a dying fae’s lips “Lie too me say it..say it like you feel it inside ..lie lie to me …”He bends his head from her heated kiss and whispers in her dark hair words finding their way to her sidhe ears ..”I love you so much ..I cant feel with out you “Dark smile cresting her hungry lips on his shoulder “Sweet lies..like honey on baited traps ..Love me need me..You promise

with those words and I know you cant mean them..but I still want them.

Santos curled his hand around her neck as she held to him like he could save her from drowning her own madness in the mist the torrid storm of her own lost darkness .His madden queen , her broken knight clad in shadow armor..desolation was the only promise they shared..Sweet disintegration of entropy .She could feel it coursing through him..How she wanted to feel the ashs of time fall out over their flesh now to watch the damn sun burn

out before their eyes dark dreams for dark lovers.

Santos rolled his head off hers lost in the music of her soft song of desire building in her labored voice as she moved her lips up his neck. “we both know how the ending would be lover..”She chanted with velveteen promises wreathed in the dark husked word roweling from her throat ..”Its all coming apart and reforming ,there is not crys of sympathy or Mercy Santos in this hunger in passions game , be it passion of war or the battle Iam

tugging at now holding you too me..”He leans into her ear smile folding into the small tips of hear elvish ear s “You can never have me..Never.”Her fangs slide down into his shoulder as he cradled her head into him stroking her hair ..”never but always ..”