<Matty> is in Lupus form, running through the woods. He hears hooves beating through the wilderness, The feeling of running wild and free. These impulses draw his mind to day dreaming, deep in the wild fast run he now took through the wilderness in and around the caern. This was -right-. Right in a way he had not been in a long time. The night’s wind in his fur, the earth benith his

feet, the stars in the sky above, and between and around it all, the wood and the green world of Gaia, come back alive. It was a life that pulsed in him, flowed in his veins, and was caught in his breath. And so he ran in the night to bond with that life, and dart though it, filled with energy still.

winds rifle past you as you push through the tangle over growth, running leaping over puddles of clear water kicking leaves up as you go.head low your eyes scanning about the ferns and moss . a glimpse of a fox, or rabbit now and again giving a subtle instinct to give chase along the damp wet land but you stay focused. The sound is about echoing like lost childhood dreams but you feel a strength on the run. slight hint of sounds echo off

your ears as you hear the heavy thundering hooves beat of the ground leaping and charging.

<Matty> was full of energy, full of excitement and action, full of spirit. As he ran, he thought of givin another point of his spiritual energy to the creatures of this place. To just howl out and let go and feed the wyld growth of the land here, the nature of the place, the spirit of the place was raw and empowering, and he wanted to give to it, just as his feet pounded so hard in

his ears. It was the beat in his heart that pounded in his chest, that pumped in the pit, the seed, the seat of him. He ran and as he did so, he felt out with himself and tried to connect to the earth, the sky, and the world around him. The dew was thick in the night, He noticed the wildlife of the area, the fox, the rabbit, but beyond his run, he did not yeald to the temptation to chase them.

He was after something more personal, a feeling of being free. He tried to use his bond, the sound of the hoves echoing through the trees and in his ears, that connection, to offer some of his spirual energy, some of his gnosis. He had more still, and could offer another point if he made a good connection, and he had a feeling this thing, meant well, and that to do so would be right.

[Umbra] ?? A sudden Surge Pulls Matty Though wolrds ina blinding flash off silver and cracking moon light tendrils of spider like webbing stick to you very slightly out here..The world seems bright in color and all hues of color .. Something dragged you through the realm..you are in the Umbra.

Ground swims with mist breathing in and out cool jets of earth gasping from the ground..you can feel eyes on you from behind..old eyes digging in through your spine into your heart..snorts of breath blast over your shoulders as you stand there.

::Maryska comes upon a spot in the area and sniffs a bit, but she saw that ripple of Umbral exposure.:: “Matty?” ::She moved to where she saw the ripple and tried to push through.::

::Maryska actually pushed through and she looked around, of course she had a bit of a grin on her face and whispered to herself.:: “Shit I did it…okay.” ::she went back to looking for Matty.:: “Matty?”

Bouncing Mariska lands in the ground next to matty

Ground swims with mist breathing in and out cool jets of earth gasping from the ground..you can feel eyes on you from behind..old eyes digging in through your spine into your heart..snorts of breath blast over your shoulders as you stand there.<repost>

<Matty> had not expected to move into the umbra… all the same… it was perhaps not surprising. Still, he was disoriented a the eyes that looked at him, that he felt… it made him feel like a prey creature at first. He however turned toward the eyes after a moment and looked up to them. He thought they were up, but a lot of things were up to him.

::Maryska was on her feet instantly, as she was getting her bearings, feeling eyes on her set her on edge, she had her hand on her fang-dagger but didn”t pull it right away, she was slightly crouched as she spun and looked left and right, seeing Matty she moved closer.:: “What happened Matty?”

Before both of you a black blur rears back Sliver sparks flare up off hooves going up and slamming down the large black Mare Hammers back her frame points a silver spiraled horn ,Mane flashing with a crackling blue energy that drapes down its body going to its hooves.Static mists of blue and deep purple blasts out its nostrils. Her voice is deafening “Name yourself and Be know.”

::Maryska looks up and her jaw drops as she see’s what’s standing before her, she stands up slowly, she refrains from squeeling like a little girl as her heart beats in her chest.:: “Black Unicorn?” ::She takes a deep breath when she remembers the command of the spirit, and, where she speaks spirit she bows her head and speaks.:: “I am Maryska Oleksandr, Cliath of the Garou, Ahroun of the Shadowlords.”

<Matty> dips his head to the Totem, then reverts to his human form “I am Matthew ‘Screech’ Gudavich, Cliath Ragabash of the GlassWalkers.”

<Storyteller> She turns her head slightly, regarding both of the Shifters carefully. She never seems to go fully still, hooves moving in an alternating slow clip of walking in place. Her mane cascades like moonlight across her body, and she then turns to point that long silver horn at the pair. “I am but half of that which belongs on this land. My other half

<Storyteller> is deeper within the corruption, having seeked to heal it, and now lies trapped.”

::Maryska listened and nodded her head.:: “We saw the lightning strikes in the realm, we felt the demand, your sister is in deeper, then, I offer myself to be one to help free her, I’m sure the others that helped to free you will aid.”

<Storyteller> She flexes and snorts a bit, “Not my sister. He is my mate.”

<Matty> nods, he knew a bit of Black Unicorn as well. “I also will help.”

::Maryska bowed her head slightly.:: “My apologies, I will make every effort to free your mate.”

<Storyteller> She moves around, but nods to them as her hooves spark off the ground. “I will aid in this. He is my mate, my responsibility. The darkest parts of the bayou is where he went to try and heal the land. He is no warrior though, and the enemies are many.”

◄║Maryska║► looked at the large totem and nodded again.:: “Thank you, and thank you for speaking to us, we heard the thunder of your hooves, without knowing they were yours, to see you is beyond words.” ::she smiled up at the large black stallion.:: “It would be an honour to be of aid in freeing your mate.”

<Storyteller> The dark mare circles around them before nodding to them once more. “Bring the others to me before you go in. I will give you all my blessing.”

::Maryska nodded as she heard the statement by the large spirit.:: “Thank you, we will.” ::she kept her head bowed to the large spirit, looking up at times just to see it, because this was the kind of thing she had been told about a long time ago.::

<Matty> nods to to the Totem he then shifts back to his wolf form. He walks to a puddle and gazes into it, using his training to peer across it, across the worlds, and then feels out the pull from the other side before he falls into himself and attempts to ‘step’ back across the Gauntlet. Then if he can lets out a Howl, The Anthem of War, calling out to the others to rally them for

the fight. This was the way of thing, and the spirit of the hunt called to him.

::Maryska’s eyes open wide suddenly and then her head raises up, like she’s about to ask a question, but bites her lip, probably not the best time to ask, she’d wait till this was done, then maybe she could ask a question of the totem of healing and kicking ass.::

<Storyteller> The Black Mare looks at them once more and then rears up, hooves stricking the ground with a clap of thunder before she tears off deep into the Cearn’s heart once more.

◄║Maryska║► comes out of the Umbra and looks at Matty.:: “Matty…”

<Matty> is howling though… Galliard he is not. He looks to Mary and blinks… then blinks again.

::Mary looks at the garou whom is in Lupus, she rests her hand on his shoulder, looks at the man.:: “That’s Black Unicorn.”

<Matty> blinks and nods. It was.

◄║Maryska║► looked at him.:: “Okay, I just wanted to make sure we were both seeing the same thing.” ::she began to make her way back to the war camp, she let out a little girlish giggle and did a little trotting dance in place, but then regained her warrior like composure as she made her way towards the camp.:: “You didn’t see that dance.”

<Tanner> walks up to the caern site stumbling as he walks his eyes are heavily bloodshot and he smells heavy of dank weed as he walks up with a Blunt in his mouth slowly taking a long puff off it..

<Matty> blinks and walks back with her at a trot. He nods at mention of not having seen the dance. he regreted that.

<Tanner> ::his walk is slow as he seems to still be dealing with a lot of pain but he’s clean and out of the hosiptal bed now as he walks up.

◄║Maryska║► walked back to the camp and looked around, seeing Tanner Mary walked up to him and gestured for him to sit down.:: “Have a seat Tanner.” ::she continued to look around for anyone that was there.:: “Gunner!” ::she made the call out to him, hoping he’d be around.::

<Tanner> nods as he moves to a seat as he takes another slow draw off the blunt offering it over to her.. “Want some?” ::he asks as he coughs out a ploom of smoke::

<Tanner> looks at Mary.. “Oh shit.. I didnt follow your orders last night.. Fuck” ::He laughs a little:: “Shit, I’m totally fucked aint I”

<Matty> wrinkels his nose and keeps next to Mary.

◄║Maryska║► took the joint and crushed it in her hand, then stomped it out into the ground, she looked down at him.:: “You lost your shit, you shifted for the first time during a fight.” ::she patted the mans shoulder.:: “You’re lucky my man didn’t die when he helped to put your ass down, otherwise, these would be our last words.” ::she grinned.:: “I know you’re hurt, but we have something important to do, I need you here,

now, paying attention.”

<Tanner> “B… but gunner told me to keep smoking pot to keep calm”

◄║Maryska║► looked at Tanner, and crouched down to be eye to eye with him.:: “Tanner, you’re high, you don’t need to become fucking herbal, pay attention.” ::she looked right at him, taking her sunglasses off to look the man in the eyes with hers of silver/grey.:: “A giant Unicorn spirit wants us to help free his mate from the swamp, we need to make sure the garou here know, this is a job, you need to help tell the others.”

::she was speaking clearly to him, making sure he would pay attention.:: “Do you understand? I’m giving you this duty to help tell the others.”

gunner comes into camp and makes a strange face”who is yelling for me good god. I am getting ready to go home and then screeching howl.. ?”

<Matty> dips his head

◄║Maryska║► looked up to Gunner.:: “Matty and I just spoke to Black Unicorn….his mate is in the swamp, he just told us that she’s in there, needs our help, and that he’s willing to bless those that go in to help free her.”

<Matty> looks to Mary “L> I think Black Unicrorn is a She.”

<Matty> looks to Gunner, “L> but yes, the totem Black Unicorn contacted us, and needs our help.”

<Tanner> nods as he looks to Gunner.. “Hey Gunner.. A black unicorn sprit needs our help freeing its mate from the swamp.”

Gunner nods to Mary “Then we have a objective. We get shit together and we go out there..He in the umbra? then we need to go in .”gunner looks at tanner “hush ..think of happy trees or something for a second.”He glances to mary “ok we need to do this so we need rest refresh and we go in then..freaking Unicorns? Okay cool