<Tanner> is in the bed looking pretty bad like he’s been just recently shot with a shot gun and had one hell of a fucking past 24 hours.. the rage seems to be coming off him.. in waves as he dreams he tosses and turns calling out the name “Desiree”

Tanner is strapped down with a ton of Ivs to a hospital bed a nurse opens the door and gunner comes in behind her she checks a monitor and then leaves “god damn kid calm your tits..your not going anywhere your so doped up you just be fucking noodle trying walk.. god damn boy ..I bailed her out. She is at her moms. Jo and guys took her there. You can calm your shit ?

<Tanner> shakes his head coming more too his eyes hazy as shit from the drugs.. “The fuck happened boss.. I remember getting a text reading it and getting ready to shoot”

<Tanner> “Why am I so angry”

gunner shakes his head”fucking text messages kill more Americans a year..don’t shift and text kid

<Tanner> looks at gunner.. “Dont.. shift and text well looking at your Big ass fucking wolf and other big ass fucking wolf.. pressing the buttons could be pretty fucking hard”

<Tanner> “But what happeend to me.. Like it feels like I just got shot.. my entire body hurts.. and so does my head”

Gunner shakes his head moving to the IVs.”I am gonna unhook you..your fine a little fucking busted up..Dont try to shift for a few days and do it when you got someone with you like one of us and away from people.. Stay the fuck away from cyruss he got bailed out by his guys and went home . Do not get yourself shot up or worse the sheriff will pump more then Lead in your ass.

gunner edges over unhooking the Iv from tanners arm. “You gonna be calm go get a shower and eat something ..Go home she will come by in a day or two ..you need the space to calm down. Yes we killed those fuckers..and I would get a shower and fucking rest. You can go see stuff out there but be calm..if you cant be calm rest. Some some weed do what you need.

<Tanner> shakes his head again the drugs coursing through his body keeping his pain level down.. “That mother fucker comes into my house with a fucking gun and threatens my girl..” ::He looks at her:: “What are you talking about Shift?”

Gunner chuckles ‘You hit a growth spurt..Dont try and shift..you fuck up you can get stuck between forms and that shit my boy hurts like jamming your dick in the window on your way out . So just take some advice.. Dont try.

<Tanner> “Wait.. are you saying.. what your saying?”

<Tanner> “Is this a dream.. Dont come near my ear”

Gunner tilts Head “maybe I need to hook you up and call a shrink.. If you dont calm down..you damn shifted .

<Tanner> “So.. wait..fuckalrightyou were right all along boss.. I aint even know where to start on shifting.. but alright I got so much more to now start dealing with…” ::he looks at Gunner as he is still lying in the bed moving slowly trying to get up out of it.:: “Alright, so what do I need to know besides not go near Cyrus cause that will get me killed by the sheriff.. Dudes an issue

and he gonna try to come again.”

Gunner unleashes him and shrugs ” You need to chill if you can go to the caern site..dont fuck with anything ..but chill out and stay away from both of them for a few days. go one cab is outside

<Tanner> “That the RV park?”

“caern now..” He laughs go “home shower food kid that order.

<Tanner> “Alright.. Home shower.. food.. than the Caern.. also do I need to start calling you Rhya.. and why do I feel so fucking angry.”

gunner makes a face”Umm no , Gunner is my name..Dude you need to calm and chill thats the shit i was telling you .

<Tanner> “Yeah.. fuck sorry Gunner.. I’m trying”

gunner chuckles Shower smokes something drink something watchs some movies,rest music helps man.

<Tanner> “Alright Gunner.. shit so dont try shifting.. stay high as fuck.. listen to music.. and try to keep calm.. What do I do if Greasy Porn ass shows up at the hosue again. Do I call yall.. or just try to leave?”

Gunner shrugs “You call me and this guy will send dudes out.

<Tanner> nods.. “Should I give D your number too.. in case..”

Gunner shakes his head”Mutha fucker you crazy..I have you met Breanna ?

<Tanner> “Fair.. Give her Marys number?”

gunner shakes his head “she can call 911

gunner looks at him “Cops are kin bud most of them

<Tanner> “Shit really.. alright so I got a bad fucking idea but I want to see what you think”

<Tanner> “Whats your though of having someone plant a heavy grade of drugs and guns in his ride.. and having the 5.0.. pull him over?”

Gunner looks at him “he be out in week..Guy is greasy..and best bet is let that slide low I’ll talk to jon have the sheriff give him shit for a while and keep him busy..

<Tanner> “So.. how big did I get.. can you tell what moon I am .. and whats Clan.. no.. Tribe, yeah Tribe.. were you able to tell any of that?”

<Tanner> “And shit.. did you have some clothes picked up for me?”

gunner and shrugs we will sort this out later yes nyou got cloths in the bathroom ..you were a few inchs taller then me but your thinner a little..We will sort that shit later I got a date guy..so you good? 100 bucks in the jeans in there get home and what?”

<Tanner> “Shower.. Smoke something.. Eat something.. fuck I’m hungry.. than maybe go to the Caern with a fuck ton of booze…”

Gunner nods to him..Alright yeah but dont got faced .”Gunner heads out the door “call me if you cant cope or angus.

<Tanner> moves to the bathroom to get dressed.