<Matty> nods, he doesn’t add anything, but nods.

Gunner nods to Mary “Then we have a objective. We get shit together and we go out there..He in the umbra? then we need to go in .”gunner looks at tanner “hush ..think of happy trees or something for a second.”He glances to mary “ok we need to do this so we need rest refresh and we go in then..freaking Unicorns? Okay cool repost>>

◄║Maryska║► nods. “Yes, we go to the Umbra for Black Unicorns blessing.” ::she stepped closer to Gunner and tugged on his sleeve, speaking quietly-ish.:: “It was Black Unicorn..” ::she bit her lower lip, looking like a school kid that got to see a unicorn.:: “A big…Unicorn.” ::she looked really excited, she gave a little dance again and looked at everyone.:: “Okay…fine…I danced, there.”

<Tanner> looks to Everyone.. “Give me everyones phone number and Ill start calling them.”

Gunner shakes his head”we are not calling anyone ,trees dude focues”He chuckles at mary “all things a ahourn girl loves right big black unicorn ..so you saw it ?”

<Matty> nods, he saw it too.

◄║Maryska║► nodded.:: “Oh hell yes, saw it? Matty and I spoke to it, I came up on Matty just vanishing into the Umbra, so I jumped in after him and then we both turn around after feeling eyes and well…” ::She gesticulates rather largely.:: “Unicorn.” ::just to make sure everyone understands this, Mary is 5 and a half feet tall….she is short.”

<Tanner> nods to Gunner.. “Got it Gunner.. Mary said to let everyone know that we needed help but.. got it Gunner.. he leans against the tree.. as he looks to Gunner..:: “Bob Ross is Fucking awesome high”

<Tanner> “So is Sponge Bob”

<Matty> was normaly an inch shorter then Mary, but that was not the case at the moment, as he was lupus… and looked… more like a coyote then wolf really… boy he was short in most of his forms. It was technicaly a Golden Jackel, which was also known as an Ethiopian Wolf, but that was beside the point.

<Tanner> “Oh…. who lives in a pineapple under the sea”

/- White-Tail -/ “L> In his house in R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

<Matty> “L> In his house in R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

Gunner smiles to her”told you something special drew us here , now its our time to bring them back home. Unicorns so there is anther one out there in the umbra who needs us..We can do that..”gunner shakes his head at Tanner “Poor guy i told him to stay high he had some freaking trailer park theatre shit going on . So I told him to get high and drunk.

◄║Maryska║► looks at Tanner, then at Matty, her brow furrowing.:: “Tanner…please be quiet…say it in your head.” ::she looked at Matty.:: “What are you…never mind.” ::she sighed and looked at Gunner shaking her head.:: “Yes, two.” ::she was rubbing her forhead.::


gunner shakes his head”No You wont get a horn..”He winks to Mary.”Good strong old totems..Powerful ones to speak to us..What you think Mary girl?”

<Tanner> “I told you Gunner told me to Mary.. but.. shit what can I do to help.. I aint never seen a Unicorn before.. but shit.. I guess I should do what I can to help”

<Tanner> ::Is totally fucking humming the theme song to sponge bob::

◄║Maryska║► smiled and nodded.:: “Okay, I’m going to…I don’t know, get ready? uh, we should let Garri know for sure, maybe Bai might want to get in on this, I should have told him about last night, he probably would have loved to help somehow.” ::she furrowed her brow.:: “I’ll tell who I can.” ::she nodded to Gunner, and then looked at Tanner.:: “Hey Tanner…Sponge Bob Ross Square Pants.” ::she looked at Gunner letting

that little image float into the drugged out garou’s head.::

<Tanner> just busts up laughing.. “Happy Little Crabby Patties”

Gunner groans “fuck me side ways running.. Yeah mary contact em bring them in and I’ll reach the people I know Might not need to drag them all out into the bayou but some of them can do things here and greet the presence and attend to helping fix this place together.

<Tanner> “You know gunner.. the physics that entire statement.. I dont think is possible”

Gunner grumbles and rubs his head “Mary guys I am heading home for a spell ..”

<Tanner> “Do you need some weed Gunner?”

<Matty> nods “L> Can I ask… what about the others at the fight yesterday, will you tell them? Breanna and.. who was it that knew you as well… Tansy?”

◄║Maryska║► looks at Matty.:: “Lydia is a kinfolk, I don’t think this is her kind of thing, the others are shifters.” ::she looked to Gunner.:: “Okay, do you want me to take Tanner with me to get this done? I mean..” ::she looked down at the guy then back at Gunner.:: “Do you?”

<Matty> nods to Mary, then looks from Mary to Tanner and back “L> If you need to, ri….” he looks around, disoriented.

Gunner shakes his head”Naw let him chill and feel some peace for a few here ..Kin will want to know, for sure..they have tie here granted they cant follows into the umbra but they can help get things a go go as mary said for now I have to agree lets keep exactly what the hell is going on to our small community

<Tanner> looks to them.. “He’s a grumpy Plankton.”

◄║Maryska║► rolled her head back.:: “Okay, we need Garri, for sure.” ::she looked around.:: “I’d have to go to New Orleans to get Bai, I don’t know his phone number.”

Matty speaks in Garou: Gunner, should we tie him up at least? That won’t stop him from being high and thinking about trees?

<Kegarri> pokes his homid head around. “What is going to the hell,” he asked innocently as he stepped into view as he combed through his wild mane of hair. Looked like the man had just woken up and didn’t rest well despite how long he slept. “Yes. There is always need for the Garri,” he agrees with Maryska.

Gunner nods “ok I am going to get some..Okay I’ll text bre..See if she will swing out here later. I am heading home in while if I dont hear from her she is asleep in bed.

gunner shakes his head “matty he is fine man’

<Matty> nods, he looks at Garri and shifts to homid.

◄║Maryska║► nods and looks at Garri.:: “Garri, Matty and I spoke with the spirit Unicorn.” ::she smiled wide.:: “He wants us to go help him rescue his mate in the swamp, we need to get ready.”

<Tanner> “And I’m here to just chill and relax”

<Kegarri> didn’t stop coming his hair, but he did walk to Maryska and stop in front of her. “Okay. We will do this thing now?”

Gunner shakes his head”We have to recharge and go on the other side. Well I do ..I shift I’ll go berserk

◄║Maryska║► nodded to Gunner.:: “We prepare, new weapons, sharpen our claws, feed ourselves, and prepare for the fight.”

<Tanner> “I brought Jerky and Weed”

<Tanner> “And there is beer in the truck”

<Kegarri> “Other side,” he asked cautiously. “To walk where spirits walk? Ah. Garri can not do this. Garri’s sharp claws and quick mind must be of staying to this place.”

<Matty> “And gather those who can fight.” He is about to add more when Tanner spoke of.. he looks to Tanner then Gunner “This isn’t a long term thing I hope.”

◄║Maryska║► looked to Gunner and then back at Garri.:: “We have spirit speakers that can help you cross to the spirit side Garri, you’ll be able to help, there are ways.” ::Mary smiled at him.::

<Kegarri> took a cautious step back with uncertainty. “Kuasha tell Garri this is not for bastet. Not for young bastet. This would be not of honour, but, Garri does want to be helping.”

<Tanner> “You can help keep me calm Garri.. Gunner says I need to stay calm and keep thinking happy thoughts.”

<Matty> smiles, like a cheshire cat, at Tanner’s suggestion “That’s a great idea.”

<Kegarri> “Calm,” he asks as if confused by Tanner’s words. “Happy is good. There is no good being to not being happy.”

◄║Maryska║► smiled at Garri.:: “The elders will help Garri, they are wise, and in this, going into the realm, to fight, you can gain renown with us, in helping a spirit that deeply needs your help.”

<Matty> “Just think about laying down on a nice sunny spot of grass, and help Tanner do that, I think. He so far is using an herb for this, Garry.”

<Tanner> “Hey Garri want to smoke some Canabis with me..” ::He says as he pulls out another blut as he starts humming Sponge bob again::

<Matty> blinks, dazzeled.

<Kegarri> pulls back his lips and lets out a harsh hiss at Tanner. “You would dull the senses of the warrior,” he accuses with a growl and takes a step towards the man.

<Tanner> looks at Garri.. “This is what Gunner told me to do man, Chill out.. relax it could help you relax”

gunner shifts his head to one side and gathers himself “I am trying to think how we can enter through the area and get back. tracking her Mate out there might be a trick,Did she tell you guys anything other then that way into the bayou of taint and hate.. we can track Him . “gunner looks at Tanner”anyone tell you about moderation ..man Christ

Gunner nods to him “I told him to dull them because he is not ready to be all warrior enhanced his calling has not been heard yet.

<Tanner> looks to Gunner.. “I do man but.. I’m trying to keep calm like you said Gunner plus if I’m going to be on the sidelines I might as well get high while staying on the sidelines”

◄║Maryska║► nodded.:: “Okay, so, maybe we can outfit Garri with a mirror that will let him pass back and forth? little pocket mirror Gunner?”

<Kegarri> steps closer to the large man, completely unintimidated by their comical size difference. He lets out a strong sort of huff that seemed more animal like and aggressive. “This is not a lesson to teach. This is lesson to stop the bleeding till getting home. To hide from self is to hide from the sisters.”

gunner looks at him “ohh no we go in your going ..but we are not going today .”He turns to mary and thinks for a second “I can see what I can find too but thats a good idea,I might be able to work something with some help later on to helpe him slide and go with us.

<Tanner> looks at Gunner.. “Wait.. its not today.. oh.. shit I thought yall were getting ready to go in today. Shit sorr..” ::tanner leans back in his chair looking up at the sky..

<Matty> looks to Mary and shakes his head “Mary, Garri said this would not be honorable for him to go, we should not pressure him.” He looks to Garri “Still, Garri…. there are other ways….. Can you, not go, but look? If you could just look, just see it and be our eyes, then tell us where to send our claws, you would not enter the Umbra itself, and still fulfill your purpous, right?”

◄║Maryska║► frowned but then thought.:: “Wait…there might be some real world taint as well, we might need a pack to go in and dislodge something as well, we should get the full run down from Black Unicorn before we go in, just to be on the safe side, then we can make decisions at that time.”

<Kegarri> stared at Tanner with wide, watchful eyes until it was clear the man was so out of it he probably didn’t notice. So it was easy to turn his attention to Matty and walked back towards the others. “This is not the way of bastet. Only the most honourable, the most cunning, the most ferocious walk beside our brothers and sisters of the spirits in the shadows. If the spirits say that this is a place Garri is needed, and there is a

door for Garri to walk, then Garri will do this.”

Gunner takes a look around and goes getting a beer out the truck “Yup more then likely there is something anchoring it on both sides, maybe we do a little scout party sniff around see what is what is there. I am with garri you see a door close look for a open window..

◄║Maryska║► smiled at Garri.:: “Then we will ask the great Unicorn to see if Garri is to walk beside us, and if Unicorn says that Garri should come, you will?”

◄║Maryska║► finishes her sentence and then thinks to herself. (this shit…is contagious.)

<Tanner> looks to them.. “Can I help Scout?”

<Kegarri> nods at Maryska, content with this solution. “Yes. This is good with Garri. But, Garri will still need help with the door. This is not a thing young bastet are to do,” he explains. Tanner’s question earns him a glance before looking back to the others. “The bird of black. The knowing is what these ones are good at, yes?”

gunner nods to garri looking to Mary “raven..damn good idea

◄║Maryska║► looked at Gunner.:: “Oh right, Raven, holy shit, I haven’t even seen her for months, is she still around?” :She looked at the others.;:

<Kegarri> poses, rather poud of himself at Gunner’s statement. “It is not said Garri is the most clever of cats for no good reasons.”

gunner knocks the beer back and rubs his neck with it “Yeah she is around I’ll see if i can call her down ,She was hiding around here for a bit out by the feilds by the house.. Garri is very clever

<Matty> frowns and tilts his head he steps forward then tries to reach out at…. what?

<Tanner> stands up.. “Gunner.. need me for tonight or can I go watch more bob ross?”

Gunner shakes his head “good night tanner

Gunner “walk home”

<Matty> “Hmmmm no… Okay… it’s… hmmm.” he shakes his head and looks to Garri “I did… step sideways differently before.. I was lead across… though.. I was also reaching out too. So… While that may be a door, I don’t know what keys you have for them. There also seems to be good you can do in the real world too.”

<Tanner> looks to them.. “Got it.. Have a good night guys” ::he says as he begins walking off humming sponge bob as he does

<Kegarri> nods, loving to hear the compliment from Gunner but he too seemed ready to go. “Garri will try the sleeping with not the growing and tapping and the high noise like angry bird that makes hair stand on end. This…..is not resting. Garri needs rest.”

<Tanner> walks off

Gunner Nods to garri throwing a wave to tanner “gunner needs rest, he has angry she wolf at home.. I need to get there,She had plans rest well garri

◄║Maryska║► looks at the group and smirked.:: “Alright, this all sounds great.” ::she then patted Garri on the shoulder.:: “Good to have you around my friend.”

<Matty> nods to Garri. “Sorry if the howl woke you unduely, but… I tried to gather us… and it seemed natural to do that.”

<Kegarri> nodded to Maryska, and then walked past Matty to give him a shoulder bump along the way. “Try not so much the high noises like metal, yes? Garri does not like these noises,” he says as he wanders off. But….Matty’s howls had not been so high pitched, had they?

<Matty> was not sure, but…. Gunner also said it sounded aweful. So… the moral I guess is to leave howls to the Galliards. All the same, he went to find a place to sleep as well.

◄║Maryska║► smiled as she watched everyone trot off.:: “Good night everyone.” ::she said as she slipped away, it was gonna be a hell of a week.::