<< Jet >> being a nice normal local girl gave her all the normal insights of great places to get sweet treats. and today she was out enjying a nice snoball from the plum street location. no coupon needed as they did have decent prices. getting her nice treat and moving out of the way to sit and enjoy it at one of the covered tables and watch the others as they come and go

<< Jet >> she was gratefull for being at the covered seatr, but she does shift bout, moving up onto the table pulling her feet up on the bench, helping any others that seem to be effected by the rain up as well, studying those who seem to notice it, and those that dont

<< Jet >> she would stay up on the table, chatting with who ever was nearest her till the rain stoped. then giving it a bit to dry up before helping any little ones down, and heading off herself