Patrick Wonders around the mall Looking in shops trying to ignore the mobile Mart of stupid fucking people . He seriously hated this shit Could not stand the noise head phones in bouncing his head to some Distillers humming playing the angel in his own head as he tries to figure out abequa size..” How the hell do you shop for someone her size..or me.” He keeps pawing through things and looking over them . “Shows too much..”He watches

people looking at him oddly as he keeps going through things. “Fuck my grand mother were this..Ugh she is rocker star.

Patrick stops and moves over grabbing her some thrashed out Jeans and throws them on his shoulder. Looking over the rack “I don’t know what colors to get her”HE looks around feeling pretty fucking stupid ,Not use to doing shit like this. But he keeps going through things. He grabs a few dark colored shirts and blouses kind of a punky look . Patrick takes and gets some comfortable socks to..Under things he shakes his not knowing what size

she would wear he consider it a second grumbles “Fuck:” taking his phone out.

Patrick Puts his phone up he keeps going through the shelves and racks grabbing more jeans and a skirt Maybe she like it some time . He looks the t-shirts looking at some punky crazy stuff she might like. Converse chuck taylors and small combat boots He grabs a shopping cart. Shaking his head He steps away from the racks and puts more things in the cart like Hair ribbons and making a face when he realizes she cant strangle someone with

it. “Well thats Useless as fuck..” He looks over the shelf with sunglasses..”Why ..”He rolls his eyes moving along ..

Patrick sighs Handing the cashier a credit card. She runs the card and he looks at her whistling and takes it back shoving it in his pocket shaking is head as he takes the bags moving along the floor of the shopping plaza getting a Pretzel and snacking a second . “What the fuck ..”He walks over to the stroller looking inside “Oh sweet,”He glances at the woman and smiles “I got a little sister ,Man cute kid..” He smiles and steps Back

shaking his head “creepy as fuck..who keeps kids out this late.”

PAtrick laughs going through the Mall Carrying the bags shaking his head now again at the people. Moving along he stops looking at the Watchs and hats . He leaves through the store throwing some funky bracelets and some Necklaces and chokers. He moves out into the main corridor and sighs stuffing things in the back pack getting on his motor cycle. He aims back to the road rolling into Baton Rouge Bouncing his head to the music and

rolling into the compound. Going inside shopping bags in hand moving up to his room throwing it all on the bed,

Patrick looks over the spoils of the shopping trip “I am not sure I got enough things..”He smirks at the small boots and converse sneakers ,Tiny little black Leather jacket..”She is gonna fucking either flip or Just stop dead in her tracks in fear.” He seemed please with the gifts. “I am such a retard..He laughs playing the video of Yevi in the maze..”Okay not that retarded..” He laughs again putting it up …”ahh that thing is like

therapy..” He packs the things up and sets them out side her door with a smile..” I would do a mix tape ,But ehh Chicks today What a playlist..Fuck..”He shrugs and heads out to the green House across the back yard.

Currently the scene is: Green-house at Pennington-Estate-coven in BR and it is night ( Offerings )

Patrick goes in the garden touching the plants and smiles “I am gonna get you guys in shape ,Maybe do some cool stuff..”He laughs a little Softly moving into the area where he bled out looking up at the moon Smiling to himself and glances down and sits down in the dirt lighting a cigarette watching the orange build on the end “He looks on the floor moving some dirt back into the pots water them with a twist of knob the mister kicking on

he sits there watch the water go black from the soil run off..”

Patrick stands from the ground and makes his way inside to his room and flops down “fuck” He chuckles to himself..