<Tanner> :Drives up to the RV park he looks to have bags around the eyes and is not looking like he’s in a good place at all today mentally as he slowly parks the truck as he gets out of the truck and begins making his way towards the tables shaking his head and looking just on edge today his eyes dart around at the environment as he seems very on


<Kegarri> rested in the grass, the great panther rolled on his back with his belly exposed as he tried to soak up the morning sun. Every so often though, he would squirm, roll around as if trying to get comfortable, and try the new position. Nothing seemed to work though, and he rolled back to lay on his stomach with an annoyed growling yawn and panted with his mouth open.

<Tanner> : the big guy spots the panther as he offers the panther are not of his head and a friendly wave as he sits at the table shaking his head himself as he puts his head in his hands shutting his eyes trying to focus:

<Kegarri> narrowed his eyes at Tanner as his tail flicked back and forth, still panting. He made no effort to move from his spot in the grass.

<Tanner> sits there at the table his hands supporting his head as he sits there lowly muttering something to himself as he trys to clear his head and focus on the current task and get his head into the proper mindset for the coming fight. He knows whats expected of him and he knows he cannot let his new family down as he trys to focus.

<Kegarri> remained laying on the ground as he took homid form, arms holding the front of his body up as he stretched out in the grass. “Is the head to fall off,” he asked in a rough sounding voice that was half a growl.

<Tanner> looks to the panther for a moment with a cold empty stare before he shakes his head.. “what?” he seems to have been brought back from what ever was going through his head just than.. “Sorry what was that Garri?”

<Kegarri> “The head. Is it to fall off,” he repeats sounding annoyed. One could almost imagine round fuzzy ears pulled back against his head with his tail flicking back and forth in agitation.

<Tanner> sighs as he looks to Garri.. “No the head is not about to fall off, I’m dealng with some issues that have been keeping me awake some nights.. and well we have more important issues going on than whats going on with me.”

║^Maryska^║ comes up to the camp from the farm house making her way to the group so that they could be ready for the fight to come, she was smiling, she had her sword, her fang dagger, and what appeared to be an armoured shirt on.::

<Tanner> looks like shit he has heavy bags around his eyes as he is talking to Garri.. his eyes are completly red and he looks drained and exausted as he talks to the Feline Shifter. He spots Mary walking up as he offers her a nod of his head.. “Mary”

║^Maryska^║ nodded to Tanner as she sat down next to him.:: “You look like shit, didn’t sleep well hunh?” ::she grabbed a beer from the magical beer spot, and cracked it open as she settled next to him taking a sip.::

<Tanner> “Yeah another one of those things I was telling you about..”

<Tanner> “Ill do my best to focus on whats important today and than we will talk with Bo about whats going on.. Banes first.. sleep issues second.”

║^Maryska^║ nods slowly.:: “Good man, focus on what’s being said, let the others guide you, if you feel you can’t continue, tell them and leave, you have my permission, do you understand?”

<Tanner> looks at Mary.. “I’m not going to leave any of you to potentially die.. I’m going to fucking deal with it and push it down while we have more important shit going on. You might really hate this answer but.. doing what I can to protect you guys if your hurt.. is more important to me than anything fucking else going on in my god damned head.”

<Breanna> comes out to the staging area, and takes a brief look around.

<Tanner> offers a nod of his head to Breanna as he looks back down at the table his hands going to help support his head again as he slowly breaths in..

║^Maryska^║ looks at Tanner.:: “You can’t help anyone if you’re screwing up due to sleep deprivation, adrenaline will carry you so far, but if you find yourself falling apart, you pull out, if you don’t, you’re going to be one more person we’re worrying about, I appreciate your drive and desire to help, but don’t become another worry, do you read me?” ::Mary looks up when Breanna shows up and nods to her.:: “Heya Breanna.”

::she smiled to the woman.::

<Breanna> glances toward Tanner, then waves at Mary.

Scooter comes into the camp and takes a seat on a stump, looking over at the others.

<Tanner> :He offers a nod of his head to Mary: “I understand Mary..”

║^Maryska^║ smiled to Breanna as she waved back.:: “You ready for a little ass kickin?” ::she grinned and stood up from the table she was at, moving over to Breanna and waved to Scooter.:: “Hey! Scooter!” ::she cheered out happily.::

Gunner Follows behind Breanna Still covered in war paint its a little messy from two days of war dances and well gunner being gunner .He Drinking from a bottle of with some dutch or something written over it but it smells like a vodka mix of death. “We all about Ready too do this..”He takes a second staring at this guy smoking off the side. Sighs..And looks back at everyone “We had a Something happen last night. Breanna went up to the

bunkers and scouted around ,So I will let her relay what she found.

<Tanner> : Offers a nod to Scooter with a light wave to follow the nod as he gets back to looking at the table.: “I should be fine I’ll pull back if there is any issue with my head Mary”

║^Maryska^║ nods to Tanner.: “Good man, now shush, Breanna’s about to tell us some important shit.” ::she looks at Breanna after Gunner spoke.::

<Tanner> : tilts his head towards Breanna:

<Breanna> nods a little and rolls her eyes. “Yeah, so the soldiers that were here and filled with hate… Bo says some of them have left imprints on the Umbra. They are all riled up now, ready for war with us.”

Scooter grins over at Mary before looking over at Breanna and nodding.

<Tanner> looks at Breanna “Soldiers were here?”

<Breanna> “Like… civil war guys or something. A lot of this area used to be battlefields.”

<Tanner> “Ok so there were civil war guys here.. like Ghosts?”

Scooter nods at that. “Yup. Bet they mad they lost.”

<Breanna> rolls her eyes at Tanner. “Not ghosts.”

<Breanna> “Bo says their hate left an imprint and it festered down there. That’s what the Banes are.”

Gunner blinks a second looking at them and back at the cigarette smokers . Taking a long plow off the bottle and setting it down on the table. “Basically we don’t have to go in the ubra for them little fuckers are in there. So we are gonna have two orders here..Mary has beta unit meaning if you fall under her command out here do what the hell she says or she will beat the shit out you after this. “He looks over the cigarette smokers

again staring “and the rest are with me. We all are gonna get a little some thing from a fetish we have I am gonna where it but your gonna have a blessing from Luna..Its gonna want a gnosis But ehh it will protect you..depending on how. you are at being resilient . Mary can I see you over here a second. Gunner kisses the top of breanna head and hands her a magazine for a pistol.

<Tanner> watches and listens as they explain whats going on and what the plan is.. “Alright.”

║^Maryska^║ follows Gunner as he asks for her to follow.::

<Angus> notices Gunner nad Maryska, and moves towards them.

Gunner Shakes his head”well four of you will get it ..the gift for the night. Mary,Scooter,Matty,Breanna ..” He Looks at them do what you need too we go in shortly. Eat drink ,Kiss a pretty girl what ever you need. “Gunner hands Mary a colt 45 revolver and nods to her giving her a hug..You can feel them angry fuckers in there..Six shots. Bane ammo..Fucking Make em pay..” He looks up at her and holds his hand on her shoulder slow squeeze

“kill em all..”

║^Maryska^║ smiles and nods to Gunner as she takes the revolver from him.:: “I shall.” ::she looks at the others as they get prepared for the fight to come.

<Tanner> sits listening where he can as he continues working on trying to get his head back on straight as he watches and waits..

<Angus> hefts his spear, and smiles to Gunner. “I be ready bruv, steel and claw, they weapons are at hand.”

Gunner smirks kick there faces in I want you with Mary ..In the second group. Help her follow her and fucking crush these things into Dust and Bone

Scooter concentrates and murmurs something as she becomes covered in a soft glow.

<Angus> nods and moves to stand with Maryska, leaning in to bump her with his shoulder. “‘Ope ya know I go inta battle wit a song on me lips.”

<Tanner> looks to Gunner.. “Wheres the extra ammo and weapons stored so I can get ready to reload everyone who needs an extra clip Gunner?”

<Breanna> watches everyone else, as she makes sure her gun is loaded and ready, she also gets a shimmering glint to her skin and hair.

Gunner smirks To Tanner as his skin shield a silver hint. “guns get them From my tent grab that shot gun and box of shells.. Load and fill ya pockets. Club the fuckers if you need.

<Lydia> pulls up in her truck, with several massive first aide bags in back. She’ll park then get out to perch on the back of the truck bed. She’s got her guns, too, and what looks like a massive tow chain with silver ended weights on it.

║^Maryska^║ looks at Tanner.:: “The ammo and stuff will be at forward camp, we’ve been prepping, just be there.” ::she had her sword, her fang dagger, her 1911 cold with rip ammo holstered, and the revolver in hand.:: “Call it when we come after you Gunner.” ::she rolled her shoulders.::

<Angus> smiles to them all, and looks around. “Afore we go, I plan onna prayer to Gaia, ifin tha is ok.”

<Tanner> slowly stands up the bags under his eyes are heavy as he looks to everyone else.. as he nods and begins moving towards the tent to grab all the guns.. he comes out carrying every gun in the tent he seems to have zero problem carrying them as he begins moving towards the group.. “Alright, consider me the Vending Machine.. Call my name and Ill bring you a new weapon or Clip.. and Ill

be watching for you to fall to pull ya out..”

<Kegarri> rolled on to his side and stood up in a fluid motion that looked like it should have been awkward, but wasn’t. “Ah it is the time. Garri has been most still for the waiting, but the tail is tired and wants to move,” he said standing up. Of course being homid he doesn’t currently have a tail.

Gunner nods to mary ,Matty,angus,Garri you guys stay with Mary in the fight, Tanner follow Lydia lead and listen to her, Breanna Scooter and I will try and separate them off.

║^Maryska^║ doesn’t waste any time, and she doesn’t give a shit about perceptions, she wants to just fuck shit up tonight, so she holds her sword in a strap on her back, her fang dagger in one hand, and the pistol with the bane bullets in the other.::

<Tanner> offers a nod to Gunner as he moves towards Lydia his eyes getting a bit wide as everyone starts shifting looking at the differences in the wolf and crinos forms of everyone and the different tribes of Garou as he continues shoving shell after shell into the shotgun..

<Angus> nods and stretches before shifting to his crinos form, rather large for the form, his black and red fur shines in the light, nad his hand wraps easily around the now larger spear.

Scooter shifts up into a massive beast, her teeth overlapping like a saber-toothed wolf in this form. Mottled dark fur blends in, but it’s course and primitive.

<Kegarri> glances at Mary and looks back to Gunner as if he was a little crazy in the head. “Garri does not speak woof, but Garri will stay with Marries-the-Sky.”

<Breanna> moves to follow Gunner, nodding faintly.

<Angus> looks to Gunner. <garou>”I can do mind speak, if that will help Garri.”

Gunner talons extend sharping with a gleaming edge and growls and nods at garri with a Sniff nod again . He picks the bottle up between two fingers and drinks it down setting down .He looks voer at the guy smoking and Whines then nods to Angus “Yeah He needs to know what is going on tell him first what ya doing”

<Angus> looks to Garri. “Mind speak, ok?” His voice is rough and thunderous in his form.

<Kegarri> stared at Angus, his whole body tense at the question. “Speak, yes. Brain-wading no.”

<Angus> looks to Garri. “I have a gift that will allow us to all talk to each other, but I need your permission before I use it on you. It will allow MAry, myself, you, and Matty to communicate.”

Scooter lopes along with the others, not nearly as big, even like this but she was fast and carried a nasty bite and that was the important part.

<^> Ashe <^> was close to the others, but off to the side as he meditated as if oblivious to the wolf monsters around him. He was dressed in his black silk shirt, black jeans, and a long leather jacket. His sword was laid across his lap with his hands lightly on the sheathed blade. After a time his eyes opened slowly, but the steel grey of his gaze almost held a molten and electric quality to it as his magic coursed through him. Slowly

he stands and picks up the hunting quiver nearby and fastens it to his belt with his collapsible bow.

<Tanner> moves with the others as he looks for a spot to stack the weapons so he can be more mobile as they get closer and closer to the area he seems to have zero issue being the pack mule of the others. As he moves the bags around his eyes dark and his face shows how drained and exausted he is but there he stands ready to do what he can to help.

║^Maryska^║ smiled as she saw Ashe out of the corner of her eye moving, stealthy little man hiding from his wife, he was getting good at that, she moved over to him and held a revolver to him.:: “Bane…bullets…kill.” ::she held out the gun to Ashe.::

<Lydia> flips down the truck’s tailgate and motions Tanner over. She has most of the first aid supplies on oneside, and will help him load the bullets and guns in the otherside.

<Breanna> has her own gun out and ready just in case it’s needed before distance was closed.

<^> Ashe <^> nodded as he took the revolver and quirked a smile, “I am not very good with a gun, but I am fairly certain my sword kills as well. Still, might be good to keep at a distance.” He, afterall, was not a garou.

<Tanner> nods as he loads the weapons on the truck as he cracks his neck and streches out his long arms.. the shotgun he picks back up when he feels loose and limber as he watches and waits.. “If one goes down.. I’ll rush in quickly and get htem out..”

║^Maryska^║ ‘s tail swayed back and forth a little, her version of smiling in this form, she leaned in and licked his cheek.:: “Love, you.” ::she winked at him.::

Moving through the trees the two groups pass under the arms of the cypress trees draped in spanish moss swaying low on the breeze..Birds go still as they move toward the earthen built Mounds. Leaves echo like Bones crushing under foot. Moving Through the war dancers rings the air is thick enough to feel like wadding into a pool Ice cold water .Hairs tingle like Deaths hand was stroking again them as they walked through shadow. Through the

umbra the growling of hungry war spirits gathered Building into a low range rumbling of pure Carnage. Blood heats in your veins seering with energy ..the dancers gift of calling into the heart of battle Has awaken them . Clawing Inside them ripping hands of age old worn instincts starting to surface as the the earthen fort grows closer the black wisps moving rapid in and out as the very structure Breathed darkness..the call of the War

dancers hammering louder in their ears like their hearts would explode..these were trespassers.. Cold chill of adrenaline rips up the spines as the scent of earth and death fill the area the sickly scent of decay on the breeze as the first group of garou square off.

<Kegarri> already said speaking was fine, swimming through his thoughts was not. So he nodded and let Angus do his thing.

<^> Ashe <^> wasn’t cowed by Mary’s form or the rage he felt. He kissed the tip of her nose and would move along with her as if a shadow to her form. He could feel the emotions rolling off the garou and into his own soul, giving him a predatory need to retake his territory with the pack and bringing a primal growl to his own throat. As Ashe moved, he was more like a graceful animal than a man – stalking the banes with his mate to protect

his cubs.

<Storyteller> The group realizes pretty quickly that an ambush has been set up! These soldiers look like they are rotting, still wearing their uniforms though the colors have dulled to nothing at all. With them they have two large dogs, also that look as though they are decayed with black slime dripping from their mouths.

<Lydia> nods to Tanner, then waves him up into the truck. “Hold on. Gonna get a bit closer.” And she had the engine running and pulled closer to the the edge of the clearing, but seeing the ambush party pop out of the fucking trees like rotting ass daisies has her putting on the brakes and not getting closer.

<Tanner> hops out of the truck as he holds the shotgun at the ready as the ambush comes standing there ready to hold the ground of the home base.. and get anyone who needs help out of there.

║^Maryska^║ follows after Gunner looking at him with a nod, the ambush was real, Mary saw the men and the dogs coming as they suddenly appeared.::

<^> Ashe <^> spun to be back to back with Maryska as he frees the elegant sword from it’s sheath with a flash of golden light against the cold steel. The blade was like a living thing, the misty hamon line scattering the light like steam from a breath on a cold day. He growls a challenge to the monsters and bares his teeth in a snarl as his body, mind, and soul become one in defense of his mate.

<Kegarri> ran along side Maryska on her right and a few paces behind. The large sabretoothed panther flowed like a black river at night and near as silent next to the garou. The moment he sensed the ambush he cut off to flank the enemy from the right.

Scooter lunges forward and snatches one of the soldiers in her massive jaws and then shakes that fucker like a squeaky toy till it stops moving.

<Kegarri> intercepted one of the dogs and sank his large teeth into the back of the creature’s neck and crushing it’s spine. A mighty paw kept the limp body pinned as he raised his head, large amber eyes searching for his next prey.

Slithering-Mass attacks with their Kick and Gunner found themselves taking damage!

Get that…stuff!

<Storyteller> That slurpy sticky mass that oozed from the hounds mouths slides at Gunner and raises up to stick him down!

║^Maryska^║ swings with her Fang dagger, slicing into the second soldier that stood by the first, letting the long tooth like weapon sink into the bane.

Ashe lunges forward with their katana and Corrupt-K9-2 took a hit!

<^> Ashe <^> trusted Maryska with the soldier behinds him and spun out with deadly grace to slice his sword through the corrupted canine that came to close to his form before recoiling to stand at Mary’s back once more.

Desiree txts Tanner: OMG! CYRUS IS HERE?!?! He’s at the house! You gotta come he got a gun!

<Angus> growls as he sings to Gaia, and with a howl of trimuph, he stabs his spear into the soldiers head, and quickly and easily pop the head off, flinging it to the forest with another howl.

gunner comes in underneath with their Bite and Slithering-Mass was not expecting that and got hurt!

Gunner whips around teeth snapping at the creature tearing a bite off spitting it out to writhe on the ground.

Breanna shot the Light-Pistol and missed Slithering-Mass completely!
::Tanners phone is buzzing as he is watching the fighting going on::

<Breanna> snarls at the gun that decids to seize up

Corrupted-Soldier-4 lunges forward with their Claw but Scooter dodged that blow!

Corrupted-Sarge feints to the side with their Claw but Maryska got out of it’s path!

<Tanner> pulls his phone out as he reads te message as his face pales as there is a look of total despair on his face as he sees the message looking like his world is crashing down hard as he grinds his teeth angry and pissed and also desperate knowing ther eis nothing that he can do right now his people need his help. As he aims the shotgun at what ever is closest as he shoots::

<Lydia> startles as Tanner shifts behind her.

Lydia fired their shotgun and Tanner got struck!
<Storyteller> Tanner makes the most horrid screeching noise as his body comes apart and shifts up, pretzeling the shotgun he was holding. His skin falls off in a sloppy mess all around his feet.

<Lydia> is not the calmest of kin. The Marine was already concerned at the fight in front of her, and the noise -behind- her was not okay. She grabs the shotgun and whirls, blindshooting through the rear window.

gunner comes in underneath with their Claw but Slithering-Mass deflected the blow completely!

Scooter does not like the sound of that…

Gunner spins around to attack with their Claw and Slithering-Mass was caught off balance and struck for damage!

Gunner snarls diving on the Massive sludge ripping into it with his talons throwing Chunks every direction.

║^Maryska^║ was unhappy with the corrupted Sarge that had decided to swipe at her, so…she repaid the man, with a shiv to the face…that traveled down to the ground beneath him.

Gunner feints to the side with their Punch and Tanner took a hit!

Corrupt-Soldier attacks with their Claw but Ashe managed to slip right out of the way!

Scooter spins around to attack with their Bite but Corrupt-Soldier-6 managed to slip right out of the way!

<^> Ashe <^> twisted to the side with deadly elegance and snarled at the claws that skidded off his leather coat as if it were hardened steel.

Scooter bites her tongue and yelps out in pain, rubbing at her muzzle with a paw.

<^> Ashe <^> watched as Tanner when bloody mental and growled ferally at the man who would dare threaten -his- allies and pack. With his sword clutched in his hand he moved with inhuman speed to grapple the insane wolfman

Corrupt-Soldier-6 spins around to attack with their Claw and Ashe took a hit!

Corrupt-Soldier-6 lunges forward with their Claw but Maryska was left unharmed!


<Angus> springs at the soldier, and smashes down with his spear, cutting the creature in half easily, a long howl erupts his maw with glee.

Matty fired their shotgun and Corrupt-Soldier-6 got struck!
<Matty> shows up behind the corrupt solder with a shotgun and fires at it, blood spraying… hopefully not all over everyone else if they mind.

ashe comes in underneath with their punch and tanner found themselves taking damage!

Scooter spins around to attack with their Bite and Corrupt-Soldier-4 took a hit!

<^> Ashe <^> was riding Tanner like his life depended on it, clinging to the massive Garou’s back as he brought the hilt tip down against Tanner’s temple and hissed for the damn man to stop

Scooter snarls and jumps on another one, tearing it’s arms off with her teeth.

Lydia shot the shotgun and missed Corrupt-soldier-4 completely!
ashe attacks with their punch and tanner took a hit!

<Lydia> wants this particular fight done -now- and makes aim for the soldier, but misses. …. probably due to the freaking snarlmonster behind her bouncing around in the truck bed.

<^> Ashe <^> snarled again as his hand kept firm hold on Tanner’s fur and once more her brought his sword hilt down on Tanner’s temple with a precise strike, “Go the FUCK TO SLEEP!”

A backlash was released by Ashe worth 14 points!

Tanner feints to the side with their Claw and Gunner found themselves taking damage!

Gunner spins around to attack with their Kick but Tanner was left unharmed!

Breanna comes in underneath with their Claw and Corrupt-Soldier-6 took a hit!

<Kegarri> snarled as he got splattered with gore and blood from Matty’s target, and as much as he wanted to clean himself off he spotted a soldier too close for comfort. Scooter had moved in for a bite, so Garri swiped Soldier-4 with a mighty swipe of his huge paw, claws digging deep as it tore away uniform, flesh, and decayed organs.

Gunner comes in underneath with their Punch and Tanner was caught off balance and struck for damage!

Gunner drives his fist in tanners face watching his head roll back with his eyes.

Scooter spits out the guy’s arm and makes faces, hacking a few times but then looking around at the others and howling.

║^Maryska^║ after doing her deed, turned to face Ashe and Tanner, to see what had happened, seeing that the big guy was finally knocked down.::

<Lydia> eases a bit as she sees Gunner take out Tanner. She puts the truck in park and reloads her shotgun quickly before stepping out of the truck cab.

<Matty> shoulders his shotgun, goop all over him after Breanna’s claw attack ripped the solder at last to shreds. “Well, that worked.”

<^> Ashe <^> nibbly slides from Tanner’s furry back as he goes down to land on his feet and flick the blood from the steel of his sword. It’s cleaned quickly with cloth from a pocket on the inside of Ashe’s coat and then silently slid it into it’s sheath before silently moving away from Tanner to stand by Maryska

<Kegarri> crouched as if ready to give chase or pounce, but there was nothing left moving….at least not among the prey. So he padded over to Matty, circled around him, and brushed up against the man from behind. Giant dire-cat rubbing up against Matty’s back like an affectionate house cat. Awww

<Angus> pants softly, keeping an eye out for more trouble while hte others take care of the Tanner issue.

<Lydia> “Check his phone. He got a notification before he went apeshit.” She’ll grunt at the grossness and fling some of the goo and body parts off of the gear, searching for his pants where the phone might be.

::The big guy as he’s knocked out slowly shifts back down to Human form as he’s completly naked laying there on his stomach coverd in bruses and peppered from a shotgun blast as hes face down in the dirt.. his phone was probably dropped as he shifted::

║^Maryska^║ smiled as she stepped beside Ashe and hugged him close, kissing him; “Good work hon.”

<Matty> appreciates it, even if he is being used probably as a towel as much as anything.

Gunner looks down and counts heads on his fingers and moves around tanner hulking toward the Caern looking at the small blood trail on his side he sniffs the bunker and sniffs Breanna ,Sticking his head in there and walks back Howling a Bone shaking roar throwing his head back

<Lydia> finds the phone to make sure the inhuman noises aren’t being recorded or something.

<Kegarri> is totally wiping himself off on Matty. And when he finds it’s not quite doing the job, Kegarri moves to brush against the trees. Might look like he’s marking territory or trying to get an itch. Nope, he’s trying to get the gore off him and he didn’t want to lick himself.

<^> Ashe <^> grimaced to Maryska, “No, it wasn’t good.” His eyes went to Tanner and then the carnage before he closed them for a long moment, “It’s not over yet. We still have work to do.”

║^Maryska^║ looked at Ashe and her brow furrowed in concern and nodded as she hugged him again.::

<Matty> smiles and follows along, though, as Ashe says that he looks to him, then the bodies then Ashe “As in… even more zombie-ish stuff?”

<Breanna> is still in her Glabro form and looking around, helpinf gather the stuff the Theurges might need later.

<Lydia> “Who the fuck balls is Cyrus?”

║^Maryska^║ looked to Matty.: “This was just one bunker, we have a few more to go from what I remember.”

Scooter makes a chittering noise and a bunch of raccoons come out and start gathering up bits and putting them in a pile.

<Angus> is still in crinos, his eyes looking for more trouble.

<Breanna> looks at Scooter… and the coons… then at Scooter… and lets the raccoons do it.

<Matty> “Ah…. well…. can I use this shotgun next time, too? I like it.”

<Lydia> “Or Desiree?”

Gunner snarls and sniffs around the body’s throwing them out the way .”all Dead..” He rolls the one near him flinging it at the bunker as it slumps down the side of the tree looking at his side then tanner smirking ..”Cyrus greasy..” gunner snorts.

<^> Ashe <^> opened his eyes and smirked at Matty, “Hell if I know, I don’t speak wolf, but Gunner doesn’t look finished. I’m just about tapped though. I don’t regenerate like you guys do and I am going to feel this in the morning.”

<Angus> looks to Maryska. <mind>”Tha is da name of his girls ex.”

║^Maryska^║ kisses Ashe and pats his ass.:: “Maybe you should head back, get cleansed by the Theurges, then go home, get some rest?”

<^> Ashe <^> rolled his eyes at Maryska and laughed, “Right… and save some money with the babysitter since I’ll be back early too?”

<Lydia> sighs, “Well he got a message from this chick that the guy’s there. Witha gun.” Her accent tones waay down in battle conditions.

<^> Ashe <^> snaps his eyes to Lydia and he frowns deeply, “That doesn’t sound good. Do you know where ‘there’ is?”

║^Maryska^║ laughed and shook her head.:: “I’ll be right behind you hon, not longer than fifteen minutes or so, okay?” ::she smiled and kissed him on the cheek, then looked at Lydia.:: “are you kidding me?” ::she frowned darkly.:: “Okay, I got a slime ball to kill.”

<Lydia> shakes her head, “He’s been stayin’ in the RV park.” She types out a reply to the woman ‘he’s out. You at the RV park? We’re busy but can send someone your way”

<Lydia> mutters a bit as she types that out. flipphones suck

<Tanner> is still down bleeding and knocked out now laying where ever gunner put him

<Kegarri> accepted the relatively calm behaviour of the others meant no immediate danger, and so giant sabretoothed dire cat is now rolling in a clean-ish piece of grass like a dog rolling around in the mud.

<^> Ashe <^> nods his head to Maryska with a smile, “I can stop at the RV park and deal with an idiot with a gun. You guys can continue hunting zombies, if you want?”

║^Maryska^║ looks to Ashe and smiles. “I love it when you talk like that…we’re going to celebrate tonight okay? can you get all the stuff ready after?” ::she gave him a pec on the lips.::

Gunner snarls again as the medical team advances forward toward tanner

<Lydia> steps forwards to hand the phone over to one of the tech. “why don’t you move on forward, boss. I’ll get him sent off and pull up the rear.”

║^Maryska^║ looked at Gunner.: “How much more work we got boss?” ::she smiled at the man.::

Scooter shifts down into Lupus and rounds up the raccoons and their treasures, putting them into the truck to take back.

gunner slips slowy in to human for boots and jeans following as he looks at the bunker “Some one look around they were guarding the stone to awaken the path way.

<Angus> looks to Gunner, and growls softly. <garou>”IS it safe to drop warforms with enemies near?”

<Lydia> hauls up into the back of the truck, and will spend a few moments getting the ick off of the ammo and the packs. She’ll look up at Gunner’s order, though, and hop up on top of the truck to look around the area.

<^> Ashe <^> pursed his lips and nodded to Gunner as he took a good look around the area to see if there was anything he could see with his eyes. He wouldn’t leave if he’d be walking into a trap.

║^Maryska^║ began to look around as well, her vision was quite keen.::

Gunner nods to them “Place is clear,the caern stone we activate it no telling what totem has taken this place,But it was appeased we got to open the way and Finding it ..When it awakens Its gonna be off kilter so its gonna take some effort to figure out who or what claimed this place.

<Kegarri> finally rolls up to his feet and flicks his ears around as if listening to the others. Parting his lips he sniffed at the surrounding area and took up the search as well

<^> Ashe <^> nodded to Gunner, “In that case I’ll head back and leave the mysticism to you guys. I’ll see if I can spot the greasy guy with a gun on the way.” He tipped his hat before slipping into the shadows to depart.

<Matty> nods to Gunner, walking up to him.

║^Maryska^║ raises her hand.:: “I need back up.” ::she hisses to anyone that would hear her, as she began into the bunker, very slowly.::

<Angus> looks around, his sharp eyes drinking in any detail he can find that looks out of place.

<Matty> looks to Mary and nods. He shifts to Glabro and shothun in hand, follows her.

<Angus> nods and follows MAry, as he was ordered to do.

<Lydia> hops down from the top of the truck, to the side and then down to the ground. A bit of a sigh, and she’ll dump out the contents of one of the medical bags to shove some ammo and smaller guns in. The bag goes over her shoulders and she’ll check her gun. Before going too far though, she’ll snag Breanna’s gun and get it unjammed for her, then she’ll take up the rear.

<Kegarri> flicks his ears at Maryska then shifts to the near man of Sokto to follow her in. Every tree or wall he passes though, hes trying to wipe the gore off of him with disgust.

<Breanna> nods her thanks to Lydia. “Thanks.”

<Lydia> nods in return and gives her a quick smile before turning her attention outwards, wary of another ambush.

Inside the bunker under a earth wall is some elaborate Glyphs they really are not more then Hash marks but the stone clearly is humming a dull sound its faint but its moving with a pulse. light sliver glow drifting in out like a mist breathing from the rock.

║^Maryska^║ moves towards the back of the bunker where she felt a draw, something was beckoning her, whatever it was, she didn’t like going places like this alone, as she had her fang dagger in hand, stalking forward, sniffing a bit, as she approached the glyphs she sense them for wyrm, cause she could do that shit.::

<Breanna> hangs out in Glabro around the truck, keeping an eye out.

<Angus> grips his spear a bit tighter seeing the inside, and looks to Mary

<Kegarri> was pretty stealthy even in this form, but he was with Maryska and wasn’t about to let her get jumped from behind. The glyphs were interesting but as meaningless to him as a chinese menu. He follows Mary’s lead though, and leans over some glyphs to sniff them.

Scooter approaches slowly, giving some sniffs around as she paws her way into the opening to have a peek.

║^Maryska^║ looked at the glyphs, there had to be a reason they were beckoning her.:: “do you feel that?” :Mary touched the thing, yeah…some days…it was obvious she was ahroun.::

<Lydia> has zero interest in going inside that bunker. Something to be said for fighting experience and really, really not wanting to add to potential nightmares more than she had to. She’s staying rearguard at the entrance is all, keeping a wary eye out.

<Angus> looks around hte room at the runes, trying to determine if he can translate any of them.

gunner scoots next to the trucking taking out the first aid kit bitching as sets to the festering wound on his side. The stone pulses at her touch hunger enters here mind the words hunger..

║^Maryska^║ pulled her hand away at the instant.:: “Hunger…fuck I’m hungry…” ::she looked at Angus and shook her head.:: “d..don’t touch it.” ::she backed away from it.::

<Lydia> moves forwards, frowning at Gunner, and will set her gun aside to help him treat the wound.

<Angus> smirks. “I dinna plan ta, I member tha tales of bad magic.”

<Matty> followed Mary, shotgun in hand. “Hunger?!” He looks at the glyph with concern, and took a step back. He levels his shotgun “Yeah…. That’s going to end in nothing good. Think I can use my new friend to destroy it?”

Gunner grumbles and fusses slapping the truck “Damn it mutha fucker..greasey fucking kid..God damn it all .” He gives up and stares at breanna as lydia fixes his side. “What you want to do for dinner? Pizza , subs..oh dennys?”

║^Maryska^║ shook her head and stood in front of it.:: “no…no, get the theurges to come down and take care of it right.” ::she started towards the door.:: “Gunner! I need a theurge!”

<Matty> stands his shotgun down. dreams past make him want to retch though as he at least looks away from the glyph, to make sure no one touches it of course.

<Lydia> finishes what she’s doing, but grabs the shotgun and whirls at the shout, hauling the gun up with the sort of practiced ease that speaks to her being military

Scooter snorts a little and stays back.

<Angus> growls and looks around as well. “Damnnation, shoulda ate firs, knew id be ‘ungry after a battle.”

The stone stops the hum as the mist keeps breathing…”Hunger..” It old feeling Not hostile,but demanding as a hungry child maybe..but it wants something its really persistent but not hostile.

<Kegarri> “Maybe it is wanting to eat, yes? Bring an offering of food? Garri does not have food. Garri would haveto hunt.”

║^Maryska^║ moved toward Gunner.:: “I’m sorry… I found glyphs at the back of the bunker…I touched them.” ::she ran up towards her Alpha.::

<Kegarri> kneels down in front of the rune, and tries to offer some of gnosis.

Spend the gnosis one please

Garri feeds

<Matty> tries to not throw up. He did not want to think of food after having zombie intestines rubbed on him by a sabertooth tiger. “Garri, a truck’s food is gasoline. Wait for the… Garri!”

<Kegarri> Yes! Wait for the Garri! Garri does his thing, feeling a connection to the rune as much as he had a connection with nature. The bastet wasn’t listening to Matty. Cats were an independant sort.

Stone stops and…The ground shakes softly ..the sky outside the clouds move quickly by casting a strange shadows to dance all over..Birds start calling the water moved in the earth you can the smell of fresh springs.

<Angus> watches, curious as to how the bete knew more then garou in this instance.

<Lydia> arches her brows and looks up quickly, before returning her attention to the area around them. The shadows weren’t a plane dropping something on them.

<Matty> blinks and lowers his gun. He blinks again. “Garri, you are a genious and very clever. I am sorry I doubted you.”

║^Maryska^║ looked around as things seemed to start to clear up, seeming to get fresher, cleaner.::

<Kegarri> speaks to the rune, or at least towards it. “This is better, yes?” Then with a look of surprise he turns to Matty and shoots a toothy grin that….looks even more intimidating in his near-man form. “Yes. Garri is a very clever cat. Tell the spirits of this, yes? Garri would like to hear more to speak this name.”

<Angus> nods and smiles to Garri, bowing his head for a moment. “Aye, Garri be a very clever cat, an one I be proud ta call friend.”

<Matty> nods “I’ll put in a word if I can. I have not learned to speak to the spirits yet, but some still listen to other toungs I think.”

<Kegarri> “Words yes. But do not try to lick with the tongue unless you know these spirits close, yes?” Kegarri gave another little pat to the rune and stood up looking rather proud of himself as he pulled his little black unbreakable comb out of his pocket and tried to comb through his hair. “This is feeling way more good. It is not a feeling good to be hungry, yes?”

║^Maryska^║ pokes her head back into the bunker.:: “Uh…what are you doing?”

<Angus> looks to MAry. “Garri fed tha rune.”

<Kegarri> “Garri could not let this one suffer,” he said with pride. “This is good, yes?”

<Breanna> is still in Glabro out by the truck, keeping an eye on things outside to be safe… plus… didn’t like crowding.

║^Maryska^║ looked at Garri and furrowed her brow.:: “I did say to let the Theurges take care of it….ah fuck it…it seems like everything is starting to get better…I don’t know if it’s directly related but…it seems to be.” ::she moved into the bunker with Garri and looked at the glyphs, then Garri.:: “you’re crazy…smart, but crazy.” ::she smirked at him and looked at the glyphs.:: “I wonder what happens if it’s fed

more?” ::she rested her hand on it and tried to help.::

<Kegarri> “Sometimings born of man does too much of the thinking and talking, and less of the feeling and doing.” Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. His crazy plan could have gone horribly wrong.

<Angus> nods and smiles. “MAyhaps we each give a spot to tha rune MAry?”

Scooter perks her hears and nods in agreement with Garri on the fact sometimes people think like people. The price of having thumbs.

<Matty> nods, it was a humbling lesson, and true.

Scooter was very connected to the spirits, and though she had paid off her raccoon friends with some of it, she still had plenty to spare for this and offered up some as well.

<Angus> moves to the stone, and after a whispered prayer to Gaia, he rests his hand on it and gives it a point of Gnosis as well

Stone surges in a flash of light cool and clear Static bursts around them ,Tingling shards of dust fall around as the air feels clean. This feeling of something going all over the group as if a blanket of spiritual energy wraps itself around them Wrapping them..and then starts to move outward carpeting its way swarming in a wave plants seem to grow a little greener. Tree’s move with a settled sway it Delivers a feeling of balance

righting itself.

Scooter howls happily, giving a springy little bounce on her paws.

<Kegarri> shoulder bumps Maryska with a grin. “Yes. Much better. It is not good to be so hungry.” He steps aside though and looks at her curiously. “But was this the thing to be searching for with the eyes?”

<Matty> considers, was it supposed to really only be three? He frowns. No, that was not it. He looks to Scooter “We should as well, I think.” He reaches down and makes an offering of gnosis of his own. He did not know the toung of spirits to use, but all the same humms as he gives over a gnosis. It was five points drawn together, wasn’t it?

║^Maryska^║ looked at Garri and hugged him.:: “Garri, we are going to make sure that the spirits know of your actions.” ::she smiled at him as she walked out and let the others help to feed the new spirit.::

Scooter blinks and looks over at matty. She had given it a lot.

ooc: Oh, did not know she did.

Gunner looks over Mary and grins “think it worked?” Sky seemed clear Something was gone that was unseen looming But in the distance the heat lighting chases off toward the bayou Crashing i n a echo as if the land was aiming her eyes that way..this time the word was in Mary head her oath playing in her mind from last night “Protect .. ”

<Lydia> isn’t offering up gnosis, because she suspects she’s going to need what energy she has later.

<Angus> moves to step out of the bunker, and looks to Gunner. “Oi! Ya feelin dis boss?”

Gunner coughs to Lydia “Yeah Yeah I am..”He smirks “Makes me want a cigarette.”

║^Maryska^║ looked around.:: “hey…folks?” ::she smiled a bit and looked at each of the people there.:: “I can hear it…” :she smiled softly.:: “Last night, I made a pact, and…it seems to be pulling on that memory.” ::she looked to each of them.:: “to Protect the ones we love, to protect eachother.”

<Matty> looks to Scooter “Oh, I hadn’t known….” He looks concerend now, regaurdless, he backs out and heads to join the others. He looks at Mary as she declares this.

<Angus> nods and smiles at Gunner. “Need a namin Gunner, two o them by my countin.”

Scooter looks over at Angus for a moment and her ears twitch.

║^Maryska^║ looks at everyone.:: “this is our place now, we fought for this place.” ::she looked at the gathered group.:: “I ask that you give of yourself, make your place here, protect our loved ones, our family, and where we can call home…if I have taken anything from what Gunner has taught me…our family is here, from what’s survived, there’s been a heavy price…I ask you all to lend your voice…please, howl for our

family, here…and in the spirit world.”

<Kegarri> flexes his fingers, curling them as if into claws. “Wish sharp claws and quick mind.”

║^Maryska^║ begins with a low howl, and begins to pick up in pitch, to one more suited to happiness and victory as Mary starts the howl.::

<Angus> nods and smiles, and shifts to his lupus form, a large black and red wolf, similar to a timber wolf, and he starts a low, soft howl, the beginning of a song from a distant memory?

<Lydia> eyes Gunner, “You smell fresh air and you want a smoke? Boss you need swatted.” She hushes though as the howl starts up

<Kegarri> doesn’t howl, such would be unbecoming of his kind. But he does pick up the chorus with the roar of a great cat.

<Matty> tries to shift but is stuck, still, he tries to howl, and does a fairly good job, in Glabro.

Growl builds to a howl From the black and white Fur dark black hammer on his shoulder Runes and tattoo work brazen down arms Lifts head back winking at Breanna Howling out A song of Victory and to the sacrifice of those fallen down the long road that led home.

<Angus> contiues his howl, a song of thanks and praise to Gaia, his melodic voice lifted high in song.

║^Maryska^║ finishes her howl and then looks around at the people that she had just fought with, and then howled with.:: ”

<Breanna> while still in Glabro joins in and howls.

<Kegarri> only roars the once. Wow wolves made an aweful lot of noise. While they continue in their song, he sits down and starts cleaning his paws. Ugh what a mess.

║^Maryska^║ slowly shifted back to her breed form, with a smile.

<Angus> brings his howl to a finish, and gives a curious yip at the end, smiling a wolfy smile to the others, then he shifts back to his homid form, and coughs softly.

║^Maryska^║ looked around at the gathered shifters, and she looked at everyone, she slowly drew a finger under her sunglasses as she looked around.:: “I need a shower.”

<Lydia> chuckles softly

<Angus> smirks to MAry. “Need a pack name, an ta name dis place.”

<Kegarri> used that mental link Angus had created with the to suggest: ~Rite of cleansing, yes? And clean waters?~

<Matty> offers ~I have some Gnosis left for the Rites.~

Gunner pads back to breanna circling her sitting down with a pack of marlboro in his mouth whinning at her and grumbles at her stare spitting them out.

║^Maryska^║ looked at Gunner and raised her brow.:: “Technically, I think that’s the Alpha’s call?” ::she looked at the others.:: “I’m not so good at the whole, name thing.” ::she bit her lower lip.:: “Silver Dawn…that’s the best I can think of.”

Gunner tilts head paws covering the cigarettes He nods to Mary. Narrowing his gaze a little slowly looking up at breanna sideways ears folded down head low you cant see me stance.

<Lydia> in a bland tone, “Boss, I’ll burn ’em out from under yer paws you don’t stop that cute shit.”

<Angus> looks to Mary. “Fer da place? I likes dat, ifin we gonna go with it Gunner.”

<Lydia> admits he looks pretty cute doing it, actually, but she’s thinking that no one would buy it.

║^Maryska^║ looks at Gunner.: “Gunner…no, I’m with Lydia.” ::she put her hands on her hips.:: “burn em.”

Gunner nods again”mary picked it ,it stays.” He makes few yelping sound at angus .

<Lydia> to Mary, “Problem is he -want- t’ burn ’em, just in his mouth.”

║^Maryska^║ walked over to Gunner and held her hand out to him.:: “Hand me the smokes Gunner.” ::she had this stern look on her face.::

<Kegarri> shifts to homid, his sitting position changing little with one hand resting on the ground with his legs under him. “This place is the seed to be planted. For new hope. New growth. For roots to spread and grow strong.”

<Angus> shakes his head. “I aint ona yer side in dis boss, ya dun it to yaself, but I will tell ya i got sumthin in me sporin better then a smoke.” He opens his sporin and pulls out a pewter flask with his family crest on it.

<Lydia> sounds a bit amused, “I don’t think I want anything that’s been that close to yer balls, man.”

<Breanna> reaches over and puts a hand against Gunner’s fur, shaking her head. “Well… I don’t know, maybe for dropping Tanner you deserve one.”

<Matty> laughs

<Lydia> steps back to put the bag of ammo and guns back in the back end of the truck. She makes a face at the body parts of the dead soldiers.

<Angus> looks to Lydia with a ‘really’ look. “Wha? Nuthin up there but spit and lip balm at times.” He winks to her.

<Lydia> in a bland tone, “Best be making those jokes when I -ain’t- got a loaded gun at hand, yeah?”

<Angus> smirks and cracks open the flash, the smell of the 50yo scotch easy for Gunner to catch on the air. He takes a sip.

<Matty> goes to put the shotgun in the truck as well.

Gunner Leans into her Smirkinging his black lips bright white teeth with a please grin .He looks at angus and huffs “Can’t ..”

║^Maryska^║ smirked and just shook her head.:: “yer hopeless Gun.” ::she laughed and started back to the dancers.::

<Angus> takes another nip off the flash, and seals it, returning it to his sporran. “Yer loss. Now, pack needs a name boss.”

Shakes his hugging Breanna “I wont but damn..I cant drink that..I got to do a few purity rites later. But thanks Brother.

<Lydia> swipes the cigarettes when Gunner’s shifting, and no longer standing on them, then tosses them in her truck.

Mary named it go with that Silver dawn..

<Angus> smirks. “Good name fer da place, but not da pack, me thinks.”

<Matty> “Do you know those?” Matty asks as he looks to Breanna, inerested.

Gunner looks at Matty “Purity rites?

║^Maryska^║ looked at Gunner.:: “So, our Pack is called Silver Dawn? or the new Caern?”

<Matty> nods to Gunner.

Scooter nods to them, she knew a few.

<Angus> looks to Gunner. “I do know a few olden pack names, ifin ya interested in somethin from tha past.”

Gunner looks to her and says”One day this will be yours all of it these guys will be here with you Name it ..be proud..Its home to me, only name I need and I got my family the only pack i will ever need. This is something for all To name these things. I am proud of you all choose together the honor is You all’s mine is to be here with you.

<Angus> “But ginin ya markings, I think I knows a good en fer that pack. Gaia’s “Ammer.”

<Breanna> hugs Gunner back warmly, then wrinkles her nose. “Ugh, I think you got Tanner’s musk on you. Fucking nasty.”

<Lydia> leans against the truck, “Or just Krosp homestead.”

Gunner Frowns “Fucking Greasey oh god take me home and shower it off? The black hammer is a mark from a garou war band brother..but thank you..I am musked really…?”

<Angus> nods, and looks to Mary. “Silver Dawn fer da Caern, hows bout Gaia’s Claw fer de pack?”

<Breanna> shakes her head. “Too war-oriented… especially given the fact we have a different kind of pack… one that has no Alpha.”

║^Maryska^║ looked at Gunner.:: “Gunner, are you the alpha of this pack?”

<Kegarri> “Rains that cleanse,” he suggests in his odd cadance.

Morning’s Song? On account of the howl, and feeding the Caern-Spirit. It ties into Dawn as well? Vampires won’t like it, but eh.

<Angus> smiles and looks to them all. “‘ow bout a bit of it all. Silver DAen Caern, and Silver Dawns Dream fer da pack?”

<Matty> considers that, and nods to Angus.

<Lydia> considers all this, and then the mess in the back of her truck. Ugh. That ammo was going to need cleaned by hand

Gunner tilted his head “You all listen to your guts and move to follow me as a pack ..I think that role might get thrown around a little now and again. I am alpha of the war counsel You guys to look to me for leadership But i am not gonna fly off cause you don’t, more of real pack then titles. Instincts bond us. The old ways of alpha and shit it doesn’t work. We like this how its is? I mean if you all like the feeling with out the

whole me throwing dominance on you and instincts rule with how you feel Rather then my fist and fangs?

║^Maryska^║ looked at the others, then looked at Gunner with a smile, then looked at the others.:: “we’re a war counsel, gunners alpha, I’m second, but it’s in time of war, we work together as a group, as a family, so naming the pack, I don’t think it’s necessary, we’re the pack to the sept of Silver Dawn, that’s it.”

I am a guy who looks out for us,I am not looking to sling my dick down on the table. By the way Scooter and bo are in charge of peacetime

Scooter nods to that. Raccoons liked the silver, it was shiny.

Gunner smirks

<Angus> shrugs and nods, then looks to the others. “Now, I be ‘ungry, so lets go get some food, deal?”

gunner Sniffs himself and frown s” I need to shower and I promised to watch a movie ..Wha was it Breanna

<Matty> looks at Angus… “Yeah… I’m more going to burn my clothing and take a shower…. I think in that order.”

Scooter nods, she needed to go wash her mouth out with moonshine… those things were gross.

<Angus> shrugs and starts walking for the circle, and the food he hoped was ready for a weary garou.

Gunner stares at scooter blinking…

║^Maryska^║ smiled and patted Angus on the back, as she then made her way back to the camp, heading back to the forward camp to get cleansed.::

<Matty> looks at Gunner “It’s a disinfectant… kind of…. I think.”

<Breanna> listens and then nods, then pats Gunner on the shoulder. “Come on, lets get home and cleaned up.”

<Lydia> “Type of booze.” She’ll close the tailgate, then gets in the truck. She doesn’t pull of yet, though because she wasn’t sure if anyone was leaning on the truck

gunner shakes his head slow “how”he follows breanna “I power the lawn mower with that shit.”

<Kegarri> nods and follows the others. He needed to be clean, and, clean clothes, and clean hair, and all the clean

<Lydia> will, once she’s sure no one’s leaning on the truck and that she’s not going to hit anyone, will back up and head off to get stuff cleaned.