<Durmah> dresses more casually tonight, hoping she won’t run into random archbishops or bishops. but she’d only brought the -one- dress. So tonight she opts for her cargo slacks and a geeky t-shirt. Her Pluto: “I was big enough for your mom” shirt had seen some love, but she actually really liked it.

<Sascha> had stayed the day at the Temple, even with Beatrice if she had wanted, not minding as long as she had a place to put her earth down. She had some shipped there to be stored so she was comfortable using some where needed to sleep. During the early evening she spent the time in the library, going over some things she thought might be helpful for when she returned home and texted

a bit back and forth with Patrick.

<Durmah> makes sure to put on the rosary and will head towards the temple building. She’d rather not have to go see crucifix man again, but there seemed to be muliple path scholars there, so it seemed a good enough place to start. For now she heads out on foot, since Sascha had indicated it wasn’t far… still she has the card on her in case she gets lost.

<Sascha> has a small stack of books up on a table, a few of them open… and a notebook, though occasionally she takes out her arm and holds it in front of her, writing something into the skin, the letters fading after a few minutes into her flesh and disappearing.

sascha sits playing on her phone the large fae like woman standing behind her watching her like a confused school teacher finding a student goofing off. She coughs a little behind sascha as durmah approached Blinking then covering her mouth as she laughed . Moving around to the side of sascha.

<Sascha> blinks and then tips her head back and follows the motion to watch Beatrice. “Sorry. Stuff going on back home. Patrick was checking in on me.”

She shakes her head laughing softly.”Stop it your killing me..”He laughs a little more and nods to durmah still chuckling to sascha. “Ladies how are we finding everything tonight?

<Durmah> winces a bit at Sascha writing in her skin, but given Sascha had mentioned she could ‘remember’ tattoos and hide them, that was probably a good way to remember things. She will nod politely to Beatrice and smile, then give the pair a sort of wary look. “He was concerned when we left. I haven’t updated him, because I thought you probably would. Is everything okay down there?”

<Sascha> frowns a little, “I am not sure… something is going on, and he said to stay here… not sure if it’s because he thinks we are in danger or if it’s just not that bad. I told him we’d be back in a few days.”, she smiles a bit at Beatrice. “I am doing well actually… I so missed this library, the one we have in Baton isn’t nearly this impressive.”

<Durmah> nods, then focuses on Beatrice, “I would actually like to learn some means of defense against ghosts and wraithes, but I also need to look up paths. Santos suggested I look into Inner Voice.”

She nods to her”ask him he followed the devils road and up into that path following..But we have texts on it and the principals . Necromancy Is a subject we can openly speak about and conduct if you like.”She glances to sascha. “Thank you dear,You know these books are for you to enjoy as a scholar of the sects inquest.Did you both wish to converse with me about anything or one thing?

<Sascha> shakes her head softly. “If Durmah is curious about Necromancy go for it. I am going to return these books as I have what I think I need, and then go check on a few things.”

<Durmah> smiles to Sascha, “Also, Phillip did survive. I didn’t go to check on Yevi, however.”

<Sascha> smirks. “I figured. But he needed a nudge, and to talk to her.”

Beatrice pauses and glances to sascha and lifts a stern eyebrow slowly curving a smile “You say that like its so naughty.”She chuckles lightly to sascha “they finished up confessions a hour ago if your fast you can catch most of them putting away Ritual items.

<Durmah> has a moment of trying to decide if that means Sascha goes to have sex with the priests. Not her cuppa but okay.

<Sascha> grins a little at Beatrice and then nods. “Depends on the teacher I suppose. Alright. I’ll go and catch them, thank you.”, she gets up and heads off to leave Beatrice and Durmah.

<Durmah> nods to Sascha in a ‘good evening’ sort of way, then turns her attention back to Beatrice. She’s a little less stiff tonight… though that might be a bit because of that weird music.

Beatrice Stands next to the table and looks at Durmah ,”Stop looking for spirits..”She says as she pulls a book down and blows some dust away from the cover giving some small man Eat shit and live glare at the dust and diverts her attention to Durmah.

sascha can see Marc,Cherb and Yitzhak Putting away Icons and tomes in the eyes of the statues above watching down

<Durmah> blinks at her. “I’m… not? At the moment.” It was questioning because she’s confused at the statement. The dust causes her to lean back a little, though her expression is a bit more bland than the angry one.

Beatrice Looks down at her”good Your insights in the lands of the dead are keen this good and bad. You can not shut this off can you? I mean you did say it just happens do you host sway over it?

<Durmah> lifts one hand, “It’s been very recent that I learned to control it. I very recently spent about a week just staring at colors because I couldn’t see them before. Spirit world, the dead world, and this world all at once made for confusing visuals. I have it controlled now, though. Mostly, the only time it slides now is when the Bride wishes my attention.”

<Sascha> approaches the Shepherds but maintains a polite distance as they put things away, looking around at the statues quietly for a moment, almost lost in it, remembering the other times she had been standing there before.

she nods slowly to durmah “Very good..Now Necromancy is a complex study and it branches into many path of logic. All of which birth from interaction of the world here after so too speak and what compels spirits to continue on trap in that realm ..Have you ever even tapped into this world before or have any knowledge of Necro arts?”

<Durmah> shakes her head. “Mostly I just thought I was crazy. I spent quite a bit of my childhood being chased by ghosts. Only when we came across the infernalist ghost in New Orleans did it even occur to me that if I could see them I might be able to affect them. I’ve spoken with several wraithes there, but never attempted to affect them.”

She angles her head down and tilts it to one side.”We should understand commanding and Well a understanding ..Wraiths have two sides,One that is the wraiths passions and one that is darkness,It is hard to tell whom you compel ..Commanding requires things in that book you will need to do these tasks..Its not a easy art my dear But one you may learn a great deal of information ,You can command or compel..Commanding often gets the best

results for what you wish , where compelling you can actually make a alley , hostile means of control are exacting and demanding on both parties ..I would not recommend this

<Durmah> considers this a moment, “Rather like we have ourselves and our beast? I’m not immediately sure which would be better to study. My original desire was to learn how to defend myself against them, after losing a rather devistating number of classic dresses to the wraith’s anger at my then domitor.” She’s thoughtful for a moment, “So, as a definition, commanding may require forcing

a wraithe to do something they might not wish, whereas compelling is what? More like forging a contract?”

She sort of waves her hands”I would pass on necromancy then dear..Shadow magic tends to make them reconsider being vile. You seem over whelmed by the ideas dear..Need a moment? Perhaps a well Protections from them are easy enough,you are looking for something to focus your time and studies into something to build upon and advance ..but you as a line such as you have its own powers. Its own gifts and blessings of caine..You seem perplexed

by this.

<Durmah> shrugs a bit, “My mother died when I was pretty young. My father died in a Camarilla attack. I spent the next several years pretending to be a normal ghoul, and only until recently did I realize that it was all actually a second sight I have. I don’t really know much about the possibilities.” She’ll offer the book back, given Beatrice thought it wasn’t for her.

Dear god..ghastly…Well now your here..So lets see,Your not santos line..But you look him in I can see him in you behind your eyes..Anyway…”She smiles to her “You know what powers lay in your blood what would durmah like to learn..I can show you blood magics..advise you too them..some are very powerful and the rituals as well but you will should be increased with strength to conduct such things.

<Durmah> nods, not seeing much of a point in evading this particular point. “He decided not to embrace me, though he drained me for another to complete. We are related, according to Bishop Zaluut’s tests.” She gives a hesitant answering smile as she considers the question. “As far as I can tell, I can see between those three realms. I’ve been told I’m easier to communicate with than others.

I’m probably never going to be a front-line fighter. I don’t care for it, frankly. I prefer to organize resources, research, make plans, and to do the social dance of a neutral party or negotiator between groups. So I suppose I need to know how to defend myself the best.” She gazes at the book for a moment, her head canting to one side. “Beyond that, I suppose I’m open to whatever I seem to

have the aptitude for.”

She combs her thin soft hand down her cheek and looks at her”stop..Why are you hurt..?”She moves slow with her hand looking deep inside durmah,”I think we should talk more..Dont shut me out and we can advance past this..”She asks her pulling her hand back”I fell in love with him..very fast..so yes I like to speak with you Durmah. Let me Give you what I can to help he cares a great deal?”

<Durmah> arches her brows. “As long as you don’t intend to talk about his bed prowess. I draw the line on that particular level of knowledge.” Her tone is amused, though,

She tilts he head” I am a lady I promise you .

she regains her self drawing a chair up to her and sits down”Why are you Upset the blood of lasombra is not in your veins? Did part of you crave his darkness..You speak as if you were betrayed..?”She looks to her eyes large black orbs staring into hers.”I know something of him yes..but you seem to be the parts he hid..so deep. He is vampire of some age and he see’s it different. I adore him you see,I was showing him how to throw the

chains of that bitch…and it just happened..it just creeped in..I loved him..Iam sure its the facts he shared..I am attracted to smart men..very smart men

<Durmah> takes a chair as well, considering her answer to that question. “It was a series of unusual events. The choice to have me be actually turned by a different line was literally made the hour before my embrace. And then I very nearly didn’t make it out. Santos disappeared shortly after, in fact I’m not even sure he was there to see me come up> My up until then domitor similarly left.

That was very upsetting.” The words are spoken casually, but the too-calm offhanded nature probably speaks more to her upset than her screaming might have. “As far as I know, he only very recently came across me. You say he saw my grandmother as a babe. That’s startling to me, since he’d told -me- he hadn’t known for sure if he had any descent left.” She smiles a bit then, “Yes, he’s very

smart. I can see why he’d be distracting.”

She looks to durmah..”Could you kill a grand child and watch..? His call is to the power inside him,but He took your life into him..not your death.”She tilts her head a little showing a great measure of compassion “You know how many times he Wished he could tell people things..things we never dream of.. he has seen. He knew many people Watched many things end with the hands of time..and be born again. ” She nods to her”He was first of the

revenants love..Your line his line..the memories he held mixed with yours when he took your life..Your toreador now..beautiful night rose.

<Durmah> winces, “I’d much rather he -not- have seen the whippings I had as a child, but it’s too late for that, I suppose, and certainly no worse than he’d seen or experienced himself.” A shake of her head, “Abstractly, I understand that. Practically speaking, however, it was upsetting. It’s very good Phillip was there. And to an extent, Patrick.” Because as weak as she’d been coming up,

she -might- have changed her mind about the whole undead thing. She gives a small wave of her hand, “Regardless, now I’m trying to decide my next steps.”

She smiles “Dear god..your so much like him its hard not to laugh inside my head..very well indeed..So you like to Control and Influance?

<Durmah> nods, “An example, I suppose… I am… was? a chef. I haven’t actually tried cooking since.” She frowns then waves it off and continues, “One of the things I often will do is hire homeless, requiring they bathe and wear a uniform I provide, but then pay is in food or trade for services or medicine. And if they are very desperate, I’ve used select ones in the past as party favors

at events. Control and Influence means making those moves easier, but also discouraging anyone who would attempt to put pressure on me.”

She looks at her and makes a face.”How long have you spoken with him..I am curious now..You weave a power base forged on respect and accountability. But one that fuels your own personal and sect goals while balancing out a degree of undead Hedonism that only that …You spend a lot of time talking with him or this instinctual ? Your very clever..I am perplexed..you have a strong grasp of your own strengths and weakness and aims and goals

but know the balance of what is service to the sword with out over extending your reach to loose personal power..You learned this yourself and Have had some influences on you?”

<Durmah> is actually a bit perplexed by that line of questions. She squints, trying to recall how long it had been. “I met him just after they’d returned from the situation in Mexico, looking for the guardian of the Mouth. Perhaps two months. And no, that was something I did on my own before. I’m afraid I’m going to be terribly tempted to get people unknowingly hooked on the Kiss and use

that rather than typical drugs.” She focuses again on Beatrice, brows arching slightly, “I chose to be a chef because I felt that if even the living servants could eat well, it said something about the powerbase. My first owners were a Lilin and a path of Night. Overextending was a terrible idea. The Camarilla mostly didn’t care what I did as long as I didn’t break their masquerade rules.”

She nods to here”Your smart its in your DNA..”She studies her face bold and proud in some way to her ..”You should its a gift as good as any we have..You are a interesting person indeed. You sure you ..ohh Yes Bahri .. Poor Sascha..she loves that boy..”She smiles to her and tosses the idea away and looks into her eyes ” You know much over the years..I have to give you praise..You are something of a joy”

<Durmah> seems taken aback by the last comment, and doesn’t really know what to say. So she glances away and then back, “Well. I didn’t mean Patrick. I’ve known him even less time than Santos.” It occurs to her that she’s met a hideous number of older, higher ranked cainites recently. No wonder Altaryn had been stressed.

She cracks a smile to her”Patrick is a very young dominion well Not as young as ezekiel but . “She grins again “dear I think you know all you really need to know to explore power and the inner voice..Be careful of the voice though make sure its yours not something else compelling you but you seem to smart and have a structure to keep that in check so i’m not really worried..I am not thinking of him except she has somethings she is going

to have to admit to her self..but she is a good Priest and very accomplished demon hunter..May I ask you a question..? a small but yet private matter between ladys.?

<Durmah> blinks and tilts her head, “I reserve the right to decline to answer, but certainly.”

SHe rolls her hand cordial like” But of course, He danced with you one last time did he not?” she Looks at the cross on her neck..”You heard sascha tell a very a dark secret in my chamber keep that close to you..Don’t let Him know you know what we spoke of about Valez ..I know he has done this a few times Hidden Children for sect members or loved ones..how painful that must be for him…

<Durmah> makes a face at that question. “More like the first time, but yes. Also, as a note, I am a -horrible- dancer. What is the significance of that? Also, do you mean to say that I am also related to her? Or simply that she also has a child out there somewhere?”

<Durmah> flinches and lifts a hand to her head, pressing the heel of her hand to her temple

He couldn’t hide you..away..that must hurt like hell wouldn’t you think..I mean ..I hear the damn clock too ,Ugh It should pass..”

<Durmah> sighs, “Yes. As annoying as it is, I’m starting to get used to it. At least it’s not the sound of someone getting beaten to death.”

She waggles her finger at her”Or my god Malkavian Cloud rappers..its a damn thing..It almost compels one to track down the source and render it to fine red mist..Mumble rapping Lowest form art.

<Durmah> huffs a small laugh, “I haven’t heard that one yet. Closest I’ve heard is the Jack the Ripper poems. That was right disturbing.” She waves a hand slightly, “Back to the other topic, when I asked yesterday about visiting the archbishop, it was in reference to something else you had said and this rosary. Should I return it to her when we return back to new Orleans?”

She shakes her head”No dear, thats a yours Now .I mean you could return it But If i was you I would keep it..the history in that is with Santos when he comes up from where ever he went..get use to that. He was well He is him..Its complex..I loved holding him even when he tried to tear my throat out..Anastasia find him? or she still just stalking him like a drunk mean girl.?

<Durmah> tries not to snicker. But gives a small cough. “She goes by Yvette now. And she doesn’t know that Santos knows, or she’s willfully ignoring it. She -does- follow him. Last time he disappeared I managed to keep her from going off after him. I believe she works in the company he runs. She’s the one who told me to go ahead and give you Santos’s number.” A small smirk, because she’s

acknowledging that Yvette might have just agreed out of irritation. Durmah’s phone gives a little cheerful beep and she pulls it from her pants pocket to look at, and then she shakes her head. “Going to take awhile to get used to the shorter working hours, I’m afraid. Are there any rules about hunting here? Other than not killing the human.”

She makes a face..ugh My kind are iffy on the whole mouth on flesh thing..mmm Kill them if you like clean up after love.

She bounces a Dark kiss on her forehead “go hunt well use the heart Rose wont mind and if something should well slip sideways she can aid in fixing that.

<Durmah> sounds amused as she rises, “I don’t have a boar farm on hand up here, so I’ll avoid the killing bit if I can.” Pauses then, and she nods slowly, “Alright. I suppose I should speak with her or some of the others there about what Phillip might like for me to learn. Thank you for your time.” She’ll put the chair back where she found it when she came in, then will dip a small curtsy

despite the slacks.