Walking into the rites the music is loud and full of electrical hammering People bustle by patting their shoulders as he looks to Mary .”feel like We got a lot to prove yet..they been like this all day..”they move past a set of rvs to tent where four elders sit two mean and one woman who seem to staring into the fire whispering slow .Gunner looks to Mary and smirks “they are high as fuck..”He whispers..

║^Maryska^║ looks around as she passes by all the people that are doing the rites, and when they come to the tent with the elders she looks at Gunner, but even though he states their condition she remains quiet, turning her attention to them, pulling her hands out of her pockets now and clasping them before her so she can at least appear more respectful of their position, waiting for them to acknowledge her presence.::

Gunner Coughs and looks at them .The older man wrinkles his nose and nods to him as gunner steps out the way for Mary. The Elder Looks her up and down “Ju dat girl From New leans..I seen ya..You the Beta of war callers that protect this land..Your the second to Deliver our people into battle against the creatures of darkness,You accept his offer and Ya packs offer..You protect and provide for mine She bitch and I protect you and yours ,

your hunt is my hunt..my fire your fire..My enemy your enemy..My blood your blood..Ju see the luna in the sky she our mother..We sister and brother in her eyes..Do you see and accept these in her eye?

║^Maryska^║ looks to the man, listening to him and as he speaks she pays close attention to his words, she unclasps her hands and stands straight.:: “I do see and accept this.” ::she really had no idea what to say other than that, she’d never really run into anything like this before being a lone wolf for so long.::

the older man sits down and the Woman to his far side stands up smiling to her”You come to end this run of horror that falls our kind. You come to crush our foes in your powerful jaws..Do you have love as well in your heart..Can you hold the walls and lines with compassion or the rage alone..we will not know till you are tested..But you swear by the moon and gaia under your feet..You stand to protect our families and their lives..to

respect us as people of the moon ?”

║^Maryska^║ looks at the woman that stands up and talks to her, and as she speaks, she pays attention to each word, her eyes looks to the ground and then she looks at the woman and the others again.:: “I am Maryska Oleksandr, I broke the curse that kept our family from being of the people, I stood against demons, against Malfeans, and more, I have fought to keep the land of New Orleans safe for three years now. I have bore

three children, I have love, love for the man whom has taken me, love for my children, and for each and every brother, sister, and cousin that stands under the moon and sun.” ::she lowers her eyes to the ground again.:: “I fight to protect life.” ::she looks at the woman again.:: “Yes..I respect us as people of the moon.”

And we accept you as war chief of our people..”She bows her head as the Older woman to her right takes three fingers in ink black paint draws three lines down her right side of her face from brow to chin “You are our war mother now..Waken the enemy ghosts for you we have..Now Mother of war..Call forth your Pack Howl to the all father bring death and carnage to those who dare taint our lands..Call forth lighting and ice,Slay them..Save no

mercy for those who eat gaias flesh ..call down your rage .Bring forth the snarling teeth of fenir to their throats choke life and feed them death Maryska oleksander..go with your Alpha Chief Sit by our Fire watch the dance build as we waken the stones my sister my war chief

║^Maryska^║ nods and bows her head.:: “Thank you Elder, I will dance with my people, I will build my anger, and I will visit the pain of gaia on our enemies ten fold.” ::she looks at Gunner, smiling a bit, then looked back at the Elders in the tent.::

Gunner Moves along with Mary throwing a duffle bag in the tent where clearly breanna and him were staying “Ok sister, ready for this”He asks her the pounding slamming up through their legs the whirlwinds in the umbra humming insane about the area as they near the Large fire skulls bleach and paint as seen before now four dancers twirl and battle slamming their feet down in sync shaking through the umbra.Lifting and carrying the blood in

both the two garous viens rushing on the edge of Man and beast. The Dancers hypnotic motion mocking battle of the unseen trembling shakes through their body rocketing down with force shaking the very ground it feels like under the throng of music and fires leaping flames.Primal exotic rage..lingering near..”You feel it Mary girl…”

║^Maryska^║ looks at the people dancing, and the echo of the pounding that ripples up through her from the ground, through the umbra, she watches and takes in deep breaths, her hands flexing and unflexing, as she does she rolls her neck and feels her heart pounding, she takes a half step back for a moment, and she whispers loud enough that she thinks only she can hear.:: “I feel it.” ::little did she know, she was slipping her

boots off, and letting the socks slide off along with them, her chest was rising and falling.:: “it’s calling me.”

Gunner Nods slowly to her”feels right..the balance..”The turning and flailing drawing like a seductive dance of light and darkness. Moon basking the area in pure silver glow as the four girls twist like time was frozen in the war raging inside their heart. their struggle feels like the crazed savage gasp for air between exchanged blows. Their eyes flare with the only the after shock known to those who have dived pass bullets cutting

deaths whisper past their ears. Gunners hand holds to marys shoulder in strong grip but one of understanding only felt into those who dare enter the fray shoulder to shoulder a unspoken commitment to the blood drenched bitter end.”thank you for standing with Mary..You do me such great Honor.”

║^Maryska^║ took her sunglasses off, and dropped them into one of the boots, her head slowly turned to look at Gunner, the silvery grey eyes looking at him for a moment and then she looked back at the flames and the dancers, her fingers flexing and unflexing as she continued to stare.:: “War Mother.” ::the rage was flowing up into her and she rolled her neck and felt it popping.:: “I….is it okay for me to shift?” ::she looked

at Gunner.:: “I feel…like I need to tell them, I’m coming.”

Gunner lowers his hand and smiles to her “warn them Mary who Calls War’s Wrath Let them know tonight is their last night under luna and we are coming…Let them quake Answer the ancient Call Scream down death to them..”

║^Maryska^║ looks at him and she just begins to strip, pulling her shirt off, as she hadn’t had anything dedicated yet, just pulling off her shirt, dropping it to the ground, pulling her pants down and then she began to shift, her body rippling up the forms to the huge war form.

║^Maryska^║ turned to the direction of the bunkers and as she shifted up, she let the pain of each bone popping, each muscle stretching, and all the memories of the struggles she’d taken, and in a single long bellowing howl, almost a roar, screamed out at the direction of the bunkers.

Gunner growls low and deep swaying his head beside her growl growing in side him burning savage Primal growl behind her as bone snap and bend His shadow falling over hers unity under the the sway of fire and after glow of moon light their message was very clear on her howl..we are coming…”

║^Maryska^║ faces the direction, still swaying back and forth as she growls snarling at the direction of the banes, she took a step forward towards the bunkers, dropping to all fours and clawing the ground once, and then she stood up as she began to shift down.:: “We are coming…”

║^Maryska^║ put her clothes back on and rolled her neck, slipping the sunglasses into her coat pocket from her boot and just let her eyes look about the dark, her voice was low as she spoke, the rage was obviously roiling in her.:: “Tomorrow, we make the world a little safer.”

Gunners form shrinks down He shakes his head warpaint hung tight to his face hands moving to his bare shoulders “we will bring our people back,bring new ways to all these people this mary is our Home..Now..we are Home..Mother of war..Caller of wars wrath..My friend,sister and packmate..this is our lands..and we want every inch back , every blade of grass, drop of water…We will make this our Lands again..tomorrow..

║^Maryska^║ looked down at the grass again and she looked at Gunner.:: “Gunner, I need to ask you something, it’s something that’s been hanging in my head for some time…my friend, Durmah, and the few Sabbat allies I have.” ::she seemed concerned when she was mentioning this.:: “Does…this mean that I have to cut ties? or, can I still…” ::she seemed conflicted.::

Gunner shakes his head”fuck no , I deal weed to Zane”He laughs..they mind their rules..We are a new age Mary..One where we make the allies and break the chains of the ways that dropped our people low.

║^Maryska^║ smiles and sighs happily.:: “Altaryn is a bit weird but Ashe and him have become brothers in a way, and no, not from sharing blood, Ashe hasn’t lied to me about that, I’d know.” ::she looked around and then back at Gunner.:: “And Durmah has been a huge help to me, I have no doubt that one day she might become a vampire, but even then, well, I’m hoping that everything stays the same between me and her.” ::she smiled

almost sadly.:: “I hope she stays her…seeing people change into something else, has a bad effect on me.” ::she looked off to one side.:: “I want my friends and family to be safe, that’s all I care about.” ::she looked at Gunner again.:: “It used to be just me, but now I have more, I have something to lose, it’s scaring the shit out of me Gunner, but…I need it.”

gunner watches the fire “I just want our fights ours, their shit to be their shit..If you want to help her thats cool..And such..big things like others helping them I cant speak for them..but you make your friends and live your life..you think I am going to give breanna up and flee now? Not happening We are doing nothing wrong..and neither are you. I dont think gaia punished us for being garou and in love..I think the hate did Mary..Mary

girl scares the shit out me too But here we are ..We can care for them dear.

║^Maryska^║ stepped closer to gunner, of course fully clothed now and just hugged him, it was the hug like a little sister, she was only five and a half feet tall after all.:: “Thank you big brother.” ::she held him tight.:: “You’ve been a huge help.”

Gunner hugs mary and watchs the flames “Mary girl you help me and well this what Family is like..packs are where we belong..Breanna has been doing recons, Dealing with sean aging so fast..I am glad you bond with her when she needs a sister like you..I tried to warn the boys girls group up when shit gets real..I thought she was gonna anway “He hugs her tight and smiles. “Your welcome My little sister..

║^Maryska^║ smiled and looked up at him as she stepped back a bit.:: “Oh yeah, us girls are going to need some time to have a little blow off when this is done.” ::she smiled.:: “some drinking, maybe have our nails done.” ::she laughed a bit at the last one.::

Gunner nods “she is a girly girl..But she will Well Slug down on a mutha fucker..”He laughs again “She actually almost broke my jaw when I told her I loved her..Matty also almost got ate that day too “He chuckles..”Walked right up on ..that and then ughhhh I thought she was gonna drill his head through a wall…

Gunner laughs “Aryan Love right ”

║^Maryska^║ laughed softly and then sighed, she furrowed her brow, there was a question she had, she didn’t want to ask it but then again, she had to know, the curiosity was killing her.:: “You keep saying Aryan, you…aren’t white supremecist are you?” ::she almost didn’t want to ask.:: “Or, you just really like blond hair and blue eyes, I don’t want to ask, but…I do, y’know?”

Gunner laughs “Ughh not in this life time..” He winks to her”viking aryan..Blond..yeah yeah you got it..Naw . Shit ask away..Hon, I tease her because I mean Breanna is well the whole viking Princess,She is my skjaldmaer I think we were madly in love in a anther life maybe many..Hard to explain.

║^Maryska^║ smiles and nods.:: “That was the only question, I mean you get along with Ashe okay, he’s asian but still.” ::she looked back at the dancers and took in a deep breath, smelling the burning wood.:: “I can only hate one thing right now.” ::she looked over at the bunkers.:: “Down there, are the things that took my mother and father away from me Gunner, things of the Wyrm…the things that tried to trick my brother and

I calling themselves my parents.” ::she rolled her shoulders again.:: “I’m going to give them all of my hate.” ::she looked at Gunner.:: “For the love of my family, I just like to know where my family stands.”

Gunner looks over her shoulder and nods”Ohh we got much pain to give them Mary, an out past the bayou greater wyrm taint thrives..thats where we have to get these people ready ..this will be hard , that out there..we just are not ready with a totem to guard us and them..Where your family stands your children and ashe..they are my family..and I’d Kill anything that seeks to harm those whom are ours they are all my family everyone here and

in town .this is OUR family our tribe..

║^Maryska^║ nods as she feels him over her shoulder and leans against him.:: “I need to get some sleep.” ::she looked back at him and smiled.:: “sleep, steak, then slaughter.” ::she patted his hand on her shoulder.::

Gunner nods to her got get some sleep “I am gonna go find breanna and see if she wants to punch me one more time for good measure..and well I could eat..”He hugs her and bounce a big squeeze to Mary “tomorrow we will Bring this caern home..get some rest Mary girl

║^Maryska^║ smiled and nodded patting his shoulder as she began to walk off.:: “Good night Gunner, see you soon.” ::she gave him a good night wave and then slipped off into the darkness.::