Coatyl agrees to go back with the group on the condition that her eggs are hatched first.  The cult following there in the jungle will protect the young, but they cannot hatch the eggs.

After some discussion about human sacrifice, Ramirez offers to act as a conduit for transferring the group’s life force into the eggs to make them hatch.  Everyone got the option to give up some of their life force to do so (taking lethal damage in the process) but no one was harmed to the point of death.

After the hatching of the eggs, the group goes to leave and finds Santos’s men in bad shape.  With a lot of them weakened, the group is far more careful about getting back to the airport and out.  Coatyl agrees to meet them in New Orleans and disappears into the Umbra to travel.  A bunch of serpent-men come to claim the hatchlings and disappear off into the forest.

On the way back to the airport, the sound of cannons was heard and cannonballs ripped through the trees now and then but the group was lucky enough not to be struck.  When they reached the airport, it was mostly destroyed and there was a huge old pirate ship sailing away from the scene.  (Some would recognize this as the Hookman’s Ship.  It seems to be travelling alongside the Mouth.)

The group got into the choppers quickly and hauled ass back to NOLA to regroup and relay what had occurred, wounds slowly healing along the way.