Currently the scene is: Temple in Nola and it is Night ( Sneaky Man is Sneaky (Set by: sapph) )

<Nishi> gives him a smile as he pulls the blade out more to study it and then returns it back to the saya reverently. He’s obviously used to swords, though it’s difficult to tell in the robes he wears if the human is trained in fighting or not. <Japanese> “It is beautiful. I’m honored, thank you.” He hesitates, then smiles a bit wrily, “I’m from the temple tradition that does have

sorcerers, just that I am not, as far as I am aware, gifted in such a way. I know of the things that may happen, but a good half of my station here is to keep watch over him should he over-extend.” he nods to Bai. Bai shrugs and nods. He’s giving the blade a measuring look, and Nishi gives him a look that is not -quite- a glare, but close. Bai laughs and raises his hands in a defeat motion

<Ashe> could at least be satisfied that Nishi knew how to handle the blade properly, which was a relief. It was more than razor sharp and could easily bring injury to someone that wasn’t careful. It was always a risk for him to trust someone with a blade that held a proper edge, “<Japanese> I know my Grandfather would be humbled and honored to know his teachings brought this sword to you.” Ashe actually executes a proper bow, even if he is a bit

rusty. When he straightens, Ashe smiles, “keeping an eye on him? Hmmm… I could make you a stick that would be better than a sword for smacking him between the eyes.” Ashe looks all to innocent for the offer, but he sobers to seriously offer, “If you ever want to talk about those gifts and developing them, I am always interested in a good conversation and I’ve been meaning to learn more about my granfather’s beliefs since they have shaped me. My

magic tends to be martial… focused on harmony between the mind, body, and soul. Maybe a bit martial is it’s focus, but I wish to grow my spiritual side to understand it more.”

<Bai> looks a little affronted. Nishi’s small, small smile indicates he’d certainly -thought- about getting a stick from time to time. <japanese> “A caretaker, is all. To assist when he’s using his resources elsewhere.” Nishi will rise and return Ashe’s bow with a solemn air, still smiling a little. “I’d be pleased to discuss that with you.” And a sudden pleased, excited energy

seems to light Nishi up as it finally clicks what Ashe had been saying about the blade’s properties.

<bai> <Japanese> “As many schools of thought from Japan and the surrounding countries do. Nishi and I both are working towards a better balance between those spheres for us.”

<Ashe> couldn’t help but chuckle at Bai’s expression and held up his hands in a surrender position, “<Japanese> peace, I promise not to ‘give’ him a stick… perhaps sell him one though.” Ashe winked, he just couldn’t resist and he couldn’t help by smile to the two priests, “<Japanese> It seems to be a common theme for many. As my Grandfather used to say, ‘There are many roads to one place. Find the one you can walk and when you get to your

destination, turn around to show others the way.’ I am still trying to find my way, but I have learned that the beliefs of the other mages here don’t quite line up with mine…” He decided to elaborate a but for both men, “<Japanese> Our beliefs are important to how we shape magic. Without that foundation and focus, magic tends to fail… which is why I am so careful with mine. I know it is only as stable as the foundation I build for it.”

<Nishi> “Water does not flow like lava, though they seem to act the same they must be used differently.”

<Bai> chuckles just a little, though he replies in English, “He’s agreeing, Though we probably cannot help much with the magic end, we’ll certainly discuss the philosophies of energy and life as the Shinto see them, and that may give some insight on your family’s way.”

<Ashe> nodded and stuffed his hands in his pockets, “My grandfather wasn’t a mage, or anyone else in my family that I know of. I’ve been told I could travel to an Akashic Temple to learn, but while I share the base of their beliefs, I can’t bring myself to leave here and I’m not sure I’d adapt to full on monk life very well.” He winked at the two men, “Or if you mean Shinto, then yeah. I think you two might know a thing or two aout that.”

<Bai> laughs. “Shinto monks aren’t aethetics unless they want to be.” He motions to Nishi, who shrugs and nods, because nishi is in fact one of the more minimal monks. Bai continues, “There is no rule against me drinking, smoking, or having sex. No kitsune would be a monk, ever, if there were no sex.” His tone is dry as he says the last, and Nishi’s eye roll is a silent support of

that statement. Bai continues, ignoring the silent sass, “The disipline is about honing your mind. Many stay in the temple long enough to learn control, only a few of us stay in temple service our whole lives.”

<Ashe> nods at the revelations and rubs that back of his head, “Ok, I’m going to be a father so I admit I thought I would have broken a few rules there. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad an experience, but one thing at a time. For now I am pleased to meet you both and begin a new journey of discovery.” Ashe smiled to both men, “Though for now, I need to head back out to look for corrupted rodents” Ashe made a face, “It’s an odd date, but…” He shrugs.

<nishi> looks alarmed and gives Bai a sharp look. Bai winces and waves one hand in a palm down ‘calm down’ sort of motion. “Stay safe. Let me know if there’s something I might be able to help with.”

<Ashe> shook his head, “They aren’t here, don’t worry. Not even close to here, really. It’s in Baton rogue and… her family carries a curse. This is something she needs to do to appease the spirits.” He considered Bai’s offer and reached into his pocket to pull out a card with his cell number on it, “There are a bunch of us out there, but I won’t say no to a bit of extra help. Maryska’s getting pretty pregnant and… I want to keep her safe as


<Bai> frowns a bit and nods, accepting the card with both hands. “I take the safety of children seriously. And if she’s pregnant, the taint is especially dangerous.” Bai pulls an old-fashioned style slender wallet from his belt, and frees one of his own cards to offer to Ashe. “One of the two of us answer that line. It’s a cell phone, but we mostly keep it here at the temple.”

<Ashe> nods his head in understanding, “She’s been protected from taint, but I still worry.” It was likely Maryska could be in a bubble and Ashe would still worry. Ashe accepts the card, mimicking Bai’s manner in doing so. He seemed to slip seamlessly between different forms of etiquette as if he was caught somewhere between his half known Japanese heritage picked up living with his grandfather and American culture. “Thank you Bai, Nishi – I will

call if and when we find something. And Nishi, I’m sorry to have worried you. Believe me when I say that I wouldn’t lead danger here.”

<Nishi> finally releases the sword enough to lift one hand in a negating motion. “I was curious is all” He smiles juust a little. “not many people come by at this time.”

<Ashe> chuckled, “I am one of the least interesting people, but I am glad to have made your night a little different.” He nods to the man and his attachment to the sword, “The next time I have time. I’ll make you one for yourself. You seem like someone that would be… how would my grandfather say it? Your hand isn’t meant to be empty.”

<nishi> lets both brows arch as Bai grins. But then Nishi smiles and shakes his head a bit. <Japanese> “A sword makes many rituals much easier, and cultivates the heart of a temple faster. If I weild one, it is for the temple. I am honored.”

<Ashe> tilted his head to the side as he considered the statement, “<Japanese> That sword yes. It’s intent is peace and sacred ritual, but that is only one purpose.” Ashe shifted his posture to a stance as if he were preparing one of his kata. He didn’t have a sword, but he mind drawing one just the same, “<Japanese> but they can hold other purposes. A way to channel mind soul and body beyond that.” His body went through the fluid and powerful

movements to show what he meant and it was possible to imagine him moving with a sword, “<Japanese> It is exercise and meditation – a personal exploration of the unity between the three as the sword becomes an extension of yourself. A tool to another purpose. A temple sword has a different duty and purpose. It belongs to no one person, but this would be a gift to carry with you as you seek unity and enlightenment in your own life.” He returned

gracefully to a relaxed position, “It need not be a thing of violence.”

<nishi> watches him move, and the monk moves to give Ashe room for the kata. He seemed familiar enough with it, and when Ashe settles again, Nishi will kneel to gently set the sword back into the box and close the lid again. He’s smiling as he picks up the box, wrapped carefully in both arms. <Japanes> “Indeed. And I appreciate it and thank you deeply. My path at the moment is one to limit

my personal belongings, so accepting or purchasing a sword for my own cultivation could be a bit contradictory. May I meditate on it some and speak with you again about it?” Bai, for his part, is staying out of this one, aside from also stepping out of Ashe’s way, as if the mage had actually had the sword in hand for those few steps.

<Ashe> nodded his head as if solemnly understanding that, “<Japanese> Of course. I see my sword as an extension of myself and each sword carries a part of my soul as I give it life. I don’t tend to see them as a belonging or an object to be owned. You could no more own my personal sword than you could my arm or hand, but I understand that it is not the way others see the world. Today, tomorrow, or ten years from now – the offer will stand so do not

feel you need to answer right away.” He looks sheepishly at both men, “I’m going to head out before I accidently take up more room.”

<Bai> chuckles, partially at nishi’s sort of quietly befuddled expression, and partially at Ashe. He grins and will bow, Nishi following a beat later, “Stay safe. Hope to hear from you soon.”

<Ashe> bowed to both men in return and then lifted a hand in an American style as he turned to head out. It might seem like he wasn’t really sure what was the best gesture – once more caught between cultures, “Take care you two.”

<Bai> and Nishi both wave amicably… and then Nishi ducks into the temple with the box to prepare the ceremonies!