Currently the scene is: Bar in Trill and it is Night ( Angels don’t dream. (Set by: Nox_Aegis) )

<Devon> enters the Trill, and looks about to see who may be around as he walks to the bar to order his ususal.

{Zo} is playing pool with a few of the guys, but his expression is more curious than mirthful as he chats them up and watches them.

<Jackie> waltzed into the Trill with a smile on her lips. She was dressed to kill in a slinky red cocktail dress and a pair of killer heels that make her butt look really nice – at least in her estimation. She wiggles her fingers at Devon and Zo in greeting before heading to get a fruity little drink from Erik.

<Devon> smiles and waves to Zo, then smirks nad nods to Jackie as he sips his own drink. “Eveing Jackie, how goes?”

<Jackie> grinned and settled herself on a stool with her drink as she watches Zo, “mmm? Pretty damn good, actually. Having a bit of fun tonight and stopped at a club earlier for some dancing. How about you?”

<Devon> chuckles and nods. “Just popped in to have a drink after work. Granted, I may stay longer given the scenery tonight.” He archs an eyebrow and smirks, looking over towards Zo again.

<Jackie> grins impishly, “If you like the scenery, why don’t you join in a game, huh?”

<Devon> chuckles and shakes his head. “Easier to watch then play, as my mind would not be on the game, to be sure.”

{Zo} is wearing some tight blue jeans and a black t-shirt, his trenchcoat currently held over one arm as he talks to one of the regulars.

<Jackie> rolls her eyes, “Devon… it isn’t about the game. Seriously. You think he’s cute so go talk to him or I will… for you.” She added the last with a devilish grin.

<Devon> chuckels. “I do beleive he is quite aware of my attentions towards him, I have made no effort to hide it. However, it is rude to simply walk over and interrupt a conversation he is having, just to attempt to gain his attention.”

<Jackie> snerks and grins wider, “Maybe…” Without another word she slips off her stool and saunters over to Zo to lean against him with an all too innocent expression, “Hey Zo. You know you are killing that guy over there. I think it’s the tight jeans.”

<Devon> watches her, sipping his drink and eyeing Zo.

{Zo} smirks and reaches over to ruffle Jackie’s hair. “Hello, trouble.”, he glances back toward Devon and then waves him over, before looking back at Jackie. “I got that much. I could wear the kimono but then I get funny looks.”

<Devon> smirks, and moves to join them, standing jsut ot the side of Zo, and sips his drink, catching the last of the statement. “Why would that draw funny looks around here? With some of the outfits I have seen in here, its the least odd.”

<Jackie> grins devilishly, “Hey! You remembered my nickname…. or did someone rat me out? I’ve been kicking some undead ass lately… of the walking dead variety.” She glanced back at Devon and wiggles her eyebrows, “You know Zo… We still haven’t made good on our mutually lost bet for naked kareoke.”

{Zo} chuckles a bit at that and shakes his head. “I am surprised and impressed you remember that. But, this seemed more suited to walking about the city for now.”

<Devon> riases a eyebrow at hte naked karoke commnet, but says nothing, only nodding as they talk.

<Jackie> grinned, “I never forget a dare. Though I think Zane wishes I would…. I ‘m still looking for my ringer for naked lube wrestling. I need someone that can take him so I have a fair shot!”

<Devon> chuckles an shakes his head. “As I said before, I am not doing it.”

{Zo} smirks and shakes his head. “Yeah, also not my thing. Not into messes if I can help it and that sound very messy.”

<Jackie> throws up her hands in exaggerated exasperation and laughs, “Figure! Can’t count on either of you in a pinch.”

<Devon> “Yes, there is a time nad place for lube, and a pit of it for wrestling is not it.”

<Jackie> blew a raspberry, “What else am I going to do with 55 gallons of it?”

{Zo} shudders and takes a bit of his long black hair between his fingers. “I am sure you can think of something.”

<Devon> smirks nad nods. “Why not just see how long it takes to use it all up with Zane?”

<Jackie> waves off the suggestion and snirks, “Making an angel shudder. I am so counting this as a win. I should get a sticker.”

<Devon> chuckles, and shakes his head. “No comment there.”

{Zo} smirks a little at that and ruffles Jackie’s hair again. “I’ll make sure you get a sticker.”

<Altaryn> arrives well dressed, but in a sour mood. As he steps through the door he pauses, taking a deep breath as he surveys the room.

<Bai> steps in from the outside, cheerfully energized by the relatively cool night, just cool enough to have a nip in the air, but not so much that he needed to find a jacket. He’s wearing a heavier silk robe than he’d been wearing earlier in the fall, the pale grey mostly unadorned. He’s got an asian-style rosary wrapped around his left wrist, but seems to have left the staff behind at the

temple this time. Bai will smile cheerfully at those present, though he side steps to clear the door way and take a moment for his eyesight to adjust to see who (and what) is all in the room.

<Altaryn> casually finished his gaze of the room to glance at Bai over his shoulder. “Seems a quite night, but given who’s in attendance I doubt it will stay such for long.” He motions to the room with his arm, inviting Bai to choose a seat as if the two had arrived together.

*Katarina* makes her way into the bar, wearing a grey Dead Kennedys t-shirt, jeans and boots, a leather jacket with fur trim tossed over the t-shirt.

<Jackie> just shrugs innocently at Devon with her sweetest smile, “I expect a gold one.” She informs Zo with the cheekiest of grins and then looks towards the door at the new arrivals. Altaryn she recognizes so she gives him a wiggle of her fingers in greeting. She also grins at the monk, that was new.

<Bai> grins easily, and he’ll give the lady a cheerful smile, though his reply is to Altaryn, “It’s a biker bar… I doubt it stays -quiet- long in any case.” He’ll ruffle a hand through his short hair, then step forwards to pick an open table. He’ll settle in, demeanor relaxed as he shrugs out of the heavier outer jacket to the robe.

<Devon> hooks a thumb at Bai, and grins to Zo. “YA wouldnt be outta place, see.”

<Bai> arches a brow as the magician motions to him. And he’ll give Devon an amused look, before turning his attention to Devon’s table partners so he can nod a polite greeting to the others.

{Zo} takes a look in Bai’s direction and nods a bit to Devon. “Ahhh, I see what you mean. But, it does not mean he is not gettign funny looks.”

<Altaryn> was wearing one of his finely tailored suits, she he was likely more out of place than anyone…not that he cared. He settled into the seat across from Bai and smoothed the front of his suit jacket. “You might be surprised,” he said with a nod towards the book case. His eyes lingered on Zo before turning back to the asian monk.

Zo speaks in Japanese: “Good evening. Where are you from?”

<Devon> chuckles, and motions Bai over. “Bai is used to funny looks from around here, and just dont care, he lives his life as he chooses.”

*Katarina* gives Jackie a two-fingered wave and a grin, going to find a seat.

<Jackie> snickered, “A look is a look. Anyone who wants to admire the goods can take a peek, so to speak.” She smiles and wiggles her fingers at Katarina before cocking an amused eyebrow at Zo, “Uh… did you forget how to english?”

<Bai> gives Devon an odd look, mostly because it didn’t occur to him that he would be something unusual. He was about to reply to Altaryn when Zo speaks to him. Bai pauses, then will rise from the chair again to give Zo a solemn bow of greeting.

{Zo} smirks a bit at Jackie and then returns the bow to Bai, it is well practiced.

<Altaryn> followed Zo’s gaze to Bai, curious what was asked. Even more curious as Bai stood up and bowed. It looked as if Altaryn was unsure if he should follow Bai’s example or stay put.

Bai speaks in Japanese: Good evening. I am Zenji Bai, emmissary of the Emerald Courts and the throne.

<Devon> smirks, and looks to Zo before moving to his side and wrapping his arm around his waist as if he has done it before.

Zo speaks in Japanese: “Ahhh, well met then. I am called Zo. I spent quite some time in the company of the Emerald Courts over the years. It is interesting to see a representative so far from home, though.”

{Zo} doesn’t move away from Devon, though he does smirk a little.

<Bai> quirks a grin and straightens again. He’s already admitted as much to others, so he’s not shy in replying in English this time. “One of the Emperor’s granddaughters wants to study college here. He wasn’t inclined to letting her go without making some arrangements.” He shrugs easily enough.

<Jackie> simply sips her fruity little drink as her eyes dance with impish delight when Devon makes his move.

<Devon> smiles and sips his drink. He figures he will hear about his actions later at the chantry from Zo.

<Altaryn> follows the coversation of Zo and Bai with his eyes, but with a blank look that suggests he’s looking for clues as to what’s been said. As Bai answers this time in English, he nods as if pretending he knew what was said all along and smiles confidently. THough, Devon’s familiar actions with Zo earn a curious look.

<Bai> “It is good to meet you. We have set up a temple here, though the other monk – Nishi is…” he pauses and rolls a hand in thought, then shrugs, “Normal.”

{Zo} nods to Bai and switches back to English as well. “Ahhh, I see.”, he then glances toward Altaryn, and leans against the pool table a bit.

<Altaryn> finally seems to settle on bowing his head to Zo in silent greeting, though he does glance up at Devon’s closeness to Zo again briefly before turning back to Bai. “Poor Nishi. I wonder if he would have been in the middle of such without you, or if you are a gift from the gods.”

<bai> grins slowly and then laughs. “He’s swearing. A -lot-. It is very good Shinto does not care so much about vulgarity. I suspect someone in the higher ranks is hoping he’ll step further into the onmyou side and do more than speak the prayers and blessings.”

{Zo} glances back to his company, the guys at the table as well as Devon and Jackie. “So, you said something about zombies? How’s that going for you?”

<Bai> arches his brows a bit and looks back to Altaryn. He wasn’t sure what exactly Altaryn had wanted to speak about after all.

<Jackie> shrugged and spun a lock of her fiery red har around her finger, “It’s going pretty good, actually. I dress for the club scene, get some dancing in, go out and kill some zombies that are getting sneakier, and come home for some hot sex. What more could a girl want?”

<Altaryn> “Do you think Nishi has such potential,” he asked, but was quickly distracted by the zombie conversation. He didn’t actually know Zo, and he wasn’t certain how much Jackie and Devon were involved. “We are a step closer to finding the origin of the zombie curse,” he suddenly announces to the others.

<Bai> settles back down in his chair, then grins at Jackie. “Well that last part is fun.” He’ll tilt his head a little, “Sneakier, though. That is not welcome to hear.”

<Devon> nods, listening as the others talk, sipping his drink.

<Jackie> grins at Altaryn, “Good, because the little bastards are getting smarter about how they infect people. Total sleeper cell waiting to happen and I so do not want to see what happens when their little plan comes to fruition because we will be fucked up the ass, and not in the happy fun way.” She nods to Bai, “Well, it keeps me busy. I am totally changing my name to Buffy or something. You want to be my Giles?”

<<Vaclava>> drives down to the trill and heads inside. she gives Erik a $100 bill and accepts a glass of pinot, half filled, and looks around to see who has braved the rough and tumble biker bar this evening.

*Katarina* stretches out, listening to the others talk and gives Vaclava a jaunty wave.

<Bai> snorts a bit, “No. I’m not really librarian material. I’d punch the first person who dogeared a book.”

{Zo} snickers faintly and shakes his head. “Well that’s not good. Zombies shouldn’t be smart. I could use some sword practice though so I might go hunting later.”

<Jackie> tosses her head back and slaps her knee as she laughs, “Oh God, you are the perfect librarian. That’s it. You are monk -Giles. You can not escape your destiny kung fu dude.” she meant the rib in good nature and grins at Vaclava in greeting before her wild eyes settled on Zo, “If you want to go hunting, it’s my game. So you have to include me and I’ll show you their latest tricks for a cut of the action.”

<Devon> “Smart and strong, one flipped Altryns car the other night.”

<Altaryn> glances curious between Bai and Jackie. “Giles? Only Buffy I’ve heard of is that tv show. Sounds like an ill advised profession.” He shrugs though, knowing full well Jackie was not so foolish given her taste for ‘Mr. Yummy.’ “Talwar and Abequa are leading the investigation.”

<Altaryn> shoots Devon a dry look, hearing the reminder of his poor abused car.

<<Vaclava>> smiles and heads over to jackie and the others “Jackie darling how are you! It’s been ages.” kisses cheeks with her and smiles at Zo “I’m glad to see you out and about as well.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles and nods to Altaryn and Devon, winks at Katarina “Ah and there’s trouble.”

<Jackie> grinned at Altaryn, “Well, I am upgraded Buffy… but who says there isn’t someone in particular I like to hunt? I don’t hear him complaining at least.” She giggles and slips off her stool to hug Vaclava, “Vaclava! You look amazing and sexy as always. Is this a new dress? It makes your butt look great. You have to take me shopping. I need a little something something for Christmas parties.”

<Devon> smiles ot everyone ,and lets hsi arm drop from around Zo’s waist as he finihsehs his drink. “Hate to, but I need to run folks. Keep me in the loop about the zombies, I wanna help out with that.”

<bai> nods politely to Devon

<Jackie> grins at Devon, “Take care, Dev! I’ll call you for a hint sometime.”

<Devon> nods to everyone, and heads out for hte night.

<Altaryn> nods to Devon as he announces he is taking his leave

*Katarina* gives Devon a wave

{Zo} smirks a bit and watches as Devon goes and shifts his trenchcoat to the other arm. “Interesting.”

<Altaryn> then turns his gaze on Vaclava. At first his expression was difficult to read, but after a few seconds his expression warms to a friendly smile. “Good evening, Vaclava. It has been far too long since I have been graced with your company. I suspected you might be avoiding me.”

<bai> tilts his head at Zo’s comment. “How so?”

<<Vaclava>> laughs and hugs Jackie, swats her behind playfully “Stop vflirting in your man’s establishment, I mean seriously I lovfe the roughv stuffv as much as the next girl but too much is not good vfor my complexion.”

<<Vaclava>> raises an eyebrow at Altaryn “Avfoiding you? Vwhyefver should I hafve any reason to avfoid you….unless you’re trying to tell me you’fve done something vfery naughty indeed!” smirks

<Jackie> hops in place and grins devilishly, “Flirting never hurt anyone. Besides, he knows that you’re hot and that I always come home.” She winked and when Vaclava was distracted got a good little pinch of her bottom in.

<<Vaclava>> squeaks! reaches over and tugs a lock of jackie’s hair. “Bad girl!”

*Katarina* laughs.

{Zo} laughs too but then nods to Bai. “Just… this place. Something about it I suppose.”

<bai> grins a bit, though he keeps a wary eye out for the ladies with the squealing and pinching. “I’ve only been here a couple of times. The people here seem interesting. Crazy, maybe, but interesting.

<Altaryn> doesn’t elaborate, perhaps because the girls seem otherwise engaged. He turned his attention back to Zo and Bai. Zo, it would seem, held more of his attention. “I don’t believe we have properly met.”

<Jackie> giggles and hopped away with a too innocent expression, “Don’t blame me… it was the Angel. I’m innocent.” She winks at Bai, “You haven’t seen anything yet. You up for lube wrestling? I’ll give you a cut of the take, but you got to strip down for it.”

<Bai> arches both brows at the mention of angel, then gives Jackie a terribly amused look. “No, if I wrestle in lube, it -will- end in sex, because I won’t wrestle with someone who isn’t at least aware of the possibility. And I don’t even mind winning or losing, because I’d win in the end there… but it’s not fun if you’re not getting to really go at it.”

{Zo} nods to Bai in return. “I was thinking the same thing, actually.”, he says before looking to Altaryn. “I’m Zo. I don’t come here often, but I have been told that I need to get out more.”

<<Vaclava>> “Funny, the only angels I see here are the ones vwho vwear leather and ride motorbikes.”winks at Zo

<Jackie> grins wider, “Man, I have to bug Zane for a threesome now. I’ll put you down as a maybe Mr. Monk.” She was teasing, but it would be hard to tell for some.

<Bai> in a gently reluctant tone to Jackie, “I have a partner at the moment, and I wouldn’t want to put him out or hurt him, so probably not.”

<Jackie> actually sobers, her expression uncharacteristically serious, “Ah. Yeah, I get that. Let me know who it is and I’ll be gentle with the teasing?”

<Bai> gives her an amused look. “The real librarian that you should asking to be Giles.”

<Altaryn> solemnly bowed his head to Zo in a show of deep respect. “I have heard of you, admittedly very little beyond having been a valiant defender of the city and our community. Thank you.”

<Zoelie> looks at Bai curiously “Jackie aren’t you going to introduce me to your handsome vfriend?”

<Jackie> blinked so very slowly and a grinned from ear to ear, “Oh man… and just after I said I’d be good. Now I REALLY need a gold star.” Then she offered a hand, “Name’s Jackie, by the way and this is Vaclava. She’s awesome.” She winked at Vaclava, “I don’t know his name, makes introductions hard, but he seems to answer to Monk-Guy ok.”

{Zo} nods his head to Altaryn. “Well, part of my reason is selfish as the thing that sleeps took something from me and I ant it back. But, I have also made friends here.”

<Bai> rises easily from the chair again, though he gives the (handsy women) a healthy berth. Still he bows to the pair, and after straightening he will accept Jackie’s hand to shake once, then bow over. He doesn’t kiss her knuckles (because he doesn’t know her) but the motion’s there. When he straightens, good humor has him grinning just a little, eyes dancing. “You would say Bai

Zenji. Bai is enough… be warned the other monk at the shinto temple is human, though he’s aware of the happenings going on in the city.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d walk into the Trill at about this point. Dae was of course in his usual garb, and as he passed through the entry point, he’d take a moment to look around the immediate vicinity of bar, attempting to get an idea if anyone he knew was present.

<Altaryn> gives Zo a smirk that very much says ‘nothing in life is ever free,’ but it was not an accusation, only acceptance that such a thing were normal. “This thing that sleeps. That is what the Triforce of the physically challenged are trying to poke awake?” He turns then to smile at Vaclava as, he is sitting across from Bai. “You could have asked me dear,” he said gently with a wink. Then turning to Bai he added, “Vaclava and I are

like extended family, you could say.

<Bai> turns just enough to show he’s listening to Altaryn and nods in understanding. He doesn’t seem worried about the implication that she’s a vampire.

<Jackie> giggled and her nose crinkled up in amusement, “Ok, I’m not very good at those fancy manners, but it’s nice to meet you Bai Zenji and don’t worry – I don’t usually go to churches or temples and when I do I’m not that bad.”

{Zo} nods in agreement with Altaryn. “It would seem so. Dark mages stole my power to feed it, making it awaken.”

<Bai> shrugs to Jackie, “Shinto monks, we don’t care so much about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ so much as keeping the spirits from eating humans too much, and keeping the balance. Just don’t make loud noises in the meditation hall.” He’ll turn his attention to Zo though, having heard the last. He gives Zo a concerned once over, but given the angel comment from earlier, he’s willing to

conceed there wouldn’t be much he could do anyway.

<<Vaclava>> bows to Bai in the Vietnamese way, avoiding shaking hands. “Vaclava Kapralova. Encharme, Monsieur Bai!”

::Rhonwen bounds into the bar wearing her flowing dress with burnt autumn colours that looks like a pile of leaves draped from her waist, and a deep green short sleeved blouse, her hair pulled into a pony tail as she moves to the bar propper.: “Hey bar tender, can I get a tequila sunrise please?” ::she smiles sweetly.::

<Bai> stares at Vaclava a heartbeat or two, then blinks slowly. “I’m sorry – I will never be able to say that correctly.” He’s just getting that out of the way now, because that was a lot of letters that Japanese doesn’t like.

<Jackie> just grinned in a way that said she wasn’t sure if she could be quiet and then, as if a switch had been flicked she stretched and yawned, “Oh geeze. I need to sleep. I’ll see you guys later.”

<Bai> waggles a finger at her mutely for the sly grin. And then he smiles easily to her and nods. “Rest well, miss.”

<Altaryn> gives a slight frown of cocnern with the news Zo shares with him. “Indeed, even more troubling than I imagined. I had hoped to put a stop to just one of the three, but it seems the larger picture is far beyond my capabilities.” He does glance over to give a small wave to Jackie.

::Rhonwen see’s Jackie and then see’s she’s packing up.:: “Hey Jackie, we need to hang out some time.” ::She grins as she passes her on her way to Zo, stopping beside him, drink in hand.:: “Hey there.”

<Jackie> winked at Bai, gave everyone a fond wave, and grinned at Rhonwen, “We do. Imaginarium this friday? Be there or be square!”

::Rhonwen smiles to Jackie:: “Friday is drunk day, so I’ll be there!”

<bai> seems very amused at this series of exchanges, and settles back down in a chair.

{Zo} “The larger picture is always beyond our capabilities. If God were truly omnipotent, then he would not have needed Angels.”

<Altaryn> “Someone must have the knowledge and ability, or there would be no point in you hanging around,” he muses out loud. “One can only assume this is not a lost cause and we are simply watching the count down to oblivion.” At one time he might have scoffed at the idea of god, much less angels. These days…..he just had to go with the flow.

::Rhonwen turns her gaze while standing next to Zo and looks at the familiar faces, seeing Vaclava and Altaryn she smikes to both.:: “Hey Vaclava, hey Altaryn.” ::She sounds sweet and sincerely happy to see them both, and looking to Bai.:: “Heya new person, I’m Rhonwen Williams, floutist and vagabond, what’s your name?” ::she grins.::

<Bai> huffs a soft chuckle, and rises to bow a greeting to Rhonwhen. “I am called Bai Zenji. One of the two monks recently brought here for the new temple.”

::Rhonwen see’s him bow and nods slowly.:: “Oh! We’re bowing, okay.” ::She returns the bow as equally as she can, she doesn’t know the customs, but she tries.:: “Nice ta meetcha Bai Zenji, Okay I’ll have to focus on your name a bit, its a tiny tongue twister, only because I almost said something else.”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles “Vaclava is vfine. Or ifv you prefver, perhaps just Tú Thi, as I vwas known to a vfew once upon a time.”

{Zo} does check out Rhoni’s rear a bit as she bows with no hint of shame in it before shrugging and looking to Altaryn. “Well, I have been hoping the Mages would figure out a way to get it back. So far, no luck, but I am a fighter, so i fight regardless.”

<Bai> tilts his head a little. “Bai is enough.” He looks to vaclava again and gives her an appreciative smile for the alternative name. But… he looks to Zo, “So will it know where you are and that you are actively starting to opose it?”

::Rhonwen looks to Zo and the others whom sit at a table she presumes.:: “Mind if I sit with you all?”

<Altaryn> “Mages…” he says quietly more to himself. Somehow, that figured. He waited patiently as Rhonwen requested to join…whomever. He was seated with Bai but he didn’t care who else might join them. “Are there any mages in the city with the potential to solve the problem? Or do they need the assistance of their elders?”

*Katarina* waves and leaves

{Zo} looks to Bai and shakes his head. “That I do not know.”, he then looks to Rhoni. “I do not mind.”, he says before addressing Altaryn. “Well, it stood to reason that if Mages could remove it, then Mages could restore it.”

<bai> nods in understanding of the logic

<<Vaclava>> “Hello Rhoni! Vwhat a nice surprise you’re here as vwell, I’m glad I came out tonight!” kisses cheeks

<Altaryn> “Hmm. It does stand to reason, unless of course….” his voice trailed off and he waved the thought away. “Nevermind. I hardly know enough of such things to comment. With any luck, they will find a way. They only have all of civilization counting on them,” he says with a grim smile. He turns to Bai with a small shrug. “I guess some of us are watching the countdown like some new years party in Times Square.”

<<Vaclava>> “Ah, does one only create because a thing is needed? Or just vfor its beauty alone?” smiles at Zo

<bai> in a light tone, “It is only the end of one of the ages. Not that it would be easy.”

::Rhonwen almost jumped when she saw Katarina just wave suddenly and then head out.:: “Jesus, she needs a bell or something, didn’t even know she was there.” ::her head turned to ZO and she smiled as she settled in next to him, taking a sip of her drink, she looked at Vaclava and did the cheek kiss thing with her.:: “Hey I’m glad you came out tonight too, whatcha been up to girl?” ::she seems to sort of squirm in a little close to Zo and

sips her drink, she’s not being overly subtle, it doesn’t look like she’s trying to be either.:: “who’s makin what? I came in on the middle of a conversation, sorry.” ::she tilted her head trying to sort things out.::

{Zo} smiles a little and hugs Rhoni before kissing her cheek and standing up, then taking Vaclava’s hand and kissing it as well. “Alright, I need to go take care of some things and perhaps get in a bit of practice. You all take care.”, he slides his trenchcoat on over his black t-shirt and lets it fall over the jeans he is wearing before heading toward the door, then

{Zo} looks to Bai and Altaryn. “It was nice to meet you both, I hope to get a chance to speak more in depth in the future.”

<bai> “Of course. Be well.”

::Rhonwen watches Zo get up, she seems to swoon a little when he hugs her and kisses her cheek, watching him go and biting her lip:: “Hate to see you go…love to watch you leave.” ::she sighed heavily and shook her head looking back to the others.::

<Altaryn> bowed his head with deep respect as Zo took his leave. When he lifted his gaze again, he simply looked to the others in silence.

<<Vaclava>> “Good to see you again, Zo,” she murmurs and pats his hand holding hers when he kisses it.

<bai> mostly just looks amused.

<<Vaclava>> looks at Altaryn “So now you vfinally met someone more handsome than you, vwhat vwill you do vwith yourselfv?”

<Altaryn> turned his gaze upon Vaclava and looked surprised by her words. That was no where close to anything that had been on his mind, and it took him a moment to recover. Soon though, a smile grew upon his charismatic features and he placed a hand on his chest. “You find me handsome, Miss Vaclava?”

<<Vaclava>> shrugs “I know, really, I’m struggling vwith the vforce ofv attraction…must be something about those bad boys.”

::Rhonwen looked at Vaclava and then at Altaryn, she tilts her head a bit.:: “You’re definitely easy on the eyes hun.” ::she smiled sweetly.:: “So is Bai honestly, damn there are a lot of sexy people around these parts.”

<Bai> gives Rhonwen a sly, cheeky grin. It’s maybe a little flirting, but he’s mostly playing.

::Rhonwen looks to Bai.:: “so, you live in a new temple, Oh is it that new one that’s…in that place.” ::she taps her temple for a moment.:: “damnit I have a hard time with placenames.”

<<Vaclava>> gets up and kisses cheeks goodbye “Afvraid I must be running, my loves. See you all again soon I hope.” heads out.

<bai> “on the grounds of the old Tomy Lafon school on 7th street. We care for the unmarked graves on the land and the city turned over the grounds for the temple to be built.”

<bai> lifts a hand and waves a good bye as Vaclava leaves

::Rhonwen gives a little blown kiss to Vaclava:: “See ya hun!” ::she grins and looks back to Bai.:: “Oh that’s awesome, now the grounds can be taken care of by someone and it’s actually monitored, way more respectful to the dead than being left alone.” ::she sips her tequila.:: “That’s really nice of you.”

<bai> tilts his head. “Nice doesn’t factor into it. There aren’t many ways to get a temple inside the city, but since the laws here will not allow anything to be built over the dead, the throne simply negotiated for the space. We -do- wish the dead to remain at peace, but we do not normally go to such lengths.”

<Altaryn> watches as Vaclava suddenly takes her leave. Just a few seconds pass after she steps out the door before he too rises to his feet. His attention mostly on the path she had just taken. “I must be going as well. Goodnight,” he says and follows quickly after her.

<Bai> waits until Altaryn is out side before dissolving into a quiet bout of laughter

::Rhonwen nods to Altaryn who steps out now.:: “Night night!” ::she looks at Bai and smiles.:: “he’s kinda intense isn’t he?”

::Rhonwen notices that Bai has seemingly gone into his own space, she looks around as she finishes off her tequila, and then slips out.::

<Bai> hadn’t really had a response to that, but when Rhonwen leaves, he shrugs to himself and rises, pulling on his over robe again before heading out