::Maryska comes into the Trill from the main entrance, her boots clipping against the ground as she walks, her hands in her pockets as she makes her way to a bar stool, and settles on it, ordering herself a glass of water with a twist of lemon.::

<Brian> enters the Trill moments after Maryska, and orders a coke, smiling to Maryska as he does. “Hi.”

::Maryska smiles at her friend, patting his knee as he settles in beside her.:: “how’s it goin?” ::she seemed to be in good spirits as she sipped her water.:: “I got some good news, some clarrification from a little kid named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, back in Indianola.”

<Brian> nods and chuckles. “Ok, that makes much more sense then shitty shitty bum bum.”

::Maryska quirks her face a little.:: “Shitty…Oh, Garri.” ::she rolls her eyes, but behind those sunglasses, it’s hard to tell.:: “Yeah, anyway, it turns out, our targets are in Baton Rouge, they’re the plague bearers, and your shifter kin.” ::she sips her water.:: “I still have to kill the…alpha, of their group, but, yeah, I thought you’d want in.”

<Brian> nods and sips his coke. “Of course. And plage bearers, that is interesting that Momma Rat would send us after them, as a ratkin, I know its hard to kill us, so this wont be easy.”

::Maryska nods.:: “We have to scout out the place first, obviously, see what we’re dealing with, Devon said around 7 or 8, couldn’t get any more specific than Baton Rouge, it’s going to be a lot of looking first.”

<Brian> nods. “We need to be very careful doing ths looking, if they are intergrated into the city, then the rats and spirits there may be working with them. Not sure I should be involved till the battle, cause of what I am, and what I would represnt to them.”

::Maryska nods.:: “Hm, wonder if any of the vampires there can do some looking around, find anything first, give us a location before we get moving in.” ::she ponders curiously.:: “I can ask Sascha about that, see if she knows anything or anyone.”

<Brian> nods. “I think Kat also had the same idea. She was here last night when Garri told me what happened.” He smiles then looks a bit saddened. “Sucks I didnt get to meet Chitty, sounds like he is from my home area, based on his name.”

::Maryska patted Brian on the shoulder.:: “I’m going to go back with some food as a thanks for the information, after we get this done, and you can come along.” ::she grinned.:: “Hopefully Chitty will be there.”

<Brian> smiles, and nods. “I hope a few more leave home and come here, kinda sucks being the only one of your kind in an area. Well, not counting JOhn, but he is imaginary, so not sure he counts anyways.”

::Maryska tilts her head.:: “Is he actually imaginary?” ::she asked that question as if she hadn’t even considered that before.::

<Brian> chuckles. “Yes, so if your seeing him, then we have problems beyond the pack.”

::Maryska giggles and smiles widely.:: “Gotcha, I thought he was just a spirit that hung out with you, guess I learned something here.” ::she sipped her water.:: “So, I’m hoping to get some eyes out there in the next week or so, do some recon, figure things out, then kill the shit out of them.::

<Devon> nods and smirks. “I need to talk to your man, might have him make a change to the machette just for them. I wouldnt be able to carry it often if he changes it, but would help us against them.”

::Maryska smiled and nodded.:: “Absolutely, I can talk to him for you, what kind of changes do you need?”

<Brian> sighs. “For him to make the edge out of silver, so it hurts them more, makes it easier to kill them.”

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “I think I can get him to add that, I’ll see what else he can do if anything so it won’t weaken you, just give you that extra bite as it were.” ::she winks at him::

<Brian> nods and smiles. “I will accept the weakness if it means being the weakness to them.”

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “We

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “We’ll see what we can do.”

<Brian> nods, and smirks. “But if he can do it in such a way that I am not effected, but those on the working end still are, then that is even better, then I could, and would, carry it full time.”

::Maryska will nod with a smile.:: “I don’t know if he can do that, but maybe he can, I don’t know the extent of his abilities.” ::she took another sip of her water and then ordered herself a lemonade.::

<Brian> sips his coke, and smiles to her. “Thank you, for careing about me like you do. I never expected a garou to show me the respect that you do.”

::Maryska smirks and taps his can with her glass.:: “The old days are gone, we have to make a new day, the shit from the past has to die, we can’t make it better if we can’t work together.”

<Brian> nods and smirks. “Some things wont change though, like my job in the world. But I will help you do your job long as it does not interferre with my duties.”

::Maryska smirked.:: “I think we’ll be able to do everything we need to together, we just have to clean house of all the garbage that’s stopping us.”

<Brian> chuckles. “Does that mean once you get your claws, your going to help me cull then?”

::Maryska shrugs.:: “We start with the corrupt, the monsters, the bad, the guilty, the demonic.” ::she nudges him with her shoulder.:: “sound fair?”

<Brian> smiles a toothy grin. “That was always my intention, to cleans the streets and city of those that have no need to live anymore.”

::Maryska took on a big smile.:: “Then hell yes.” ::she nodded.:: “I will definitely help you out.”

<Brian> winks to her. “But I plan to start soon, so you will jsut have to catch up when you can. Dealers dont need to live, and Momma Rat calls for a culling.”

::Maryska nodded.:: “I’ll help out, gonna take care of the shit in the water first, and these demon things.”

<Brian> nods and smirks. “I will help with that as well, it wont interfere with me culling dealers, I wouldnt think.”

::Maryska looks around the bar and shrugs.:: “Far as I see it, you’d still be doing your job, so look at it as taking out higher level assholes.” ::she sips her lemonade and sighs happily.:: “It’s not alcohol, but it’s a close second.”

<Brian> chcukles and shrugs. “I dont drink, so I dont know. But, I did find a place that routinely tosses out cheese so I been happy about that, as has some of my family.”

::Maryska giggled at that.:: “I didn’t think that bit was true, but hey, that’s awesome, just hope it doesn’t block you up.”

<Brian> smriks nad playfully flips her off. “I dont each much, but even you gotta admit, a bite of cheese now and then is a tastey treat.”

::Maryska laughs out as he flips her off and she swats at him playfully.:: “jerk.” ::she leans back a bit after.:: “so drug dealers? interesting target.”

<Brian> nods. “I heard a rumor, and decided they were a worthy target.”

::Maryska nods.:: “Ahhh riiight, I remember, something about an increase in Overdoses.”

<Brian> nods. “And another about an uptick in random violence possibly caused by drugs. But the main reason is I saw one the other day, and I swear the guy buying couldnt be much older then me, and killing children for profit is not a smart thing. Even when I cull, I wont target children, unless I have a damn good reason to do so.”

::Maryska nodded and he could feel a momentary wave of anger from her.:: “Yeah, yeah I’ll be in on this with you, I have a thing about doing things to children.” ::she probably should have been a Black Fury in all honesty, she really did have a thing against the abuse of mothers and children.::

<Brian> nods and smiles. “So I plan on starting that soon, and unlike most shifter attacks, I want these fuckers found, so dealers will know to fear the darkness.”

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “Just be careful we don’t nail any undercovers, I don’t want police that are out there trying to do the same job getting hurt.”

<Brian> nods. “I will be careful, but if I see the same person on multiple days, selling, and more so selling to children, then his or her name goes on my list.”

::Maryska crosses one leg over the other as she leans against the bar and rolled her neck a little as she sipped her drink.:: “So do a full week steak out on them, identify their movements, find a good place to give them an education, and then leave them someplace obvious.”

<Brian> nods. “Something like that. But when I see them selling to kids, I wont wait a week to make sure they are not good guys, casue a good guy shouldnt do that even to blend in, ya know.”

::Maryska did understand, that bit seemed like it was obvious, and police would know better than that, one would assume anyway.:: “Very right, very right indeed.” ::She didn’t have much of an issue with the whole plan, he at least had an idea of how to do his part.:: “We’ll make it work out, you’ve been helping me with my personal issues, how can I turn down an offer to help you with something you do?”

<Brian> smirks. “Easy, what I am talking about is taboo to the garou, to willingly cull humans and make sure that the bodies are found so that the fear spreads. You garou always speak of the Veil, but my version does not say not to leave evidence, my version says not to be seen or discovered.”

::Maryska shrugs.:: “knife wounds aren’t claw marks, no veil broken, it’s just another druggie killed, some vigilante has it out for them, after a few, hang back let the heat die off, then go back at it.”

<Brian> smirks and shakes his head. “No, I plan on leaving a calling card ya might say. 3 claw marks on the cheek, so that everyone knows who is responsible, well, everyone that needs to know.”

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “Ah, well then, I’ll let you do that part.” ::she smirks.:: “Then technically that’s all on you.” ::she winked at him::

<Brian> nods. “You dont have to help, unless you want to, and you dont have to make the mark, unless you choose to. I do to show Momma Rat that they were culled, not simply murdered.”

::Maryska contemplates his proposal a little, rubbing her chin a bit with her free hand while the other with the glass rests on her knee that’s crossed over her leg.;: “I’ll think about it, definitely help you out a few times.”

<Brian> nods and smiles. “I know, as the time approaches, you will have issues with changeing, and I wouldnt expect you to help when you are that close. Guess that is why you wanna get these others so quickly, right?”

::Maryska shook her head.:: “When you’ve been kept from doing something for so long, and then the opportunity is there right in front of your, it’s very hard to resist getting what you know is a part of you, that’s been denied to you, because of the sins of your forebears.”

<Brian> nods. “Keep in mind, both our families are involved in this, so I also carry a stain from them that must b cleansed. And when Momma Rat asks, a ratkin -never- says no if he is smart.”

::Maryska smiles.:: “Then we got family business to clean up, glad it’s you that’s going with me to be honest, I’m really glad I’ve made a friend out of you.”

<Brian> smiles nad actually blushes slightly. “Never expected to hear that from a garou, thank you.”

::she smiles and gives him a tap on the shoulder with a fist.:: “You’re a tough nugget, any Garou would be stupid to turn a friend like you away.”

<Brian> chuckles. “All I have done was help a couple of times, and the last time I was not every effective.”

::Maryska shrugs.:: “I think you’re doing fine.” ::she then looks at her watch and sighs.:: “Time to get back home, I finished picking up all my parts today, so tomorrow I have to sort through and start building.” ::she paid for her drink as well as Brians and stood up.:: “Long day.”

<Brian> nods and smiles. “Anything ya need help with? I am very good with my hands when it comes to dexterious work.”

::Maryska shrugs.:: “You any good with wires and engines?” ::she asked the young man curiously.::

<Brian> shakes his head. “Nope, but I can jury rig to a degree, and I also can get into places others find difficult to get into.”

::Maryska nods.:: “stop by my garage tomorrow, we’ll see what we can do.” ::she grinned as she set her glass down and headed for the door.:: “I need to build an engine tomorrow, so small hands will help.”

<Brian> smiles and moves to follow her out. “You got it. Think I’ll go check on the family, make sure no one has done something stupid.” HE laughs heartily.

::Maryska patted him on the back and hugged him closely as they made their way to the door.:: “I hope not, don’t need more fuck ups.” ::she laughed as they walked out together.::