::Obalu was having a day off, he’d enjoyed some of the fun things to do around the city, little markets and curio shops that lined many of the streets, some he’d purchased a little knick knack in one or two. He was on his way home when he’d seen a bar called The Devils Trill, it sounded interesting, and when he’d stepped in he found himself in a Biker bar, not exactly what he thought, or maybe he should have, but he just looked around

with some measure of curiosity while dressed in a plane tight grey long sleeve shirt with grey oblique accents that looked like gills as it were, and a pair of black pants, along with his black and white Nike sneakers, he made his way to a table and flagged down a waiter, and placed an order for a beer, he didn’t normally drink, but it was just one beer.::

<Brian> slowly enters the Trill, looking around and still amazed the guards at the door didnt stop him. He moves to the bar looking a bit trepadacious, and orders a coke. Once he has his drink, he moves to a table near the wall, and sits with his back to the wall, watching.

::Obalu settles in to a table, he was dressed rather nicely, a bald well toned black man settling into a booth in a biker bar, he obviously sticks out like a sore thumb, ordering himself a beer, looking around at the people that were there.::

<Brian> watches the man who sees to stick out as much as himself, and sips his coke, still looking rather nervous.

::Obalu was just sipping his coke and seeming not to mind too much being out of place, he seemed to enjoy looking at the people there, noting the kid that was in the bar, then again, he didn’t know for sure how old he was, could have just been a really young looking 25 year old, he wasn’t the kind to judge, when he saw himself being watched he just nodded to the young man in a welcoming gesture, and then sipped his beer.::

<Brian> blushes at bit at being caught watching hte man, and he lifts his glass in a similar manner, but does not move rom his spot, enjoying the having the wall at his back.

::Obalu sipped his beer while he sat in the booth he’d decided to take, watching the room with his deep brown eyes.::

<Brian> sips his soda, still sitting with his back to the wall, and looking around the space, his curosity starting to get the better of him. He mimblems something, as if talking to someone, and makes a dismissive wave of his hand, again, as if talking to someone else.

Obalu looked amongst the other patrons, the bikers, who’d given him a once over, it was obvious they didn’t normally get people like him in here, but he didn’t mind, he just wanted to relax from a day of exploring the city, and this place seemed as good as any while he was meandering about.::

<Brian> continues to be carrying on a converstaion with someone that is not there, his hands getting animated a few times during what can only be a bitchout session with the unknown victim.

::Obalu looked at the young man that was talking to himself, this was the second person he’d managed to run into that seemed to have this particular situation, although the last person, gave him a different view of things, he got up and walked over to the young man with his drink in hand and the few small bags he’d been carrying from some of the shops.:: “Excuse me, are you alright young man?”

<Brian> looks up to the man, stopping in midscentence and looks at Obalu. “Me? Yeah, I’m fine, jsut haveing a discussion with John, and he wont listen to me and jsut shut up so I can enjoy my coke in peace.”

::Obalu looked down at the table where the young man was gesturing and talking, and then looked back up to the man with a queried and concerned expression.:: “I’m sorry, are you on the phone with John?”

<Kegarri> peered past the door and big burly men with bright amber hued brown eyes. He acted as if no one had spotted him and darted further inside to see who was about. The moment he spotted Brian though, he strutted the rest of the way and plopped down beside him.

<Brian> shakes his head. “No, John is my imaginarly friend, but here lately he seems to have ideas of his own, and has become very argumentative.”

::Obalu nodded with an Ah expression.:: “I see, does John tell you to do things that are not quite so…good?” ::He looked to Garri as the man sat down next to Brian and his eyebrow quirked a bit, but nodded to the man, then returned his attention back to Brian.::

<Brian> smiles and waves to Garri, then looks to the man again. “Oh no, I have bad ideas all on my own, he just wants me to do things his way sometimes, and his way is normally stupid.” He looks to the empty side of the table. “Yes, there, I said it. You have stupid ideas at times, so shut up and let me enjoy my coke, or I swear to Gaia I will find a way to kill an imaginary friend.”

::Obalue looks to the empty seat and nods slowly, he sets down his beer, pulls out a card holder, opens it up and pulls out an ivory business card, and hands it to Brian.:: “Here, if you find that John is causing you too many problems, and you want help, come by the hospital at this room, I can help you.”

<Brian> takes hte card, and looks at the man oddly. “He dont cause problems, he is jsut annoying. And I dont do hospitals, they are full of sick people already, so nothing to do there.”

::Obalu smiles and nods gesturing to the kid and the card.:: “My phone number is on there too, so if you just want to talk, you can call.” ::he smiled politely to the two booth occupants.::

<Devon> narrows his eyes, looking at Obalu/ “Why do you want to kill John? He has done nothing ot you, and aint said a word about you either. Are you one of those crazy serial killer tpes, and you figure John would be a easy victim? Or are you the kind that think people should not have imaginary friends, so you go around destroying peoples minds for your own pleasure, to make them stop beleiving

in thier friends?”

::Obalu’s eye brow quirked and shook his head.:: “I saw a young man that seemed distressed, and who just said himself that he wanted to find a way to kill his imaginary friend, I’m a doctor and I just want to help people that look like they may need it, but if you feel as though you’re fine and don’t need any, then that’s alright as well.” ::he just kept his grin, didn’t seem phased by the question at all.::

<Kegarri> leans a bit closer to Obalu, his eyes wide and focused not to miss the slightest of details. “There will be no killing of the friend I’m-a-faery. Not whils Garri is here. Yes?”

<Brian> nods, and offers back the card. “I am fine, I dont really wanna kill John, maybe gag him sometimes, but not really kill him, he is my firend after all.”

::Obalu nods to Brian and looks at Garri, quirking a brow.:: “I understand completely.” ::He got the jist, regardless of the words, he took his card back and went back to his seat, sipping on his beer.::

<Brian> looks t Garri, and chuckles. “Can you beleive that doctor thought I wanted to get rid of John? I mena, yeah, he is annoying at times, and talks like a mile a minute, but still, friends are friends. And what brings you here friend Garri?”

<Kegarri> grins a toothy grin to Brian and eases back in his chair. “There. I’m-a-faery friend will be safe now.” He looked at Brian in blank silence for a moment when Brian questioned him then suddenly he slappedvthe table enthusiastically. “Ah! Garri has met the little shitty-shitty-bum-bum. Most help to Marries-the-Skies. Now it is known who is to be hunted.”

<Brian> looks at him totaly lost as to what the man is saying. “Shitty…..wait, what?”

<Kegarri> beams proudly and pulls out his comb to work through his thick long black hair. “Yes,” he declares. Damn guy looks like a self satisfied cat.

<Brian> shakes his head. “No, seriously, neither I nor John can make sense of what you jsut said, so say it again, but slower.”

<Kegarri> stops combing, that is how serious he was being. He satrts much slower this time. “Garri. Has. Met. Little. Shitty. Shitty. Bum. Bum.” He pauses then to make sure Brian was still with him.

<Brian> shakes his head. “Who the hell is shitty shitty bum bum?”

<Kegarri> “This is the rat who likes the little corn clouds Ashes offered to big rat mom,” he explains.

<Brian> “Wait, hang on a damn second. Ashe has seen Momma Rat? And you have seen another rat like me? Where? When? How?”

::Obalu wasn’t one for listening in on conversations, and given the distance in the bar and the number of people in it, it wasn’t like he could hear them anyway, he finished his beer and stood up, then moved to the door, he’d already paid for it.::

<Kegarri> “No. No. This is not what Garri is saying. It is needing to use ears for the hearing. Shitty-Shitty was where mom was the first visit to the smelly caves. This was nights which have passed when Marries-the-Skies needing more cunning to find the trail of her prey. Garri was there. Garri needed another long waterfall of cleansing.”

<Brian> nods and smirks. “Ok, so you went back to where we found Momma Rat, and there was another rat there? Thats good that the rats are starting to repopulate the area. And Maryska went to find out more about her task from Momma Rat. I will need to speak to her soon then. And yes, you could use a bath.”

<Kegarri> lowered his head to try and sniff his chest, then his right armpit. “Garri has done this. Many times since then. You are still smelling the smelly?” He seemed troubled by this and sniffed the other pit. “Prey, rats who have fallen, are nesting with the Rude Bats.”

<Brian> tilts his head. “Rude Bats? Ya lost me again. And yes, I can smell it on you, but that is cause my nose is sensitive.”

*Katarina* steps into the bar, looking around and giving Brian a two-fingered wave when she sees him. “Evening.”

<Brian> returns the wave.

<Kegarri> sniffs himself again and sighs. He must have got used to the snell bit just the thought of still being dirty disgusted him. He started combing agakn as if than might help. “Yes yes. Bats of Rudes. Marries the Sky said this was saw-bat territory. You knowing of this place?”

*Katarina* “….What?”

*Katarina* looks at Kegarri.

<Brian> tilts his head again. “Bats of rude…bats of rude…. Baton Rouge?”

<Kegarri> loooks to Katarina now questioning his memory. “Ah yes. Bats-ARE-Rude. See!”

*Katarina* “…That…that’s not how you say that.” She looks at Brian. “Who’s your friend here?”

<Brian> smiles to her. “This is Garri, he’s ……… different.” He looks back to Garri. “Saw-bat… do you mean sabbat?” He acts uncertainly, not even sure he is saying the word right, as he has only heard it in passing.

*Katarina* “Well…I can see that much. Mind if I join you two?”

<Brian> smiles and motions for her to join them.

<Kegarri> didn’t seem to mind Katarina joining them and just accepted her company. “Yes. Saw-bats territory. This was a thing that needed to be sorted with cunning? Marries-the-Skies will be knowing.”

<Brian> nods and looks to Kat. “Do you know the meaning of the word? I have heard it in passing, but other then being a name for sundays, I dont know what Sabbat could be.”

*Katarina* goes over and takes a seat before looking at Kegarri. She’s currently wearing a black ‘All My Friends Are Heathens’ tanktop, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of Converse hightops. “….Why are we going to mess with the Sabbat?”

<Brian> shrugs. “What is the meaning of hte word then? What is Sabbat that it has territory in Baton Rouge?”

<Kegarri> shook his head no, but continued to comb his hair which was a pretty impressive feat in itself. “The mess was in the den of smelly water. The prey is hiding in Bats-Are-Rude, territory of Saw-Bats.” He turned to Brian then and asked curiously, “do you think these Saw-Bats are the rude ones?”

*Katarina* “What prey…and what? No. Maybe some of them are? But none that I’ve seen here yet.”

<Brian> nods to Garri. “I think he is saying that the ones who killed my people and cursed them are in sabbat territory in Baton Rouge.”

*Katarina* “What?” She looks between them, confused.

<Kegarri> gives Katarina a sympathetic look. “Try to be keeping up, yes? This is not fast running. We are needing to find Saw-Bats to ask to cross into their territories, to hunt those who are lost.”

*Katarina* “Um…sure? Well…I can let one of them know, and it’s Sabbat. Not Sawbats. There’s no s at the end.”

<Brian> nods ot her. “The Lost I guess is what we are calling the ones MAryska and myself have been tasked to find to end her curse. They were also the ones to cause the issues we took care of in Texas not long ago. I know its alotto take in, but it makes sense if you have the whole story.”

*Katarina* “…Okay….I

<Kegarri> “Ah. Saw-bat,” he says and looks to Brian. “There must only be one,” he declares with confidence.

*Katarina* “…Okay….I feel like I’m st…what? No! There’s more than one, but the group’s called the Sabbat.” She just stares at Kegarri.

<Brian> chuckles and shakes his head. “No Garii, Sabbat is a group, many under one name, like a family or a clan, or a tribe.”

<Kegarri> “This is a language of no cunning. Some thing which is more than one has the s, and some thing that is more than one is not. How does one know which to use? Garri thought all times more than one bat is with the s.”

*Katarina* “You just use Sabbat when talking about them. Anyway….what’s the whole story, because I feel like I’m clearly missing most of it.”

<Brian> shakes his head. “Yes, it is a difficult language at times. Many of one kind can be described without the s, if they are all the same kind, in some situations. Like one would not say Garri families, but Garri family. Do you understand.” He looks to Kat and sighs. “I cannot tell you the entire story, as it is not my place to inform on the natures of others within my circle of friends,

and I am not going to reviel thier secrets to anyone without thier permission, for this I am sorry.”

*Katarina* “Right, right. Fair enough. My bad.”

<Brian> nods to her. “It is ok, you asked with a clear desire for knowledge, not to learn of others secrets.”

<Kegarri> “Kegarri does not know all of the things. That which is known, has already been speaking for the ears to hear.”

*Katarina* “What?”

<Kegarri> blinks and stares at Katarina. Slowly, he repeats his words for her. “Garri. Does. Not. Know. All. Of. The. Things. That. Which. Is. Known. Has. Already. Been. Speaking. For. The Ears. To. Hear.”

*Katarina* “….Okay….that last sentence doesn’t really make sense, but sure? Whatever you say.”

<Brian> chuckles and smiles to Kat, told ya he was unique.”

*Katarina* “Yeah….I’m kinda getting that now….”

<Brian> smiles to KAt. “What Garri is saying is he does not know all that is known, so he cannot answer the question you posed either, but his is due to lack of knowledge about the matter, not keeping secrets.”

*Katarina* “Well, that makes more sense. Thanks.”

<Brian> chuckles. “It takes a bit of crazy to fully understand Garri. I have alot of crazy, so I understand a good bit more then most.”

*Katarina* “You two’d make a really good couple, then.” She grins impishly at the two of them.

<Brian> aughs loudly. “Garri does not understand my preference, he was raised ……… very conventionaly for his people, and thinks I am doing it wrong to have butt sex with someone.”

*Katarina* just looks at Garri. “Dude…wow….”

<Kegarri> looks at Brian with shock. “You are doing this wrong too? Devil-man said this too the night we were meeting Shitty-Shitty. Is this how rats make little ones?”

<Brian> “DEvil man? And no, rats make lillte rats the normal way, I jsut have some abmornal tastes when I am human.”

*Katarina* just laughs.

*Katarina* “Anyway, I gotta go. Mouths to feed, and all that jazz. I’ll see you guys around soon, yeah?”

<Brian> nods and smiles ot Kat. “Sure thing chika, take it easy.”

*Katarina* “Oh, I will. And by the way, the name’s Katarina. Or Kat, if you wanna be informal about it.” She looks at Kegarri.

<Kegarri> “Dev-il-On? The spider-eyes. Like Adhes”

<Brian> shakesh is head this time. “Ok, that one I aint sure about Garri. But I have some stuff I need to take care of as well, so if you will excuse me, I must be leaving as well, friends to check on for me.”

*Katarina* slides out of the booth, heading toward the door.

<Kegarri> “Okay Cat-Arena. This is hood. Garri will go check on the den of bears.” And with that he leaves too

<Brian> chcukels and heads out as well