Katie makes the trip to town to chill at Kal’s office, some things definitely on her mind as she parks and takes a bit of a scan around before getting out of the car to head inside. Waving to the receptionist that knows her by now for sure, she just makes sure he’s not busy before heading that way.

<Kaladorne> is writing something at his desk as Katie opens the double doors to his office. He finishes signing something and looks up at her with a smile, “My favorite person in this hemisphere comes to pay me a visit? Business or pleasure?”

Katie chuckles a little and closes the doors behind her as she strides over and gives him a light kiss. “Both?”, she says before leaning against the desk. “I had a couple things on my mind before our next adventure.”

<Kaladorne> closes the folder of papers he’d just signed and looks up at her, “Well, I guess we should get the business out of the way first, yeah? What do you need?”

Katie nods and looks to him, “Well, when we go in to rescue the Spider from the Crats… we are using a sort of wormhole to get in and out. The exit point is well away from home and naturally occurring… meaning untraceable to us, which is why we’re using it. When we come out though, we need to clear the area fast cause as soon as we set off those alarms the MiBs are gonna be on us. Magic will just lead them straight to us, but

you have ways we can escape without having to resort to anything that will draw their attention that way. Also, we might be being shot at on our way out, but we are gonna collapse the spirit tunnel and slow them down. They aren’t known for their ability to dimensionally travel so it should prevent any not already on top of us from coming out with us.”

<Kaladorne> nods, “So you need trucks with cover to exfil. I can make this happen easily.”

<Kaladorne> nods as he simplifies the operation to what his men would understand, “What else?”

Katie smiles and nods to him. “Awesome. I told the guys that was likely going to be our out.”, she fidgets a little bit and then sits on the edge of his desk, looking at him. “So on a more personal note, uhm, I am just gonna come out and say it… if there was a way for us to have a baby, would you?”

<Kaladorne> blinks a few times as his usual porcelain calm shatters, “Excuse me?”

Katie sighs a little bit and half shrugs, half smiles. “I know I kinda figured that one day way down the line I’d just kinda clone myself in a jar or something but being with you has kinda changed things. And if I was going to, then now… when there would be others to grow up with, would be ideal. Angelo, Lillian… and now Ashe and Mary are expecting…”

<Kaladorne> “I mean it every time I say that I love you, but a child is a really big deal. It’s not just the next stage of escalation for a relationship, it’s a whole new game. I mean…” He totally Owen Wilson’s her. “Just… wow.”

Katie nods. “I know. But working together they’ll be safe. And I mean, it’s probably the first time I have ever actually planned something… not that an accident is likely to happen. I know you have some family but I don’t think I ever asked if they were yours directly, you know?”

Katie shrugs a little. “And i am not gonna be mad if you just say no. I mean I know how dangerous things are. Hell, I almost died… twice.”

<Kaladorne> “Well, no. Accidents are kinda impossible between us unless we explicitly plan for it to happen, which means it’s not an accident.” He pushes himself out of the leather executive chair and walks over to her side of the side to sit on it next to her, “Katie, I have trusted you with my life. I’ve slept next to you. The only thing I value more than my own life is the life of my bloodline, and it does exist. You have also wormed your way

up my list, and that is not an easy thing to do.”

Katie leans over and rests her head against him. “Like I said, I had always just kinda figured someday I’d just make a clone in a jar or something. But you have changed a lot for me, none of it bad. You have certainly forced me to reevaluate my personal risk threshold.”

<Kaladorne> “Things happen for reasons we cannot understand sometimes. We just have to accept what we’ve been presented and roll with it. It’s the divine plan. I never could have guess I would have found you, but here you are. All things because you were staring at my butt.” He laughs a bit and strokes her hair gently.

Katie chuckles a little, nodding. “Well, it was a bad circumstance… the hookman stuff… but you are sexy with that trenchcoat on snooping around crime scenes like some comic book superhero. The more time I spend with you, the more I love everything about you. I want to share everything with you.”

<Kaladorne> “That sounds dangerously like you might want to spend the rest of your life with me.” He pauses and looks down at her, as much as a 5’4″ dude can, “Are we there now?”

Katie slides her hand into his and looks to him, “I have been thinking about this for a while now. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you, and I am not going anywhere. I want to be with you.”

<Kaladorne> “You are the first person I’ve let myself get attached to in, well, at least over a century. There’s just something about you that draws me to you and I can’t deny it. Truthfully, I didn’t even try to.” He takes a deep breath and looks at her, “I love you, Katie. If you want us to move to the next level that requires some extra things. Thankfully, because of his own inability to leave me alone, I know someone that can help us. Are you

sure you want to move our relationship along to the level where children are possible?”

Katie smiles and rubs her thumb over the back of his hand. “I am 100% sure. I don’t know how many lives I have had before, or how many I have ahead of me, but this one I want to spend with you.”

<Kaladorne> nods down at her and squeezes her hand gently, “What’s your full, real, name?”

Katie tilts her head a bit and then blinks, as it hadn’t occurred to her that it wasn’t something she had told him before. “Katalina Rosalia Northam. Yeah… I think my parents excepted me to be a lot more girly than this.”

<Kaladorne> nods to her and falls to a knee and looks up at her, “Katalina Rosalina Northam, I love you with every bit of love in my heart that I have to give, and I want for you to spend the rest of your life on this Earth with me. I humbly ask you… will you marry me?”

<Kaladorne> produces a small velvet covered box from his coat and holds it up to her before popping it open. Within is a ring whose band is a set of gears that meets in a series of pointed spider arms holding a very large diamond that is meticulously cut to fit within the gears of the band.

Katie almost falls off the desk, and she stands and looks at him fondly. “Yes, I will marry you.”, she grins a little as she looks at the ring. “I can see I am not the only one that has been thinking about us… cause I know you don’t have the Matter and Correspondence to just pull that out of thin air.”

<Kaladorne> grins up at her as he reaches to pull the ring from the box and push it onto her finger, “No, I might not have any idea what you’re talking about with the Correspondence or Matter, but I do have a thorough understanding of money. Lots of money.”

<Kaladorne> stands after pushing the ring onto her finger and hugs her tightly! “I’m totally gonna have to cash in favors with Father Thomas to let us marry in his Church. He hates vampires.”

Katie hugs him back warmly. “Pretty sure for you he’d make an exception.”

<Kaladorne> nods, “I know a guy. I think we’ll be okay.”

Katie grins again and just holds him. “Man, this is really happening.”

<Kaladorne> nods and pulls her into him, “This is happening, Katie. You are going to be one of the exceptionally few that knows my real name after this.”

Katie sighs happily. “So, we should probably wait until after the lab, but that gives us time to sort things out.”

<Kaladorne> “I don’t like this. We’re gonna get married but we have this mission before hand that we could both die during…”

Katie pulls back just enough to look at him. “So, sooner then? I am all for jumping in with both feet, you know me.”

<Kaladorne> nods down at her, “I have a priest on speed dial if you’re okat with this happening right now?”

Katie leans forward and kisses his cheek. “Tomorrow. Because we are on a time limit getting ready before dawn. And with both our backgrounds if we don’t extend an invitation to Hexion our kid might end up cursed or something. I can take care of most of that during the day.”

<Kaladorne> nods, “So we get married tomorrow. That gives you time to back out. I’m going to call in the favors and make this happen. No backing out, right?”

Katie squeezes his hand tightly. “No backing out. I am going to call up a few people and we are going to get married and then go party, and then enjoy each other’s company for a very very long time.”

<Kaladorne> nods over to Katie, “You are the first person I’ve thought about this with for a very long time. If you aren’t where I expect you to be tomorrow morning I’m going to be very cross… and I will find you.”

Katie grins and then steals a quick kiss. “I will meet you at the church tomorrow evening. I am going to have to caffeinate and make some calls myself.”

<Kaladorne> nods, “I’ll make sure my side is ready. Some of them will not see this coming.”

Katie hugs him again tightly and bounces excitedly. “Okay. I am gonna go take care of things. I love you so much. I will see you again at Father Thomas’s Church.”

<Kaladorne> hugs her tightly, “Love you so much, Katie. I’m gonna call the priests now.”