<Salazar> walked the grounds as he had come to do nightly. It was useful for determining boundaries and it made him feel like he was actually doing something useful. It was true, there were other warders about the grounds and ones that were more knowledgeable, but if he did nothing then he was going to go mad. It was the one thing he understood in this strange world. At least the language they used was coming a little easier to him, but that was a

blessing and a curse as he occasionally caught people speaking about him or uttering things that his mind took as insults. He’d begun to see their laughter as directed at him and it fuelled the anger burning in his heart. Even now he found himself moving to the practice grounds to find a sword and take out his frustration on one of the dummies.

<Salazar> knew where the practice swords were kept and while they would make poor armaments, it was suitable to practice with until he’d managed to earn his place in this world. Which was another matter of frustration. Even when he’d been embraced, he hadn’t been this lost. He’d had a mentor, someone to guide him. Here it seemed he was alone among many and too many offered sympathy. He snarled and bore his fangs in anger as he squared off against one

of the dummies and slammed the sword home with the full power of his body and potence combined. The reverberation of the hit through the metal stung his hand, but it ‘felt’ good. It was what he wanted. To feel something to make this place real

<Salazar> didn’t hold back his blows one inch, taking satisfaction as the steel bit into the dummy viciously. He might not ever fight like this in practice, but right now it wasn’t so much about fighting as venting the deeply rooted anger and frustration before it consumed him. If he’d ben mortal he would have been panting and sweat soaked after a few minutes of this. Luckily he was not mortal. He was a vampire and his body didn’t tire as weak flesh

was prone to. But that didn’t mean his mind was dead. His emotion seethed inside him violently and his thoughts vanished into nothing except the dummy that was in front of him.

<Salazar> finally finished, the sword coming to rest at his side as his snarling features faded back into a neutral expression before he simply turned and walked away from the dummy towards the shed the practice weapons were kept in. He’d stow the blade, ensuring it was in at least reasonable shape for the next person before he’d go to find somewhere quiet to pray.