<Bai> had spent the last several days mostly focused on the new temple, but today was a day he could relax so he makes his way over to Henry’s… the mundane way, for once. He’s wearing casual travel robes, nothing so long that it gets in the way of his ability to move, but still monk enough that he’d get stares on the busses. psh. americans. Anyways. Once at Henry’s house, he’d knock at the

door politely in warning before using the key he’d been given to step in. Still, he wouldn’t go past the livingroom at first. He takes his time removing his shoes and listens for where Henry might be in the building.

<Henry> was in the kitchen, at the table with a cup of tea in his hand and a book in the other. As he heard the knock and the door open he knew that it could only have been one of two people – both of whom he was rather fond of. So he set the book down and stood with a smile to poke his head around the corner and take a look, “Bai!” His was was warm and pleased, a mood that was echoed in the flush that coloured his cheeks upon seeing the younger man,

“What a delight. I was beginning to worry. Would you care for some tea?” He exited the kitchen to properly welcome him back and then paused since he wasn’t sure if he should offer a handshake, a hug, a kiss? Were any of those welcome or appropriate? After an awkward pause, Henry evidently decided to blush more and try for a light hug.

<Bai> would relock the door behind him and turn to watch Henry just long enough to see the pause. And then he’d grin broadly and step into the hug so he can pull Henry into one of those hugs that was almost a precurser to sex – pressing into Henry and pulling him closer so that they’re pressed together. One hand settles on Henry’s ass and flexes in a teasing grip that also limits Henry’s ability

to wiggle away (not that Bai would force him to stay), while the other slides up Henry’s back to cup the back of his neck. But rather than couple the almost sexual greeting with a deep kiss, Bai merely presses a light, gentle kiss to Henry’s forehead. and then ducks his head to one side so he can slide his cheek against Henry’s. He pauses with lips nearly brushing Henry’s ear and murmurs very

softly, “Greet me however you are comfortable and however you want. As long as i’m not dead or bleeding afterwards.” And then he’ll catch the earlobe in his lips for a gentle tug. His voice returns to normal as he would straighten, loosening his hold so that Henry can easily step away if he wants, “Tea would be lovely, thank you. And I am sorry, setting up the temple has taken my focus recently.”

<Henry> hadn’t quite expected that warm of a greeting and it certainly planted the seeds of where he definitely wanted the day to go, but for the moment he was too busy trying not to melt in Bai’s arms. Rather than move away, he clung to Bai partially because he enjoyed the feel of the other man and partially because he didn’t trust his knees not to buckle under him, “Oh Dear… Gods…” He was going to just start jumping the poor man at this rate

and instead of slipping away when offered the chance, he stayed where he was for a moment to enjoy the closeness and let his hands roam over the tones muscles of Bai’s back, “I certainly hope you have a bit of free time today.” Henry murmured the words against Bai’s neck as he dared a hand a bit lower to sneak a quick feel of the other man’s butt before he slipped away to coax Bai towards the kitchen. He’d rather forgo the tea, but, “I was… hoping

to talk with you. About some personal things.” That was nerve racking to admit.

<Bai> hums a soft sound that would probably be a purr in his other form, and he’s more than happy to stay there and give Henry time to collect himself and explore. He grins broadly when Henry’s brave enough to cop a feel in return. His voice is warm in reply to the question and Henry’s reactions, “I do have time.” He’ll follow Henry to the kitchen, not put off by being led there instead of to

the bedroom, but then Bai’s not the sort to necessarily worry about where sensual or sexual things happen so much. He’s not surprised about the last bit, and he nods, expression still easy and calm, inviting even. Then again, as a monk he probably ended up listening to people a lot. “Personal things as in preferences, or personal as in your situation that puts you so close to so many of the

supernatural community?” He’ll tilt his head a bit and one brow arches a little, “And would you rather I give you some distance while we talk, or can we bring the tea into the living room and relax together on the couch?” Given the way he seems to enjoy -sprawling- he probably doesn’t mean just sitting on the couch, but half cuddling.

<Henry> bustles about the kitchen as he prepares some tea for the two of them. An orange pekoe for himself and a japanese blend he’d ordered online for Bai, “Er… well both. I uh… admit we should have probably spoken sooner. There are some things you really do need to know and I don’t… I don’t wish to mislead you.” Henry sighed softly. It was probably better to do this formally, but the idea of cuddling was a treat and after a moment he smiled

and nodded to the living room, “I think I’d prefer that actually. Then perhaps you won’t run from me.” He chuckled softly and picked up both cups to head to the living room. He’d rather have Bai upstairs, but he really should have sex before this conversation since the shifter was liable to leave him to numb in the mind to do more than moan and pass out.

<Bai> follows after, though he does note Henry’s reactions. So while Henry’s setting out the tea to his liking, Bai settles on the couch and streeetchs out. It was very like the fox half’s casually languid claiming of space. when henry turns back to him, Bai will offer up a hand to silently invite Henry closer. Since he’s literally taking up the whole couch, the invitation is clearly meant to

invite Henry to not just cuddle but lay on top of him. “Mmm. Well I know you are around the vampires often. Just don’t offer me up for dinner… kitsune are spirit-blessed so that we’ll fireball explode if a vampire tries to bind us.”

<Bai> pauses, “And if you dislike your master enough to -try- that, just tell me, maybe? there’s other things that could be tried first, I would think.”

<Henry> turned back around and blinked at Bai’s expansive claiming of the couch and then laughed brightly with a shake of his head, “And where am I supposed to sit, hmm?” He obviously knew and with a sheepish smile climbed on top of Bai to cuddle with him and enjoy the closeness in more ways then one. This was going to be a distracted conversation as Henry stretched out so that one hand could play with the young man’s hair and the other was laid

across his chest so Henry was able to prop himself up a bit. It made it easier to look into Bai’s eyes, “I… yes… I wouldn’t and Cassian would never try to bind you, Bai. He isn’t like that… and…” Henry closed his eyes to let out a breath, “I couldn’t -ever- hurt cassian. I… I think I should start at the beginning… what do you know about ghouls, Bai?”

<Bai> has the rediculously thick hair of the Japanese, the sort that almost makes you understand Anime Hair as just ‘f- it I don’t have time to get rid of this bed head’ and like his fox side, he’s very pettable. He also clearly enjoys it. Bai had grinned in unabashed humor at Henry’s intial reaction, but Bai didn’t mind giving Henry the literal and mental upper hand of being on top, figuring

that it would help bolster Henry against whatever part of this conversation that made him feel so uncomfortable. He gives an unsurprised nod at the admission that Henry couldn’t hurt Cassian, and then his head tilts a little, “not much. The kuei-jin aren’t… like?… Western vampires. They’re literal warriors created to affect a war between the living, underworld, and spirit realms. Not all

ofthem drink blood, though some eat things like living bone.” He waves one hand lightly and then reaches up to steady Henry with one arm, the other hand just lazily touches Henry’s side. “I’ve worked as emissary and messenger to some courts here. So I know Vampires mostly don’t go out at day, and ghouls tend to be daylight caretakers or workers? They are bound to their vampire, I know, but …

” a small wince, “Not all are treated well by those who hold them. Some seem to be lovers and very well treated.” He arches a brow slightly and focuses back on henry’s expression. “I suppose what I know is that they are living people somehow bound to the vampire.. for a wide range of reasons.”

<Henry> nodded his head and rested his chin on his arm so he could watch Bai’s expression while they talked. Bai’s strategy seemed to work as most of Henry was relaxed, even if he was perhaps a little enthusiastic in other areas. “I’ve never heard of the Kuei-jin… but then I hadn’t really heard of true vampires until a year and a half ago.” He seemed to pause there, “I grew up in a small village in Wales and I haven’t spoken to my parents in years.

My studies and my… preference for men has cost me a great deal. I never really expected to have a place to fit in. I always assumed I would be alone. The idea that someone could accept me…” Or desire him, was foreign. That Bai was for some reason willing to be close with him, well the confusion played out on Henry’s face. “You need to understand that to… understand my choice. And once I tell you more, you will understand why that is important.”

Henry trailed his fingers down to cup Bai’s cheek, “When I moved to New Orleans, it was just another empty place to live and work. It was interesting, but… empty. Not long after arriving, I stumbled on something horrible. There was someone or something murdering children and one of the murders was in my car, by an alligator. Needless to say I was a suspect and arrested. That was when I met him for the first time, Cassian came to speak to me, but I

didn’t know what he was. When things came to a head, I discovered that a child was going to be killed at the zoo and I alerted him, but I couldn’t sit idle. So I followed… I saw shadows closing in on him like living things and called out to them to buy him time.” Henry shivers and curls against Bai with the disturbing memory, “I would have died. I lead them as far as I could before they caught me and began to rip me apart. I should have died, but

Cassian saved my life with his blood and offered me a choice. Forget or apprentice under him… I’d never had someone want to have me around and I couldn’t turn my back on the darkness now that I’d seen it. That… was when I became a ghoul.”

<Bai> is momentarily confused by trying to work out the mental hoops that meant ‘aligator kills child in car. blame car’s owner for murder’ but american police weren’t necessarily known for their good work… more importantly, -Japanese- police were not above accusing someone innocent of some crime just to show the public they were working on the issue. So he doesn’t dwell on that. He nods

slowly as he listens to the story, and doesn’t draw away. That henry had tried to warn the Cassian draws a small smile, and he’s unsurprised when the memory leads to the shivers. He wraps his arms around Henry now, comforting him from the phantom pain as much as trying to remind him that Henry’s -here- and not in that memory. He nods slowly at the end of it, and focuses his gaze on Henry. “I

can see that. As long as he didn’t somehow orchestrate it all by controlling the alligators, then it even seems … humane? of him. I’ve seen a rather lot of supernaturals who seem to have this ‘kill them if they see’ mentality.” Bai was not unaffected by their snuggling, but he was a champ at ignoring it for now, because the conversation was important.

<Henry> hadn’t needed to explain all of that to Bai, but he wanted the young man to understand where Henry had been in his life when he’d made this choice and why it had appealed to him, “No, Cassian didn’t do that. Thank God. He was more than willing to erase the event from my mind afterwards, but… I couldn’t hide like that, even if it was terrifying. He shamelessly curled against Bai as he took a breath “A ghoul, drinks Vampire blood and in doing

so we become stronger and more robust. We don’t age and we don’t become ill, but there are drawbacks. Rather grave ones. I am tied to Cassian by a compulsion to care for him more than life itself. I can’t distinguish were what I feel ends and where the bond begins, but it is inconsequential really. It isn’t any less real to me. I would kill for him and I would die if it helped him. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about anything else, but I can’t fight

the desire to see him happy and healthy. It is a love, not romantic for me, but the closest family.” He looked into Bai’s eyes as if searching for understanding, “He doesn’t treat me poorly, but he does expect me to keep up appearances. The type of vampire he is means another above him could take me, if I were too promising or if he couldn’t manage me effectively. It is why with others in that clan I need… to act a certain way. His clan… can be

exceedingly cruel to ghouls… but that is not an issue at the moment. What I am trying to say, Bai is that…. I am exceedingly fond of you, but I can not give you the type of love that you may be looking for in life. I can care for you, but I can never put anything above who I am bound to. I… crave carnal desires as a side effect of the blood, but I would not have…” He blushed and looked down at their sprawled bodies, “I wouldn’t be this close

to you if it was just that.”

<Bai> doesn’t stop touching Henry, instead he starts up that light massage he’d done to help Henry relax after the first time Henry had been started by the shifting. Rather than repulsed or upset, his expression remains thoughtful when henry looks at him… and he nods slowly. “Alright… I’m not -happy- with how you had to act the other day.. and I’m inclined to think if that fellow can’t coax

his own target to be his ghoul that he probably neither needs nor deserves one. He struck me more as a petulant child that was bitching about not enough ice cream in his favorite flavor.” He waves a hand lightly, then returns it to Henry’s back as the discussion turns to ‘carnal’ things. His lips curl just a little in teasing humor, “‘carnal desires’ .. you are very much an academic.” Bai bumps

noses gently with Henry, and then relaxes back on the couch again… though when Henry blushes and looks down, Bai’s not above flattening a hand along Henry’s lower back and pressing down gently as he rolls his hips up into Henry in a single grinding motion to show what -he- felt about carnal desires. He settles down after only a brief tease and replies with a gentled voice, “Kitsune.. we like

sex. It’s a long running joke in asia.” He sobers a bit then, and adds, “But it’s partially because we don’t reproduce easily. If a woman – kitsune or not – gets pregnant with a kitsune child, we know because even the dads feel the labor pain… and the chances that the mother will die are very high. Even the father – human or kitsune – has a chance of death. So.. if we get attached to a woman,

or if a female kitsune gets attached to a man, we have to be -very- careful. The general preference for male kitsune is have sex with random women, keep their names in a list, and then go find her if you start getting the birthing pains so you can see to her and the child.” He grimaces a bit at it, then goes on, “Traditionally in much of asia there was no moral downside to sex between men…

shinto tradition even indicates that sex between men is more pure, because it’s how the first two gods created the world and much of the things living here.” he arches his brows at Henry, “Don’t ask how… just leave it at spirit magic and magic jizz.” A small huff of laughter, “And so you’ll find a -lot- of us with male partners. Sometimes exclusive and sometimes not, and sometimes we find

someone we like enough that a relationship happens even when we try to avoid it. That’s where legends of kitsune wives come from – kitsune who get attached and just stay either until the human dies or until the human finds out and rejects them. Our patron spirit is a god of fertility and harvest, though, so I’ll let you work out how very much we like sex.” An unabashed grin, and then his

expression sobers as he studies Henry’s features and how he’s taking this information. “I grew fond enough of you that I wanted to ease your lonliness, and I want to help you explore… especially if your status as ghoul means you’re going to be craving contact, you need someone to teach you. Some men aren’t safe to learn from, and I didn’t want to see you hurt.” A pause and then he adds, a

bit abashed as he admits the next part, because it’s not typical for a kitsune, “I also didn’t want you to think I’m just playing, so I’ve not been exploring the local -glorious- supply of asses of both genders on display at the Quarter. And I don’t intend to until you either decide enough, or until you’re comfortable enough to explore on your own.”

<Henry> let his head drop onto Bai’s chest with a soft moan as the man worked wonders on his tense muscles, “No, it wasn’t right what he did. I am not his, for one, but for the reason you mentioned as well. I can’t give you details, but I am to inform Jacob that he is not permitted to take a ghoul. I expressed my feelings and concerns to Cassian and… he is not one to uproot a mortal needlessly in such a manner. He agreed it wasn’t right.” Henry

chuckled as their noses bumped and he would have wiggled up to chase those delightful lips if the sudden pressure against his lower back hadn’t stolen his mind away. The poor shivered again, but this time it was far from fear that he was feeling and Bai didn’t need to coax him into enjoying the tease he offered. Henry had to struggle to listen to the explanation, but he did tuck all of that away for later and instead focused on the parts that were

important right now. The ghoul forced his mind to the subject at hand and he cupped both of the Asian man’s cheeks in his hands, “I… wish that I had gown up with that philosophy, perhaps I’d have less loneliness to sooth and I hope that it is something more than that.” He didn’t know what exactly he hoped for, but he did like Bai quite a bit, “Thank you for telling me and I understand if you need to see others. I admit… the kindred blood carries

a possessive tendency to jealously, but I will not deny you other people though…” He let his own head dip with a laugh, “There are some nice asses out there, yes. I agree. I am an academic, but I don’t know what I feel beyond right now. I don’t even know what I will feel tomorrow, but Bai… I do not want to tie you to me simply because you do not wish to hurt me.” He lifted his head to meet the man’s eyes with a sad smile, “I would survive. I

promise. I have always survived and I admit that I like you enough that I don’t wish you to be longing for someone else, even in passing. From what you say, it would not be fair to you.”

<bai> hums approval at hearing that Cassian had nixed the other vampire’s order to Henry. He’ll slide his hands down, one on a cheek and the other on the back of Henry’s upper thigh, to drag Henry up just enough that he can nuzzle into Henry’s hands and give him the missed kiss from earlier. Whenever Henry lets him up so they can both catch their breath, he’ll chuckle softly, “I’m indolent when

I’m not on duty, soothing you and accompanying you is pleasing, and yes I like you or I wouldn’t have come back. No matter how good your bacon is.” he sounds amused but at the sad smile, he’ll kiss Henry and nibble just a little on his lower lip. When he speaks, his tone is warm and just a little rumbly, “It is -fun- helping you explore and learn, Henry. Sex isn’t something I need, just that

I enjoy it immensely. And you’ll find out that I -will- watch if something sexy is going on. We’re not really embarrassed by having erections.” He tilts his head a little, “And I am going to reassert this… I’m not having sex with anyone else for now. You -might- see me out at clubs as I troll for rapists to damage though. Just don’t be surprised if you ever see me in leather and makeup.”

<Henry> didn’t bother trying to hide that he was enjoying the snuggling and the kiss the followed. He might not have skill, but he was oh so willing to learn right now. Henry chuckled, “Are you sure? It is very good bacon.” Henry teased with an uncharacteristically playful smile. At least it wasn’t characteristic of his mannerisms in public, but in private? In private he wasn’t as nervous or afraid to show himself, “Er… yes. Cultural differences.”

He chuckled and blushed, well aware that he dreaded the public betrayal of his body when attractive men inadvertently teased him. “I’m actually very pleased to hear that you’d stop those sorts of people. Perhaps I could help sometime? Er… and not just to see you in leather.” Though that had ‘clearly’ caught his attention and he groaned at himself and muttered, “Bloody Hell… ok. Perhaps it would mostly be to see you in leather.” He wasn’t sure

about the makeup part, but he wasn’t dwelling on that or anything else because the idea of Bai in leather seemed to be the last of what Henry was willing to take before stopping anymore words coming from Bai’s lips with a very enthusiastic kiss. That was the last warning Bai received before the ghoul quite happily indulged Bai what was evidently his favourite hobby.

<Bai> cheeeerfully complies, because Bai.