<Father-Thomas> still doesn’t look particularly thrilled at the guest list or the decorators, but he hangs back and lets them use the building, occasionally crossing himself and shaking his head.

<Devon> enters, dressed in a recreation 19th Centry gentleman outfit, complete with tails, cane, and top hat. He notices the priest, and moves to him. “What seems to be the matter Father?”

<Zilly> seems to enjoy annoying the priest, especially when she drops her mortal seeming and flies up to the ceiling to put things where directed by Sidhe decorator sent to handle things.

<Zilly> “Do this hands -look- like they were made to handle flowers? Seriously?”, she mutters along with the annoyed buzzing of her dragonfly wings.

☠Hexion※ would arrive to check on the decorations to make sure they were magically sparkly and perfect. He’d nod to Zilly. “Great work!”

<Ashe> enters the church with Maryska and smiles to the father with his usual warm expression. He’s dressed in a fine silk dress kimono in a male cut with a haori overtop. It was done in black mostly, save for delicate silver embroidery along the hems that gave the impression of mist coming down from the mountains, “It looks wonderful in here. You have certainly done wonders , Zilly.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ goes and gets his suit he had put away to be tailored and would go see Father Thomas and help out in any way.

**Salazar** entered the church with a wary expression. He was dressed in the finest looking clothing that he’d been given by Lord Zaluut for his time here. Though that didn’t necessarily mean it was proper since Salazar didn’t know what was proper in this era. As he entered, his eyes went wide, and the man knelt to the side of the aisle to cross himself with a mumbled latin prayer. He had never seen a church so magnificent and he bowed his head while

he knelt and prayed as one unworthy to be in the finest of God’s houses.

<Zilly> lands on the ground and folds her wings up behind her. “Yeah, yeah… It’s pretty. Not used to dealing with delicate shit, but it’s pretty.”

<Zaluut> and Kitt enter along with Salazar and take a seat in the back for now so as not to get in the way.

<Father-Thomas> raised an eyebrow as he watched Salazar, but kept quiet. He sighed at Ramirez. “I agreed to this, not sure why, but I agreed to this.”

<Devon> nods, standing by the priest, and nods a greeting to Ramirez.

{Zo} “Because you deep down know it’s the right thing to do?”, he smirks at the Priest and then looks around as people come in slowly.

<Father-Thomas> looks at Zo, but then looks away without arguing.

<Devon> loosk to Zo, and smiles. He tips his hat to him, and winks. “Nice to see you again Zo.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Because you care about Katie and Kal is a good guy. It’ll be alright. Thank you for doing it, padre.”

{Zo} smiles and nods to Devon, then glances to Ramirez and the Priest before making his way around and toward the front for a few moments.

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods to Zo and would get back to helping with preparations and watching things

<Salazar> finally dragged himself to his feet again, not because he feels any less unworthy, but because he couldn’t remain in the aisle. His eyes meet the priest, but Salazar only looked confused. The father didn’t like like the priests Sal remembered from his life though he was obviously related to the church somehow. Following Kitt and Zaluut he slipped into the back pew to sit silently and stare about the church with a God fearing expression of

awe and well… fear.

<Ashe> chuckles to Zilly before shaking his head, “I am sure you could have scolded the flowers to look however you liked and they would have listened.

<Kitt> leans over to Salazar and points out Zo before whispering.

Kitt whispers “<Latin> See that guy? He’s an Angel, for real.”

<Zilly> sighs, “If only it worked that way.”, her wings flutter faintly and she looks around. “You’d think a church with so many pictures of bird people in the windows would have more wing-friendly seats.”

<Devon> watches Zo as he moves about, standing comfortablely in his outfit, and somehow looking accustomed to such dressing.

<Hope> comes out from a hallway and hugs Zo tightly about the chest. She is a thin, pale girl, with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. “I missed you!”

<Salazar> leaned closer to Kitt to listen carefully to whatever wisdom she might have to say to him. It’s hard to say what the desired effect was, but if Salazar could have gone pale, he would have. He didn’t doubt Kitt for an instant and in the span of a single heartbeat the warrior was no longer sitting on the pew. No. He’d dropped from the pew to his knees as if struck and pulled the rosary from his pocket as he began praying again in latin.

Praying for the salvation of the soul, God’s mercy, and forgiveness for his sins.

{Zo} hugs her back and kisses her forehead. “I missed you too. But it’s super important to listen to Thomas right now and stay inside. I know it’s boring, but it’s very dangerous out right now.”

<Zaluut> looks over at Kitt in an almost fatherly tone and shakes his head at her.

~֎Ramirez֎~ glances over at Hope and nods to her. “It’s nice to see you out and about. It’s been some time since we have seen you.”

<Hope> waves to Ramirez and looks past Zo to Salazar before looking back to Zo again. “I will be good.”

<Kitt> glances over at Zaluut, then purses her lips slightly before looking down the aisle to Salazar.

<Salazar> wouldn’t rise from his knees gain, not in the presence of an angel, a servant of God. He couldn’t. A lifetime, his lifetime, had taught him to fear God and that the judgement of his soul was dependent on his humility and servitude to the church. All he could do was pray and hope that they would be spared God’s wrath. That no one else was praying didn’t matter.

<Devon> looks over to Ramirez, and nods to him. “Hows life treating ya here lately Ramirez?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Alright. How are you doing?”

<Devon> “Fairly decent. Had to dig out this suit, I used it a few months back for a gig in LA, so I was sure it would fit, but had to get it cleaned. And things at the theater are going good as well.”

<Ashe> smiled to anyone that looked his way and settled himself down into a pew, “That’s great to hear, Devon. So… any idea how Katie’s doing yet? I can almost picture her in a near panic somewhere.”

<Devon> shrugs. “She was fine when I saw her last. She was just about to try on her gown that she had made for her.”

{Zo} lets go of Hope to go over to Salazar and look him over before he speaks up. He doesn’t touch him as he prefers not to startle him. “You might go and sit, and pray there if you like, but I think they plan to use this area for getting married.”

<Salazar> was aware of Zo’s position, even though he didn’t look up and he grew lower as the angel approached, perhaps expecting to be struck down. His mind was confused at the command, that he didn’t understand and his mind wasn’t clear enough to decipher the words he did know. After a moment he spoke in latin.

Salazar speaks in Latin: Forgive this humble servant. I know not your language, My Lord. Please, but speak your command in any other tongue so I may obey. Glory be unto God and his servants. Forever may the Kingdom of Heaven rule unto this unworthy soul.

<Zoelie>would totally be helping Katie

{Zo} looks at Zaluut and Kitt and mouths {where did you find this guy?} before looking down at Salazar and speaking in Latin.

Katie is busy in one of the little side rooms getting ready and letting Zoelie and maybe one of the Fae do something with her crazy ass hair.

Zo speaks in Latin: “Please, rise and go have a seat with your friends. We are here to serve as witnesses for their love tonight.”

<Storyteller> Zoelie gladly would help try to tame Katie’s hair, totally getting how that is.

<Salazar> breathed a sigh of relief that the angel spoke a language he understood to him. He crossed himself and uttered one last hasty prayer before he wordlessly nodded and scrambled back into a seat like he thought Zo may very well smite him if he took too much time to do so. And really, all Salazar knew of angels from early Christianity indicated he might very well be smited for that reason.

::Maryska was sitting beside Ashe, she would blink and look around, seeming to come to life all of a sudden as if she had been off in her own little world, she would be wearing a nice dress, nothing overly fancy, but nice enough to be considered well dressed, she would of course still be wearing sunglasses, sadly, this was a part of life that was unavoidable.::

<Devon> reamins quiet standing by Ramirez and the Father, his eyes roving the gathering, but he seems to look at Zo a little more often.

<Zilly> watches the guys take off after Zo spouts some language at him and chuckles. She is wearing a pair of sunglass lensed goggles, mostly so when she flies upside down they don’t fall off. She hangs around near Hexion without getting in the way, eyeing the food now and then, but behaving for now.

Katie probably hasn’t cut her hair in… well… it’s been a while. And the electric shocks and burns to it have just taught it to rebel at every opportunity.

{Zo} smiles a little bit, but he so wants to hear that story later. He shoos Hope off to go assist the girls before walking back over to where people are gathering.

::Maryska leaned in close to Ashe.;: “Oh, Altaryn stopped by earlier, as well as Salazar and Katie, Altaryn would like to talk to you when you have some free time hun.” ::she smiled at him and pecked his cheek as she kept her eyes on the gathering.::

<Kitt> sits quietly, and looks to Salazar apologetically. She hadn’t thought it would freak him out.

☠Hexion※ for the moment stands by, just watching things and his eyes also trail to the food because that was important.

**Ashe** smiled, “Of course. I’ll try and find him later tonight if there is time…. But… who is Salazar?”

[Umbra] Zadkiel jumps down from the roof and walks into the chruch to have a look around. He eyes Zo, and then Father Thomas for some time before taking a stand near to the doorway.

<Salazar> sits clutching his rosary to his chest as he silently thanks God to have survived the encounter with an angel. He spares a moment to nod to Kitt and whispers.

::Maryska would gesture to a gentleman that was clutching his rosary to his chest.:: “he’s over there, an old vampire that seems to be, well, not from now, it’s like he was locked away for a while in a tomb, Katie found him, and he found me one night when I was in the woods, we kinda conversed for a bit.”

Salazar whispers <Latin> Thank you for warning me, Lady Kitt. God’s messengers hide among us and I most certainly would have been struck down as unworthy if I had not begged God for mercy on my Soul before he took notice of my presence. As it is… it is mercy indeed to be in such a glorious house of God. His divinity must be very close to us indeed.

Katie is eventually ready, and tells Hope to go let them know that things can start whenever they are ready.

**Ashe** nodded and looked towards the praying man, “Ah… lucky he found you and not something else.”

::Maryska nodded.:: “Yeah, he’s a pretty nice guy honestly.” ::she looked back to Ashe with a smile.:: “He was awe stricken by a lightswitch earlier, it’s interesting seeing the perceptions of different era’s interacting.” ::she snuggled closer to Ashe and rested her head on his shoulder.::

<Zilly> glances toward the weirdo bird man in the back, and then her wings buzz again faintly as she walks along the wall on the outside.

<Devon> smiles again to Zo, then goes to take a seat on the bride’s side. Setting his hat on the pew next to him.

{Zo} takes notice of Zadkiel’s presence but doesn’t approach him, instead hanging about near the front and glancing down the hall from time to time.

<Deveraux> decides to show the proper respect for Father Thomas’ church and walk through the front door instead of just popping in. He’s wearing a formal black Victorian suit tonight, with matching tophat, but still has his usual black walking stick. He moves to the rear-most pew on the groom’s side and sits near the aisle.

<Zoelie> applies just the right amount of l’anza noni fruit conditioner to Katie’s hair, finer and lighter than her own but prone to frizz all the same. she puts it in an intricate french braid that drapes along the side of her head so they can clip the veil onto it. because if katie doesn’t have a fancy white lace veil, what’s the point of getting married, right? Zoelie kept her own

hair in the beautiful autumn colored beads and braids that hexion’s people put it in the week before. she wore a brown and red dress to complement it.

<Storyteller> Stephen, Julia, and another man are all sitting in the front pew and are quietly chatting amongst themselves up to this point. They’ve looked around the room a few times, but aren’t staring at anyone.

<Kitt> just nods a little to Salazar and then pays attention towards the front, noticing the occasional disapproving look gotten from Zaluut.

~֎Ramirez֎~ watches things and notes some people there he wasn’t sure of, but just waits and takes a seat on Katie’s side.

<Father-OMalley> peeks out to look at the crowd, takes a pull off a silver flask, then ducks back behind the door to the private areas of the church.

<Zilly> looks at the sides and then frowns squarely before buzzing up into the rafters and sitting up there. “You can’t make me pick a side!”

Katie sighs a little and looks down at the dress before looking back to Zoelie. “I guess it’s a good thing I only plan to ever do this once cause this is a lot of work.”

<Salazar> didn’t understand the disapproving look from Lord Zaluut, but now wasn’t the time to ask for clarity and he was still painfully dependent on others for surviving in this world. So he mimicked the others and sat statuesque still and looked forward. Afterall, it was a privilege to be here.

☠Hexion※ smirks up to Zilly. “That seems ideal.”

<Zoelie> looks at Katie and grins, raises her eyebrows “Yeah, give me a security system to build any day, right?”

::Maryska shifted in her seat, the wood was one of those constant reminders as to why she like sofa’s and such.:: “The waiting at the beginning is always the hardest.” ::she said to Ashe as she wrapped her hands around his arms, holding him close.::

<Devon> looks to Ramirez, and chuckles. “Think it will be Here comes the Bride, or something newer and fitting to KAtie?”

<Storyteller> On the side opposite of where Father O’Malley just peeked out four women in elegant black dresses step out. Two are holding violins, another a viola and the last a black electric cello. They don’t yet begin to play anything, however, but stand ready to.

<Zoelie> adjusts the dress so the rose and the trim sit in the right places

<Tansy> heads inside after getting lost a few times and quickly looks the room over before taking a seat on the groom’s side.

<Ashe> nods and smiles to Maryska and leaned against her in return, “I suppose I’ve been distracted by a beautiful woman, I never noticed the time.”

<Tansy> blinks for a moment and raises an eyebrow, then goes back to sitting still and watching.

<Zoelie> “Ya look gorgeous, Katie. Y’all gon make beautiful piti.”

::Maryska smiled and nuzzled in against Ashe a little as he made the compliment.:: “You’re a flatterer.” ::she kissed his cheek.:: “Oh, Brian, I need to talk to you about him later, remind me okay?”

Katie smiles at Zoelie and then peeks out, waiting now and ready.

<Father-OMalley> comes out again from the side, looking a little more straight, and heads up to the middle where he’s supposed to stand. He’s done up as dressy as a drunken Irish priest can manage to be and is carrying a well-worn Bible that he holds in front of him as he looks the crowd over and smiles and nods.

[Umbra] Zadkiel eyes Father O’Malley, and smiles to himself.

{Zo} glances up for a moment, and then toward the door, his expression shifting ever so slightly before looking back toward the old Priest.

<Ashe> nodded with smiled to Maryska and then let his attention settle on the priest.

~֎Ramirez֎~ stifled a yawn and waited. He had some rice to throw at the couple. This was taking forever.

<Salazar> looked at the priest curiously and with a bit of confusion, but he was attentive.

<Kaladorne> steps out from the same side as Father O’Malley, and doesn’t keep his friend waiting too long. He’s dressed in chainmail, has his broadsword at his right hip, and a white overcloth with the St. John’s Cross in red on it. He has a leather belt securing the overcloth around his waist and a pair of brown leather gloves stuffed through it and folded neatly. He steps up and shakes O’Malley hand before looking over to the quartet and

giving them the nod.

<Storyteller> The four women all get their instruments into the ready position and begin to play the Bridal Chorus from Wagner’s Lohengrin. They’re all mic’d and coming through the church PA system. Easily heard but not loud enough that you’d have difficulty hearing the person next to you speak.

<Zoelie> smirks as she sees Kal and looks at Katie “Hey, who givin you away?”

<Salazar> sucks in a breath at the sight of Kaladorne bearing St. John’s cross and once more he crosses himself and bows his head. The wedding of a knight, he reminded himself, he truly was unworthy to be here – especially with the music that didn’t just come from the women, but echoed from all around them as if a heavenly chorus joined their voices. Salazar’s eyes went wide with wonder as he witnessed a miracle be blessed upon his brother’s union.

The rosary was tight in his hand and he would have dropped to his knees had the angel not proclaimed he should do otherwise.

Katie takes her cue and it’s time to make her way down the aisle. Her dress trailing the floor and decorated in steampunk fashion but also oddly elegant and with her hair french braided to one side, one might argue that she looked like a completely different person. Her steps were not incredibly graceful, but she managed. Instead of her goggles there is a set of flowers pinned about a tiny top hat that sits just-so on her head.

::Maryska looked over at the newer Vampire and sighed heavily, whispering to Ashe.:: “Poor guy, speakers and stuff are still new to him, he thinks that the women probably have some kind of magic to make the music come from the walls.” ::she felt kind of bad for the guy, strange world to wake up in when you’re not used to it.::

<Devon> stands as the band starts, turning to watch the Bride come down the isle.

::Maryska would stand up as she realized the Bride was coming.::

<Kitt> follows suit with the others, just sort of mimicing at this point as she’d never done this before.

<Zilly> stays up in the rafters and admires the view.

~֎Ramirez֎~ stands as the music starts and would watch as Katie made her way down the aisle, when she became visible to him. He gave her a nod and smile to root her on.

<Deveraux> stood as soon as the quartet began playing and removed his hat as he turned his head toward the back of the church. Upon seeing Katie he simply nodded, which was about all the reaction anyone ever got out of him.

☠Hexion※ stands quietly, monitoring the wedding as it moved forward, almost as if he were looking for something in particular but what it was, no one was going to guess.

<Zoelie> looks for an empty spot to slip into

<Ashe> grimaced in sympathy, but it was short lived as a smile soon touched his face and he stood as well.

<Storyteller> Julia, Stephen and their friend all stood as well when the quartet started playing. It’s notable that Julia is not in a dress, but a black professional pant suit.

[Umbra] Something sounds like it lands on the roof of the church.

<Salazar> was the last to stand, because he wasn’t sure how everyone -could- stand in the presence of a miracle. But he did force himself up, one hand gripping the pew in front of him in a death grip for support.

<Mikov> comes in behind Katie, throwing flower petals everywhere. He even stuffs some in his mouth and spits them back in the basket at one point, before reaching in for another handful.

{Zo} glances up just once before smiling to Katie and taking her arm for the last few steps leading up to the front.

[Umbra] Zadkiel frowns, looking to Zo and then moving toward the door to take a look outside.

<Salazar> nearly needed both hands at that moment. An Angel graced the wedding of Kaladorne, in the most magnificent of God’s Houses, and escorted the bride… the woman he’d first attacked in this world. He was fine. He was fine.

<Devon> smiles to Katie as she draws past him, nodding slightly to her.

<Zoelie> her face lights up and she blinks rapidly as Zo takes position to give Katie away.

☠Hexion※ glances upward a moment and then looks about and draws his attention back to the wedding.

Katie smiles to Zo and nods to him as she moves up to the front with Kaladorne and Father O’Malley.

<Zilly> tilts her head so she can listen above them.

<Storyteller> The quartet finishes in a place that sounds completely like they’d always intended to stop playing at. Katie is standing with her back to them as she faces Kal, so she misses when the four of them all grin and give a thumbs-up to Kal before regaining their composure and standing there with their instruments in an at-rest position.

[Umbra] There is a sound of heavy footsteps walking across the roof.

[Umbra] Zadkiel sticks his head out through the archway (where no door exists on this side) to see what might be making that sound. He puts a hand on his dagger.

<Kaladorne> smiles over at Katie and reaches his left hand over to grab her right before turn to look at Father O’Malley.

<Father-OMalley> “Please be seated.” He clears his throat softly and adjusts his collar.

<Devon> sits, and watches, his smile soft

<Deveraux> sits and puts the top hat back on his head as instructed.

::Maryska sat back down in the pew, watching the wedding as it was about to proceed.::

<Storyteller> Julia, Stephen, and the other man all sit when O’Malley instructs them to.

Katie smiles and squeezes Kaladorne’s hand gently, looking toward Father O’Malley.

<Kitt> sits back down with Zaluut and pays attention.

<Tansy> smiles softly and watches.

{Zo} smiles and stands nearby, though his eyes flick upward now and then.

<Storyteller> The women with instruments now move back a bit and sit on some folding chairs, each setting their instrument in a stand near their chair.

<Ashe> sat when instructed

<Salazar> was the last to sit, not out of disrespect, but because he didn’t understand the words from the priest and it was only when he was the last one standing that he finally clued in and lowered himself.

<Zoelie> sits down by ramirez so she can elbow him if he yawns again

~֎Ramirez֎~ settled in for the ceremony, watching what would happen next.

<Father-OMalley> smiles and starts to speak with a very pronounced Irish accent, “Now den, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been called upon to join two people in the bonds of holy matrimony, but when one of your oldest friends asks for a favor ya can’t rightly say no, can ya?” He chuckles softly, “I’m sure these two will thank each of you for coming to share the evening with them, but before we begin I also want to thank you. It warms my

heart to see that people like ourselves can still come together for such things. Thank you dearly for this.” He clears his throat again before beginning with the traditional, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this evening….” (I’m not typing the whole deal out, but rest assured O’Malley does it right without having to reference the Bible he’s holding a single time.)

<Devon> listens to the wedding, smiling the entire time, standing when told to, an praying when told to. At the ehd, he will stand, ans they couple passes, he will throw his rice so it rains down on them, insteand of at them.

[Umbra] There are some strange sounds coming from outside, raised voices, some of it sounding quite angry despite the odd musical tones.

<Hope> brings the rings when it is her time to do so, happy to have her little part before retreating again into hiding. She too, looks up a few times and flinches at something.

<Storyteller> After the ceremony itself, and before those wishing to party slip off to the Imaginarium, everyone does get a chance to greet the new couple and present gifts.

[Umbra] Zadkiel drops down to the archway and stands there as if defending it. The sounds he makes are an inhuman series of notes.

<Devon> gives the couple a off gift, but only odd if you dont know Katie. A early copy of Frankenstein.

<Zilly> looks toward the doors and she turns so that she can drop down, except that she doesn’t… she flies just off the floor toward the door, watching it. “Told you I shoulda brought my wrench…”

☠Hexion※ nods. “It just wouldn’t have been so appropriate…but maybe now it is.”

{Zo} glances toward Zilly and the door, but he maintains his composure as he hands to Kaladorne a small black box containing a vial of blood in it and a hand written note.

Katie glances to where they keep looking, and blinks her eyes in an odd pattern to activate her contact lenses.

<Kaladorne> shakes hands, hugs, and thanks everyone that comes up to see them. Boxes and envelopes are graciously taken and not opened as that’d be rude. Gift givers are heartily thanked.

[Umbra] A dark figure lands on the other side of Zadkiel outside and gestures inside while speaking that same language to him in sharp tones. On his hip is a horn and a mace.

<Kaladorne> asks softly to Katie as he leans over slightly, “What don’t I know?”

Katie thanks Devon and hugs him along with the others, though she eyes the doors from time to time. “Thank you everyone.”, she looks back to Kaladorne, and shakes her head softly. “I am not sure… it looks like two angels arguing?”

☠Hexion※ heads outside because he was not about to be caged in by two angels fighting..and he had to get to the Imaginarium for the after party.

<Devon> returns the hug, then looks at her. “Two angels argueing? Aint that …… ya know…… could he be one of them?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ shrugs. “I dunno.”

{Zo} glances back toward the doorway. “It is Zadkiel and Gabriel.”

::Maryska will help Ashe out of the building, walking with him as she wishes the new couple a happy wedding, slipping out for the night.::

<Devon> nods and starts out of hte building, turning one last time to wave and slightly bow to the bride and groom. “Congrats friends, many happy years before you, and may your enemies get lost on the way to the honeymoon.”

{Zo} grins and looks to the couple. “You two go on and enjoy the next few days. Far away and in some quiet place, this will all be here when you get back.”

<Kaladorne> smirks, “You know what I do for a living, right? That’s the sort of thing you just can’t take a vacation from.” He looks over at Katie, “I guess we can try?”

[Umbra] After some more arguing, Gabriel takes off and disappears in a shower of light.

<Father-OMalley> comes up behind them and pushes his flask through between them, “Alright, you two. This was an Irish ceremony so let’s make it proper. Each of ya drink up.”

<Devon> departs, putting his top hat on outside hte church, and strolling to his car.

{Zo} smirks at Father O’Malley, then looks to them. “Everyone deserves a break at some point.”, he glances from them toward the door after Gabriel leaves. “You should rest before you are called upon again.”

<Kaladorne> takes the flask from O

<Kaladorne> takes the flask from O’Malley and tips it back for a small drink before offering it to Katie, “I’m getting the feeling you know something I don’t and really should. That’s kinda ominous.”

Katie eyes the flask and takes a swig of it. But she smiles at Kal and nods. “Well, a couple of days and then we have work to do. He’s right, it’s not going anywhere.”, she looks back toward the door. “Like… THE Gabriel?”

{Zo} nods faintly. “Consider that par for the course talking to an Angel… we’re all forboding that way.”, he sighs and nods again. “Yeah. That one. He’s angry with Zadkiel, and with me. I’ll explain later, you two don’t worry about it right now.”

{Zo} grabs the flask and takes a drink too, just because, before handing it back to O’Malley.

Katie looks to Zo curiously, and at the other Angel for a moment before nodding slightly. “Alright… if you’re sure. We’ll talk when we get back.”

<Zilly> eyes the door, and the weirdo at the door before making her way over to the couple and then waving a hand in front of her face. “Oh, old man you reek! I have smelled distilleries less potent than you.”

<Father-OMalley> takes the flask back and nods, “Well, then. You two have a nice trip to wherever it is you’re going.” He looks up at Zilly, “Hey now! This is the finest Irish whisky and it smells divine. Also, I never get sick on account of germs can’t survive in me.” He chuckles again.

{Zo} leaves after that, with Zadkiel to talk. “You two have a good time!”

<Kaladorne> smiles as the women in the quartet come up to wish them well. He hugs each of them, “Thanks for taking the time to come and play on short notice. I really appreciate it.” Then all wave him off and say with an Australian accent, “No worries. We like breathing so it worked out pretty nice.” They also will give Katie hugs if she’d accept them.

<Zoelie> puts her specs on and looks around to see what people are looking at while she is waiting to congratulate Kaladorne and Katie with kisses and hugs. Her gift is a large oval mirror with gilded edges. cut into the glass are the french words “Dans le pays de aveugles, les bornes son rois.”

<Zilly> rolls her eyes and then she waves to Kaladorne and Katie, and nods to Zoelie. “I’m headed to the party, this place is getting on my nerves. We’ll see you soon!”, then she steps sideways into the Umbra to fly off.

<Zoelie> nods to Zilly “Oh yeah.”

<Zoelie> will head off with zilly and the others to party with the fae

Katie grins and squeezes Kal’s hand after hugging Zoelie. “We should be getting a move on then.”, she hugs Father O’Malley, “Thank you!”

<Father-OMalley> “It was my absolute pleasure. I’m happy beyond words for you two kids. Now go enjoy yer first night as husband and wife.” He shoos them off and heads out to see what this elf bar is all about.