<Devon> sits at a table, sipping ona drink, a notebook open before him.

<Ashe> entered the Trill wearing his normal pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. His long black hair was tied back at the nape of his neck and his arm was held close to his side and bandaged from the wound he received the other night. He nodded to Devon and smiled, “Good evening, Devon. How was your show today?”

<Devon> sighs, and looks up from the notebook, and wanly smiles at Ashe. “Not good. Didnt bomb, but also didnt blow them away. I have got to figure out what I am doing wrong and fix it, before I loose my fan base.”

<Bai> wanders into the Trill. He’s wearing casual monk attire, which is to say a robe top that hits mid-thigh over slacks tucked into comfortable ankle-high boots. He’s also carrying a monk’s walking staff – slightly shorter than he, made of steel, and topped with an ornate head that holds several steel rings that chime if he were to ground the staff. He doesn’t do such, though, merely tucks

the staff aside, sort of where one might normally put a coat rack, in a corner nearish the door.

<Devon> chuckles and waves to Bai, trying to get him to come over to the table.

<Ashe> nods towards a chair in a silent request to join Devon before wincing at the news, “We all have off nights. I can’t even work until this heals up a bit.” He moves the arm he’s cradling just slightly. Ashe then turns his head to curiously look towards the monk and tilts his head curiously, “New friend, Devon?”

<Bai> arches a brow slighty but does wander closer with a smile, his expression curious. Bai considers Ashe’s injury and moves to Ashe’s uninjured side, not wanting to creep in on the fellow’s injured side.

<Devon> nodsa nd smiles, motioning for Ashe to sit. “You know your always welcome at my table Ashe, no need to be formal about it. Ashe can see that the notebook, has notations about a magic show, some scratched out.

<Devon> looks to Bai. “You recall last night I said there were two for you to meet? This is Ashe, the other monk kinda guy I know. Ashe, this is Bai, but I will let him tell you his pedigree.”

<Ashe> shrugs, “I know, Devon, but I still try to be polite. You might actually get tired of my company some day.” He turns with a warm smile and offers his uninjured right hand to Bai, “Hey there, name’s Ashton Blake, or just Ashe to friends.” He glances curiously to Devon and then shrugs with a chuckle, “Also… not as much of a monk as others, but… in some respects, yes.”

<bai> snorts and pulls out one of the chairs to take a seat without asking. He’s casual at the moment, and gives Devon an amused look, “Pedigree? You want the whole lineage? Frankly though, all of my type are by necessity related, so you could just say I am kazanbai, long descent of Bai Mianxi”

<Devon> chuckels. “I ment your monk pedigree, like you told Hong last night.” HE looks to Ashe, and winks. “Never gonna get tired of your friendship bud, even if I cant touch, your still nice eye candy.”

<Bai> knows he’s being difficult and winks to Ashe, “Well met, then, sir. I am called Bai, written as ash from volcanic ash, not white like my ancestor. I’ve recently been located at the temple here to help with some repairs and to poke around the creepy things that wander here.

<Ashe> tilts his head to the side curiously as he looks down at his hand and then chuckles and let it drop, “It is nice to meet you, Bai… and let’s not go into pedigrees. Mine is too long to give, even to friends.” He settles into a chair himself and smiles at Devon, “If you want to touch my butt, you need to go through, Maryska. I’me sure she’ll let you kick it sometime for upsetting her… and… you know I never actually went to a temple or

studied with Monks, right? I just… fit with them.”

<Devon> nods. “I was just basing my limited info based on the Traditions you follow Ashe, please forgive me.” He looks to Bai, and smirks. “But dont let him fool you, he is one hellova craftsman with steel, and silver.”

<Bai> didn’t mean to be rude (player missed it, ugh), and would have shaken his hand. As it is, he just listens for now, though, because he doesn’t know enough about the people in the room. “… You know, you mention these things, and you realize I’m new enough I don’t actually know how safe it is here, other than Henry indicated this as a good place to meet others like me.” And then he looks

to Ashe, head tilted, and at the mention of butts he lets his attention wander downwards, though… really he’d probably get distracted sooner.”

<bai> lifts a hand in a warding motion, “I don’t use silver often. It’s not as painful as it could be, but I’d rather not make the error.”

<Devon> chuckels and points ot the two asian dragon hoops earrings he is wearing.

<Ashe> smiles warmly, “It’s ok, Devon. Most akashic brothers do actually study in temples or go there to learn. I’m sort of… well, some would say I am under educated in my tradition.” He looks around the room with a smile, “Oh! So you know the bookworm? He seems like a nice guy. Kind of quiet, but nice.” He gestured vaguely to the room, “Sound doesn’t travel well between tables in here and a lot of the guys are Zane’s crew. It’s safe to talk openly

in here. We know most of the regulars, right Devon?” Then Ashe’s eyes lit up, “Oh! You are like my mate, a shifter then? She will be excited to meet you. She’s the reason I don’t work silver often, but steel? That is my bread and butter.”

<Bai> arches his brows and chuckles, but nods, “Like… I suppose. I am fairly confident I’m the only kitsune from the asian traditions. I’ve yet to meet any of the local fox shifters. We’re not quite as wide spread or numerous as the others.”

<Devon> nods and chuckles. “He is only working silver for me that I know of. I like the pureness of the metal to use as foci for my magick.”

<Bai> adds more honestly now, with some humor in his tone, “And as Devon mentioned earlier… for my training background, I am Bai Zenji, Messenger of Inari, allied with Shinto and Hiei-sanji’s Koyasan sects.” turns his attention back to Devon, “That makes sense, it is a good metal for such things… but also why I’d be cautious of it.”

<Ashe> nods his head, “No, she is a shadow lord, Garou… I’d give her full name, but it’s a little much for me… My grandfather was from Japan and he taught me a little of his home country, but the focus was on the craft of my ancestors more that spiritual pursuits. I’ve always wanted to expand my understanding of the spiritual side of his life, however. Especially since it plays a roll in my own tradition, but… I don’t think that is the same

one.” He chuckled softly, “I should… someday visit a temple and see what I can learn. My focus for magic is largely martial arts and meditation.”

<Devon> smiles to Bai. “I am not a shifter, so silver does not bother me, and I never was one for gold, it does not look right with my skin tone. So I use silver, but the silver I got for Ashe to use was pure, natural silver, so what he makes of it for me is the first working of the silver. I feel that makes the bond between the item and my magick that much stronger, and much more personal.”

<Bai> shrugs a little to Devon, “Silver doesn’t bother me as much as it would the other shifters, but I am more sensative than tengu. … Crow.” He waves one hand and then grins to Ashe, “Well, no, probably not. You’d likely know if your grandfather was the sort to test all the things in life. Focus on the crafting of the weapons and the tools… thought they are inherently focused into will

and desire and pain, are ultimately made by those who can balance everything, or someone who can imbue two swords – one to embody blessings for a temple, and one to embody the destruction inherent of a warrior’s blade. Either way, difficult paths.” He pauses, and then grins broadly, “besides, if you have a garou wife, you probably cannot safely explore some aspects of life.”

<Ashe> chuckles softly, “I had to learn how to work it properly, but it was an interesting change, Devon.” He nods, turning serious to Bai’s words, “Body, mind, and soul must be balanced to achieve harmony and strength. These were what he taught me. I had to understand the use of the blade, it’s purpose, before I was permitted to craft and give the steel life on my own. It was a long road, but also his legacy and my honour to learn. I’ve never made a

blade to embody blessings, but… perhaps it is time I did.” Then he lifts an eyebrow, “No… best not to piss off the pregnant garou. I -like- my balls attached to my body.”

<Devon> smiles to Ashe, and makes a awwww sound. “that is so sweet, you learning to work silver just for little ole me.” He then laughs, unable to keep a straight face after saying that. “I do thank you for doing that Ashe, it means alot to me to have a craftsman make jewelry for me.”

<Bai> blinks in some surprise at Ashe, then tilts his head, “I don’t know metal work, the only thing I make are fuda and wards for the temples… but I do know some of the background theory, as we have to handle those swords very carefully. It’s why my weapon is a staff, not a sword.” He nods his head towards where the staff waits near the door.

<Ashe> winces comically at Devon, “Oh God… don’t use that voice again, Devon. I swear I’ll never work silver again if you do.” He jested, of course, before giving Bai a sheepish smile, “Oh…. I thought you have meant literal swords… I… sort of have blinders on. My ancestor was Sadamune Hikoshiro, and my grandfather was Sadamune Haru. I don’t carry the name, but I still honor them as the last in my grandfather’s line.” He looks towards the

staff and smiles, “I’ll show you my sword if I can look at the staff sometime?”

<Devon> burst out in laughter again. “You better talk to Maryska before you do any ‘you show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ Ashe!” He continues to laugh loudly, almost bring tears to his eyes. He sips his drink to get his voice back. “God that was too easy, more so with what I have already learned about Bai.”

<bai> lets a slow, sexy grin cross his features, and it is very clear he was thinking the same thing, but before he can respond, he startles and pulls a silenced phone from his pocket. A small frown and then he rises, “Excuse me, i must answer this.” And he’ll go to pick up the staff and slide outside for a bit.

<Ashe> just facepalms and groans, “Why… why… Someday I am going to come in here naked just so you all can get an eyeful.”

<Devon> reachs over adn lightly pats Ashe’s shoulder. “Why? Cause you enjoy it as much as we do, we keep ya feeling young, and on ya toes, though you do seem to put ya foot in ya mouth alot, but hey, who am I to say anything, every guy I have been interested in is either straight, partnered, or undead.”

<Ashe> chuckles and rolls his eyes, “I do. You remind me to have some fun in life, though… I think I will actually get my sword in case he comes back. It’s hard to find someone who appreciates the old traditions… and maybe I can get a chance to make something for a temple? That would be freaking awesome.” Ashe stands and almost jogs out before he returns with something wrapped up in his coat a few minutes later.

<Devon> chuckles and watches him jog out, then return. He draws out a cig and lights it, his eyes going back to the notebook, and pulls a pen from his shirt pocket, and taps it on the notebook absently, looking at the page adn taking a drag off his smoke.

<Ashe> set the bundle on the table when he returned and slipped back into a seat as he gazed at the page, “You know… why don’t you do a spotlight show? Dress up in period pieces and display the classic’s as a sort of history montage?”

<Devon> loosk to him, adn smiles slightly. “You think that would sell around here? I could do it, but it would cost some cash to get the costumes done, and redo the sets, but the magic is the same from way back when.” He sighs nad drops the pen on the paper. “I jsut dont know Ashe, maybe the more i focus on my magick, the less my magic is going to impress. I mean, I use my shperes here way more

then I ever did in LA.”

<Ashe> smiles and leans in to place a hand on Devon’s “Your magic isn’t going to alter your ability to entertain, Devon. I made the suggestion because I think it will help you to focus on the showmanship over the tricks themselves. I think, you are too worried about impressing when you need to go back to instilling the wonder in your audience. Your spheres… are a part of you, but you need to find balance. They are tools, but they don’t define you.”

<Devon> nods and sighs. HE picks up the oen, adn turns the page to a blank one in the notebook. “Ok, now how far back are you talking? Cause some tricks are odler then dirt, and I aint kidding, they are beleived to have been created in ancient Egypt.”

<Ashe> winced at the sigh, “You know, you don’t have to take my suggestion, what works for me, might not work for you. I could easily create a weapon with nothing more than my mind and spheres, but… the process is as important to me.”

<Devon> shakeshis head. “Your idea has merit, jsut wish I had been smart enough to thikn of it. So, how far back are you talking, and are you talking about doing just one kind of magic, like all card tricks, or mixing it up and showing something from each era?”

<Ashe> nods his head, “Hubris is a difficult thing. Once we start using our magic as a solution it can be tempting to use it for more problems than is necessary.” He considered the question for a moment, “I’d keep the card tricks for promotional things, maybe a few free shows in the park for tourists? And, I’d keep each show to a theme. Run one for a bit, then switch it up. And… people love egyption stuff… I’d start with that and maybe run a

promotion with the local museum?”

<Devon> nods and smirks. “And we both know someone that can help me with getting the look right, our resident bookworm Henry, who by the way, has caught the attention of Bai. And let me tell you, I have never seen Henry so embarassed, or happy, before.”

<Bai> returns eventually. His expression is cheerful as he returns to the seat and settles in again. “Sorry about that. Some times the higher calling bit is literal.” He’d been slow enough returning that he probably caught his name and not the whole conversation, so he just sort of arches a brow at Devon curiously.

<Ashe> lifted an eyebrow and then smiled broadly, “No shit? Henry… finally admitted what we all knew and found someone?” Ok, it was a little fast, but Ashe wasn’t going to judge. He smiled as Bai rejoined them and looked the young man over, “You… seriously got Henry out of his shell? You know he’s been… in some kind of denial for… since I’ve met him. I think Devon made him run away once.” He shook his head and nodded to Devon, “And that’s a

good idea, Devon. He’d know lots about Egypt. I think he went there recently too, right?” Ashe slid his bundled coat towards Bai. His katana was wrapped inside it, “If you want to see my sword, it’s fine in here as long as you don’t harm anyone.”

<Devon> nods and looks to the paper, nad starts making notes on it, the pen moving slowly as his impecable handwriting emerges from it. HE writes for about a minute, putting down the ideas that Ashe had suggested, and a couple that were his own ideas.

<Bai> had -not- expected to get the once over that Ashe gives him, and so both brows arch at the appraisal before he realizes what the topic is. He grins a bit, “He caught me in fox form, I was taking a shortcut through his back yard exploring… and he had bacon. It was real bacon too, and that’s difficult to ignore. He didn’t know I could,” he motions to himself meaning his human form. At

the offer, Bai looks surprised before he rises from the chair to fetch his staff. He will carefully set it on the table next to Ashe’s wrapped blade, “My staff is not special, though the metal came from two retired shrine blades.” He offers in explination before he will with ginger reverence free the blade from coat and sheathe to examine the blade. He’s confident and careful handling it, but

the sword no doubt weighed less than the staff.

<Ashe’s> katana was crafted in a silver and black motif. The saya was covered in a polished and flawless black enamel over japanese ash and the decoration was a silver inlay that was both abstract and yet invoked the feelings of a violent wind sweeping down from the mountains. The sageo was woven of black silk that matched the ito and covered the black same or rayskin. Under the ito was a silver menuki that appeared to be a dragon. The Tsuba and

fuchi were also fashioned from polished silver as were the other ornamentation and held a similar releaf to the wind-like pattern on the saya, yet it wasn’t embossed in. Somehow it seemed as if Ashe had managed to work it into the very grain of the smooth metal. When the blade was drawn, it pulled easily from the saya with just enough resistance to speak of an excellent fit. It was a flawless blade that had been polished to precision and held a

razor’s edge. The hada spoke of it’s forging with traditional techniques and the hamon evoked the feelings of a mist rolling down the blade. As will all traditional blades the polishing and sharpening had taken almost as long as the forging (50 success downtime for the sword).

<Devon> reamins silent, letting the men talk thier weapons, his pen returns to the paper, making more notes about possible shows and formats, and even a list of places to do free shows to attract customers.

<Ashe> smiled as he winced, “Well… I suppose he couldn’t be embarrassed if he didn’t know you were a man. Still, I’m glad he is happy and I know Devon is too. It was painful to watch him beat himself up… though, I will keep in mind that you can be bribed with bacon.” While Devon is working, Ashe turns his eyes to the staff, “A blade carries part of the spirit of the one who forged it. If this staff was created from two blades, it is special, Bai.

At least to me.” He smiled as he carefully picked up the staff in his calloused and burn scarred hands to look it over. His eyes took in more than just the shape, even if he had trouble seeing the patterns of the material, he could still see the mundane craftsmanship, “I think it is a fitting retirement for a weapon, to become an object of peace, once it’s purpose is complete.”

<Bai> whistles softly as he examines the blade, impressed and not afraid to show it. In comparison the staff was plain, though no doubt Ashe’s discerning eyes could pick ot the hint that it was made from two blades forged together and and rolled to make the staff. Instead of a blade, the metal had been worked smooth so that there were no edges to catch the hands. If it catches the light juuust

right, the faded imagry of a mountain seems to have been etched into the staff, but time and use had faded the lines to mere impressions. The only real decorations were each end of the staff, where a butt had been attached and fasted to support the metal. The end with the chimes has part of the imagry on it, but much less faded than the rest. It was clearly an -old- staff, though not necessearily

magical in any way.

<Bai> will carefully return the blade to its sheathe and re-wrap it, “You are clearly a master in your family line. It’s beautiful.”

<Bai> smiles in answer to Ashe, “They were used only for ceremonies and cleansing, though we actually do those ceremonies twice a day, so they were the main focus of many, many rituals and cleansings. The blades are usually changed out every 50 or 100 years, and these two were the same age… I have been told the smith who worked them to the new shape spent more time swearing than breathing….

so I believe what you say about the souls in them.”

<Devon> smiles widely hearing his friend praised on his workmanship. “I helped him a little with his blade, did some of the hammering for him since I caused him to loose his last blade.”

<Ashe> smiles warmly, his eyes crinkling at the corners, “Devon is a fine striker, he did help quite a bit and I think he gained some muscles from it. Thank you for your praise. I try to keep my grandfather’s teachings alive in my work.” He carefully returned the staff to the table, “It’s beautiful… do you remember the names of the blades that served the temple?” He couldn’t hide his grin at Bai’s added details, “Oh yes, I can imagine. I can almost

hear the swearing now.” He chuckles and at the risk of sounding presumptuous, “If you temple ever requires replacements in my lifetime, I would be honoured to donate the time and resources in my grandfather’s memory.”

<Bai> smiles broadly, “I will let the temple master know. I don’t believe they’ve ever had a consecrated blade here, and it bothers some of the elders… but it is something that can wait. There are many things we must repair before they are ready for such a spirit.” He touches the staff, “The names translated to Glowing Fox Moon and Devine Breath in Mist. The staff… has a name but I am not

allowed to share.”

<Bai> pauses then and gives Devon a puzzled look, “How did you lose his sword?”

<Devon> blushes softly. “I pissed off the wrong people in thier area, and Ashe gave his sword to mend the feelings I hurt.”

<Ashe> nodded his head, “They are good names and I respect the secrecy of the current… though I hope the swearing smith didn’t name it.” He winked and then nodded in thanks to Bai, “well… I am decent at repair jobs, so I am willing to help there as well.” His expression winced at Devon, “It wasn’t intentional. Devon made a joke that was not taken as a joke. The offended party were powerful and honorable, so I offered something of value to myself

and my own honour to make amends. It was freely given. Devon’s friendship and wellbeing is more important than a sword.”

<Bai> is silent a moment, then reaches over to pat Ashe’s shoulder once, lightly. He nods. “honorable and generous of you, still.” He quirks his lips then and glances between them, “So… who is it I should not be annoying?”

<Devon> chuckles. “Your doing fine with Henry, never seen that color on his cheeks before, it was fun watching you make his squirm last night. And it was nice to see Henry looking happy for a change, not all worried he was gonna say the wrong thing, or that he would offend someone.”

<Bai> huffs a soft laugh, “He punches harder than you might think. He wasn’t happy with me when I shifted to talk to him.”

<Ashe> chuckled, “Trolls, of the fae. They are stoic and honourable. Just… don’t joke about sneaking into their homes.” He clarified and then listed and gaped, “Wait… wait… Henry… punched you? He knows how to punch?”

<Devon> even looks shocked that Henry hit him. “You do mean like balled up fist and everything, right?”

<Bai> shrugs at them, “He surprised me by talking about the attack, and I wanted to know more. It would have made more sense for him to knee me, but I think he was too shocked.” he pauses, then adds, “I’m going to be working with him on that, I think.”

<Ashe> tries very very hard not to laugh, but nods, “I could see that. Still, I’m glad it worked out. I’ve only met two ghouls, but I’m starting to think that they must all have some serious confidence and fear issues.”

<Devon> nods. “You said it there brother, they are all so codependant its almost pathetic. But I guess its better then being alone, ya know.”

<Bai> pauses and taps a finger on the table lightly, thinking. “Kuei-jin where I am from… they do not keep servents like this. I do not actually know much about how the western vampires work, not in detail. So I hope he will be willing to speak with me about it, but…” He shrugs philisophically.

<Ashe> shrugs with a thoughtful expression, “I’ve never really spoken to him or Durmah about it so I don’t really know much about how it works. Do you know anything about it, Devon? You talk to him more than I do.”

<Devon> nods. “I have spoken to him about it, and a few vampires as well. They call it a blood bond, and it makes the mortal like head over heels willing to do anything to protect thier supplier. Its like a severe drug addiction, but with benifits that outweigh some of the negatives. But I have seen that Henry considers himself below any vampire, just more so his master. I heard the stories of

the fall of the Tremere Tradition, and will never partake of that myself.”

<Ashe> nods his head in understanding, “I heard about Tremere, but Cassian is a good neighbor and so are the others in that house, what are the benefits and drawbacks? I know it can be used to heal and about the addiction.”

<Bai> has zero idea what those things are, but the general concept he could understand. He hums thoughtfully. “It’s not a kuei-jin thing, but several beings do have such ties.” he focuses again on Devon, hoping for some more insight.

<Devon> smiles and shrugs to Bai. “That is about all I know, its not like they spill all thier secrets to me, jsut taught me a few things. And yeah, I got a couple friends that are vampires, so what? Dont mean I wanna be a cabanna boy to one, just means they are smart enough to catch my attnetion in conversation.”

<Ashe> nodded, “I haven’t seen Altaryn or Cassian be cruel to Durmah or Henry, at least and… actually, most kindred seem to treat them pretty much like anyone else. So hopefully it is just a matter of perceptions… or maybe it’s the addiction and worrying they won’t get their fix?”

<Bai> waves one hand slightly, “That’s assuming the addiction changed them somehow. They may have been like this before, just that now they are focused on their vampire.”

<Ashe> considered that for a moment before pointing out, “I have never known an addiction not to change people. Eventually it consumes a person, from what I’ve seen, at least.”

<Devon> shrugs again. “Who knows. All I know is I dont know enough to speak for them, or too much about them. But Henry seems mostly ok, other then his nervousness and his constant worry about making a faux pash. But as you said, that could have been there before he was the servent of a vampire. I could ask him next time I see him, but not sure he would answer.”

<bai> smiles and nods, “An intensly personal question, after all.”

<Ashe> nods and then grins, his good humour returning, “Well, from the sounds of it, you are in an intensely persona position with him.” He chuckles as he picks up his coat and sword, “I’m afraid I need to head out now. Take care Devon and…” He reaches into his pocket to pull out a business card to offerit to Bai, “If you want help at the temple, in time or resources, let me know. I am willing to dedicate some time.”

<Devon> nods to Ashe, and chuckles then winks to him. “Not gonna pinch ya again, but you do make the cutest sounds when I do.” HE closes the notebook, and stands. “Think I will head out as well. Was good seeing you again Bai, maybe our paths will continue to cross in the future.”

<Bai> stands up to accept the card and will bow solemnly, “Thank you, I appreciate it. It was good to meet you, have a good evening.” Despite the formal tone, he’s smiling, and he doesn’t respond to the gentle jab about how close he and henry are.

<bai> turns and nods to Devon as well, “Yes. You have a good evening as well, and I hope whatever has been stressing you works out in your favor soon.” Had missed most of the discussion after all.

<Ashe> takes the time to return the bow before heading out for the night

<Devon> nods and smiles. “Thanks Bai.” He then steps over, and gooses Ashe in the sides quickly, before dancing away towards the door.”

<Bai> will wait for Devon to depart as well, though he’ll snicker at the goosing. Once they’ve left, he’ll gather his staff and head out as well.