::Maryska was in her Garage, fussing about the parts she was trying to get everything organized, as well as get the copper wire that she had received from Durmah set into place as well.::

<Salazar> had walked a fair distance tonight, not that he minded, but a horse would have surely been faster. Sadly, it seemed that no one was sensible enough to keep one around these days so he’d made due on foot. It wasn’t a hard place to find since he’d been here before and he had a desire to speak with the odd werewolf woman again. Once he reached the property he paused to scan the area and listen. There was a noise in one of the out buildings and

rather than go to the keep, he headed there with a curious expression and poked his head in the doorway… He blinked at what looked like a collection of odd arcane tools and then let his eyes fall on the woman, “Mar-ee-ska of Gaia?”

Katie comes over, still all excited as she is on her way to the church but stops to see Ashe. Since well, he was the one who nudged her. She walks up and then pauses, noticing Salazar.

::Maryska jumped a bit at the sound of a new persons voice and she turned to see who it was, she had her hand flexed just in case, but when she saw it was the man from before she smirked and stood up straight, relaxing her posture.:: “Oh hey there Salazar” ::she grinned, standing inside of her Garage that was a small distance away from the house.:: “How’s it going?” ::she paused.:: “Right…English, uh..damn.” ::she just stands there at a

loss, and waves.:: “Hi…you good?” :;she gives him a thumbs up with a smile.::

<Salazar> leans back out of the doorway as he hears someone approaching and frowns in concern when he sees Katie. For the moment he turns from Maryska so that he’s fully facing the young woman to kneel down on one knee and bow his head, “I have… want to see. I am… sor-ee. Not hurt – not intent….” He paused, seemingly not satisfied with the words and tried again, “No hurt is meant?”

Katie looks to Salazar and sighs, then nods. “I understand.”, she rubs her belly a bit and then smiles. “You didn’t hurt me. Just scared me is all.”

::Maryska seemed confused when she saw the man turn towards the house and bow down, had Ashe come out? did this guy hurt Ashe? she moved to the entryway of the garage and poked her head around the corner, and when she saw Katie she then looked down at Salazar and then back at Katie, she waved to the woman and smiled.:: “Oh hey Katie.” ::she smiled and then looked back down at Salazar.:: “so you two met hunh?”

Katie waves to Maryska. “Yeah, we met. I am the one that woke him up on accident.” She then bounces and shows off her ring. “So… I swung by to see Ashe, now I forgot why exactly… but I am on my way to go get married!”

<Salazar> lifted his head at the response and seemed to puzzle through the words for a moment before nodding. He didn’t quite understand all the word, but he understood enough to stand up and give Katie a concerned look before gesturing to where she was rubbing, “Hurt?” The excitement had him backing up a step and away from the suddenly eccentric woman, “met. Yes. I bite.”

::Maryska looked at Salazar.:: “Well, you’re speaking English now, good.” ::she grinned, and looked at Katie.:: “Congratulations.” ::she smiled brightly.:: “To who?”

<Altaryn> stopped in to see some of his favourite kine before heading out for the night. First stop ended up being Ashe’s place, well Maryska’s too, but he was fairly certain Maryska tolerated him at best, and only for Ashe’s sake. When he arrived, he was wearing the comfortable black clothing he preferred to train in. Though he also wore his haori, he did not reach for his katana before leaving the car. Hmm. Excitement already, and

Salazar found his way here? With a small shrug he approached the house and the others.

Katie giggles a little but shakes her head to Salazar. “It’s okay. Man, my Latin sucks still or I’d try that. No hurt me. I am fine.”, she looks to Maryska and wrinkles her nose. “Kaladorne asked me… I think I caught him off guard after my talk with Ashe the other day.”

Katie looks down at the ring, “But it seems was something he was thinking about for a while. OH! Now I remember! Do you guys have an engraving kit? My laser is broken.”

::Maryska, nodded to Katie with a smile.:: “I don’t really know Kaladorne, I admit, hell I don’t really know you all that well, but you look happy as all get out.” Maryska nodded.:: “Engraving? Yeah I have one, why? want something on the ring?” :: Then Maryska’s gaze slowly moved to a new person coming onto the grounds, they were all standing in the entry way to the garage that was on Ashe’s land, about a hundred feet away from the house,

she saw Altaryn and smiled, waving him over.:: “Hey Altaryn!” ::she grinned wide and motioned him over.:: “How ya been?” ::she stepped close to him and smiled extending a hand to him to shake, as

<Salazar> continued to watch Katie like she’d just somehow blown his mind out of the water, because she had. She was a woman and was acting like she’d gone completely mad. Slowly he nodded that he understood she was not injured, “Speak latin. Not suck.” He corrected gently. He was sure of that at least. Catching more movement out of the corner of his eye he turned his head and nodded to Altaryn with a confused expression, “Altaryn… good to see…

Women are… ” He tried to find the word for confused and just gave up to go with, “No understand women.”

Katie giggles a little more at Salazar. “You and everyone else. You are gonna have a heck of a time adjusting to that bit of culture shock.”, she nods to Maryska. “So I made a ring for him using the replicator, but I wanted to put something on the inside.”

<Altaryn> looked at Maryska’s offered hand for a moment. Shaking hands wasn’t something he did typically. Instead, he offered her an asian style bow and glanced briefly at Katie to whom he gave a short bow to as well. Upon hearing Salazar’s welcome though, he turned to the displaced man and offered him a warm smile and his hand. “It is good to see you as well, Salazar. Yes. Women will remain one of the great mysteries of the universe.”

::Maryska nodded and smiled at Katie, but looked at Altaryn with some confusion.:: “Uh…I washed my hand Alt…okay, whatever.” ::she bowed to the man in return and shook her head.:: “Women are confusing?” ::she snorted as she went over to the engraver and started setting it up.:: “Yeah I can engrave something for you, what did you want on it Katie?” ::she extended her hand back to the woman as if asking for the item she wanted to have


<Salazar> clasped hands forearms with Altaryn with a warm smile to his brother as he mimiced, “Women are… mysteries of the universe? Will remember this.” He meant the words, not necessarily the concept.

<Altaryn> nodded to Salazar. He would explain later if Salazar wished, but for the moment Maryska drew his attention back. “I give you an honourable greeting, one which shows respect due to you and your family, and you complain that you wash.” His gaze narrowed then and his tone took on a measure of disgust. “If you prefer I treat you like some common kine, I shall remember for next time,”

::Maryska ‘s head dropped.:: “Altaryn, you’re Ashe’s brother…” ::she turned and looked at him with this mixed expression of concern and something else.:: “I want to treat you the same way, come on.” ::she said it like she was expecting him to realize that she wanted him and her to treat eachother with more than a passing respect.:: “You don’t have to be cold around me.” ::she turned to face him and crossed her arms as she leaned against

her table for a moment and crossed one leg over the other.:: “I’d rather be friends than passing allies.” ::she tilted her head a bit as if looking for a response out of him.::

Katie hands the band to Maryska, which looks like three separate braided metals which form an intricate equilateral cross in the center. “Okay, so on the inside: “, she pauses and glances back, so not wanting to get in the middle of all that.

<Salazar> had gone silent, simply watching the interactions to try and understand what was going on, but there was a lot to think about already and his eyes kept glancing at various things in the garage as well.

<Altaryn> locked his gaze on Maryska, and for the moment it was as if the other two didn’t exist in his world. “When,” he began in a hard yet calm voice, “have you seen me shake your husband’s hand?”

::Maryska tilts her head a little and looks confused.:: “Uh..I dunno, but you just shook Salazars…” ::she rubs the bridge of her nose.:: “look I don’t know asian proper etiquette.” ::she sighed.:: “Okay.” ::she sighs.:: “Sorry if I disrespected your intent, I just…I’d rather be friends than…I dunno.” ::she sighs and reaches her hand out to Katie.:: “Okay, lets engrave this ring.” ::she smiled at the woman nicely.::

Katie nods a bit and takes out her phone, then writes something down and passes it to her. “That’s the lettering, it took me forever.”

Katie speaks in Greek: “Gentle light still ignites a spark. Love, Katie.”

<Salazar’s> head perks up at that

::Maryska looked at the lettering and nodded.:: “just put it on the bench so I can look at it.” ::she moved a Magnifying lamp over to the ring just over the engraver and rolled her neck in order to get comfortable, first she placed a piece of plastic down and did some test runs over that to make sure she could do the lettering to how Katie wanted it, and would show her the details first.:: “How’s that?”

Salazar speaks in Greek: You speak greek? The language of the Byzantines?”

Katie looks back over at Salazar, “Uh-oh he’s making with the funny noises.”, she shakes her head a little bit. “Uhm, no? I don’t understand. Oh, because of the… No… that was something I looked up just for this. For Kaladorne?”

katie looks back to Maryska and looks at the engraving then nods. “Perfect!”

<Salazar> wilted a little and muttered in disappointment before he nodded, “Had… hoped. Wanted… speak easier.” He watched the process and then gestured at the band curiously, “For Kaladorne? Why?”

Katie looks back to Salazar. “I’m sorry. Oh! Lets try the tablet.”, she takes it out and starts typing in it, then hits the play button so that it plays out a voice in Greek.

<Altaryn> shifted into a stoic demeanor, accepting others would not understand him. If he cared more, he might make an effort to adapt to whatever Maryska found more comfortable….but he didn’t. He was who he had become, and others would have to accept that. He did glance towards Salazar though, with all the words that were clearly a language he did not understand.

Tablet speaks in Greek: “I am studying Latin. Kaladorne knows this language though. We are getting married. You had that back then, right?”

::Maryska nodded and once she’d done her practice passes on the plastic, she began to do the engraving on the ring itself, she made sure she was on point, doing everything she could to (stay inside the lines) as it were, keeping the lettering as perfect as possible, once finished she would pull the ring free from the cloth held clamp and give it a quick polish with another cloth, then hand it over.:: “There you go dear.” ::she smiled at


<Salazar> squinted at the little box and his gaze went to Katie in alarm, “Little man… in box?” He gestured, trying to convey his alarm and then he smiled, “Yes! I had…” He struggles for the word, “Woman. Together with…” He holds his hand at waist level, “little man, two… and little woman.”

Katie takes the ring excitedly and looks at the inside before tucking it away. “Thank you!”, she hugs Maryska warmly.

::Maryska would hug Katie back and look at Altaryn.:: “so..how goes the whole, studying to be Sabbat thing? are you doing well in that?”

Katie looks back to Salazar. “Google, actually… awww.”, she frowns a little bit as she hears he had a family. “I bet we could look up what happened to your descendants.”, she types some stuff into the tablet again.

Tablet speaks in Greek: “We can trace your lineage and see where your family ended up if you want.”

<Salazar> was silent for a moment and then simply nodded his head, “Would like this. If possible.”

<Altaryn> “Let’s not,” he suggests to Katie. “I thought such things had the risk of being monitored.” Then he looked at Salazar and placed a calming hand on his shoulder. “New magic of today. The magic of technology.” Then the looked to Maryska. “Salazar is in a strange world in a strange time, and is trapped behind a language barrier. I offered him a greeting he would be familiar with, rather than bombard him with new and strange

customs. With your relation to Ashe, I would have thought you would understand better than most. No matter. The Sabbat have accepted me, and I still live. So that is something. I am worried Durmah seems more acclimated though, despite her initial fears.”

Katie nods to him, and then looks back over toward Altaryn and Maryska. “Yeah… given the plagues and stuff it might not be good news, either. But if he wants to know, he should know.”, she nods. “Well, lots of people look up their ancestry. So that wouldn’t be anything weird or attention drawing.”

::Maryska nods slowly to Altaryn as she listens.:: “Sorry, I think it’s the baby making me a bit more emotional than usual.” ::she smiled at the man softly.:: “Yeah but he seems to be doing better now at least.” ::She looked at the man as he and Katie were communicating by the datapad, she then looked back at Altaryn.:: “I’ve been getting all…emotional and squishy feely and stuff, it’s kind of…weird.” :she makes an ick face but still

smiling.:: “I understand where you were going with your greeting, thanks for showing me the same respect you show Ashe.” ::she bowed to the man again, a little deeper this time, but she kept her eyes up, she knew that much at least.::

<Altaryn> nodded, perhaps feeling a bit more relaxed. This time, he only inclined his head in response. “It’s fine. Perhaps I should send Durmah over with a selection of her baking to help brighten your mood.” Baking….Cooking. Same thing right? Even when he was mortal, if it wasn’t take out it better go in the microwave. To Katie, he only shrugged. He thought it was a terrible idea. Even if records went back far enough, it was

unlikely Salazar would find peace of mind.

::Maryska smirked and shrugged.:: “I think I better lay off that stuff, it’s going to my hips.” ::she giggled a bit and looked at the two as they tried to work out the data and stuff.:: “Yeah, looking up ancestry is something, maybe if you did it in private later, and then printed it out, you could sort of tailor it so it’s not so graphic for the man?” ::she offered sort of a compromise in the situation.::

Katie nods to Maryska. “Well, it’ll take time to go back that far and stuff… so it’ll have to wait anyway. And i gotta run because if Kal has to come looking for me, he’s gonna assume i am kidnapped and probably start killing things to rescue me.”

::Maryska smirked at that mention of Kal killing everything.:: “Uh…Is Kal a garou or something?” ::she asked inquisitively.::

Katie shakes her head. “Nope, but he can grow big claws. He’s a vampire.”

<Altaryn> for a change, kept his opinions to himself and simply nodded farewell to Katie.

::Maryska blinked as Katie took off, her mouth kind of opened to say something but she tilted her head and then looked at Altaryn.:: “A vampire marrying a Mage?” ::she seemed confused.:: “uhm…hunh, I guess…that can make sense.” ::she shrugs slightly, and looks at her pile of parts, that she still has to organize.:: “ugh…this is going to take a few days to get organized.”

<Altaryn> “Can it?” He didn’t seem convinced, but he sighed. “Who knows any more. Everything I have learned about this world has flipped upside down since coming to New Orleans. It’s time I stopped caring about what others do, and worry about myself.”

::Maryska shrugged.:: “How’s the business going anyway?” ::she knew Durmah was doing something to help him get up and running, Maryska began moving engine parts around her garage as she tried to get things organized.::

<Altaryn> “Durmah would have to answer that question. But renovations are coming along. I was hoping to speak with Ashe, and some of my new allies about securing the location. How goes the…” he gives a vague motion to Maryska herself. “Infant growing?”

::Maryska smirked.:: “the infant gestation is happening at normal pace, and healthy by all appearances.” ::she smiles:: “Although this is my new business out here, I’m doing vehicle repairs and solar conversion.” ::she gestures to the electrical and the copper wiring.;: “Thanks to Durmah when she had those contractors re-wire your building, she gave me the copper wire to salvage.” ::she grinned.::

<Altaryn> glances about as Maryska brings attention to the garage and it seems like he understands. “Solar powered cars? I didn’t think that was a thing.” He shrugged though and offered a mild smile. “Would you like a hand? You probably shouldn’t be lifting in your state”

::Maryska nodded returning the smile.:: “I’m keeping my lifting light, but I’d absolutely love a hand.” ::she grinned as she gestured to a box of alternators.:: “I’d like those on the middle shelf there?” ::she gestures.:: “Those are way too heavy for me.” ::she grinned as she was moving other things that were obviously not quite as heavy, seeming to set them around the place.:: “They’re a thing alright, and I’m going to start making

solar powered farm equipment too.” ::she grinned.::

<Altaryn> went about helping to lift such things completely trying to pass it off like he didn’t notice their weight whether he did or not. This sort of manual labour wasn’t likely something he would do for many individuals, either. “So…what do farmers do when it’s raining? Like, most of spring and fall when they need to plant and harvest?”

<Salazar> had begun to wander around the room as the two talked and was periodically peering at this or that, though wisely not touching anything. It wasn’t until be came to an unusual object on the wall by the door that he couldn’t help his curiosity. Afterall, it didn’t seem connected to anything, but designed to move. With pursed lips he gingerly touched his finger to it, but nothing happened. So he applied a small amount of force and yelped as

the lights suddenly went out with a flick.

::Maryska blinked as the room went from very bright, to normal visual ability for her, and she giggled.:: “Up Salazar, electricity Light, up is on, down is off.” ::she grinned as she set some other things aside.:: “the Charging points are at the houses, solar panels and wind turbines that collect the energy and store them in batteries in the house or in a separate storage area.” ::she grinned, she had it all planned out.:: “Seeing as how

one of the bigger complaints farmers have is birds, the wind turbines create enough white noise to keep birds away from their crops, so it’s like having a scarecrow that does more than look scary.”

<Salazar> turned his head towards Maryska in the darkness, “Up in on what?” but he decided to trust her and inquisitively moved the switch upwards which earned a wide eyed gasp from the man. He looked around at the suddenly illuminated room and crossed himself reflexively before his gaze went to the lights, watching intently as…. yes he turned them off again. “Magic…” Salazar mumbled in wonder as he was suddenly able to control the strange lamps

in the room with only the small movement of a finger. And yes. Maryska and Altaryn were treated to a minute or so of Salazar flicking the lights on and off in abject wonder.

::Maryska giggled and shook her head and smiled.:: “Ah the wonders of not having grown up in the modern age hunh?” ::she smiled as she went to a rope in the center of the room and told him to pull on it.::

<Altaryn> seemed amused. With the flicker he was still able to see and remember enough of his surroundings that he continued to move whatever Maryska needed without much of an inconvenience. “Yes. More magic of Technology. The witches and wizards leave ways for us mundanes to use their powers as well. That particular device is called a light switch. You know, so us mundanes understand it.”

<Salazar> turned his head from the magic light switch to nod grimly at his friends, “Powerful tools.” It was nothing short of miraculous in his mind, “Generous magics.” He confirmed to Altaryn, even as he went to the spot Maryska had mentioned and eyed the string that seemed to have no purpose. With a curious expression he gave it an experimental tug.

::Maryska smiled as the garage door began to close, sliding downwards on the track with a low hum.:: “This opens and closes the door.” ::she grinned as it would continue until he let go of the cord.::

<Salazar> only held the cord for a moment as the noise and movement startled him and sent him into a defensive crouch facing the offending door. His fangs were bared and his hand instinctively reached for a sword that wasn’t there. If the door hadn’t stopped, he might have actually attacked it.

::Maryska waves Salazar to relax a little.:: “It’s okay, it’s okay, see?” ::she moved over the the door and tapped it, then went back to the cord.:: “Pull on this, door goes down, like a draw bridge.”

<Altaryn> was quick to Salazar’s side, taking up a defensive stance so that Salazar felt he was with an ally, but also staying calm and placing a hand on his arm. “Defensive magic,” he suggested, though garage doors were pretty flimsy. “To create a wall where there was none and hide from sight.”

<Salazar> turns his head first to his brother in arms and then to Maryska. He was still wary, but he nodded. It was a neat spell, though oddly tied to a string. That seemed less effective than just pulling it down. Was magic so common here that they could waste it so frivolously, “I understand. Is useful, but strange. Could pull door?”

::Maryska nodded.:: “Yup, I can pull on the door too, I just flick the switch.” ::she flicked the switch on the motor and then went over to the door and began to pull it closed.:: “But the string is for when I’m in my car….it’s a long story.” ::she smiled and went back to puting things away.:: “Oh god, has anyone shown him a pistol yet?” ::she blinked as she looked at Altaryn.::

<Altaryn> eyed Maryska. “You know they make remotes for that?” He shook his head though and looked back to Salazar. “Wizards of Technology teach the common folk to be lazy. It is all about how much you can do without ever moving from your chair.” He winked at Maryksa for this over simplification. “I showed him a rifle, but no he hasn’t tried to shoot one yet. I wanted to pick something up without too much kickback.”

::Maryska smirked:: “I have the remote for it, the string is for when the batteries in the remote die, and I put the switch in for manual control” ::she grinned and nodded.:: “I have a pistol, but, I’d rather do that a little later, the door and the light might be enough for one day for him”

<Salazar> was still looking up and at the garage door as he absently nodded to both of them. Though how much he was learning or understanding was up for debate, “I must be going. To Zaluut. Time to pray soon.” He finally declared as he looked at the two, “Confession, must give.”

::Maryska nodded slowly and then looked to Altaryn.:: “He’s going to need time to get used to all of this.”

<Altaryn> “Confession?” He asked curiously, but didn’t expect an answer. Such things were supposed to be private for a reason….he just never had a need for religion himself and still found it odd when some vampires did.

<Altaryn> “Would you like company on your walk? Would you like to ride the magic horse?”

<Salazar> nodded his head, “Confession.” He confirmed and then let out a disappointed breath, “Wrath… envy… Acedia – sins of soul.” He tapped his chest meaningfully, “confess to ease.” He was a bit perplexed that they needed to be explained, but this was a strange time. If a vampire could look green at the prospect of something, it was the magic horse and Salazar. Though ht understood it was something he needed to master. With a grimacing nod he

replied, “Yes… this would be good.” No, he didn’t look like he believed his words, but damn it, those things were terrifying.

<Altaryn> “Come then. We will command it to go slow, and I will explain on the journey,” he suggested. “I will see you later Maryska. Let Ashe know I asked about him? Perhaps Durmah can invite the both of you over for dinner…or something.” That was a social thing, right? He motioned for Salazar to walk with him back to the car.

::Maryska nodded with a smile.:: “sure thing Altaryn, have a safe ride.” ::she waved to the two of them as they headed out.::

<Salazar> looked relieved as they headed out