<Salazar> nodded with something akin to understanding. Kitt did Magic. He could understand that and she’d already told him that Altaryn was using magic. Altaryn’s words likely agreed with that statement. He also understood that they were both warriors. He closed his eyes at the images that flashed in his mind. He didn’t fight it, but it was unsettling to see the creatures Altaryn showed him. He let out a frustrated breath, “Yes. Warrior.” He nodded

between them as his eyes opened, “Yes… Altaryn and Salazar…” He didn’t know which words indicated fighting together so he mimed holding a sword and a shield in first a defensive and then offensive stance, but then he let the frustration show on his face as if he was trying to accentuate it for his next words, “Altaryn, here… home.” He gestured to the building they’d left and the grounds, “Salazar… no home. No…” He gestured vaguely.

<Altaryn> looked about as Salazar said this was Altaryn’s home. Kitt had given him a place here, but he still had his other arrangements with his vassal. It was still a lot of Altaryn to adapt to, a huge change from what he had learned when he was first embraced. “Yes, I have a home. Soon, you will have a home.” Perhaps in a strange way they were both displaced from the world they knew and could understand each other a little better.

Certainly he wasn’t going to tell Salazar this was his home, because home was a personal choice. Still, he had confidence Salazar would find his way. “Until then, friends. Allies,” he said and offered his arm to Salazar in a friendly promise.

<Salazar> didn’t just mean the physical sense of home, but it was difficult to explain that he wished for a place to belong. Though perhaps Altaryn understood that. He didn’t look convinced that he’d find that, but he nodded, understanding that Altaryn meant his words to offer hope. Even if he didn’t understand all of it. He didn’t hesitate in taking the offered hand, “Friends, allies, yes.” His words were resolute, not one to turn down the offer the

Altaryn extended freely, “Defend Altaryn home. Defend Kitt home. I…” He wanted to give his word, but he could only finish was an emphatic, “I do. I defend.”

<Altaryn> wished he could express himself more…in time though. Auspex was a small bridge at least that he could deliver a concept. “We defend,” he said with determination in his eyes and a nod to say there, at least, they had common ground. It was hard for him to vow more when he knew so little about the man he was speaking with and there was a barrier of language between them. If only Durmah was here to help translate. “Tomorrow, I

will ask Durmah to come with me. We can talk more. You and me,” he pointed to Salazar and them himself. “We practice?” He mimed a bit of swordplay before looking to Sal with a questioning look.

<Salazar> seemed to find that small declaration of intent to be comforting. Zaluut offered hospitality for the sake of his sire, Kitt and Kaladorne were connected by clan, but Altaryn was someone who had no connection to him and still they shared this intent. The man’s shoulders relaxed and he nodded to Altaryn at the mention of Durmah, but it was likely just that he recognized it. Then a slow smile spread on his lips, “Practice, yes.” He’d heard

that word and Altaryn made his intent clear enough. Salazar turned to point towards the north courtyard and the practice ranges and space, “Practice there?”

<Altaryn> “Yes. We can practice there, in the courtyard.” Although he tried to use more common words, he still tried to make full sentences. That would help Salazar more than using baby talk after all. At least, it had helped Altaryn when he was trying to learn another language.

<Salazar> mimiced the words, more to himself then to Altaryn, “Practice hair, inda court-aired.” He waved for Altaryn to follow since he remembered the way and he knew where the practice weapons were kept, “We use… sords?” He wasn’t very good at the words, but by mimicing Altaryn’s answers he could form concepts… sort of.

<Altaryn> nodded at Salazar’s really good attempt, and repeated it slower so he could hear the very small differences that completely changed the meaning. “Practice he-re. In -the- court-yard.” With another smile he followed Salazar’s lead. There was a good chance with all his wandering, Sal knew the Asylum better than he did.

<Salazar> repeated the words slowly until he was certain that he’d pronounced them with the inflections that Altaryn demonstrated. He kept his pace steady, meaning more to walk with Altaryn than to lead him. He did seem comfortable with the route he took and it wasn’t long before they reached the practice fields and then shed that held the weapons. He’d let Altaryn pick his own, but re recalled where the curved blade he’d been practicing with was

stored and took it out to check it carefully while Altaryn made his selection.

<Altaryn> doubted he would find an actual katana, but anything that looked like a slashing style sword with a thin blade would do. He reached for the closest his could find, or obviously the practice katana if possible. His inspection of the blade was only to ensure it was in sound condition and not likely to harm either of them, once satisfied, he would test the balance and nod to Salazar. “I am ready,” he declared and motioned for

them to head back.

<Salazar> nodded his head and headed out with Altaryn to a practice circle that was free, “We us…?” Salazar paused, realizing he didn’t have the words to express what he wanted to ask. He tapped the sword, “We use sword, yes.” Then he tapped himself, “We use… not sword?” He burned vitae to move a few feet with impossible speed and then paused to ask again, questioning, “We use, not sword?”

<Altaryn> “Ah. Not sword, disciplines,” he answered first so Salazar would know the word he was looking for. “Dis-ci-plines,” he said more slowly so he could try to mimic the word as well. “Your choice,” he said with a nod Sal and gave him a questioning look.

<Salazar> nodded, “Disciplines.” He repeated carefully and considered that is was his choice, “No disciplines. No hunting.” He hopefully explained that spending the resources tonight was not something he wanted to do. Hunting was still a challenge for him in this world. After that he took up a stance with his blade and nodded that he was ready if Altaryn was.

Currently the scene is: Durmah-appt in Iacchus-events and it is girls ( night (Set by: arrna) )

Currently the scene is: Durmah-appt in Iacchus-events and it is night ( girls night (Set by: arrna) )

Currently the scene is: West in Courtyard and it is night ( sabbat Stuff (Set by: arrna) )

<Altaryn> “Yes. Good choice. No hunting.” Altaryn was not a fan of using such resources wastefully, but if Salazar needed to stretch his abilities Altaryn would have. He bowed first to Salazar, asian style out of habit, and then took up a fighting stance. “Begin,” he declared so that it was clear. Especially as he waited to see how Salazar moved first.

<Salazar> was thankful that they were in agreement and waited until Altaryn uttered the singular word before he moved. He was clearly comfortable with a blade and his movements as he assessed the other man’s stance and position before silently darting in was a quick and concise slice aimed to draw Altaryn into a block or a dodge. It was an assessing strike intended to see what Altaryn’s skill level was, how quick he could move, and what his reflexes

were like.

<Altaryn> did both. He stepped to the side and put his blade to block so that Salazar couldn’t simply adjust his attack. With a graceful motion he used his blade to knock Sal’s down and away and then circled back with a slash aimed at his torso. That too had simply been testing the waters, and he followed through to turn back around in a defensive stance.

<Salazar> grinned as his was knocked down and adjusted the direction to bring it back up as he pivoted to avoid the lethal to a mortal torso strike. He was impressed and pleased, which showed in his eyes as he didn’t give Altaryn a chance to stay in his stance long, moving to bodily follow him in a violent series of strikes that pushed the metal of his blade to the limits, but he was now confident that Altaryn could match his movements.

<Altaryn> had never relaxed his guard, but he did stay on the defensive. His blade moved gracefully, just fast enough that there was a slight motion blur. Despite the larger motions required of his style, without having to pull back from his own movement, he was able to position his blade in time to block each of Salazar’s. He waited for an opening. A misstep, a split second of being off balance, or… what came first was a rather

powerful strike which struck his block with powerful force. It would take a split second longer to pull back from such an attack. His own moment was distrupted, but he moved to feign a ill-aimed strike at Salazar’s head as he kicked as his real attack, a kick to the knee, came from below.

<Salazar> did take the bait, even if it was too good of an opening and brought his sword up to deflect the blade from his head at the same time he felt the kick to his knee. A normal man would have buckled from the precision blow to the joint, but he only grunted in discomfort as he took it and shifted that leg back to a steadier position. “Good.” Was his comment before he once more pressed the attack. Salazar didn’t focus as much on defense,

preferring to attack and eliminate his opponent and he used his strength to that effect. He twisted his body and made for a low cut aimed for the thigh, but pivoted and twisted at the same time, hoping to swing around Altaryn with the momentum and bodily check him.

<Altaryn> was quick and his practice blade met Salazar’s as once again he stepped away from the follow through…or, what he thought would be the follow through. He hadn’t expected the body check and by the time he tried to shift his balance to dodge it was too late. Salazar caught him off balance and he went down. At least he had the presence of mind to roll away and come back to his feet. Expecting Sal would keep the pressure on, he

immediately went into his own attacks of graceful strikes alternating with blocks. The two were well matched, and may well have attracted a cloud. Who needed a common language of words when you had the common dance of the blade?

<Salazar> hadn’t found a partner to spar with and he needed the workout and the challenge to vent his frustration. His concerned were no where in his mind as he fought his well matched opponent, taking as many hits and blows as he was able to give out. So long as the crowd didn’t encroach on this space, he didn’t care if they watched, it would help them learn if they cared to. He’d continue the dance with Altaryn for as long as the other man was

willing or until he needed to do something else, like return home. (fading to black because sleep).

<Altaryn> would eventually call their match to a close, but only after he earned a particularly good hit from Salazar. As much as he would have liked to stay longer, he did need to work on his homework from Kitt. That’s okay though. There would be plenty more nights to contiune their friendly challenge.