::Maryska comes walking into the Caern with her hands in her pockets, and her sunglasses on, she decides to take a walk through the bawn just to see what’s what, if anything has been disturbed since the last time she went on patrol. The black leather boots that she uses for riding her motorcycle, or just walking around any time at all step along the grass and rocks of the area.

::Maryska walks in silent contemplation of what’s been going on and the people of the sept, her eyes continuously cast to the ground, the tree’s and her surroundings, thinking but watching, occasionally stopping to listen to the surroundings and hear what may be around, she eventually makes her way in circles to the center, taking her time to get there, her hand gently presses against the bear

glyph as she steps up to the stone.:: “Good day bear, hopefully all is well.”

::Maryska begins the slow march out of the caern, watching her surroundings as she slips out and heads back home.::