<Devon> stands at Regina’s door, two bags of takeout chinese in his hands. HE uses his foot to gently knock on the door.

<Regina> looks toward the knocking, shutting her tv off and heading to the door and peering through the keyhole, before unlocking it and letting Devon in.

<Devon> smmiles to her, and holds up the bags. “And chinese as requested. Did you manage to get us something to drink?”

<Regina> “Can’t drink anythin’ alcoholic. So I got us a six-pack of Coke.”

<Devon> smiles nad moves for the table. “That works, and I happen to like coke.” He sets the bags down, and starts to sort out everything.

<Regina> nods, closing and locking the door before going to take the six pack out of the fridge, removing two cans and putting it back.

<Devon> smiles. “They smelled so good, I got us each 2 egg rolls.” He smiles to her. “So, how ya been doing? Getting out some, right?”

<Regina> gives him a little smile, then shrugs. “Pretty good, I guess. And yeah, I’ve been goin’ grocery shoppin’ and stuff. Stayin’ away from clubs for a while.”

<Regina> “And parks.”

<Devon> nods and smiles. “Good. I was a little hesitant to return to the trill myself, after the Techs showed up there.”

<Regina> looks at him blankly. “…..The what?”

<Devon> chuckles. “Oh yeah, bad government types that wanna control everything, from what ya do to what ya think.”

<Regina> “Techs showed up and you were scared to go to a bar? What do you think they’d do? Hit you with a surge protector or somethin’?”

<Devon> shakes his head. “They are part of the shadow government, and not nice people. They actually shot poor Ashe.”

<Regina> just looks at him. “What, they’re part of some kinda conspiracy? Like the Illuminati and shit?”

<Devon> nods. “But the Illuminati are pussies compared to these guys.”

<Regina> “Really? They’re that bad?”

<Devon> “Yup, they have been known to kill others just for having a different idea about how things should be.”

<Regina> “Ugh…sounds like supremacists.”

<Devon> smirks. “You could say that. Now, I dont mean to pry, but I am curious. Why have you been avoiding the clubs and such? Bout the only time I see you is here.”

<Regina> looks at him and sighs, then takes a seat at her kitchen table, setting the can down and fiddling with the opener for a moment before responding. “….I’m pregnant.”

<Devon> looks shocked. “Ok…. wow. Congrats, right?”

<Regina> just looks up at him. “….You can’t be serious.”

<Devon> looks to her, confused. “Why? What am I missing here?”

<Regina> “Why do you think I’ve been avoidin’ parks?”

<Devon> looks to her confused again, then the light goes on. “Oh shit, Ummmmmmm. Damn, sorry.”

<Regina> “And don’t fuckin’ pity me. I don’t need your pity.”

<Devon> “HEy, whow there. No need to get angry with me, I am sorry it happened to you, and soon I hope we catch the fuckers, but I’m not going to heap pity on you, your too strong for that.”

<Regina> gives him a long look, then nods. “Thanks.”

<Devon> smiles to her. “Well, I can understand avoiding the parks now, but the clubs ya should feel rather safe in, no one gonna fuck with you in the Trill.”

<Regina> “You sure about that? Don’t think it’s a good idea for a pregnant woman to be around alcohol. Not that I’m arguin’ with the other things you said.”

<Devon> “What, you cant keep yaself from drinking? No one gonna force ya.”

<Regina> “Better safe than sorry, right?”

<Devon> nods and smiles. “Well, you can come down and watch the afternoon shows on sundays, then I would know ya getting out, and doing something.”

<Regina> “Don’t I already come out to your shows?”

<Devon> smirks. “I cant always see the audience dear, those are bright lights focused on me.”

<Regina> “Heh, fair enough.” She cracks open the can and has a drink.

<Devon> chuckles and opens his container. “Oh yeah, cant bet pepper steak and egg rolls. I just hope thier friend rice is up to par, aint eaten there before tonight.”

<Regina> “Well, if it ain’t, we know not to go back there.” She goes to get a plate, a spoon and a fork before scooping out some rice onto it.

<Devon> nods. “to be sure, but need to find a decent chinese place, gotta have my fix rom time to time.”

<Regina> nods. “If you decide you wanna try somethin’ else, feel free to drop by sometime and I’ll whip up some Italian food.”

<Devon> smiles widely. “Love me some pasta, from american spagetti to Aglio et Olio.”

<Regina> “Sounds good. I’ll make somethin’ for the next time you drop by.”

<Devon> “Cool deal, and I will bring something to drink. I know a very good cider that should pair well with pasta.”

<Regina> nods.

<Devon> starts to eat, and pauses after a few bites. “How badly will your pregenanct affect your work?”

<Regina> looks down at her stomach, then at Devon. “I won’t be able to drive in a few months. Well…I can, but it’s going to be somewhat tricky.”

<Devon> nods. “Well, I dont know how much you make driving, and I cant pay you anything near it I’m sure, but if you need work for the duration, your welcome to work in the magic shop. Its money.”

<Regina> “Thanks. Maybe a break might do me some good.”

<Devon> “I will schedule you for the early shift, that way you cna come and go from work in the daylight, sound fair?”

<Regina> nods. “What are the hours?”

<Devon> “10 to 4, and its normally 4 days a week, as I do have a couple of regulars that work for me. They will be thankful to get a few mornings ot sleep in, Im sure.”

<Regina> nods.

<Devon> starts to eat again, smiling to her, and enjoying his food. “Did I roder yours right?”

<Regina> “Yeah, it’s good. Thanks.” She gives him a tiny smile.

<Devon> nods and smiles. “It is good to see you smile. Just wish we all saw it more.”

<Regina> “Thanks, I guess. And not really much to smile about these days, is there?”

<Devon> “Hey now, your still alive, you have your health, and you have friends that worry about ya, I’d call those reasons to smile.”

<Regina> “True…but what friends? You’re the only person I know.”

<Devon> “Well, come back to the trill with me somenight. I wont let ya drink, and I will introduce you to some quality folks, ok?”

<Regina> “Yeah, maybe. Sure.”

<Devon> smiles. “Good.” He returns to eating his meal.