Abequa is singing as she walks across the courtyard, well, more like humming as she moves along and watches people practicing. She seems quite distracted, motion catching her attention more than anything else.

<Phillip> headed into the city long enough to find a few prey items to satisfy his aching hunger. He didn’t bother with finesse tonight, simply being able to eat was enough as he overpowered a series of victims before he’d made it back the the Asylum and headed out to the practice field. He had a sword with him that he’d borrowed from the practice shed, it was a katana like Altaryn had shown him how to practice with. He stood in front of one of the

dummies to practice the painfully slow movements of blocks that focused more on control than speed or power… he wasn’t horrible, but Phillip still wasn’t a fighter so each movement took a lot of effort to get right. He paused when he saw Abequa and smiled with a light shrug as if to say, ‘yes, I know I look like an idiot’

Abequa didn’t laugh at Phillip, afterall, he was practicing and that was important. She did edge closer though and picked her voice up a bit as she circled him, observing his motions curiously. Her song drifts over the courtyard as if it has a life of its own, causing many to stop what they are doing and listen. (11 Successes)

<Phillip> closes his eyes and shakes his head as if trying to banish the siren’s song from his mind, but he can’t and like many others in the courtyard his motions come to a stop and are forgotten in the wake of the melody. For the moment his eyes stayed closed, mesmerized by his enjoyment of the song and giving into the pleasure of hearing it.

Abequa keeps the song going and creeps closer and closer to Phillip, curiously studying him as she continues to circle. Her bare feet making no sound on the soft grass, she tilts her head to one side, just staring intently.

<Phillip> shivers as he hears the song draw nearer to him and his eyes finally slit open. It would be his luck that the little ninja poked him to prove a point about letting ones guard down or something. His eyes follow her, still lost in the song, but aware enough for that and to jerkily try to resume his exercises. He couldn’t count on always being allowed to focus, but damn she was making this hard.

Abequa stops singing as the song comes to an end and just keeps staring at Phillip, even as she creeps around behind him to see if he turns to watch her or not.

<Phillip> true to the fact that he wasn’t quite as alert as he should have been, began by following her movement with just his eyes and then his head until he was off balance and had to half stumble to regain a better footing, “Abequa… what are you doing? You know I’m not a revenant anymore, you can’t jump me for blood… well I guess you can, but… uh… yeah. What are you doing?”

Abequa smiles at him, her little fangs showing. “Do I make you nervous? I wonder if you taste different.”

<Phillip> squinted at Abequa and waggled a finger at her, “Yeah, you do. I like my blood firmly on the inside and I’ll bite back and you’ll have to deal with me being obscene.” He tilts his head to the side, “Actually… if you want to rough me up a bit to get some blood, -THAT- would be worth it.” He almost purrs, “Maybe tie me up first?”

Abequa tilts her head, thinking on that. “Well, inside the silence I do not have to listen to you.”, she edges closer and her finger taps against where she keeps the blades on her side.

<Phillip> cants his head to the side and licked his lips, “You don’t have to listen to me for me to enjoy myself, little one. It’s the pain I crave.” Though Phillip wasn’t entirely sure he trusted Abequa to leave anything of him left. Trust was important in those games and he shifts to increase the distance between them as she inches closer, “No offence though, I don’t trust anyone here to bother stopping once they get their teeth in. So I’ll have to

pass. I’m not dying for a bit of fun.”

Abequa frowns at that and her expression becomes more serious as she stalks closer, keeping the distance between them short. “What do you mean you do not trust? You are Sword, I am Sword. I would not hurt you. Do you think me disloyal?”

<Phillip> continues to try and keep the distance between them consistent, but he also has to keep an eye on the sword he is holding so he doesn’t accidentally cut Abequa or himself and she is more skilled in movement then he is. So the distance likely closes, “No. I don’t think you’re disloyal. But people are people.” He smirks, “I only trust people as long as I think I am still useful to them. It’s how the world works.”

Abequa tilts her head. “You are useful, you are practicing to be more useful. Why would I hurt you?”

<Phillip> looks down at the borrowed sword in confusion for a moment, “Well… because I suck? Have you seen me try to use this thing? I’m pretty sure the dummy can beat me up.”

Abequa laughs a little now, “We all suck at first. I was not a fighter when Talwar Embraced me. I am still learning my weapons too. Singing is the only talent I carry over from my mortal time.”

<Phillip> grins, “It isn’t a bad talent. I… Would like to say that I was talented at poetry, but I think some would dissagree.”

Abequa tilts her head the other way and smiles. “Maybe I could put some of your poetry to music?”

<Phillip> laughed at the idea, but it wasn’t mocking. No. He was delighted by the idea and wondered if Zaluut and Michael could be made to regret having him embraced by his poetry given life in song. “You know… Zaluut himself once threatened to remove my ability to speak to get me to shut up. I’m not sure even your voice could endear my verse to his ears.”

Abequa grins a bit, with just a hint of mischief. “Well, there is one way to find out.”

<Phillip> smirks devilishly and glances around, “You know.. you are right. We should test this out. I can’t do music though, but I will give you some of my best verses.”

Abequa smirks and agrees, and then steps back to watch him some more. “You know you aren’t that bad with that thing. But if you are not strong, that blade is less useful.”

<Phillip> nods his head, “Yeah, that’s the kicker. I’m working on it, but I have a lot to work on… I never thought I’d end up a cainite so I didn’t prepare for it. That’s my own dumb fault.”

Abequa blinks. “I thought you poked Michael on purpose to provoke that.”

<Phillip> grins and then laughs, “Uh… To be honest? I poked him on purpose because I didn’t believe he’d actually go through with it and I wanted to prove it.” Phillip shrugs, “And it was fun.”

Abequa smirks a little and nods. “Talwar kept me from escaping… if they had left me alone, I’d have broken out. I was planning it but that tall man with the pointy ears is a mind reader.”

Abequa stops and then looks around. “I need to go. But you work on some poetry and i will sing it for you.”, then she disappears, her whole form just gone in an instant.