::Rhonwen comes into the bar and smiles at the staff as she waves to them, ordering herself a glass of water with lemon she heads up to the stage, she begins to check out hook ups and sets up a microphone, then heads over to the mixer and goes over some settings, hooking up a recording device to it so she can record the session, making sure it all runs through, she goes over some more settings and then hops back up on stage asking one of

the sound techs to make sure her sound is good.::

<Henry> made his way inside the Imaginarium after work, looking to snag a few minutes of enjoyment at the vibrant club before heading to the Chantry to work on his current project involving rats…. and if he happened to see a certain bouncer it wouldn’t be too bad either. He smiles to Rhonwen when he spots her on the stage and heads in her direction, but stopping just far enough back that he won’t be in her way, “Are you recording a song, my dear?”

::Rhonwen looked up to the familiar voice and she smiled.:: “Hey Henry!” ::She hopped down for a moment and ran up to him and gave him a quick hug.:: “I’m recording my practice, I’ll go over it at home when I’m done, and make my adjustments for this Sunday, I’m performing here.” ::she smiled as she looked sweetly at the man.:: “Stopping by for a quick drink?”

<Henry> returned the hug warmly with a light pat on Rhonwen’s back, “Oh, are you? I shall have to stop by and listen then. I do enjoy a good live show and I am sure you will do wonderfully. Will you be singing?” He asked curiously as he peered at the equipment and then laughed, “Well, perhaps a quick drink of tea. I have some study to do tonight. I simply find the club to be… inspiring.”

::Rhonwen nodded.:: “Yeah I’ll be singing too.” ::she looked at the cute man with a smile.:: “I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a duet with some people.” ::she winked as she asked one of the techs to bring a table close to the stage so she could keep working while talking to Henry, once she did that she hopped back up on stage and proceeded to get a few more things arranged, like the stage amps.::

<Henry> looked tempted at the offer, but shook his head softly, “I’m afraid singing when I am alone is one matter, but I’d be terribly petrified to perform in front of anyone else. I think you’d end up calling the ambulance when I fainted, if I tried. Though… any other time, I wouldn’t mind someone to share a song with.”

::Rhonwen smiled at the man.:: “Absolutely, hell I could do a private recording.” ::she smiled at him and spun on the stage, she started to take long strides to get used to the area, dancing a bit as she looked over at Henry.:: “You’re a really sweet man Henry, you’re so reserved and kind.” ::she spun again and then danced back around to in front of him and sat down on the edge of the stage, swinging her legs back and forth.::

<Henry> smiled warmly, “I think I would like that very much, my dear.” He watched her dance across the stage with delight and then laughed brightly at her comment, “You make that sound like it is unusual to be this way? I hardly think it is of note, but thank you. You are a charming young lady, and quite talented if I recall.” He carefully eased himself down beside her, though his legs didn’t swing.

::Rhonwen smiled at the man and bumped her shoulder against his.:: “Thanks for saying, and yeah being a nice person is kind of a rarity in these times.” ::she pulled out her flute and spun it in her fingers.:: “I’m doing this show to raise money for our little trip to the goblin market by the way, so you showing up will greatly improve the funds we get for that.” ::she smiled at him.:: “I’m not going to let you step away from that place

without something to have.”

<Henry> tilts his head to the side curiously and chuckles, “Well, I suppose people are in so much of a hurry that they likely forget themselves often enough, but I don’t think that people mean anything by it. Most individuals, in my experience, are kind at heart. They simply… forget to show it.” And maybe Henry was a bit naive in that sentiment, but he didn’t mind. He looked curiously to Rhonwen with no small amount of genuine surprise, “T-that

is… exceedingly kind of you, Rhonwen, but I couldn’t… It will be your hard earned money and I assure you, I will treasure the memory greatly. As long as I live, in fact… but.. if it will help you, yes, I will attend the concert.”

::Rhonwen giggled.:: “The money we need isn’t the green kind hun.” ::she winked a little and looked around with a conspiratory glance, then pulled out a single coin, it glimmered and shone like a small light, she held it close between both of them, and she looked at Henry.:: “While people are enjoying the show, a friend will be making these from the happiness and energy that swells in here, and I get paid in this coin at the end of the

show.” ::she grinned widely.:: “It’s called Dross.”

<Henry> leaned closer to examine the coin curiously as she showed it to him and adjusted his glasses, “Oh! That is amazing… so my own enjoyment will in part be financing the trip?” He chuckled, delighted by the idea, “It is a shame that was not true for everything in life.”

::Rhonwen smiled.:: “I know right? it’d make vacations way more easy to afford.” ::she smiled as she put the coin back into a pocket and looked at the mans happy demeanor.:: “so yes, that’s why you showing up would be important, because you’d be helping to pay your own way, just by enjoying the show.” ::she grinned, as if to confirm and solidify that idea in his mind.:: “I’m not paying for it all on my own, that’s for damn sure.” ::she

giggled and winked at the man as she stood up and pulled her flute out twirling it in her hands, taking a moment to stand in front of the microphone.:: “check! WHOO!” ::she looked at the sound tech whom gave her a thumbs up.:: “Great, mark the levels now, we’ll do an instrument and vocals test.” ::she looked around the place, and brought the flute up to her lips, and began to play a tune.::

<Henry> might not be keen on talking Rhonwen’s hard earned Dross, but the Dross that came from his own enjoyment? Well that was significantly different and maybe there would be enough for a small souvenir. Even if that souvenir was a little coin. “Well, I will certainly pay my own may, my dear. So I would be delighted to attend.” He laughed softly, “Though I would attend in any case. I do enjoy your music.” He half turned on the stage so that he

could watch Rhonwen at work and enjoy her sound test.

*Katarina* comes into the club to mingle and have some fun, after paying the fee.

::Rhonwen began to play the song, her throat quivered in spots, and the sound was quite pleasant, she seemed a little rigid as her fingers played over the notes, the song was actually really good, a complete success for sure, but when she was done, she brought the flute down and looked at it with a little unhappiness.:: “Uh…okay, that was fine and all, but can we maybe do some dream inducing stuff?” ::she shook out her hands and rolled

her neck sighing and began again.::

<Aditi> makes her way into the club, giving Henry and Rhonwen waves and a smile when she spots them, before heading over.

<Henry> hummed quietly along with the tune, but he was not really on key. Thankfully he was not actually singing since an audience would not have approved of the voice, even if t was not bad. He nodded to Aditi as she walked in and gave her a kind smile before responding to Rhonwen, “That was quite good, my dear. Maybe you simply needed to warm up?”

::Rhonwen smiles to Aditi and nodded to Henry.:: “Yeah probably, lets try again.” ::she began playing a new song, this time she was on point, the music rolled and when she hopped up and landed then bounced into a dancing step she could feel it, so much more, so much energy began to be felt by the song, she was playing a happy tune, and you could see it in her body language, in her smile as she played, she spun and danced, the microphone

that she had on her flute was catching all the minute tones, she glanced in one direction as if something walked past her, but ultimately it just looked like part of the show as she finished with a bow.:: “Oh so much better!”

<Henry> closed his eyes to listen with delights and clapped with enthusiasm as she finished, “Oh! Bravo! That was amazing, my dear! A true delight to the ears.”

::Rhonwen smiled and settled down on the stage next to Henry once again, and looked at Aditi.:: “Hey, Aditi, wanna try a duet right now? I’m doing a show on Sunday, maybe you could join in a few?”

<Aditi> reaches their table, looking at Henry. “Heya….sure? Lemme go talk to her, and we’ll see about getting something started. I’m gonna get behind the turntables for the rest of the night, or until she decides to take over.”

::Rhonwen nods to Aditi and looks at Henry.:: “I reserve the right to buy you something, this is money I’m making, so I get a say in how it’s spent, try not to refuse a gift from a fae.” ::she winks.::

<Kegarri> wandered his way back into the Imaginarium. It was fairly safe there, usually had some food he could snack on, strange and wondrous people, oh, and the big men at the door didn’t try to shoo him away when they spotted him. As he spotted Rhonwen, Aditi, AND Henry all in one place, he grinned wide and hopped his way over to join them. “-the-Rains! And the goat-bird! This is good to be seeing you all in this now. Is -the-Rains

feeling the cool and not the burn now? Did Case-In lick the face for the healing fast?”

<Aditi> looks over at Garri when he enters and approaches them, blinking. “Um…what?”

<Henry> chuckles softly as he nods to Aditi and responds to Rhonwen in the same motion, “Alright, consider me chastised, my dear. I will not refuse again.” He pauses as Kegarri walks in and begins to turn red before Garri even spoke, “A-ah… n-no… Cassian did not lick me.” Henry tries to say that with a straight face and not die of embarrassment as he speaks softly, “It.. gets better on it’s own, Garri.”

<Kegarri> once again lacking in that respect of personal space, he leans close enough to Henry’s face that the man can feel his breath. “Garri is not to be sure of this. It is looking red again.”

::Rhonwen smiled at Garri as he came over.:: “Hey there!” ::she grinned and pulled something from her pouch that she had brought with her, in a silver packet.:: “I brought you sweet poop.” ::she grinned and handed Garri the chocolate.::

<Aditi> just watches, unsure whether to be amused or disturbed by what Garri is doing to Henry.

::Rhonwen smiled and left the chocolate for Garri.;: “Alright, I gotta head out for a few, but hopefully I’ll see you lot again soon!” ::she gathered up her things and slipped her flute away, moving over to the sound board and grabbed her drive, looking at the sound tech.;: “Thanks for the shortsweet, I’ll see you again tomorrow for another sound test?” ::she patted the man on the shoulder and headed out for the time being.::

<Henry> tries to lean back, turning more and more embarrassed by the moment, “It… it’s fine. Really. Aditi, tell him this is normal for me, please?”

<Kegarri> was distracted by the chocolates at least, though he was a little cautious of the silver bag at first. “Ah yes. Much thanks to the goat bird,” he said with a wide grin and dumps all the chocolates out on to the table. At least for the moment as he picked through them and sniffed each one to be sure it really was sweet and not poop, he was leaving Henry alone.

I’ve only a few hours before Luke gets back. We have a stupid dentist appointment today

<Aditi> slides into the booth, looking at Garri. “He’s fine. It’s just his usual thing, bro. Also….calling her goat bird? Dare I ask why?”

<Henry> sighed in relief and immediately started to calm down and Garri’s attention drifted, “I think it is because she sings and… Satyr?”

<Aditi> “Yeah….goat, I get, but bird….?”

<Kegarri> “Say-Tears? Why is the goat bird sad?” He pops what smells like the best chocolate in his mouth and invites himself to sit beside Henry with a wide grin. “The man rushing to see his onions said she was calling the breeze. A bird of colour who is humming.”

<Aditi> looks at Kegarri, clearly somewhat confused, before it dawns on her. “So you think she’s a hummingbird? Because she plays the flute?”

<Durmah> skips in from being dropped off. Again tonight she’s wearing a mid-late 20’s style… slim cut dress with lots of little gem embellishments and designs. It’s not quite a flapper dress, but only because the scarf-like tails of the dress go to nearly ankle length (which means that -gasp- she’s showing glimpses of actual leg). Again, the pumps and feathery hair peice pinned in her updone

hair clearly match the dress. She has a basket of chocolates and creampuffs that she drops off at the bar with a broad smile.

<Henry> shrugs and smiles, “Tears of joy, Garri.” He offered and then nodded to aditi, “A song bird, I think.” He smiles towards Durmah as she enters as well.

<Durmah> beams when she sees Henry, and she steps over to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

<Kegarri> blinks and looks at Aditi, seemingly confused about, well many things. “What is this flu? The call-the-breeze bird-of-humming was what the man rushing to see his onions called her. Garri never did see feathers or wings, only the horns that make her look tasty.”

<Aditi> looks at Henry, nodding, before just staring at Kegarri when he opened his mouth to speak again.

<Aditi> “…..What? I…..what are you even saying, bro? None of what you said makes sense…..”

<Durmah> looks over and laughs very softly, grinning for just a beat. “Demetri calls Rhoni a russian word for hummingbird. So this one,” she nods to Garri, “Garri calls her goat-bird. The man of onion is Demetri.” She reaches over to touch Garri’s hand, “The mean man I mentioned? He is already dead. He does not need hunting. Also, i brought more chocolate – the sweet that looks like poop.” She

points to the bar.

<Kegarri> popped another chocolate into his mouth and stood up to check his pockets. “No. Garri has no cents. Is sorry? Want the sweet poop,” he offers in apology to Aditi.

<Aditi> just continues to stare…. “Sure….some chocolate sounds good…..thanks….”

<Henry> gave Durmah a warm embrace and colours a little on the cheeks, “It is good to see you as well, Miss Leliel. You are a vision of beauty as always.” It was a courtly compliment, but still kind and well meaning. His eyes dances with humour as he gently patted Garri’s arm, “It is good of you to share. Don’t worry about Aditi, none of us have cents either.”

<Durmah> smiles and takes a seat at the table, “Thank you, Henry. And please, just call me Durmah.” Henry’s joke has her chuckling softly.

<Kegarri> nods to the others. He actually has a pile of little chocolates that Rhonwen gave him on the table, though thus far he had only offered to share with Aditi. He nods to Durmah’s suggestion and looks to Henry most seriously and adds, “yes. Durmah is much more ease than sleeping angel of death and princes but female….” he looked at Durmah certain he had forgotten bits and offered her a chocolate in apology. “Garri was not so

good with these words he is not knowing well. You say this man who made to own you is no more? Then Durmah belongs to Durmah? This is most good.”

<Durmah> grins again as Kegarri tries to reproduce the titles of the angel she’s named after. But she just nods in encouragement at the look, smiling because he’d done a good job with it. She accepts the chocolate with good humor and bites into it, because even if she made them she likes chocolate. so. nom. “Yes. The man who owned me and was very abusive is no more. Thank you.”

<Henry> nodded his head, “Oh course, Durmah.” He didn’t mind the change and had only been trying to remain polite. Not something that would chance by a name if it was what she preferred. He pursed his lips, trying to decide who the sleeping angel of death and the princes but female could be and frowned as Garri got to the end of his statement, but breathed a sigh of relief at Durmah’s response, “I think… I may need a dictionary.”

<Aditi> takes a chocolate, unwrapping it and popping it into her mouth while listening to the people talk. Durmah gets a curious look. “Something happened?”

<Durmah> laughs softly, “He asked me what my name meant… and it’s the female version of the Angel of Silence and Death, angel of egypt who took the first born children under God’s decree, 14th Prince of hell, in charge of the punishers of torment for damned souls.” She shrugs sheepishly. “And then I told him my master had been an odd person. He thought I was still owned and got angry.”

<Henry> made a small noise of understanding and then looked surprised, “You… told him all that?” Henry gave Garri an assessing look.

<Durmah> huffs a sigh, “It slipped, but his ears are very good.”

<Kegarri> beamed at the compliment. “Yes. Very good ears. Very good eyes too,” he said with his warm brown eyes wide, glittering amber in the lighting of the club.

<Aditi> blink, looking at Durmah a little more intently.

<Aditi> “You had a master? Like….a servant? Or a slave?”

<Durmah> is white. She looks very much like Disney’s sleeping beauty, in fact, except her eyes are a pale green. She smiles at the question, apparently not bothered by it, though someone with an eye for pre-20’s fashion might note that the dress has an unusual feature. “Yes. As a child, I was owned. Very much property. I am not in that situation now.”

<Aditi> “Ahh…..well….congrats, then?”

<Henry> reached over and gently placed his hand on Durmah’s arm to offer some comfort, “I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I am glad you are here with us now and out of that situation.”

<Durmah> just smiles to Aditi. “The world is full of monsters of all sorts. Some of them wear pretty skin.” The touch startles her and she looks over to Henry. His words have her blinking a few times, and then she smiles at him and answers warmly, “Thank you, Henry.”

<Kegarri> pats Durmah’s hand as well with a reassuring beaming grin. “Yes. Let Garri know if another tries this. None is having the right to own another. Not being, not land, not spirit.”

<Henry> takes his hand back with a sheepish and apologetic smile, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, Durmah.” He doesn’t contradict Kegarri, but he gives the man an interested look and nods, taking in the belief he holds and rolling it around his mind.

<Durmah> doesn’t move away from the touch, and she’ll scoot close enough to gently bump shoulders with Henry to show she hadn’t minded. And then she turns a teasing look to Garri, “And not goat, I suppose? Since you were chased by men with sticks?”

<Durmah> has left handmade chocolates and creampuffs on the bar as offerings for the Changelings! And for once she’s not in full edwardian dresses, but more of a precursor flapper dress

<Aditi> “I’d say what he said….but I can’t say it’s a good thing or not.”

<Kegarri> gave a small huff and lifted his head with an undeniable pride. “Sticks yes, but Garri is showing them. These goats were slow and fat. Is not good for the goats.”

<Durmah> tilts her head a little at Aditi, “good thing or not?”

<Henry> gives Garri a more curious look, “You… chased goats? Why would you chase goats?”

<Aditi> “I mean….like….I dunno if it’s a good idea for him to step in if someone else decides to claim you, or something.”

<durmah> hums, and then sort of nods wrily, “Yes, that’s true. Because if that were to happen, they would be very dangerous people.”

<Kegarri> bobs his head to Henry with a grin and simply answers “yes.” Perhaps Henry’s second question was ignored, or the strange man thought that his single answer explained everything. “Garri is not afraid of the danger. You just let Garri know, and he will take care of this one, yes?”

<Henry> supposed that was an answer and smiled, “You are certainly very helpful, Garri.”

<Aditi> looks at Garri. “….Right. Someone’s rather cocky and letting his ego talk for him.”

<Kegarri> “He goes where? No no. Garri speaks only for Garri,” he gives an odd look to Aditi as if she must be confused. Poor thing.

<Aditi> “….It’s an expression.”

<Aditi> “Like….you’re letting your cockiness get in the way of being smart.”

<durmah> lets her eyes crinkle just a little, and she turns her attention to Garri musingly. “Aditi. Please don’t talk about the man’s cock in public. Not that I mind, he -definately- looks like it would be fun to watch.”

<Aditi> looks at Durmah, rolling her eyes good naturedly. “Fine, fine, mother. I won’t talk about his cock anymore. I promise.”

<Durmah> shakes her head, grinning, “I’m not your mother. Just that strikes me as an easily confused word.”

<Henry> facepalmed and turned a vibrant red as the poor man sunk in his seat. “please, for the love of God… what did I do to deserve this.”

<Kegarri> does look down at his crotch as they discuss (his) cock. He’s certain they are talking about his anyway. “Is it too much,” he asks innocently looking to each of them in turn for answers.

<Durmah> grins and reaches over to hug Henry. She arches a brow at Kegarri, and then looks down at his crotch too. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. You are handsome, though.”

<Aditi> “Yeah, yeah….” She looks over at Henry, giving him a reassuring smile, then at Kegarri. “Um….I can’t say…and please don’t whip it out in public….”

<Hebry> groans, “definitely too much. “

<Durmah> arches brows over at Henry.

<Storyteller> A small, sleek black figure moved through the shadows, barely visible to any unless they were so observant. The creature sniffed at the air and made its way along the wall, slipping now and then under tables as it drew ever closer to its target.

<Kegarri> actually was standing up and reaching to undo his pants to show Durmah so he could get a proper answer, but Aditi’s plea stopped him. “Pub licks? This is the place where they are serving the strong smelling liquids, yes? This place is a pub for licks?” He glanced towards the bars where he knew that strong smelling liquid was being served.”

<Aditi> facepalms. “No….public….we’re in public….I….can’t deal with this sober.” She goes to the bar and orders a whiskey sour, returning to the booth/table with it.

<Henry’s> wife eyes had nearly riveted to Garri’s efforts, much to his shame and embarrassment, “Oh God… Garri, please you will…” Henry fumbled trying to think of something, “Make all the men feel bad. Please sit down.”

<Durmah> was watching curiously. Because, hey, a ghoul gets her kicks where she can, sometimes. And Phillip was probably not the best of influences on her. But she does sort of huff a sigh at Henry’s stopping him.

<Storyteller> A streak of black fur moves and bumps solidly well against Kegarri’s back leg suddenly and then rolls and darts under a table.

<Kegarri> seemed a little confused, looking between Aditi and Henry, as Henry said ‘please you will’ which to Garri meant, please undo. Well, Aditi walked away so he started to unbutton and unless stopped, whips it out. At least as the little ball rubs against his leg he will stop and lift his leg to check it out. The question is, did anyone delay him.

<Durmah> blinks as she sees the black streak, and she rises up a little to see where she went… likely totally distracted from the show (shucks)

<Aditi> comes back and looks at Garri, quickly setting her glass on the table and shoving his leg, hissing at him. “Not in public! Do that somewhere private, like a bathroom.”

<Aditi> “For the love of God…just zip your pants back up….”

<Henry’s> eyes fly open wider and he tries to grab at Garri’s hands to stop him…. maybe accidentally copping a feel at the same time

<Amber> hops up on a table, staring at Kegarri and Henry, as Henry appears to be copping a feel. The little panther cub speaks somehow. “You should totally hop up on this table and whip that around. Helicopter!”

<Aditi> looks at Amber, starting a bit and rolling her eyes. “Seriously?”

<Aditi> “Do you -want- to give Henry a heart attack and an aneurysm at the same time?”

<Durmah> bursts out a laugh, “Hello, there! I’ve not seen you in forever, princess.” Durmah sits back down. smoothing the dress as she does so, careful not to get any of the glittery bits caught on anything. And she doooes look over now, but no doubt Henry’s body is blocking her way. Ah well.

<Amber> “Of course I do. He shouldn’t be coming in a place like this if he wants to live long and be bored.”

<Amber> waves a paw to Durmah and looks genuinely happy to see the woman.

<Aditi> decides to take a sip of her drink, shaking her head.

<Amber> nods to Aditi. “Why are you doing that?”

<Aditi> “Drinking? Because I want to pretend this never happened.”

<Amber> “Just choose to disbelieve. Isn’t that the popular thing to do nowadays?”

<Durmah> tickles the tip end of Amber’s tail, “Do you know mister Garri? I’ve been trying to decide if he’s one of your people.”

<Durmah> “But he seemed interested in Rhoni’s horns, and I think most of your people would have seen those before.”

<Aditi> “I’d still remember it later. If I get drunk enough, I might be able to actually black this out. Or something.”

<Amber> “Oh, yeah, I totally know Mr. Garri. We’re totally familiar and go way back. He was showing off his pants noodle.”

<Kegarri> didn’t seem to mind Henry copping a feel, but the little cub does draw his wonder and attention. “Ah yes? Have some poop little one. It is sweet and tastes like good things.” There are little chocolates on the table which he refers to. But then he crouches low and makes an impressive leap straight up and on to the table, again reaches for the button and zipper at his waist.

<Aditi> eyes him as he jumps onto the table, before she reaches over and moves Garri’s hand away from his button/zipper.

<Henry> sputters a rushed and senseless statement before he’s up and gone with a beet red face.

<Durmah> forgot that asking Amber something didn’t always yeild an honest answer, so she’s not sure if that was serious or not, Garri’s jumping though. Oh, my. Green eyes widen and then she glances around at the people around them. She coughs a small laugh and shakes her head at Garri, “You’re impressive, Garri! Henry meant that if you show us, all the other men will be embarrassed, because

<Aditi> “….Look what you’ve done. You’ve scared poor Henry off.”

you are so much better. Do you want to upset Henry?”

<Amber> snickers and purrs low, watching Garri. “Whip your hair like you just don’t care!”

<Storyteller> Amber may be all for it, negotiably… but one of the bouncers starts moving toward where Garri can see him and makes a gesture to get off the table.

<Aditi> looks at Amber, passing her a chocolate from the pile on the table to distract her.

<Amber> “Chocolate is so nasty. Did he call it poop? Seems accurate.” * despite this, she takes it up in her paw and it’s in her mouth in no time.

<Kegarri> has to fight Aditi off. “Let Garri hello the peeper!” He swats at her hands until he spots the bouncer and he scrambles off the table quickly. He would have landed in Henry’s lap if the man were still there. “Where is the rains?”

<Aditi> “No. Keep your dick in your pants! You’re not a stripper, and we’re in public. Also, you scared him off.”

<durmah> thinks -that- was an interesting response and waves a sheepish apology to the bouncer. She looks back to Garri, “Rains?”

<Storyteller> The bouncer gives an approving nod to Kegarri and goes back to the wall to monitor other things, after glancing at Durmah and her sheepish look.

<Aditi> doesn’t give up, until he jumps off the table, and gives the bouncer a grateful look.

<Kegarri> “Hen-in-the-Rains,” he nods then leans forward to head bump Amber. “Is good poop, yes? The goat bird Calls-the-Breeze made the offering to Garri.”

<Amber> boops Kegarri back with her forehead. “The best poop!”

<Durmah> watches this with some humor, “Well, thank you.” Pauses. “I think.” She shakes her head a little, and looks to Amber, “I brought cream puffs, too.

<Amber> “Cream puffs!” She flops and rolls over. “This is hell on earth”, she says whimsically.

<Aditi> shakes her head, finishing her drink and going to get it refilled.

<Durmah> calls out after Aditi, “Bring back a couple of cream puffs, please!”

<Durmah> winces and covers one ear suddenly.

<Aditi> “Yeah, I got it.” She picks up some cream puffs and puts them on a plate or a napkin, then returns with whichever in one hand and a refilled glass in the other.

<kegarri> steals two puffs and gives one to Amber, the other he pops into his mouth. When he is done chewing he leaned closer to Durmah and touched her arm with concern. “Did the ears hear?”

<Durmah> rubs the ear, but also reaches up to rub the other, She smiles a bit and shrugs, and decides that if he’s not going to freak out about a talking cat-girl that hes probably not a sleeper, “I hear weird things. Ghosts, spirits, sometimes other things.”

<Kegarri> “Ah. Sometimes Garri hears the spirits as well. But is not always knowing what is the saying.” He gives her an smile of empathy as he flopped back in places.

<Aditi> blinks, and looks around, a slight frown appearing.

<Durmah> waves a hand slightly at Aditi, “Don’t worry about it. I’m weird.”

<Durmah> also nods to Garri though, indicating she haerd him, and returns the smile.

<Aditi> “No…I thought I heard something. Sounded like people marching.”

<Durmah> “Oh, them. Yes.”

<Aditi> looks at Durmah. “Them?”

<Amber> accepts the creme puff and munches on it. It’s not the neatest spectacle and she spends time trying to lick the creme from around her mouth and nose.

<durmah> shrugs, “I don’t know. They’re soldiers, obviously, but I’ve never actually seen the unit to know if they’re Confederate, british, french, or just the old time militia. New Orleans was host to too many battles to know for sure.”

<Aditi> nods, taking another look around the club. “I guess it’s something to ask Henry about, or do some digging in the library.”

<Amber> writhes around. “This creme just comes off so easily that a caveman could do it.”

<durmah> props her elbow on the table, and then her chin in her hand, watching Amber with some humor. “I take it that means you request more cream pastries in future baskets?”

<durmah> smiles more, suddenly, basking in the sudden calmness of the spirit light.

<Amber> rolls off the table. “AHHH!”

<Aditi> looks at Amber, moving to catch her.

<Durmah> -doesn’t- move to catch her, because the kid is in cat form and has damn long claws.

<Amber> is caught and turns and twists, rubbing her face in Aditi’s blouse/shirt. She clearly wanted the creme off of her, even if it had been worth all this trouble because it was delicious.

<Aditi> just blinks, takes Amber by the scruff and hoists her away, eyeing the panther cub. “…..You do know I have to take over the turntables soon, right?”

<Durmah> eeps at the scruff thing, and will scoot closer with arms out in silent offer to take Amber. Though the panther might not like her dress, given that it’s got all the sewn in glass beads.

<Aditi> gives Amber an apologetic look, to try and mitigate any damage.

<Amber> is held and eyes Aditi pathetically. 🙁

<Durmah> will gently take Amber and set her down in her lap. Fetching up a couple of napkins, she’ll dip the edge of one in her water and work at gently cleaning off any remnants of the cream. “That will teach you, darling, to use your human mouth to eat those.”

<Aditi> sighs, and sets her down on the table.

<Aditi> “Dammit. That’s cheating.”

<Durmah> in a musingly humored tone, “Don’t expect a cat, even a glorious majestic one like a panther, to not use every means of guilt and beguilement in their arsenal. At least she didn’t give the trapped ‘poor me’ cry.”

<Aditi> gives a little chuckle, then hands Amber a few chocolates. “Yeah, small mercies, right?”

<Amber> settles on Durmah’s lap and seems very pleased to be cleaned up. “Next time, I will use my dragon mouth.”

<Amber> looks at Aditi and looks as pitiful as possible, adorable big eyes..and then this little desperate ‘mew’ escapes from her. She blinks a couple times after with almost teary eyes.

<Aditi> “…..Dammit. That’s not fair.” She sighs and goes to stroke Amber’s head, and will pick her up if allowed.

<Durmah> isn’t sure she wants to know what the ‘dragon mouth’ is. so she doesn’t ask. Once she gets the cream off and Amber’s fur at least rinsed clean of the cream, she’ll reach up to pluck free one of her feathered haircombs and will use that to straiten Amber’s fur.

<durmah> snickers and moves her hands away to let Aditi pick up Amber

<Amber> seems to enjoy the hair combing and sinks into it. Aditi can pick her up and she just moves to Aditi’s shoulder and smiles at Durmah. A purr of contentment escapes her.

<Aditi> settles down in her booth, stroking Amber’s head as the panther cub settles on or around her shoulders.

<Durmah> will pick out any panther fuzz from the comb and then will fasten it back up in her hair. She does this by feel, and is surprisingly able to get it back in without messing up the lines of her hair.

<Amber> “What are you both up to? What’s exciting lately?”

<Kegarri> watches the little cub get away with so much with the two ladies. As Durmah puts her comb away her gives her big sad eyes glittering amber as the light of the club caught them just right.

<Durmah> tilts her head and her smile turns a little dry looking as her lips twist a little, “Working on my building and trying to avoid an irritable, homicidal ghost who is angry with Altaryn. Several of my prefered dresses were collateral damage.” She pauses as she catches Garri’s look, and blinks at him a few times, then eyes his dreds. “…. my comb would not work on those, but if you want

petted or groomed in your other form, as long as you don’t try to eat me or something, I’m generally happy to oblige.” pauses, “… unless you’re one of the ratkin. That’s sort of creepy. Not sure I’d be okay grooming a crocodile, either.”

<Aditi> looks at Durmah. “A ghost’s pissed off with who? And for what?”

<Kegarri> looked at Durmah with surprise. “Other? No no. Garri is Garri.” His hair actually wasn’t dress, but it was pretty wild and tangled.

<Amber> “If I were dealing with a ghost that was irritable and homicidal, I’d just try to get it flowers and do nice things for it. Killing with kindness is a thing.”

<Durmah> chuckles slightly, “Mr. Voss. A cainite. But since I -live- with him, when the ghost got angry with him and tracked down where we live, a significant amount of my clothing was damaged as well.” She scoots closer to Garri, and peers at his hair (cause she wasn’t going to do anything if there were lice), then finally does pluck a hair comb free from her hair. She gently gathers a bit of

his hair and starts working on freeing the knots. She has long hair, so she at least knows how to manage it, and she’s careful to avoid pulling his hair. She answers to Amber musingly, “that might work, but this ghost also likes possessing and skinning people. So.” Belatedly -really- hopes Garri just didn’t understand what she said, because if he was cool with a talking panther cub but a sleeper,

they’d already said waay too much around the guy.

<Amber> wrinkles her nose. “Sounds like that ghost needs an attitude adjustment.”

<Durmah> laughs, “Yes, well. He was not a nice person, no.”

<Demetri> comes up from the basement, and grabs a beer at the cloest bar, then starts to wander around, looking for familiar faces.

<Amber> “He needs a nightmare.”

<Aditi> grimaces. “Ugh….sounds like such a bastard.”

<Aditi> “…Nevermind. Forget I said that. Here, have a chocolate.” She passes Amber one.

<Amber> takes the chocolate gently from Aditi and eats it. “So nasty.”

<Durmah> finds this terribly amusing, but she doesn’t comment, just keeps gently working on Garri’s hair.

<Demetri> waves to Durmah as he sees her, and starts to walk to her table, waving to Aditi as well.

<Kegarri> tries to purr as Amber had and leans in against Durmah which might make her job more difficult. Cat purrs are difficult to produce as a human though, so it sounds more deep throat than chest. “Oh! Did this one find the onions?”

<Henry> makes his way back into the nightclub half warily as if he’s sure something might jump out and hit him any moment. He paused to look around and considered heading back to the table he’d been at with the others… no one looked naked…

<Aditi> looks at Demetri, waving to him and stroking Amber’s head.

<Durmah> apparently has a slightly smaller, but goodlooking black man, who is maybe cat leaning on her and purring. Sort of. This whole thing amuses her and she continues working on his hair carefully. Demetri gets a nod, and she winks to Henry.

<Aditi> has a panther cub who’s getting her head stroked sitting on one shoulder, or who’s twined around both of them.

<Kegarri> is south American for the record, and probably looks more Mexican than black.

<Henry> shifts nervously, a little disappointed that the odd man was leaning on Durmah, but also relieved. It was an odd combination, but it was for the best and Henry put on a cheerful smile as he approached the table, “Sorry for running off earlier. Something came up.”

<Demetri> smiles to them all, and gives Henry a firm pat on the back. “How find you tonight sirra?”

::Rhonwen comes bounding back into the imaginarium with a smile, looking around at everyone that may be there.::

<Henry> oofs lightly and reddens, “Er, not so bad Demetri. Thank you for asking. Yourself?”

<Demetri> “I am fine. Left Pasha downstairs, he in a mood tonight, bite me twice.”

<Amber> “He just wants to play! Let him free.”

<durmah> has a POC on her. Either way, she’s using one of her hair combs to gently straighten out the tangles in Garri’s hair. She smiles broadly to Henry, “No problem at all. As long as you are okay.”

::Rhonwen comes bounding back over to Henry with a big smile.:: “Hey! You’re still here!” ::she see’s Garri and smiles brightly.:: “And you too!” ::she looks at Garri and smiles giving him a big hug.:: “And how are you Garri?”

<Kegarri> head bumps Durmah in the shoulder. “This was most nice. Let us do so again.” Then without further warning he scrambled off.

<Henry> chuckles softly, “Well, actually I left for a bit and I am fine, durmah. Just a little flustered is all.” He looks a bit wilted at the news from Demetri. He rather liked the little rat, “That is too bad, Demetri. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.”

<Demetri> nods nd smiles, sipping his beer. “He has days he not want touched. All animals have bad days, rats just tell ya up front.”

::Rhonwen looks to Amber and smiles at her.:: “Oh hey! Sorry, didn’t see you, I’m Rhonwen…have we met before and I’m just having a bad brain day?”

<Aditi> stops petting Amber if she wants to go over to someone else.

<Durmah> rocks a little at the head bump and frees her comb from his hair as he runs off. She knits her brows a little, then carefully frees a strand of the long, darker colored hair from the comb. After a moment of thought, she smoothes it out and starts wrapping it around her finger until she gets the strand in a neat circle. The hair gets placed in a clean napkin and folded up. She frowns,

realizing she doesn’t have the chantelaine on this outfit. and … finally just gently tucks the folded napkin carefully between the cloth of her dress and one breast.

<Demetri> smiles to Rhonwen, then sits and looks around the table. “Everyone good tonight? No problems Demetri can fix?”

<Amber> sniffs at Kegarri. “You are like a long lost cousin.”

::Rhonwen looks at Demetri and smiles.:: “Nah, I haven’t had a problem that I couldn’t fix myself, one way or another.” ::She winks at him with a smile.::

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<Amber> yawns as she missed an opportunity and the darn cat had wandered off. She was going to have to hunt him down later.

<Henry> nods, “Same as people, I presume.” Henry had to commiserate. He’d never bitten anyone, but he certainly had problems with being touched, “I am pleased to say that unless you can cure stage fright, I am perfectly fine tonight.”

::Rhonwen nods.:: “Stage fright is horrible, just horrible.” ::She nodded a little.:: “I knew one that had a phobia of spiders…screamed every time you stepped on it, it was really hard to perform in that club.”

<durmah> looks curiously at Amber, “Do you know what he is?”

<Amber> “Yup, he is one of those cats that’s always telling everything and blabbing away all the secrets.”

<Aditi> looks at Amber. “Cats actually do that?”

<Demetri> hears the cub speak, and jumps to his feet, startled. “Proklyatiye! The cat speaks.”

<durmah> knits her brows, because she has no idea what that means. but then she stops, and hums thoughtfully. Of course she’s starlted by Demetri, and gives him a really, really amused smile. “Yes, she speaks. You work -here- and you know all of us, and a talking cat throws you a curve ball?”

::Rhonwen looks at Demetri and tilts her head a bit at him.:: “yyyeeesss, how else would she tell us that she’s hungry or that sorta thing?” ::She shakes her head a bit.::

<Amber> “Oh yes, these specific ones sneak about, hording secrets and then just blab them out at convenience to confuse people and then laugh at how stupid they all are. It’s why the wolves always want to hug them and give them all their love.”

<Demetri> sits back down, looking a bit better. “Did nt know the cat spoke. I thought she was like tamed, did not know she was …… like Rhonwen and Master Hexion.”

::Rhonwen looks back and forth conspiratorily then leans in to demetri.:: “Don’t tell anyone else, but I hear there are Elves here too….sssshhhh.”

<Amber> “I am totally like Rhonwen and Hexion! No one can tell us apart.”

<Amber> swishes her tail.

:Rhonwen look at Amber and smiles.:: “Oh I absolutely love your horns and goat legs Amber.” ::she giggles.::

<Durmah> stares at Amber for a moment, trying to parse all that. In her own way, she was as difficult to understand as Garri. Finally, she puts the decorative hair comb back in her hair, patting to make sure that her hair remains even. “Alright, so he’s a moon-called.”

::Rhonwen stands up and bounces off into the crowd.: “I’m going dancing be back in a while!”

<Demetri> shakes his head. “I mean you are all Fei, like spirit-folk.”

<Henry’s> eyes danced merrily at the interactions, “You didn’t know that the denizens of this place were of the fae, Demetri?”

<Durmah> Chuckles, “Well, many of them, anyway.

<Demetri> shakes his head. “Did not know all were. So Lady Durmah and you are Fei as well? Demetri is not Fei.”

<Henry> glanced at Durmah and then looked back at Demetri, “Er… no. Sadly I am not so blessed. I am what some might call a ghoul.”

<Aditi> looks at Demetri, shaking her head. “I’m just a normal person.”

<Amber> laughs. “I do have the best goat legs ever.”

<Amber> “I call people like Garri lunattacks.”

<Demetri> “I am not knowing this word. What is ghoul?”

<Amber> “A ghoul is a zombie, silly.”

<Durmah> arches a brow and glances at Henry, then back to Demetri, “we are bound vassals to Kindred or cainites.”

<Demetri> smiles. “Ah, these words I know. Father teach me them.”

<durmah> “And no, I am not fae or changeling. But I bake, and I make treats for all those here who still… eat.” She motions to the pastaries and chocolates.

<Demetri> “I stil eat. You make good sweets.”

<Henry> nods at Durmah’s explanation and was content enough that Demetri understood some of what it meant,”Oh yes, Durmah is an excellent cook. Very talented.”

<Demetri> looks thoughtful for a moment, then smiles widely again. “You are vurdalak, human with vampir blood, yes?”

<Amber> “We are so ungrateful to Durmah because we all have to exercise more now. I don’t know how we fit into our clothes before this.”

<durmah> gives Demetri an odd look. “All ghouls have been given vampire blood. It’s what makes them ghouls.”

<Demetri> nods and frowns slightly. “Demetri cannot do this.”

<Durmah> looks to Henry again, and she spares Amber a small grin for the mild grump and gives her a wink. but then she focuses again on Demetri, “So you can eat. and you cannot create vassals? Does your heart beat?”

<Demetri> shakes his head. “Not alot. Only enough to make look alive.”

<Amber> rubs against Durmah and purrs lightly.

<Durmah> pets Amber’s ears, scritching gently. “But must you drink blood?”

<Demetri> nods. “Often, but not every night.”

<Durmah> nods and smiles, “alright. So -you- are a vampire. But you cannot make a… um.” Pauses and tries to think of another word. “… a companion who lives with you or works for you? You give them extra life?”

<Demetri> shakes his head. “Not able to, no. Not even with little Sasha.”

<Durmah> squints a little, but nods. And is trying to figure out how anyone can refer to Sascha as little.

<Amber> “Baby Children of Lilith just require so much care and time anyway. They always want to just bite everything. I had one that one time stole my sammich.”

<Aditi> is listening, with a bemused look.

<Demetri> looks to Amber. “What is this word, sam-itch?”

<Henry> tilts his head to the side curiously as he listens, “That is interesting… and baby children of lilth… that is a curious term…. who is Little Sascha?”

<durmah> laughs softly to Amber, “It is why i cook so much. I’m used to feeding a lot of very hungry people.” And then she turns attention to Aditi, “You said you are a normal human? How did you become comfortable with..” She motions a bit towards Amber.

<Amber> “A sammich is little sandwich and Aditi came to us one night because if we didn’t love her and Hexion didn’t claim her, the vampires would have eaten her up. Sad story really.”

<Durmah> nods, because that made sense. “yes, they get very prickly about people knowing about them” She reaches over to gently pat Aditi’s shoulder in sympathy.

<Aditi> looks at Amber. “What? No. That’s not what happened.”

<Demetri> nods. “demetri no care of you know, since dont look like vampir.”

<Henry> nods, “Yes, she was put into Sam’s care, if I recall?”

<Amber> looks at Aditi. “I’m starting to wonder if you really know the true story. I hardly lie ever when it comes to these things… mostly.”

<Demetri> sips his beer, listening to the conversation.

<Durmah> pulls out her phone then, realizing she needed to text the men. She speaks to Henry though, “I think she meant us when she said Little Children of Lillith…. since a lot of people say vampires are from lillith and not Caine.”

<Aditi> “….”

<Aditi> “I remember what happened, and that wasn’t it.”

<Amber> “If you want to hear stories of your kind, Hexion will tell you all the lies you can handle on it.”

<Durmah> looks up from texting and then frowns a little. “She’s not wrong. The kindred were concerned you’d seen too much. I don’t know the exact circumstances of what happened, but I do know that Hexion ended up vouching for you.”

<Amber> points at Durmah and nods nods.

<Demetri> nods. “Master Hexion is good person, gives me job and place to be safe in.”

<Henry> nods his head, “Well, I suppose that is accurate. I have made trouble for Cassian on more than one occassion.”

<Durmah> smiles wrily to Henry, “I think we all have at some point.”

<Demetri> nods. “I caused trouble for Father when I was young, didnt listen and did tihngs wrong at times.”

<Henry> chuckles, “Perhaps, yes. I am sure your father forgave you, Demitri.”

<Amber> “Part of being a kid is to just listen all the time to what adults say and do it?”

<Demetri> smirks. “Made me clean up my mess, and dispose of stuff in a rather unique way. Why have I not seen other vampir in here? Are thier few others around?”

<durmah> huffs a small laugh, “there are Camarilla, Sabbat, independant, and Promethian in the area. Most of them meet up at a bar called the Trill.”

<Amber> “I can lead you on a wild goose chase to find more of them. They are out there…” * looks off ala X-Files.

<Henry> nodded towards Durmah, “If you want to meet someone, we could introduce you. What clan are you?” He chuckles at Amber, “Yes, yes they are.”

<Durmah> tickles Amber’s ears, then gives Aditi a cautious look, checking how the woman was handling finding out the vampires had been after her.

<Demetri> smiles softly. “No need to meet others, dont like the politics of being vampir.”

<Aditi> looks at Durmah, getting herself another drink and sitting back down.

<Amber> nuzzles against Durmah. The cook had made a friend out of the lil panther cub girl.

<Amber> “Children of Lilith without politics… ” * her ringing laughter is just so pleasant to hear even if it is mocking.

<Henry> tilts his head to the side, “I don’t think you can really escape politics, but I won’t force you to meet anyone.”

<Demetri> “Demetri jsut wants to be, not be pawn, not be king, jsut be.”

<Amber> “If I were a child of Lilith that didn’t want to do politics, I’d learn how to live under water.”

<Demetri> sighs and shakes his head. “Has to be other way to avoid being pawn to others. Just refuse to be.”

<Durmah> arches a brow a little bit at that from Amber, but she smiles and continues petting the cub. “It is difficult, yes. This city is a bit different from most, but you’ll decide which way you want to go.”

<Henry> smiles, “Yes, you might be pleasantly surprised, Demetri. I don’t think you’d end up a pawn… not if it isn’t what you wanted.”

<Demetri> “Demetri Gangrel, Gangrel no politics.”

<Durmah> pales a little, and moves her hands from petting Amber to reach out and place her palms on the table, concentrating.

<Amber> watches Durmah curiously.

<Durmah> smiles sheepishly as she notices the look, “Sorry. um. dead lands vision. It’s uh. disconcerting.”

<Henry> nods to Demitri, “I see… well, as long as you are happy, but… you may want to let the council know you are here. Just so there are no surprised.” He gives Durmah a concerned look, “I get those on occassion, it is… unsettling.”

<Demetri> nods, not quite understading, but not to worried as she looks fine now.

<Durmah straightens and lifts her hands to rub her face, then she smiles at those at the table and resumes petting Amber. “.. i agree with Henry. You dont’ want the council being annoyed that you didn’t even check in. At least drop by Trill and leave them a message of greeting.”

<Demetri> signs and nods. “You both know more about this area then I do, so I will do as you suggest.”

<Amber> nods to Durmah and pats her with her adorable paw.

<durmah> smiles broadly and scritches her head.

<Durmah> looks to Demitri then and nods, “thank you. It will make it easier on Henry and I at least… and if you present yourself and at least check in, they’re less likely to be annoyed.

<Demetri> nods. “As you say. I no want to cause trouble for new friends.”

<Amber> “Do they like pranks?”

<Demetri> “Who does Demetri talk to in Trill? Dont want to tell wrong person.”

<Amber> “The bartender. He’s nice even if he makes me drink soda by force.”

<Demetri> tilts his head, “Why by force? What would you rather drink?”

<Durmah> chuckles at Amber as she picks up her phone to reply to the text. “Yes, he’ll take the message. That’s really all you need to do. You can tell them you’re working for Hexion and they’ll know how to contact you if there’s something they need to warn you about.”

<Henry> chuckled, “Erik is the bartender, he is a nice enough fellow and won’t give you any trouble.”

<Durmah> makes a small ‘eh’ sound at the nice enough, though she does suppose that’s true.

<Demetri> nods. “Will speak to Erick and tell him that.”

<Amber> “Boring ol water is good enough for me.”

<Aditi> gets herself some food.

<Demetri> sips his beer, enjoying the company, but still looks a bit uncomfortable for some reason.

<Durmah> glances around the room, a little cautiously, as if searching for something, then she shakes her head and focuses on Demetri, “Are you alright?”

<Demetri> nods. “Just not used to people wanting to be around me, more used to them running.”

<Amber> “Why would people run away from you?”

<Demetri> sighs. “I am vampir, when most folks learn this, they fear me.”

<Amber> “So what if you suck souls through a straw? We all gotta eat.”

<Henry> reaches out and gently pats Demitri’s hand, “We will not fear you Demitri and we will not tell those who will fear you.”

<Durmah> laughs softly, “You will learn that New orleans, and the Rouge, are both filled with many like you and worse. Though, we still keep the Masquerade, you will find places like this? People will not necessarily run.”

<Durmah> nods in agreement with Henry

<Amber> “You haven’t freaked out about us Fae folk either, so it’s going to be okay.” * she pats his arm.

<Aditi> points at Henry. “What he said.”

<Demetri> nods nad smiles again. “Still takes some getting used to. I have spent hte last 30 years alone, except for animals for the most part. Only coming into towns to make a little money to keep supllied, and to eat as needed.”

::Rhonwen comes back from the dance floor with a glistening sheen on her skin and a wide smile on her lips, she laughs uproariously as she orders herself another drink.:: “Oh my god, so much fun! Hi again guys!”

<durmah> waves to Rhoni with a smile

<Amber> “You are kind of like Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

<Amber> “Welcome back to the cities of scum and villainy.”

<Demetri> chuckles softly.

<Henry> glances down at his phone and sighs, “Forgive me, I’ve been out too late. I need to head back to work now. Have a good evening everyone.”

<Demetri> nods and smiles to Henry. “Was good to see you again sirra.”

<Aditi> “Have a nice night, Henry!”

<Amber> “Bye, Henry! Dance for your rose!”

::Rhonwen smiles and looks between everyone.:: “who’s Obi-Wan?” ::she waves to Durmah with a smile.:: “Hey chica.” ::Rhoni, pouts as Henry declares his need to leave and scootches over and gives him a hug.:: “see ya later sweety, don’t forget, Sunday night, you come to the gig right?”

<Durmah> waves goodnight to Henry, “Rest well!”

<Henry> laughs lightly at Amber, “Yes, Amber. I will dance and sing for it. You have my word on that.” His eyes sparkle in anticipation and he nods to Rhonwen before heading out.

<Amber> “He’s an old guy that is mad at the universe because they shunned his religion and he had to live out in the boonies watching old porn forever until his best friend’s child comes to him and says she needs him to dust off his old military garb and come out and do something for the last time.”

::Rhonwen blinks at Amber and tilts her head.:: “who are you talking about?” ::she narrows her eyes and has that look of..(“Whut?”) on her face.::

<durmah> squints. Starts to say something, then pauses. “… well it’s not clear that he watched old porn, but I suppose it’s hard to say what he would have done out there, yes?”

<Demetri> chuckles and looks to Rhonwen. “They are talking old movie, Star Wars was called.”

<Durmah> gives Demetri a withering look.

<Durmah> “It is a -classic- movie, sir.”

<Amber> “He was out there for like 18 or 19 years. He had to do something.”

<Aditi> looks at Amber, then at Demetri, shaking her head, disappointed. “Gonna have to agree with her on this.” She gestures to Durmah.

<Amber> “Watching sand people move in single file constantly, or dropping things down for the sarlaac to eat might have been really thrilling though, so I don’t know.”

::Rhonwen nods slowly and looks between them all.:: “Well, it was released in 77, so it’s not that old, I mean lets see….” ::Rhonwen starts doing some math.:: “Oh yeah, before I was born this time.” ::she puts her fingers on her chin while she’s looking up at the ceiling contemplating.:: “Damn…the years just fly by.” ::she shrugs and has another drink of her alcohol.::

<Demetri> nods ot Durmah. “Classic then, Demetri is old.”

<Durmah> smiles serenely to him, “Since I’ve no idea how old you are, I shall allow that change in descriptor.” She’s teasing, mostly.

<Demetri> smiles. “Demetri born in 1942.”

<Aditi> “Damn….you’re looking good.”

<durman> makes a sound in the back of her throat, a strangled, rude noise. “We have cainites here who measure their lives in centuries, Demetri.”

<Demetri> nods. “Father was born in 1220, or so he claim.”

::Rhonwen giggles:: “I love it when comparrison conversations crop up, it tells me a lot about people that I hang out with.” ::she grins and sips her drink.::

<Demetri> chuckles and looks to his watch. “Oh! Please excuse, must work now. Was nice talking.” He rises and nods to them all

<durmah> smiles and lifts a hand to wave goodbye

<Amber> waves. “Have fun stormin’ the castle!”

::Rhonwen gives a gentle wave to Demetri, and leans closer to Amber.:: “Think it’ll work?”

<durmah> snickers softly.

<Demetri> smiles and heads to his assigned area.

<Amber> leans over to her. “It’d take a miracle.”

<durmah> facepalms

::Rhonwen continues to wave with a smile.:: “B’bye!” ::she turns her attention back to the remaining people.:: “So..what fun’s been goin on?”

::Rhonwen looks around at the people at the table, at Durmah, Aditi, and Amber.::

<Durmah> chuckles, “Nothing much, mostly chatting. Garri was here for awhile. He nearly dropped his pants, which I thought would be fun but Henry and Aditi sort of didn’t.


<Durmah> startles a little, then picks up the phone to check the message. She types a quick response and sets it back down.

<Aditi> “C’mon….we were in public. If he was stripping, I totally wouldn’t have minded, you know.”

::Rhonwen giggled.:: “why did he do that?”

<Amber> “It was Aditi’s fault. He just hopped up on the table and was going to do the helicopter.”

<Durmah> grins, “She kept calling him cocky, and I felt impish so I made it sound like she meant his actual cock. And I’m not sure why he felt the need to prove how ‘cocky’ he was, but I think it was a word misunderstanding.” her grin broadens in memory at it,

<Aditi> lets her forehead thunk against the tabletop. “Oh my God. I hate you all……”

<Amber> “But we loOOOooove you.”

::Rhonwen giggles and shakes her head.:: “I think I’d like to see that Helicopter.”

<Durmah> falls into stitches of giggles and laughter.

<Durmah> tries to catch her breath, “No, no. The helicopter was -Amber- after she managed to bump into him when he was about to drop his pants.”

<Aditi> doesn’t lift her head, and points at Amber. “You’re the worst.”

<Amber> nods to Aditi. “Yeah, I really am.”

::Rhonwen giggles and sips her booze.:: “still.” ::she wiggles her eyebrows.:: “He’s got a look.” ::she looks out over the dance floor, then back.:: “it’s primal you know? not like the jocks and jar heads that you see in bars.”

<durmah> catches her breath finally, and sits up, delicately wiping little laughter tears from her eyes. She nods at Rhoni thoughtfully, “Well,.. I think he’s more in touch with the wild side, perhaps. That greeting people or expressing gratitude and friendliness with a headbutt, gentle as it may be… that’s not a normal greeting for humans.”

<Altaryn> made his way to the imaginarium, still dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. After weaving through the crowd of people, he manages to make his way to where he remembered the ‘special’ crew hanging out. With a bit of effort, he finally picked out a familiar face and approached their table.

<Durmah> sees Altaryn coming, and she smiles broadly. She gives Amber an appology ear scritch, but will wiggle out from under Amber so she can go greet Altaryn. She’s in another early 20’s style dress, so she’s not something easy to curtsie in, but it doesn’t matter too much at the moment, because unless he heads her off, she’ll slide in next to him to give him a careful, if somewhat possessive

hug and light nuzzle to his jaw. She’d missed him, even if it had only been a couple of days.

<Amber> accepts the scritch and then hops down onto the ground to pitter patter about.

::Rhonwen smiled and nodded.:: “Yeah well, I like headbutts, and he’s kinda cute.” ::she smiles and watches Durmah head off.;:

<Amber> waves bye to Rhonwen and disappears somewhere under the tables and chairs.

<Aditi> “Yeah….he’s….kinda odd.” She looks over at Altaryn, giving him a wave from her seat.

<Altaryn> didn’t seem to mind, and he wrapped his arm around Durmah in a protective (maybe possessive even?) embrace. “It is good to see you too,” he said his usual calm voice. He glanced over at the others and nodded to Aditi and Rhonwen in return.

::Rhonwen smiled at Altaryn as he gave a nod.:: “Hey there! Welcome back to the party!” ::she sipped her drink and gestured to the table that the group had been occupying most of the evening.::

<Durmah> hums softly and straightens away from the hug after just a beat. It’s reluctant, and she keeps her eyes downcast because she does want to cling a little, but she doesn’t want to be bothersome, either. She smiles at the words though, and murmurs a soft, “thank you.” But then she’ll step aside and lead him back to the table.

<Altaryn> walked with Durmah back to the table, his hand at the small of her back keeping contact. “Thank you,” he replies to Rhonwen. He waits for Durmah to have a seat first so he can sit on the outside protectively. “Have I missed anything exciting?”

::Rhonwen smiles.:: “Oh, about the same stuff I missed, but that’s the way things go sometimes.” ::she giggled and looked between the two.:: “A guy that was going to take his pants off and show us a little something, some pleasant conversation, you know, bar stuff.”

<durmah> does relax with him there, and seem to breathe more deeply. She slides into the seat and makes room, but once he’s settled, she’ll stay close enough to remain in light contact. She chuckles softly, “Nothing particularly exciting, no, though he was certainly good looking, and I’d love to see him in some white ropes. A cat shifter, I think. Also, there’s a new vampire bouncer here…

but otherwise fairly calm. You?”

<Aditi> did look up from where her head was resting against the table to wave at Altaryn, then eyes Durmah and Rhonwen a bit.

<Altaryn> nods to Aditi in greeting before turning his attention back to Durmah with a smirk. “Forgive me if I hesitate to make one of the shifting folk a piece of art.” Though he does give a soft chuckle to Durmah’s interests. He remembered the ‘hungers’ the vitae could invoke. He took a deep breath and relaxed as well, even wrapped his arm around Durmah’s back. “New bouncer? Strange he came here and not the bar. No matter. I think

I’ve finally been making some progress and it might be able to offer you some relief from your current situation.”

<Durmah> isn’t -used- to him doing that, but she’s also clearly enjoys it, because the edges of her smile seem to soften. It wouldn’t have been considered a tense smile, but the current smile is certainly more relaxed. She doesn’t lean into him (much), but she does rest one hand lightly on his thigh. Not sexual so much as just enjoying the contact. The comment has her tilting her head a bit,

“Oh? With mister no-respect-for-classic-coiture?”

::Rhonwen tilts her head a little, and then looks at Durmah.:: “Is your situation with the demon ghost? cause I’d like to give him a couple of shots with my pipes.” ::she nods definitively, as she listens to the two exchange words.:: “Ohh…riiiight, you’re a child of Lilith.” ::she nods and waggles her finger a bit at him as if remembering something.::

<Durmah> knits her brows at Rhoni, confused, “Caine. Lillith was probably part of the second generation. IF you believe such things.

<Aditi> listens with bemusement. “Second generation?”

::Rhonwen shrugs.:: “It’s just a thing our people that know anything about you lot call you, at least it’s classy. ::She smiles.:: “We don’t even normally give eachothers kith enough class when we talk to eachother.” ::She smiles.:: “Oh, art, what do you mean your art is with rope? do you mean like that string art?”

<durmah> waves a hand at Aditi, sort of dismissive, “Sorry, craetion stories.”

<Aditi> “Ah….gotcha.”

<Altaryn> turns a disapproving gaze upon Durmah. “Do not speak that name, Durmah. It is a heretical belief.” Then he turned Rhonwen and calmly offered the suggestion, “we call ourselves kindred.” Well, at least those of the Tower did.

<Altaryn> seemed to calm after that, but somehow Rhonwen’s question was missed. “Yes. I should have at least a temporary means to keep him away. We are still working on something more permanent. By the way,” he asked as he lightly withdrew his arm and leaned back a bit so he could look upon Durmah. “Do you have a small object right now that you always keep on you? Something you would not terribly mind being without for a night or two?”

::Rhonwen tilts her head a little.:: “Heretical, oookay, touchy subject.” ::she looks between the two and listens.:: “A temporary means, well, I guess a bandage is good till you can get to the real issue.”

<Aditi> looks at Altaryn and blinks, but keeps quiet.

<Durmah> isn’t surprised at the rebuke, and just nods, but of course the use of the word heretical was as much a hint as anything. At the question she blinks and turns towards him slightly. She pinkens. Yup. Blush. And clears her throat, but lifts her hands and pulls one of the small rings free. Silver, with an emerald colored stone carved to look like a rose. Wordlessly she hands it over.

<Altaryn> gives Durmah a curious look, but accepts the ring from her. It would no doubt serve his purpose. “Is there something we need to discuss?”

::Rhonwen looks at Aditi and shrugs.:: “So, I’m going to perform this sunday, now, what kinds of beats can you put down? and what’s your style?”

<Durmah> pinkens again and clears her throat. “It was a gift after that first night. Neither of us are stupid enough to think anything long term could happen, but we -are- enjoying ourselves. I don’t really trust any of the others, but it is difficult to not trust him for now. Though I will certainly stop if you wish.”

<Altaryn> looked at the ring, holding it between his first finger and thumb as he tried to focus his auspex sight as if sensing auras. Being in public though, he didn’t spend too long and carefully put it in his pocket. “If you would prefer him over me,” he suggested as he let his words trail off. Durmah could finish the sentence for him in her own mind.

<Aditi> turns away from Altaryn to look at Rhonwen. “I kinda prefer rap and bhangra, but take requests from the crowd or come in with a pre-loaded playlist. Beat-wise…anything that keeps the dancefloor full, and both me and the crowd happy.”

<Durmah> arches her brows at him, “I already had that choice. I’m embarrassed to be the center of gossip, but I might punch you again.” She pauses, and then folds her hands primly, “At the moment, if I could be selfish, I’d have both of you, really.”

<Durmah> isn’t even embarrassed to say it. Though when she elaborates, she does pinken again, “He excites me, but you are my devotion.” A small pause and then she smiles, “And my soul, once we get this silly curse off of it. Can we find a way for me to stab the ghost?”

::Rhonwen smiles, and nods.:: “I think it’d be great to..” ::she looks at the two again and gestures.:: “You two want us to take a step?” ::she gestures to another table.:: “because it’s fun to invite people to a party and then get ignored and all that right?” ::she shakes her head and looks back to Aditi.:: “Yeah, maybe we can work together on something if you wanna do a duet on Sunday.” ::she sips her drink.::

<Altaryn> seemed content with the answer and let it drop. When Rhonwen made her comment though, he turned his intense gaze upon her, seemingly giving her his full attention.

~֎Ramirez֎~ meanders into the Imaginarium and peers around a moment, getting his bearings after clearing the guards. He’d go order some ridiculous sparkle drink because whatever.

<Aditi> looks at Durmah and Altaryn, then back at Rhonwen. “Sounds good. When and where do you wanna meet to kick things off?”

<durmah> focuses back on the pair as well, blinking a few times as she thinks back. She hadn’t heard an invitation, she didn’t think… But then Ramirez catches her attention and her brows arch at seeing him up and around.

::Rhonwen nods to Aditi:: “well the gig is here, so here is good, meet up early on Saturday, we can set some stuff up.” ::she leans back in her chair and sips her drink again.:: “So…demon ghost.” ::she gestures to the two.:: “That sounds like a rough deal, does he just show up?”

<Altaryn> “I wouldn’t know. I can’t see him unless he wants me to,” he answers, his gaze still focused unblinking upon Rhonwen.

<Durmah> shrugs at Rhonwen, “He’s a bit stronger than regular ghosts. He seems very attached to his scapel, and he seems able to at least temporarily possess people.” She lifts a hand to wave at Ramirez in greeting.

~֎Ramirez֎~ gets his drink and then waves back to Durmah and heads over. “Hey Durmah, and Rhonwen, Altaryn, Aditi.”

<durmah> settles back in her chair, smiling to Ramirez. And she puts her hand lightly back on Altaryn’s thigh, perhaps a little tenative, as she’s not sure if she annoyed him.

::Rhonwen nods to Durmah’s words with some interest.:: “a scalpel? so he’s an ex doctor?” ::she looks to Ramirez and waves to him.:: “Hey there!” ::she gestures to the table.:: “Have a seat, join the party.” ::she has a sip of her drink and looks back to Altaryn.:: “So he likes to pick his viewers, what a showman.” ::she giggles.:: “Know what stage he’s looking for?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Gracias. Que pasa, people?”

<Aditi> nods to Rhonwen. “Sounds good. I’ll see you then, yeah?” She looks over at Ramirez, giving him a wave. “What’s up, man?”

<Altaryn> finally took his eyes from Rhonwen to smile and greet Ramirez. “Good to see you again. I heard you had an unfortunate matter you needed to take care of. Has everything been cleared up?” At least this time he does answer Rhonwen. “We are talking about a man who enjoys skinning his victims and the horror of making others perform his dirty work. There is nothing funny about him.”

<durmah> gives rhonwen a curious look then, “What did he do to you that you’re interested in fighting him?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Not much. Out and about because hiding sucks and I got too much else to do.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Ah, talkin’ about David then? Yeah, he’s a real piece of work.”

::Rhonwen shakes her head and sighs and blinks looking at Durmah.:: “He’s a demon ghost, that’s like, in my top 50 adventures, along with Zombies, floating skulls that shoot fire from their eyes, and flying Nazi monkeys of the third Reich…the last one I’ve heard about a couple of times, but never encountered them.” ::she shrugs.:: “Don’t you have an adventure list?”

<Altaryn> gives Rhonwen a strange look, but turns to Ramirez and nods. “Yes. David,” he let out a sigh. “I don’t suppose you know how solid the wards are where you took Emily? I heard similar protections have failed in the city.”

<Durmah>’s eyes crinkle just a little at the corners with a repressed smile, “No, not really. Perhaps when I’m older and get bored, but for now… I’m a politician, a social contact, an estate builder.. not an adventurer.

::Rhonwen nods and sips her drink, she looks around and runs her fingers through her hair, shaking it a bit and when she’s done, the horns are quite visible, as are her other physical traits of being a satyr.:: “Okay, I can’t help it, it’s nice to stretch out a little here.” ::she grins a bit and rolls her neck a bit.:: “Well, by the sounds of it, your adventure list is a bit more business.” ::she gestures to Altaryn with a thumb.:: “With

string art?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Well.. they have failed everywhere around locally, but some of us can see the wraiths anyway and do things directly to them. This taught me a lesson. Next time I want to help someone mundane, just gonna hit em on the head or make them pass out in some way…maybe invest in a dartgun.”

<Aditi> eyes Ramirez a bit when he says that.

~֎Ramirez֎~ eyes Aditi back. “I mean using magick. I didn’t expect that big of a blowback and I have no idea how long this is going to last, but it does mean actions have to happen before they can take too much of an advantage.”

::Rhonwen wrinkles her nose.:: “I have a friend that can make that last one for you….but, I dunno what you want a fart gun for.”

<Altaryn> “Kinbaku-bi,” he answers Rhonwen giving proper inflection to the japanese words. He then took a cautious examination of Aditi. “You have been awfully quiet, and casting alarmed glances whenever certain things have been mentioned. Are you sure this is the right company for you to keep?” He frowns then at Ramirez. His next question was going to be how long before defenses could be erected one more. “I believe I can draw him out,

but I have no way of dealing with him once I do.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “Let me talk to Ramiel then and see if we can work out a means to help contain him or get his ass tossed in oblivion.”

<Durmah> listens to these asides with some humor. And then she arches her brows at Ramirez, though she finds it more amusing that it didn’t occur to him before. to Rhonwen she adds, “The art of rope restraints and decorations.” But to Altaryn and ramirez, she frowns just a little, “well, I can probably see him. I vaguely recall there being a man in victorian suit the day we first arrived. I

remember it being odd because men rarely use those styles today, and it was at the bar.”

<Aditi> “Oh…okay…I got it….”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Not sure who you are referring to.. a wraith or some Kindred.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “I am guessing you mean Deveraux?”

<Altaryn> “Who is Ramiel? Talwar mentioned him earlier and I thought he had forgotten your name.”

::Rhonwen’s nose kinda crinkled on one side as her lip curled up, it was a definite look of confusion, but then Durmah spoke and she looked back and forth between them, and a moment later that expression turned into the silent Oh face of understanding, raising a glass to both.:: “Okay, now THAT sounds like some fun.” ::she grinned a bit and looked at Durmah.:: “Okay, I had no idea you were that kinky, you go girl.” ::she winks at her and

then looks at Altaryn.:: “And I actually never would have guessed it from you…nope.” ::she wiggled her eyebrows at the man and then turned her attention to Ramirez.:: “Hm…scalpel hunh…”

<Durmah> spreads her hands a little, “I don’t always know when I’m seeing a wraith, Ramirez. Some ghosts are obvious, but the ones I know as full wraiths are much more difficult. And remember when we first came, i just thought I was utterly insane and try to ignore people others aren’t reacting to.”

<Aditi> waves and goes to take over from the other DJ.

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Ramiel is another Euthanatos, like me”, he said. “He’s helped me do some things in the past and filled in some blanks for me. We bounce stuff off one another. He runs a voodoo shop kinda thing. When I need someone to bounce off stuff on spirits or wraiths, I go to him.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “The scalpal thing is probably a fetter for David, no doubt. We might be able to track him..and even trap him to a location with it.”

<Durmah> smiles to Rhoni and winks just a little at the girl cheer, but focuses back on the serious topic. Her smile fades a little, “… could he, by the way, have two? He complained that he needed the one to do things properly. Could he have a secondary set out there somewhere that he could move his… ties? to?”

<Altaryn> frowned some. “Except he got the scalpel back from my car. I didn’t think a ghost would be able to take a physical object and disappear with it, but he did.” David was doing a lot of things Altaryn never thought possible, but then his knowledge thus far had been about as useful as a teenage girl in love with Stephanie Meyer’s literary works. “If you have anything I can do to fight or restrain him, let me know even if it is a

new skill I must learn. Otherwise, figure out how to trap him, and I have a feeling I can draw him out. Especially if you’re able to keep Emily and Durmah safe in the meanwhile. I haven’t seen him since his little temper tantrum left at my house.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “It’s quite possible he has more than one. Most wraiths have more than one fetter.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “And yeah, ghosts totally can do that stuff and some other tricks too. Some ride around in dead bodies.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “I can suggest you get some new weapon from Ashe that can physically harm him..or if I’m about I can prime the weapon.”

::Rhonwen shrugs:: “Maybe he had someone waiting on the side lines, all nocked out and stuff, and when you got distracted he jumped in the body, and janked off with the knives.” ::she offered it as a possible solution.:: “If what you said is right and he can jump into bodies like that.”

<Durmah> taps her fingers in thought. “That means we should have someone check with morgues in the city and see if bodies have gone missing. We also need to see if his estate had another set of knives and see if we can track them down. Because if he uses the knives to body…” She pauses and then lifts a hand to facepalm, “That’s also why he’s going after kindred.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “You found David’s living place?” His eyes widen.

~֎Ramirez֎~ “David is rather miffed at some of the Kindred. He forsook his body because Sascha and Talwar were going to destroy his ass.”

<Durmah> waves a hand, “No, but his scapel somehow came into Emily’s shop, which is a second hand shop.”

::Rhonwen tilts her head.:: “Yeah but even then wouldn’t she have a copy of any receipts? and if it was an estate sale, wouldn’t you be able to check auction sites for any estate sales that had specific items on their lots list?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “She might be able to see such a thing or back research, perhaps.”

<Durmah> rubs her face and looks to Altaryn, “Looks like I should sit down and help her go over records. She was going to do so to see if she could figure out if it came in a shipment, And if it did, then we’d have a better idea where his living place is.” She shakes her head to Rhonwen, “Sometimes descriptions are vague, like ‘box of equipment’ or ‘box of books.’ They soemtimes sell lots that

dont have detailed descriptions, but if we can find a sale that had -other- medical items, it might be a clue.”

::Rhonwen suddenly goes stock straight as she sits in her seat, her gaze goes straight ahead and her face gets a near blank stare.:: “I need to go to Emily’s.” ::her voice sounds almost awe struck when she speaks.::

~֎Ramirez֎~ “If he didn’t just plop the item in though himself. He was obsessed with her, after all.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Not saying not to check though to be sure, but he could have moved it there himself too, as he did take it from Altaryn’s car.”

<Durmah> turns to Altaryn, “I think this is a problem, though. If he can possess dead bodies, and we know he’s gotten control of at least one kindred – because of that racoon – then any kindred could end up a puppet.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ shrugs. “I don’t know that he’s done it. I was just saying wraiths sometimes can do it. I’ve seen one do it before, riding around in a body ‘made’ for him.”

<Durmah> does nod in agreement with Ramirez’s remark, but she’s far more concerned with that potential security issue for Altaryn.

~֎Ramirez֎~ “He’s had time to figure things out though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he could.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Do you know what Kindred he got control of?”

<Altaryn> “She found the record of the items, but she didn’t remember bidding on them. They were just there,” he explains. “And David didn’t body hop to get his scalpel. It was locked in my car. There was no one else around, and he confronted me in his half formed vision so I could watch him slash my tires.”

::Rhonwen speaks softly.:: “She might have a raspberry beret…” ::she blinks and then comes back to the conversation.:: “Too bad I didn’t start my study for items, if I did I could just bring his scalpel here, well, if I had a little info or description of it, I’m really going to have to get on that one.”

<Altaryn> turned his gaze on to Ramirez and was thoughtful. “He may have tried to influence me, while I was holding his scalpel.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Well, wraiths can get things in the physical realm, including their fetters.. and there is that possibility you mentioned too, Altaryn.”

<Durmah> frowns a little, “And… Katarina.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “And if Emily didn’t remember bidding on the items, there may be something around that too. If I could maybe see the box of items, maybe there’d be some residual effect.. Not sure though.”

::Rhonwen furrows her brow.:: “wow, those people got a rotten luck of the draw.”

<Durmah> smiles to Rhonwen and shrugs just a little.

<Altaryn> “As I held the scalpel and stood behind Emily, I felt the urge to slit her throat with it. I could feel the thrill he would. I could even see myself doing it. I could smell her blood as it drained out of her body.”

::Rhonwen looks at Altaryn and winces.:: “That must have been really freaky.” ::she actually looked concerned for the man.::

~֎Ramirez֎~ “He is messed up so going to rely on that ‘shadow’ part of him quite a bit. He will do things like that unfortunately. He was fucked up as a vampire and he’s only become more nutty as a wraith.”

<Altaryn> didn’t seem disturbed by it, and most knew Emily had been alive since. “I would like to find the other items as well. I have a feeling none will be sold, and if they were, that too would be a clue. But the problem remains. If we find these items, can we secure them? Can we stop him from taking them back?”

::Rhownen raises her hand at the table.:: “Uhm…question.” ::she actually looks around the table at everyone.:: “What if you get a hold of em all in one place, and then bust em all up except for one…wouldn’t it be like the Horcrux from Harry Potter?”

<Altaryn> actually listened to Rhonwen with interest….until she mentioned Harry Potter. “A what now?”

<durmah> rubs her neck with a grimace, “Once he notices? It would be very bad.” Durmah pauses, then quirks one side of her lips in a terribly amused smile. “Dear, you’re probably going to need to work on keeping up with popular culture. You are -not- old enough to be missing these things, even if it is fiction. An item that held part of the bad guy’s soul so that he could not be fully killed.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Yes, we can stop him from taking them back. It’s a matter of setting the proper wards on it versus him directly…which with those items in and of themselves we could do it and also technically trap him with fetters. Fetters are a means of which the wraith remains here in the first place and can be used to hold them.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Point is he will be pissed if we do it, for sure.”

::Rhonwen shrugs.:: “He’d only be pissed for as long as he was around, then he’d be gone.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “And yeah, a ‘horcrux’ is just a fancier fetter in a sense.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “They are specific items connected to the being.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Also..Durmah is right. One great weakness for some Kindred probably is that they don’t keep up with modern times. You want to keep up with these things.” He smirks slightly. “Some beings draw power from some of these fads/memes going on.”

<Altaryn> had already considered destroying what they could find of David’s, but more finer the reason Ramirez stated. “I’m not sure it will work like the books, and that assumes we could find everything he is attached to. That is a pretty big risk if we dont have other means to contain him. Besides, what if he has somehow anchored himself to Emily. I’m not prepared to throw her on the fire so we can play Harry Potter. I would sooner

bind him to my will and have him serve for all the trouble he has caused.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “If we can get a hold of the items…there are means we can connect to them and find them in the future too, as we recognize what they are and draw them when the time is right to a point.”

::Rhonwen smiles and sits back, her hands resting behind her head, her fingers knitting together as she crosses one leg over the other, she has a smile that has the saying that she is proud of her accomplishment.:: “Oh yeah, I get a cookie for that one.” ::she nods with a chin lift at Ramirez, then side glances Durmah and winks.:: “Not just a pretty face.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “He does seem to ‘fetter’ himself to his obsessions, so that is a plus, as Emily is one and Katarina has been one in the past. His rage at Altaryn might also be useful.”

<Durmah> chuckles and flexes her hand on alt’s thigh just a little, but it didn’t seem to be at the immediate conversation, a reaction to a side thought perhaps.

<Altaryn> “He told me he would rather split her throat and let her bleed out in the toilet than let me have a drop of her blood.” He was quite calm as he made this statement. “I am fairly confident I can draw his attention.” He turns to set his eyes on Durmah at her touch.

::Rhonwen looks down and kicks her foot at something.:: “PISS OFF!!” ::she glares at the floor and kicks at something.:: “goddamn things…”

<Durmah> snorts very softly at Rhonwen’s reaction, “They’re always freaking me out… and making me reconsider my dresses. Frequently. And I like my dresses.” She doesn’t answer Altaryn’s look, but she does relax her hand so it’s not bothering him.

<Altaryn> wasn’t bothered, he had thought she might have wanted his attention. As it was, he put his arm around her shoulders again. “One question, Ramirez. If Ashe can enhance my blade to affect him, would I be able to put an end to him or force him to pull back?”

<Durmah> hadn’t expected the return touch, but is more than happy to get comfortable like that. the question gets her attention, though, and she looks to Ramirez.

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “That’s good and bad. Has he bothered you since this time?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Ashe would have to build the blade for you..or we can use prime to affect them. That’s what I do with my weapons to affect the dead or umbra beings.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “With a weapon that can harm them, yeah, they can be destroyed. Prime works really well.”

::Rhonwen stomps again and snorts at the thing, then looks at Durmah and rolls her eyes.:: “It’s why I’m wearing pants right now, I just can’t hack the idea of those things crawling…” ::she shivers and makes an obvious ick face, her arms pull in and go a bit awkward.:: “so gross.” ::she straightens herself out.:: “Okay, I need to play…I need my head off of the ick monsters rolling around.”

::she hops up out of the booth and makes her way to the stage, waving to the DJ Aditi, and seeing if she can get her to set u pa beat, and turn on the mic.::

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Basically, if we are ready for him, we can prime the weapons of anyone at the time.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “But he can make weapons where since you are Kindred, you can activate it by spending vitae, as that is your way of empowering things.”

<Altaryn> “Prime it is then, as I assume Ashe would need to craft something new. I have my doubts he would want to craft me another katana.” He gave a small shrug then. Technically he did. That was what he told me at my car, the night Ashe sent you to protect her. And he has since shredded everything in my home that his scalpel could cut. My wardrobe is rodent bedding. But I have seen nothing from him since. Other have told me his

tantrum might have cost him and he needs to recover. But that could be any time now.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “Yes, if you want something that can work with using vitae to charge the effect of doing damage to the wraith or aggravated to other beings, you’d need him to forge something. Maybe he could reforge your sword.”

<Durmah> has no idea what ‘prime’ he’s talking about other than it’s a preparation for the weapons. It’s somewhat reassuring to know that there’s a way to make a weapon work on him. “So we need time for Ashe to get at least one weapon ready, some way to gather enough of his things to call him in and throw down the fighting gauntlet, and in the meantime we need to make sure that he doesn’t kill

one of us.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Otherwise, we just use Prime ahead of time.”

::Rhonwen stands at the microphone, and pulls her flute from her hip, and then brings it to her lips, her eyes close and a sharp single note cuts the room for a few seconds, and then her eyes flash open as she begins to play a flute in such a manner that would make someone beleive that the instrument itself were a living being expressing their emotions, letting out the sounds of elation,

happiness, and what’s even more, is that while this is happening, she is allowing the gift of her people to flow through her and into the club, allowing that gift of pan to seep into the people around her, through the club, as a permeating entity that allows them to feel her energy, as she dances about the stage with a wide smile.::

<Altaryn’s> eyes glaze over as he turns to watch the performance.

~֎Ramirez֎~ turns and his attention focuses on just the ambiance around and the flow of music that seems to just be the most perfect of sounds in this place. It resonates and people even move to it, lost in the sound.

<Storyteller> A beautiful red haired woman, with her flowing red hair that goes from a top knot, down her back, and some vibrant leather attire approaches the group, looking over at Altaryn in specifics. She goes over to the group. “Greetings.”

<Storyteller> “If you don’t mind, I’ll break him of his ‘revelrie’ right quick.” She looks at the others. “I’m sure he’d like to be out of said trance, and disappointed in another way, but I don’t really want him frenzying all over the place.”

<Durmah> turns to listen as well, smiling… but while it’s lovely two things happen – the damn shadowlands make sounds go flat… and Alt goes into a trance. When the red hed comes over, Durmah will extract herself carefully from altary’s grip and litterally climb over the table to stay between them. She frowns a little at the offer, but gives Altaryn an anxious glance.

<Storyteller> “You are welcome to come with us, if you wish. He just will need to rest this affect off so we can give him a room to do that in.”

<Durmah> winces a little, “If you can do it without causing the frenzy, and without leaving a binding or geas upon him, then alright.”

<Storyteller> The red haired woman takes out a flute of her own and nods to Durmah. “He will be unharmed. I promise you. It’s like playing the Pied Piper, but after he will be safe. You are welcome to accompany me.”

<Durmah> nods to her and steps aside to allow her access. And yes, she’ll go with. She pulls her phone out to send a quick pair of messages.

<Storyteller> Raquel plays a melody that is barely able to be heard by others but Altaryn hears it loud and clear. She gestures to him with a dance move and begins moving through the people that are around listening to Rhonwen and who are totally in their own way entranced.

<Durmah> curtsies to Ramirez, but will follow after the pair, anxious about Altaryn

<Storyteller> She leads him and he follows her as she leads him to a set of double doors in the back of the building, that go down a set of stairs to the basement, in which she gestures to one of the big guards down below to open one of the spare bedrooms below. The bedroom was simple in design with the necessities and they were nice materials and all, but not overly

::Rhonwen dances like she was born to do it, like the flute was an extension of her emotions, and her feet were helping her move those emotions about the stage, exaggerating steps to the song, resonating a beat with each foot fall. Rhonwen was happy here, and she wanted to share tha happiness, with everyone, and when she saw the people dancing about to the music, she knew she had in fact shared

it, her final notes spun out through the microphone into the Imaginarium and when she finished those final notes, seeing Altaryn and Durmah being lead off, she looked to everyone in the bar.:: “Thank you for enjoying the music, I am Rhonwen, and I will be playing this Sunday, come on out, there’s plenty more of what you just heard.” ::she bowed graciously to the listeners.::

<Storyteller> flamboyant in design. She’d go over and touch the bed and he’d move over as if in a trance and lay down. “He should be okay now and rest it off. You are welcome to stay with him or take an adjacent room if you’d like.”

<Durmah> considers, then shakes her head with a small smile, “I’ll stay here, I’d rather be present when he wakes up. Thank you.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods to Durmah and watches as Altaryn is led off and Durmah follows. He’d then draw his attention back to Rhonwen, who plays one of the most amazing things he’s ever heard in his life. This was up there with Abequa and Dragos’ performance and it was astounding.

<Storyteller> “No problem. Thank you. I’ll have some food and drink brought down for you if you’d like. Sleep well and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

<Durmah> chuckles, “No point apologizing for having gifted musicians, and the crowd’s reactions will be good for all of you.”

<Storyteller> The people on the first floor really are enthralled by Rhonwen’s moving melody and when she is done playing, they clap and hoot and holler for her. That was totally amazeballs~

~֎Ramirez֎~ claps for her and stands up. “Well done! Muy bueno!”

<Storyteller> She curtsies and then would move to the door. “Yes, we do love to entertain people. I hope he enjoyed it too and he’s always welcome to zone out here. We’ll be there to cover for it.”

<Durmah> returns the curtsie, and smiles, “Of course. Thank you.”

::Rhonwen will hop off the stage and move through the crowd back to the table she was sitting at, and when she notices the empty chairs, she looks at Ramirez.:: “They had to take off hunh?” ::she slips the flute back into the sheath once she’s settled back down into the chair.:: “Well, hopefully they come on Sunday then.” ::she grins and gives a cutesy happy little shrug as she sips her drink

with an innocent expression on her face.::

<Storyteller> She waves then and heads out to go back to her DJ booth.

<Durmah> will settle in to rest then… after hopefully finding at least a t-shirt to change into. 1920’s bejeweled dresses weren’t really made for sleeping in

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Yeah, they did. Altaryn zoned out and it was something that was making Durmah worried so he was led off so he wouldn’t frenzy.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Apparently, that’s a thing.”

::Rhonwen blinks.:: “Wow, really? Oh man, I hope the two of them are alright, I just wanted to play for everyone and make them happy…” ::she looks at her drink and then back at Ramirez.::

~֎Ramirez֎~ “They’ll be fine. I bet you made him happy because that was amazing. I’ve only heard music so blessed a couple other times in my life. You are truly gifted.”

::Rhonwen smiles and bows her head.:: “thanks, any time you want some music, don’t be affraid to call.” ::she extended a hand to him with a card in it that she pulled from a pouch.:: “And well, I can do other things too, y’know.” ::she gestures to the goat horns on the top of her head that curled over the red hair.::

~֎Ramirez֎~ accepts the card. “Well, if you want someone to help against weird stuff in the umbra or shadowlands, hit me up… or if you want your car fixed, or some street drug.” He smirks.

::Rhonwen smiled.:: “I’ll probably hit you up for the first couple, believe it or not, I’m not much for chemical therapy, I like the natural stuff.” ::she grins and makes a rolling gesture.:: “and the dancing and music and booze…sort of a traditional happy, y’know?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ smirks. “I get that too. I use some stuff in rituals.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Also, Ramiel sells some. There’s also some new guy named M who runs a voodoo place, I think, and he might sell spices and natural stuff.”

::Rhonwen smiles and nods.:: “Thanks for the tips.” ::she grins and winks as she finishes off her drink and then stands up, looking at Ramirez with a smile.:: “Well Ramirez, I feel a need to head out for the night, you wanna walk a girl on these mean streets to some place safe?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Sure thing.” He stands up. “Let’s get you home.” He’d head for the door.

::Rhonwen would smile and walk with the man out for the night.::