<Durmah> is dropped off at Imaginarium for awhile, and enters bearing gifts. Again, she’s made them without specials, but tonight the normal pastries and snacks are intermixed with chocolate creations. Little bonbons, hand made truffles, dipped delights, and some completely normal items like dipped peanut butter cracker sandwitches and cooling s’mores. Durmah drops of the basket at one of the

counters with a wink to the bartender, then goes to find a relatively well lit table to sit down at. She’s not much of a dancer, though she is wearing a blue and green on ivory flapper style dress with scarf flares.

<Demetri> comes into the club, having been out earlier. He immediately goes to order a beer, a warm smile on his face.

::Rhonwen comes into the bar from the front door, she smiles, dancing and spinning as she hears the music playing, she has her flutes on her hips, and her clothing is flowy, wearing baggy pants, and boots, her sports shirt is tight on her torso, but her red hair is left free to flow, her eyes are almost golden, and she has long curling horns from her forehead and curl back over her head.::

<Demetri> smiles when he notices Rhonwen and waves to her, moving towards her. “Ah, my little colibri, you return. How have you been?”

::Rhonwen smiles at Demetri, and waves to Durmah.:: “Hey! two people I know!” ::she grins and settles down into a booth, inviting them both over to a table that she took.:: “come on! I wanna hang out!” ::she looks at a waitress and order herself a few drinks::

<Durmah> settles in at a table after delivering the baskets laden with chocolate sweets and pasteries at the bar. She’s ordered a perfectly normal tea serving. Sitting in one of the lighted booths in the classes 20’s dress, hair done up and pinned with a matching feathery decorative cap, and delicately sipping her steaming tea, she looks like a little blink of space out of time in the dance

hall. Of course, that fits just fine in the Imaginarium. She has a folder in front of her now, but she looks up as her name is called and waves to Rhonwen with a smile.

<durmah> hums, then will move her tea and folder to the new booth to settle in with Ronwhen, though she’ll likely not sit on the same side of the boot as Demetri.

<Demetri> sits with Rhonwen, and smiles, rising as Durmah comes over to sit. Once she has sat, he sits back down, and smiles to her. “Hello. I am Demetri.”

<durmah> smiles to him, politely and will dip her head in a small greeting. “Hello, I’m called Durmah. Nice to meet you.

::Rhonwen nodded to Durmah and Demetri.:: “Oh, I hope I can get a pastry, I love those baked goods!” ::she grinned and waved to the waitress again, gesturing.:: “Please?” ::she nodded and then looked at the two.:: “Hey so, yeah, Durmah, what’s new on the ghost Pirate thing? they still spelling Arrr?”

<Demetri> tilts his head, having not heard of ghost pirates before. “Ghost pirates?”

<Kegarri> wandered his way into the Imaginarium and slipped through the crowd of people, looking around with a special kind of wonder.

<Durmah> hasn’t got a say where the sweets go now, but no doubt there’s not an argument bringing over some of them for Rhonwen. Durmah arches her brows a little nd glances over to Demetri, her lips pursed for a moment before replying, “Indeed. In fact one of the ghosts did a number on several of my dresses, and nearly all of Altaryn’s suits.”

::Rhonwen, for all intents and purposes, actually facially looks like a Satyr, nose, eyes, and horns, she giggles as she looks at the two, and then looks up to the man that seems to walk in with eyes of wonder like a child, she bites her lower lip and smiles at him, then back at the two she’s sitting with.:: “Oh yeah? someone hacked your dresses?” ::she seemed interested.:: “I’d love to do a number on that guy, no one thrashes nice


<Demetri> nods. “I must look into this, it is not good to hurt others things.”

<durmah> turns a little to see who caught Rhonwen’s attention. If the man looks their way, she’ll smile and nod a polite greeting. But the questions pull her attention back and she smiles a bit, “Well, He’s a ghost, so it’s somewhat difficult to bleed his brain out through his nose. Sadly.”

<Kegarri> wanders over to the others, there was something intriguingly different about Rhonie. In fact, he even tries to walk over to her and touch one of her horns to see if it felt as real as it looked.

::Rhonwen smiles as the man comes over and just touches her horn, she giggles and it definitely feels real, she looks up at the man.:: “Y’know, it’s better to ask first before you touch, but, you seem cute, so first one’s free.” ::she smiled and sipped her drink as she looked at Demetri, then at Durmah.:: “Oh, hey, intangible? psh, not a problem, I think, I dunno, might still be able to make him regret his unlife choices.”

<durmah> startles, then huffs a very small laugh… though admittedly she sort of wanted to touch them, too. She smiles and the man, leaning just a little away as she looks him over. It wasn’t often that she met a man shorter than she was, but somehow she doubted that was much of an issue for him. “Hello.” She sounds a little amused.

<Demetri> tensed up as the man just walked over and touched Rhonwen, but clams at her words. He turns his attnetion from Garri to Rhonwen. “Not sure I can hurt a ghost, never tried to bounce one.”

<Kegarri> “Go where,” he asks Demetri curiously. He looks left, then right, and then leans in to -whisper- to Rhonwen, though his whisper was just as loud as his other words only hushed. “This is your secret of being a deer? Garri has not see one such as you before.”

::Rhonwen giggles and waves at everyone.:: “Okay okay, I can see it in your faces, go ahead and touch.” ::she giggles and leans forward to let everyone touch them.:: “Just, y’know, don’t rub them too hard.” ::she smiled a bit and winked.:: “Oh, not a dear hun, Greek Satyr, kinda like a goat, my name is Rhoni.” ::she smiles.::

<Demetri> shakes his head, and does not touch her head. “You maybe satir, but to Demetri, you will always be colibri.”

<durmah> will wait until Garri’s backed away a little before reaching out and gently running a finger up the length of a horn. She smiles broadly in one of those delighted, amazed smiles that were fuel for the changlings. She wouldn’t hide it even if she’d known that. She tucks her hand back in her lap, still smiling.

<Kegarri> “Ah. Goat is tasty too, Garri has found. But there are usually men with sticks and dogs who do not like to share.” He grins a toothy grin at all three of them like a child told to smile for a school picture. “What was of the going,” he asks Demetri. “And the cold bees?”

<Demetri> looks to him, and shakes his head. “Not cold bees, colibri. And I dont know what you mean by the going.”

<durmah> is sitting there trying to figure it out too. Finally, she ventures cautiously, “Do you mean when we said ‘ghost’?”

::Rhonwen smiled.:: “He’s asking what’s going on.” ::she giggles and leans into Durmah’s rub.:: “Well, Just remember, I’m not a tasty goat, not like dinner anyway.” ::she grinned looking at the man, and then looked at Garri.:: “Yeah that’s a good question.” ::she looks at Demetri.:: “What does Colibri mean anyway?”

<Demetri> smiles. “Is little bird, makes hum noise when it flies. You remind me of one, so colorful and flitting about before.”

::Rhonwen smiles.:: “Ah you mean a humming bird, Colibri, that’s a neat word, and shorter.” ::she looks at Durmah.:: “Oh, by the way, this weekend I’m doing a performance here, I’d love it if you all came.”

<Kegarri> nods at Durmah and points at her. “Yes. The goes. Where is the little goat bird going?”

<Durmah> lifts a hand to rub her forhead, smiling just a little, “No, not go. Gho-st.” she emphisizes the ending sound. “As in spirit of a dead person”

<Demetri> nods to the humingbird remark, and smiles to Rhonwen. “Is russian for humbird.”

<Kegarri> frowns with disappointment at Durmah, but he gets the hint. “Okay. Garri will go sit.” And this he walks away to find an empty chair to sit in.

::Rhonwen giggles and waves Garri over.:: “No hun! come back over!” ::she smirks and pats a seat next to her.:: “come back, we will talk of something else.”

<Durmah> blinks a few times, then she shakes her haed and rises to go to where Garri is. Cautiously, she’ll touch his wrist and tug lightly to coax him back to the table. “Just… bring the chair, yes?”

<Demetri> smiles, watching the man, then looks to his watch. “Sorry, must go. Time for me to work. Please take care Miss Durmah and Miss Rhonwen.”

<durmah> nods to Demetri, smiling again to him as he rises, “Take care.”

::Rhonwen smiles and waves to Demetri as he rises to leave.:: “See ya later tall dark and Russian.” ::she winks at him and takes a sip of her drink.::

<Demetri> smiles nad waves to the them as he goes to where he is assigned.

<durmah> huffs a very, very soft laugh at the lack of name, then reaches over to pick up one of the chocolate truffles, offering it to Garri to see if he’d like to try it.

<Aditi> makes her way into the Imaginarium, taking a look around before heading toward the bar.

<Durmah> is at one of the booths with Rhoni and Garri, and she appears to be trying to coax the man closer with a chocolate truffle.

::Rhonwen smiles and looks at Durmah, whispering softly to her.:: “Okay, so, that was Demetri, and Hexion said he’s a child of Lilith?” ::she shrugs.::

<Kegarri> does accept the reinvite from both women and with a nod brings chair with him a few feet until he decides the offer of chocolate was better. “Ooo. But why was than man rushing?”

<Aditi> looks over at Durmah and Rhonwen, giving them both a wave and ordering a whiskey sour. Garri gets a curious look, then a wave.

<Durmah> hums a soft sound of understanding to Rhonwen, but her attention is on the strange new man. She will wave with her free hand to Aditi, as she surrenders the chocolate to Garri. She chuckles at bit at the question. “He is always like that, I think. He leaves very fast.”

::Rhonwen smiles and shakes her head.:: “the place he comes from is called Russia, the soviet Union, a place far to the east.” ::she waves to Aditi with a smile.:: “he is from across the sea, and that place is called Russia, and he is considered a Russian.”

<Kegarri> pops the chocolate in his mouth and gives a curious look back at Aditi before Rhonwen steals his attention back. “Ah. Rushing so that he can see the Onion.” He nods enthusiastically to try and convince the ladies he understood. “Is there more of the sweetness that looks like poop?”

::Rhonwen blinks at the phrase, and she looks visibly dumbfounded for a moment and then laughs hard, her hand slaps the table as the other one curls around her stomach, her face goes absolutely red from how funny what he just said was.::

<Durmah> manages to not snicker and turns it into a small cough… then she gently moves the plate with a selection of the snacks on it closer to Garri. “It is called chocolate.”

<Kegarri> places a hand on Durmah’s arm and gives her a most serious look. “No no. Garri has had lots of the colorful chalk. It does not taste like this.” He then helps himself to more of the sweets.

<Durmah> blinks a few times, then closes her eyes and tilts her head just a little… because that means the man has tried eating chalk. And makes a mental note to never try giving him white chocolate.

::Rhonwen eventually stops laughing and wipes a tear from her eye.:: “Garri, oh Garri, I love your words, they make me smile.” ::she pats Garri on the arm.:: “You need to learn some of these other words though, you seem to get some words wrong, hopefully we can teach you.”

<Kegarri> “Ah yes. Learning of things is very good. Garri came here to learn,” he tells them with a nod. ”

<Aditi> goes over to join them after getting her drink, if they’d let her.

<durmah> will make room for Aditi with a smile

<Durmah> tilts her head at him, brows knitting just a little. “So… are you Garri? Or is that your family name? I’m Durmah.” She motions for the other two to introduce themselves.

<Aditi> smiles back, sliding into the booth and looking at Garri.

<Kegarri “Yes,” he answers Durmah with a beaming wide grin. “What is tism meaning, Durahm?”

::Rhonwen smiles and listens to the two talk to eachother and looks to Aditi.:: “Heya Aditi, how are things hangin?”

<Durmah> stills a little, sort of surprised. And then she smiles sheepishly, “Angel of Silence, Angel of Egypt and death who took the first born in God’s curse, 14th prince of hell, in charge of punishing sinful souls.” Pauses. “… the female version of the name.”

<Aditi> “Oh, they’re going pretty well. Think I might start hitting the big time pretty soon, do a tour.”

::Rhonwen smiled and nodded.:: “Sounds pretty big, you like spinning hunh? How long have you been goin?”

<Aditi> “Yeah, I enjoy being behind a turntable, keeping the crowd happy. Been doing it since I was in college, so it’s been about 3-4 years.”

::Rhonwen nods and pulls her flute from her hip sheath, twirling it in her hand.:: “I get the music, I hope you go big.” ::she smiled and sipped her drink.:: “I keep flipping a coin on if I wanna try for the star on a walk of fame, or just stay small, so far, I’ve been happy just playing clubs.”

<Kegarri> stared at Durmah, eyes wide with a chocolate poised inches from his open mouth. “Yes. Garri sees how it is easy to just say Durmah. This is much better for calling or talking or greeting.”

<Durmah> smiles broadly and winks, giving him a little shrug. “My owner was a very odd man, is all I can say.” She looks to the two women with a smile, then, “So you are both musicians. If I can ever get my business behaving, I’ll keep you in mind for any parties or events I host.”

<Aditi> “Yeah? Trying to break into the music industry as a flutist or something similar? And ” She looks at Durmah. “I’d have to talk to Hexion and the other DJ before you hire me for a party, see if things’ll be good for that night. But I’ll keep the offer in mind.”

<Kegarri> “Own? This is not good. One does not own another,” he says with a frown. “Do not worry. Garri will stalk the shadows and bring judging to this very old man, and with the circle complete this angel will fly free.” He grins and suddenly hops up from his seat. “Much of thanks for the lots of tasty caulk that looks like poop.” And with that he slips away into the crowd.

<durmah> startles and tries to stop him to explain.. .but that man was rediculously fast. And he wasn’t wearing neon things to glow on the dance floor.

::Rhonwen pulls her hand from the table and shakes it off with a what the fuck face.:: “Godamnit.” ::she wipes something off on her pants.:: “Spiderwebs…” ::she sighs and picks up her drink.:: “They gotta clean more around here.” ::she looks at Aditi.:: “Yeah, the older traditional music is making a return, and flutes are definitely part of the old.”

<Durmah> sits down and also grimaces at the spiderwebs, but doesn’t comment. she just sighs and picks up her tea to take a sip.

<Aditi> looks over at Garri with a bemused stare as the shorter man flees the dance club for some reason involving a very old man, blinking at what he says. She does look back at Rhonwen, nodding.

::Rhonwen smiles to Durmah.:: “Looks like you have an admirer.” ::she wiggles her fingers at Durmah, she sips her drink and eats another pastry.::

<Aditi> “So….who was he?”

<Durmah> hums softly, and shrugs, “Good cooks make more friends than most people, at least among those who eat.” She props one chin on the table and sips her tea again, then grimaces at Aditi’s question, “Garri. Whomever that is. Odd that he talked about getting chased by shepards while hunting goats.”

::Rhonwen nods:: “Yeah, he’s….excentric?” ::she giggled and laughs again.:: “The sweetness that looks like poop!” ::she laughs hard at that.::

<Aditi> blinks. “Okay……sounds like an interesting person…..”

<Durmah> chuckles and grins, “I imagine English isn’t his first language… Figuring out for sure who he is may be difficult.”

::Rhonwen nods in agreement with Durmah.:: “Yeah, definitely not, but hey, he’ll learn.” ::she shrugs and looks at Durmah.:: “So, you got a business and wanna hire us to play for some shin digs?” ::she looked at Aditi and tilted her head.:: “That’d be dope, a little disc spin with some flute work?” ::she grins.:: “That would be awesome actually.”

<Durmah> smiles to Rhonwen, “I own a catering and events hosting business, and am in process of renovating a building here in New Orleans to transfer the main offices to.” She taps the folder on the table in front of her, flipping it open breifly to show color samples, photos of selected seating styles, and a floorplan design for the main level. “Right now, I’m managing most of the events

remotely, which is a bit annoying.”

<Aditi> “Well, it sounds like an interesting puzzle to figure out.” She then looks over at Rhonwen, giving her a little grin. “A duet, huh? Sounds like fun.”

::Rhonwen nods to Aditi with a smile.:: “yeah, I’d be down.” ::she extends a fist to Aditi as she looks over the floor plans and colours.:: “Man, I could definitely not do any of that, how do you mean remote? like, you book venues?”

<Durmah> glances up, brows arched a bit, and she smiles a little, “Well, yes, book the venue, prepare the menu, staff, entertainment, decorating. The company has a party boat for overnight events on the water. Those can get a bit.. .wild, as you might imagine. But when I say remote, my assistants are preparing the event locations in Seattle and our smaller boat, but send final lists to me for

approval and oversight.”

<Aditi> returns the fist bump and finishes her drink, before looking at the floor plans. “Sounds like a tough and chaotic gig you have.”

<Durmah> chuckles softly and closes the folder with a small shrug, “I’ve decided to open a small eatery in the day time here, which can be a base point for the main business. Getting into international waters from here is easier than Seattle, of course, so that’s an advantage. Mostly.”

::Rhonwen nods in agreeance with Aditi.:: “very.” ::she looks up at Durmah.:: “Oh, so you’re gonna make this an international water thing hunh?”

<Durmah> grins a bit, “Yes, well. No few high rollers pay well to have events hosted in international waters. And yes, that is a nicely lucrative point. Most of my repeat clients won’t even mind that I’ve moved down south.”

<Aditi> listens for a while before going to work.

::Rhonwen watches Aditi walk away to get to work and she turns her attention back to Durmah.:: “That sounds like a hell of a party, well, I’m down for entertainment, musical of course, I know that things get murky in international waters so….y’know.” ::she winks and wiggles her eyebrows.:: “The horns aren’t just decorative.”

<Durmah> laughs, a low chuckle, “Yes, well. I know an uncomfortable amount about fetish and sexual space, I’m afraid. For that exact reason. I don’t host beastiality, child, or non-consent events. I consider all those rape and no amount of money will convince me to host those events.” She flicks her fingers in a tossing motion. “But honestly, sometimes people just want to go out and swim in

the ocean away from the alligators.”


::Rhonwen nods with a smile.:: “I still would love to do some performance, specially if I can get some bank on it.”

<Durmah> chuckles, “Oh, Yes. I pay my performers. And as far as you considering going large, I can let you know if I have an event where there will be a producer or manager. I’m afraid I don’t have any local events scheduled, because of the issue in the bay, but it will get cleared up at some point.”

::Rhonwen shakes her head and waves her hand at the mention of going big.:: “Thanks, but when you go big, you get headaches, commitments, paperwork, people wanna own your soul, then you end up selling it and turning into a shell.” ::Her eyes were darting and her hands were moving as she described each event and then finally she ended up with her eyes looking at the woman while she drew her fingers over one horn slowly.:: “I’m, not up for

emptying myself to the beat of a dull drum, I’d rather fill it, in places like this.” ::she spreads her arms wide with a smile.:: “It’s only a momentary thought when I watch someone perform big places.”

<Durmah> knew those sort of anxious movements, so she waits for Rhonwen to catch herself and calm, then she smiles, just a little and nods. “Yes, it’s not the life that is really good for you, I don’t think. So I won’t do those. But I’ll let you know if there’s a nice romp scheduled.” She pauses then grins broadly, “Nothing quite like having to order a few hundred condoms for a party.”

::Rhonwen smiles and nods with a grin.:: “As much as sex can be fun.” ::she wiggles her hand in a so so manner.:: “I have to have the right person, I’m picky, there has to be a moment.” ::she leans forward and whispers low.:: “There has to be something between me and the person I talk to, something that pulls our souls together, there’s an energy that exists, it’s not something I feel can be nailed down really.” ::she slips her flute

away.:: “However, it’s something you can experience…I look for a deeper experience, it’s like a twisting nether of existence.” ::she takes a deep breath almost as if inhaling what she’s talking about.:: “And it’s so rare..”

<Durmah> chuckles softly and picks up her folder, “That’s preaching to the choir I believe. Not many people have made me catch my breath. Or -want- to undress them.” She winks, then slides from the seat. “It was nice talking Rhoni. I’m afraid it’s time for me to head out tonight. I’ll see you around?”

::Rhonwen nods with a smile, she hands the woman a card with a phone number on it.:: “You can call me any time, set something up, or we can hang out.” ::she grins.::

<Durmah> accepts the card with a smile, “I’d give you mine, but the number’s been changing recently. I’ll give you a call. Have a good evening.” She waves and then wanders out of the club to catch her ride back to Maryska’s