<Isabo> sits cross legged with a folder in her lap, going over some things with a red gel pen. Her hair is neatly pinned up for class, and her dress is more modern than she wears to Elysium or at the Chantry, though it is still full length and modestly cut.

<Altaryn> drove out to the Campus and looked for signs of this gazebo. It was his first time out this way but the gazebo was difficult to miss. From a distance he assumed the sitting figure was the woman he was looking for and headed over to see for himself. Though he had a few suits again thanks to Durmah, he wore a simple collared shirt with jeans. He smiled as he recognized her for who she was and moved to join her with the

casualness of old friends. “Thanks for seeing me before your class,” he said as he glanced around to judge how secure their location was. “I had an interesting visitor last night.”

<Isabo> looks up at Altaryn and nods to him, gesturing to the other side of the gazebo’s bench seats. “It is safe to talk here, it’s clear all around, no one can really hear us. Oh? Given the chaos going on, you might have to be more specific.”

<Altaryn> nodded, reassured by her statement and took a seat making himself casually comfortable. “A well dressed man whom introduced himself as Michael Bishop,” he said with a curious tilt of his head to see how Isabo responded.

<Isabo> stops entirely and looks over at Altaryn. “He spoke to you? No one has seen him in some time, some believe he is even dead.”

<Altaryn> still found her reaction curious. “Wouldn’t be the first dead man attracted to me. A certain psychotic ghost has been causing me no small amount of problems of late, and there was that one woman who’s blood had been tainted with something quite….displeasing.” He waved off those tangents as neither were what he had particularly come to discuss. Although his point was made he had no proof Bishop was still alive. “When I

arrived in New Orleans, I was made to believe the previous Prince met final death after his sins of heresy were uncovered.”

<Isabo> shakes her head at that. “No, the Justicar forced him to step down while they investigated. If they had proof, there is no way Selyri would have left him alive. I wanted to help him, but Cassian forbade me from speaking to him, and given the allegations, I couldn’t be caught disobeying.”

<Altaryn> me frowned at the news, but if Isabo looked closer she might see anger behind his eyes which he did well to try and hide. At least when he spoke, his tone remained calm and inquisitive. “I assume then, no proof was ever found. Who’s laid the allegations in the first place? ”

<Isabo> “Unknown, but you know how rumors spread. Once the gossipers in the Elysium got ahold of it, it was everywhere. He’d been persuing dark magics, and consorting with demons.”

<Isabo> “The disappearence of Becca was the most damning thing they had. She was his Childe, but there was a rumor that he caused the Curse in Embracing her and saving Kitt.”

<Altaryn> was surprised to hear the name Kitt, one he had known as Sabbat, but instead directed his surprise elsewhere. “Becca? Who is she other than his childe and why have I not heard her name before now? Rumors or not, acting without proof against a kindred of status comes at a heavy price. How could this go investigated for so long?”

<Isabo> “Perhaps you were simply not asking the right people? Becca and Kitt were mortal relatives of Bishop’s. Samson, the previous Anarch leader, attacked Bishop’s home one night when they were visiting and Becca was Embraced in an effort to save her. But Bishop was super protective of her, never even let her leave the house so only a few people had even seen her.”

<Altaryn> “Anarch leader,” he asked as his eyes narrowed, displeased with the news. It wasn’t unusual for Ventrue to keep their childe close for decades or longer, until they were certain they were ready to represent the clan with proper etiquette and dignity. However, that was a tidbit Altaryn still didn’t know. “That is unusual practice for Tremere I thought,” because he had heard the previous prince was Termere. What happened with

Kitt then?”

<Isabo> shakes her head softly. “Bishop is Ventrue, not Tremere. Elliot was Tremere. When Elliot was killed, Bishop took his place as Prince. That all happened like twenty years ago. As for Kitt… she showed some unusual signs and so Bishop left her with me for observation. David, an old Malkavian here, now dead, antagonized a previous student of mine into killing the

<Isabo> others. Kitt fled into the forest and we didn’t see her again. Sadly, it was assumed that the creature out there, which now we know has a name, Zaluut, killed her. Which was not the case.”

<Altaryn> ignored the clouds which had become a constant companion of late. Besides, they fit his dark mood upon hearing how all this had played out. “No. Apparently it was not the case. That does explain the difference in what I heard upon my arrival. It is as if certain individuals wrote Bishop out of the history, yet kept the heretic and his deeds. A small detail that puts those of the Tower at risk each night, as some believe

knowledge of the possibility leads to heresy itself.” His expression grew dark as his mood as he glanced out around them, perhaps looking for signs that they were indeed alone. “David is still on the move. He invaded my domain, destroyed my property, and has targeted what remains.”

<Isabo> nods. “I heard rumor that he had become a ghost. And then something the other night destroyed all the spirit wards in a wide area. It’s going to take me weeks to get the Chantry reset, and in that time he could easily cause us grief.”

<Altaryn> “Destroyed the wards…. fantastic.” At least he warned his vassals not to be alone…for whatever good that would do. If they listened to his advice, they should be other supernaturals who at least stood a chance to defend against David’s intrusions…at least as well as he could. “Warding will not be enough, regardless. We need to deliver the final death he was promised and silence him forever. I will not live my nights like

a caged animal afraid of the world outside,” he declared. “But that is just one problem of many. If you believe Bishop was falsely accused, we need to discover who was behind it. Such subversion cost the Tower this city, and put at risk the impressionable minds of all kindred.”

<Isabo> gets up and gathers her things. “Well, I have class to attend to. If you should see him again, please send him my regards. Perhaps I can talk some sense into Cassian, failing that, there is nothing stopping me from talking to you.”

<Altaryn> nodded quietly and stood up himself, a small shadow of his usual bow of respect but somehow held a similar quality. “I have a funny suspicion I will indeed. Thank you for answering my questions,” he said politely. “And do be careful of our friend David. I may have made him angry.”

<Isabo> nods and the heads toward the building to attend to her class, dress lightly swishing against the ground as she walks away.

<Altaryn> watches Isabo go, the heads off to find a nice, innocent student to hit on. They were at the perfect age to look for something exciting, often with a touch of danger. At least he intended no permanent harm unlike some other monsters they could meet in the night.