<Kitt> looks toward her phone when it goes off, and despite not being able to have sore muscles, she stops what she is doing to go look. “Sorry, not many people know to message me.”, she looks at the phone and then responds before setting it down again and picking the sword back up.

<Kaladorne> “I should have given you a good swat and used it as a lesson, but I’m too nice to do that and instead will just say so. You will be distracted by many things in battle, do try to ensure they don’t cause your head to become separated from the rest of you.” He grins and resumes his offensive posture, “Ready?”

<Kitt> swallows a little bit, picturing that and then nods to him and resumes her stance. “Understood, and ready.”, she didn’t sound so sure about that last part, but remembering the minotaur thing, she straightened up a bit.

<Altaryn> returns to the clearing where he and Kitt had their duel in what seemed like a lifetime ago. He parked his car behind some trees and made his way over. The moment he realized Kitt was in the middle of another duel, or at least training, he tried to be quieter and stood off to the side to watch.

<Kaladorne> steps in with his broadsword arcing it downward from a blatantly telegraphed overhand swing. Expect her to parry this easily he quickly follows it up with an upward strike aiming for her side, under her arm. He keeps focused on her as he comments idly, “Your visitor has arrived.”

<Kitt> studies Kal’s movements and even though she saw the change in direction coming, she just wasn’t used to dodging and groans a little, though luckily is thick skinned. “That smarts a bit.”, then while not taking her eyes off Kaladorne, “Hey, Altaryn. This is my mentor, Kaladorne, currently spanking me with swords. Kal, this is Altaryn, from New Orleans. I have been teaching him


<Altaryn> inclined his head to Kaladorne from the sidelines to show his respect. Kitt was teaching him, yes, but it was debatable how much he was actually ‘learning’. “Good evening Kaladorne. It is always a pleasure to meet a new master of the blade.”

<Kaladorne> “Let’s break so you can see your friend, yeah?” He steps back and returns his sword to the sheath at his belt as he turns to look at Altaryn, “Hey there.” He grins at Kitt a little, “Sticking it to the Tremere. I like it.”

<Kaladorne> chuckles briefly, “Hardly new, but it’s nice to meet you, too. I remember seeing you at that meeting a while back when the change happened.”

<Kitt> seemed relieved to take a break, though she wasn’t about to admit that. She was not used to being pushed so hard, even if she understood why it was needed. She nods and then smirks at the remark about the Tremere. “Yeah, pretty much.”, she nods to Altaryn as she puts the sword away. “What’s up?”

<Altaryn> “I’ve seen many, even talked to many, but that is not the same as a proper introduction and relevance.” He turned to Kitt and gave an apologetic dip of his head. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your practice. I was having some ghost trouble and was wondering if you knew of anything that could help attack or defend against them.”

<Kitt> tilts her head and thinks, “Well, Atanya might. She’s the resident Necromancer. She’d be at the Asylum. Zaluut’s magics and my own might slow some of them down, but not the strong willed ones. In fact, Zaluut is still angry about some cowboy ghost that came onto the property. Walked right through the Wards.”

<Kaladorne> “Auspex will help you spot them. Even dead things have an aura if you know how to look for it. It can also let you step out of your body and meet them on their own terms, but unless you know what you’re doing you’re absolutely asking to get a thrashing.”

<Altaryn> turned to Kaladorne with curious interest. “Which, at the moment I do not. Though if you know one who could teach me, I would not be adverse to meeting David on his own domain.” That bastard needed to pay, and he intended to see it done one way or another. “I have a building that could be used as a refuge if needed, but not so long as a certain someone can come in and trash the place, or worse. Perhaps I need to speak with

Atanya then, though I don’t believe I’ve met her in more than passing.”

<Kaladorne> shrugs, “I have that ability. If Kitt sees fit to teach you I can trust her judgement about your character.”

<Kitt> nods to Altaryn. “Her place is on the North side of the Asylum. She’s in the same Pack as Sascha, and… I believe Artemis and Phillip are joining them as well now. I can teach you a ritual that will alert you if one is around, but I haven’t even learned the astral stuff yet. Though I have figured out how to pick up on other people’s thoughts. Which seems useful for fighting

to guess which way they are gonna go if i can keep concentration while doing it.””

<Kaladorne> “It takes a little too much concentration to do that at the early levels of Auspex. If your blood is potent enough, though, there is an ability to allow you to do just that and know what an enemy is going to do as soon as they decide to do it.”

<Altaryn> winced at the mention of learning another ritual. “Hmm. I’m not sure a ritual will be the most effective for me in this matter.” He turned to Kaladrone and asked with some hesitance, “how early do you consider early asupex? If I concentrate I can discern auras. If it will help me to stop David, I would gladly put all I have into strengthening my understanding of the discipline.”

<Kitt> wrinkles her little nose. “That might take you a while. And well, David… he had that discipline when he was a Cainite so he’ll know all about it. He was a Malkavian.”

<Kaladorne> “You have a lot more to learn to be able to project your consciousness into the realm where the dead exist, I’m sorry to say. Also, keep in mind that your physical prowess is irrelevant. You could be the strongest man on the planet and when you’re astral you could be as weak as a baby.”

<Kaladorne> “When you go astral it’s all about your strength of will.”

<Altaryn> was clearly frustrated. Even if he could learn what he needed to, it still wasn’t likely to be enough. “Then how do I kill something that is already dead? How do I stop it from destroying my property?”

<Kitt> looks to Altaryn, “Wards should keep it from an area, but they aren’t perfect. Necromancy is geared against them specifically though, it’s how they keep ghosts from spying on the Asylum, because they were worried the Giovanni would try that.”

<Altaryn> “When they work,” he points out. “Cowboys, and psychotic serial skinners not included. There is also the matter of wards in NOLA having recently failed.” He looks between the two of them and asks, “so there is nothing that can be done, but wait for the scalpel to fall?”

<Kaladorne> “You raise an interesting question that I really should have considered a long time ago.” He looks at Kitt, “Do you think Atanya would be willing to at least talk to me about Necromancy for the purpose of defending against attacks from spirits? I’d make a shitty bodyguard if I couldn’t mitigate all possible threats.”

<Kaladorne> “I might be able to do something, but I’m hesitant without knowing more about the ghost. I like waking up every night and he could well put a stop to that if I’m not really careful.”

<Altaryn> gives Kaladorne a dry, unimpressed expression. “Indeed. It is wonderful to know someone who’s supposed to have met final death, isn’t going to deliver me the same while I sleep.”

<Kitt> nods to Kaladorne. “She taught Deveraux some Necromancy, I think. So I don’t see why she wouldn’t show it to you too. You might just have to get her something she wants in trade.”, she looks back to Altaryn. “What about Wards failing? Like, all over the city?”

<Altaryn> nods to Kitt. “As far as I know, yes. Though I haven’t asked the mages about it yet, I am worried their defenses are not as secure as I had hoped. Which means Emily is still at risk, unless I can draw David to focus on me.” Which came with it’s own problems. “I suppose I will have to see Atanya about this. With Ramirez out of commission for a while, I’m not sure who else to turn to.”

<Kaladorne> “Who’s Emily?”

<Altaryn> turns his gaze on Kaladorne, and in that moment he was more like his confident old self. “One of my vassals,” he declares calmly yet in no uncertain terms.

<Kitt> blinks. “What’s a vassal?”

<Kaladorne> “His ghoul.”

<Kaladorne> “That’s a very old worlde way to put it, though. I’m gonna guess that’s a word your sire used?”

<Kitt> “Oh. Never heard that word before. So, David is going after Emily? That’s bad… when he caught Katarina he skinned her alive. Not sure a ghoul could survive that.”

<Kaladorne> “This makes her defenseless against this threat, and there is little I can personally do to help her during the day.”

<Altaryn> scrunched his nose a little in distaste of the word. “I could say the term ghoul is vulgar and lacks the respect one deserves when making the choice to serve. But yes. I took Emily in to protect her. She had to be exposed to the truth, or she would continue to run from those who could help her.” He frowned at Kaladorne for stating the obvious. “That is why I have had her stay with the mages, but if their wards have failed

there may be no place safe for her. And if David does decide to focus on me as suggested by the state he left my domain in, then my other vassal is in danger as well.”

<Kaladorne> “If she’s already with the Mages then there’s little more I could do. She’s as safe as she can be.”

<Kitt> nods. “Atanya employs other ghosts who owe her favors, so she could maybe have one guard your vassals?”, she suggests as she tries to use his word to be polite.

<Kaladorne> “Since you made the distinction, she chose to serve you willingly without any sort of coercion? If she chooses to no longer be your vassal you’d allow this?”

<Altaryn> nods to Kitt’s suggestion. Even Kaladorne offering his advice that the mages were the best avenue at least offered some comfort. It was as good as it gets. “In this case, yes. The Prometheans have declared the city as their domain, and wish to treat their enlightened kine as individuals or something. Once Emily understands the threats and risks she is exposed to, if she wishes to walk her separate way I would wish her well. At

that point, what becomes of her is no longer my concern.”

<Kaladorne> nods, the expression on his face clearly depicting that he finds that answer satisfactory. He moves over to where his coat is lying on the grass and retrieves a business card from it before walking to Altaryn and offering it to him, “If I or my team can be of service in helping to protect Emily, please call me.” The card is for Triplex Industries and the office location is downtown New Orleans.

<Kitt> looks between them and then nods. “Uhm, so then if we’re done beating me up with the giant piece of steel I could take you guys over to see Atanya.”

<Altaryn> accepts the card and nods to Kaladorne. “Thank you. I will keep you in mind should the need be great enough.” Not that he meant that as a sign of disrespect of course. His tone suggested more that he had no intentions to bother Kaladorne for something trivial. Then he turned to Kitt and grinned quietly. “There is no need to interrupt your practice. I will find her on my own, or I will not. As has been stated, Emily is likely

as protected as possible in these nights.” Though he still needed to find a way to deal with David, it would be no easy fix. “Good evening to you both,” he said with a bow of his head, and headed back to his car.

<Kaladorne> “I think that was her polite way of asking for a break while saving face about it.” He grins wryly at Kitt before nodding, “Yes, let’s see what Atanya thinks of teaching me a bit of Necromancy.”

<Kitt> eyes Altaryn like she might just have to get him back alter for that one, he knew what he was doing… she smiles at Kaladorne though. “Yeah… hard to fool you guys.”

<Altaryn> stops to glance back at the others. “If you want a ride, I’m headed there now. However, I will not be the cause of you neglecting your studies. At one point you felt it important enough to pursue. Have the fortitude to see it through.”

<Kitt> nods and heads for the car with Altaryn. “Oh, I have alllll the fortitude. Okay, well, Kal has it allll, but I have a lot. And i am not slacking Mr avoding picking up the book to learn how to un-chemical your own food.”

<Kaladorne> nods and then heads back to grab his coat, which also has a shotgun hiding in it, before heading after Altaryn, “I think we’d like a ride, thanks very much.”

<Altaryn> “I’m not avoiding, I’ve been busy. Meeting with men who are dead, meeting with men who are supposed to be dead, protecting two stubborn women, pissing off earth spirits…” not to mention his failed attempts to purge the bunkers or his own bout of self doubt. He slipped into the car once Kitt had the door open and waited for her to get settled. “How complex of a ritual is it? You know I need to dedicate a large chunk of each

night to make any progress.

<Kitt> looks to Altaryn. “Not any more complicated than the first one I taught you. You watched me do it, besides, you’ve grown since then, taken to studying more. And the first time i tried to control a lightning spirit it fried me, my hair stood straight up the rest of the night. Ask Zaluut, he says he was not amused but i am pretty sure he was laughing on the inside.”

<Kaladorne> “Who was it you met with that is supposed to be dead, but apparently is not?”

<Altaryn> gave Kitt a soft smile at her encouragement. “Alright. It’s worth looking at. When will you have time to go over it with me?” When Kaladorne asks the question though, he realizes he gave a little more detail than he had originally intended and started the car to buy himself a few precious seconds to think. When he did answer, he tried to make his tone casual as if he didn’t think there was much importance behind it. “Well, if

the word of a stranger I’ve never met before holds any merit in claiming to be someone I’ve never heard of before, then ex prince of nola….or one of them I guess. Seems an ill fated assignment.”

<Kitt> tilts her head as she looks back at Altaryn. “Soon, I’ll probably practice more with kal tomorrow and then you can catch me Friday or Saturday.”, she looks thoughtful. “So… Bishop? You saw him?”

<Kaladorne> now listens rather intently and waits for Altaryn’s response.

<Altaryn> nodded to the suggestion of weekend classes. “Well, someone claiming to be Bishop. But like I said, never knew him before and no one spoke of him. I had thought Dupre took over for Elliot. So I’m not sure how much I trust the information.” With a small shrug he focused on the road but continued. “Let’s be honest. For all I know he could have been a ghost, or a liar. It is not like i still have ties to the tower. They would

declare my blood forfeit.”

<Kitt> furrows her brows a little bit, and sinks in her seat. “He was alone? And well, if they don’t know you did Vaulderie then they won’t come at you… but yeah, in NOLA word will get around eventually, maybe. Because we work with others there, they might not think anything of it.”

<Kaladorne> “The Prometheans won’t care, but those still staunchly loyal to the Camarilla will likely have a serious issue with it.”

<Kitt> nods. “Bishop would totally go at you, so it either wasn’t him, or he didn’t know.”

<Altaryn> glanced at Kitt curiously, but only trusted his peripheral vision to track the road for so long. “Did you know him Kitt,” he asked her softly. “You sound concerned.” He gave a soft sigh, giving her time to consider her answer by telling a story of his own. “My sire saved me on the night I first learned of the horrors that exist in the night. Looking back now, it was likely another demonic construct from a crazed Tremere

disowned by his clan.” Okay so Malk, but Altaryn never learned that detail. “I accepted his offer to serve, and in exchange he would teach me the skills not to be a victim. On the night we put an end to his madness, when we faced monstrosities out of pure nightmare that even my sire had a difficult time facing, he took me aside. He asked me, now that I understood the overwhelming odds that would face him and those who sided with him,

did I wish to continue in his service. Before I could answer, he said it must be without the blood influencing my decision. Keep in mind the bond was a full strength at this time, I was but a mortal, and my sire has a reputation for being an accomplished master of Auspex and powers of the mind. Have you any idea the panic the bond instills, knowing it needs you to say yes because you want the blood more than anything else, and at the

same time it knows saying yes will cut you off forever?”

<Kitt> sighs a litrle, but as she listens to Altaryn she shakes her head. “No, I don’t. I was under the effects of the bond for a very short time. As for Bishop… Yeah. My name is Kitt Bishop, I am related to him. I didn’t know what he was… then after Becca I got placed with the Tremere. They kept trying to make me forget things and I pretended to go along cause it was easier. Then

Jason and I found Zaluut’s while trying to stop a man from killing the people in Isabo’s class. Zaluut killed Jason, and kept me for a few nights. He let me go, to go back and watch the Tremere… but when I saw them messing with some weird infected corpses I went back to Zaluut and then they sent me in with the others on Halloween, and when we came out of the house they Embraced us, all who


<Altaryn> “Infected corpses? Isabo was behind this?” He still hated the thought of Sabbat embrace practices but it was becoming easier not to react. “Perhaps there is someone or something behind the scenes, pulling the strings to keep us divided,” he considered thoughtfully.” He didn’t dwell on it too long however and glanced back at Kitt. “Anyway, my sire taught me a valuable lesson that night. How to supress the bond enough to think

clearly. How to make the decision that matters, rather than reacting to stimuli in panic. It’s true, I’m still who I was, and I will not be lured from the path I know to be right. I am where I need to be, to see my duty done.” He even broke a small smile then and side glanced to Kitt. “It is nice not to feel so alone.”

<Kitt> “I don’t think the Tremere made those things… just found them. And I am not sure where. But given how they treated their ghouls and stuff, along with some of their more profane rituals… not to mention the things I learned they have done to other Cainites… I was glad I didn’t have to go back to them. I-“, Kitt yelps in pain and grabs her forehead. “OW! Stop it! Just stop!”,

and she sinks down in the seat, holding her head. “No! Stay out of there! Don’t go in there!”

<Kaladorne> raises an eyebrow, “What are you seeing, Kitt?” He leans forward from the back seat.

<Altaryn> calmly listened to Kitt for clues, but the moment she yelled ‘OW’ he was instantly alert and put his foot on the break. He didn’t slam his foot because he saw no visible threat ahead and didn’t want to jar Kitt more than necessary. Still, the car came to a stop and he turned to gently put a concerned hand on Kitt’s shoulder. “What’s the matter? What can I do?”

<Kitt> whimpers in pain and blood leaks from her third eye, while her other two remain unfocused. “There’s a room, walls are red, no windows.”, she flinches repeatedly as if struck. “He was waiting for her. He’s… he’s beating her to death! Just hitting her over and over! Something under them glows on the floor.”, she sniffles audibly as she catches her breath while her vision clears.

<Kaladorne> “Did you get a look at who was there? Just start calling out details as you remember them. Anything at all. Quickly before you forget anything.”

<Altaryn> “Who? Where?” His first fear is of his vassals but he forced himself to calm with an unnecessary breath and nodded as Kaladorne directed her memory with useful questions.

<Kitt> “It feels cold but not damp. The walls feel like brick, textured. I don’t know her. She could hardly fight back. He was so strong… I don’t see him but I feel him. He knows I am there and he doesn’t care that I see.”

<Kaladorne> “Cold, brick or textured walls, light under them on the floor. How cold? Was it like freezer cold it like might have been near the water?”

<Kitt> “Just a little cold.”, she closes her eyes and points. “You can keep driving, it’s done for now.”, she sighs a little. “He watched her through a little caged window like from a basement.”

<Kitt> “All I could see was her feet walking toward the front door.”

<Altaryn> hesitantly withdrew his hand and started driving again. Slow at first, but then he figured getting to the Asylum sooner was better if they didn’t have somewhere else to go. “This was something happening now, or something that has already happened?”

<Kaladorne> waits for Kitt to respond to Altaryn before asking, “Is this the first time you’ve had this vision? If you have any others please call me straight away. I want to get this woman out of captivity if we can find out where she’s being kept.”

<Altaryn> was more concerned about Kitt than some random faceless woman…..unless the random faceless woman was one of his vassals. He also couldn’t discount the captor wasn’t someone or something that needed to be stopped, so he didn’t argue with Kaladorne about his choice of words or concern.

<Kitt> shakes her head softly, seeming exhausted. “I don’t know. Past, present, or future. It feels like it’s happening when I see it. Zaluut says the one that I got my blood from had the same ability. I have had a few different ones, none of them good. I thought if I went to New Orleans I could maybe locate the source, if I got close, I could trigger it.”

<Kaladorne> “It’s possible. I don’t know too much about visions myself.”

<Altaryn> “I can go with you. Protect you during the visions. But perhaps we could bring another with us just for a second set of eyes,” and a second body to guard from the other direction.

<Kaladorne> “I’m very willing to go.”

<Kitt> shakes her head as she glances toward Altaryn. “It’s too dangerous… If I have one and the tremere happen to be anywhere near me…”

<Altaryn> “Then we must ensure you are not seen. We could drive as now. I could rent a car with darker tint windows,” he suggests. Sure there were other powers that might be of more use….but he had none.

<Kitt> nods at that. “That could work. I like that idea.”

<Kaladorne> “Very well. If you wish to arrange the transportation Altaryn I have no problem with that.”

<Kitt> seems to relax a little as they get back to the Asylum and she wipes the blood away from her face. “Lets get to Atanya and make sure that the others are taken care of, then we can think about chasing these visions.”

<Kaladorne> nods from the back seat, “Sounds like a plan. What else do you need to do that I can help with before we tackle the visions?”

<Altaryn> pulled the car into his usual parking spot and waited to hear the answer to Kal’s question, adding a small addition for himself as well. “If there is anything more I can do, I would like to know as well.”

<Kitt> smiles weakly. “I just get wiped out when I have them. But if I had to trust anybody to watch my back, you two are both in my top five.”, she gets out of the car and waves to the guards before leading the others toward Atanya’s.

<Altaryn> was about to tease who the other three were, but he chuckled to himself and got out of the car. “I could still use to learn how to take a hit better,” he admitted. “You still kicked my ass during the challenge. Probably best you called a stop to it when you did, because I was not of a mind to back down. I was the only one with something to prove that night.”

<Phillip> was out in front of Antaya’s chapel, he held a notepad in his hand as he reclined against the wall and wrote out a verse he’d thought of. The albino was taking a moment after his physical practice to exercise his mind and have a bit of fun, “Ah! The light gleams upon the flowering rose. Let the stars caress thee and my heart envelope thy form. For how can a man do anything but pine in thy glory!” He paused and grinned, “Oh, I like that.”

<Kaladorne> gets out of the car and closes the door. He then rearranges his sword so that it’s sheathed in the one that’s sewn into his armored trench coat instead of the one that is on his belt. He also arranges the shotgun on a shoulder sling so that it can hang freely under the coat. He looks over at Altaryn as he finishes up with the sling, “So that was you, then? It’s a fine line between courage to press on and foolishness to know when you’re

beaten and surrender is the better option.”

<Kitt> shakes her head. “It was close, that was the problem. I couldn’t risk hitting him and killing him. He wasn’t trying to kill me, but the only thing I had was my lightning. I could barely hold the sword up.”, she looks to Phillip as she passes him to knock on the door to the Angels’ Home.

<Kaladorne> stares at Phillip as he starts spouting poetry. He looks almost confused initially, but then shakes it off and then nods to him, “Good evening.” He then follows after Kitt.

<Altaryn> nods but lets out a soft sigh. Despite Kitt’s encouragement, he still looked upon that night as a personal failure. “Duty should always stand before pride. I had to accept that I had done my best. If that wasn’t good enough, better to walk away and grow stronger to face what stands against you.” He forced a smile though as he noticed Phillip, but within seconds the smile was fully genuine as if Phillip had brightened his mood.

“Too much imagery. The stars and heart are too distant, and pine is a poor choice of word when speaking of flowers. Try something to do with thorns.

<Atanya> opens up the door, glancing to Phillip, then to the others. “Oh, Kitt! And guests! Wat be de occasion, child?”

<Phillip> looks up from his notepad and grins at Kitt and Kaledorne before executing a horribly flamboyant bow that was proper and somehow… wrong all at once, “Good evening, Angel of Zaluut’s home! Great and marvelous, Lady Kitt. My heart swells to see you again… and your escort.” He nods at Kaledorne and then grins at Altaryn, “And if it isn’t the brave and courageous, Altaryn, my brother in arms and trusted ally! Oh what joy to see you again.

Perhaps you will educate me on the blessings of thorns.” He nodded as Atanya opened the door, “They must have come to hear my poetry.”

<Kaladorne> mutters, “It’s both refreshing and disturbing to see it proven that the profession of Bard is still alive and kicking.” He then nods to Atanya, “Good evening.”

<Kitt> “Uhm, these are my friends, Altaryn and Kaladorne. They need to talk to you.”, she looks over at Phillip again and then laughs at what Kal said. “Uh, Phillip… your shadow is commiting suicide.”

<Phillip> crossed his arms and smirked playfully, “I heard that… you know. I’ll enjoy it if you want to punch me for it.” Then he sighed and glared at his shadow, “Stop being a critic! You are stuck with me and smothering me when I wake up at night is -not- going to fix it.”

<Altaryn> wasn’t the best when it came to poetry, in fact it took him a long time to make something worthy of repeating. Still, for Phillip he there at the door and took a breath. “Dew on petals starlight captures, beauty blazoned against the night….” he takes a breath to continue but realizes that Atanya has arrived and he stops to bow his head in respect to the woman. “Forgive the intrusion Atanya. Kitt suggested there was none she

trusted more when it came to matters of the restless dead.”

<Atanya> “Well dat depen on wat dat matter be exactly.”

<Kitt> “The Traitor is hunting him and his ghouls.”

<Atanya> “Oh. Den I help you wit dat.”, she ducks inside and comes back out with a statue of a snake, coiled up around something round. “You put dis in a place, it be protected.”

<Phillip> perks up at that and leaned forward, temporarily ignoring the poetry, though he did smile at Altaryn and wink, “What’s that? Someone is hunting Altaryn? I’m going to hope we are hunting it back?”

<Kaladorne> “Well, that was an easy solution. What would your price be to educate someone in the matter of seeing and engaging spirits in combat?”

<Atanya> looks kaladorne over, before looking back at Kitt.

<Kitt> “He’s a personal friend of mine, Sascha, and Zaluut.”

<Altaryn> accepts the snake statue with a bit of surprise. That was almost too easy, and where was the negotiating of a price? “That is all I need to do? How large of a space will it protect?”

<Phillip> looked between members of the group, “You know… I’d like to help too.” If Durmah was in danger he had a vested interest.

<Atanya> looks back at Kaladorne, then at Altaryn. “It will protect all it can see. So middle of de room is best. If it look wounded or dead, flee.”, she turns her attention back to Kaladorne. “Wat you need it for?”

<Kitt> looks back to Phillip and smiles. “Actually, you might be able to. Ghosts don’t like Obtenebration. They seem to be able to see it on their side.”

<Kaladorne> “To better defend people against a threat they can’t fight themselves.”

<Altaryn> motioned for Phillip to take a step back with him so they wouldn’t interrupt the others. “Dead malk who likes skinning things is…unhappy with me for claiming his toy. Best I can do is pull his focus on me, but I can’t protect Durmah and Emily during the day. It is part of the reason I’ve been accepting Michael’s hospitality longer than I intended.”

<Phillip> purses his lips, “Maybe, Kitt, but I can’t see ghosts. I can’t stop what I can’t see.” He nodded to Altaryn and joined him, “Who is watching her during the day? Are you and her safe where you are?”

<Atanya> looks thoughtful. “You like savin people den?”

<Kaladorne> “If they deserve to be saved.”

<Phillip> mutters to himself, “Fuck, I’m screwed then. Don’t leave me with the Paladin.”

<Atanya> “I make you a deal, den. I got family, human family in Haiti right now dat need savin. You find a way to bring dem to da states, and I give you da book wit all da details of dealin wit da dead.”

<Kaladorne> “Where would you like them specifically?”

<Altaryn> glanced at Kaladorne and grinned privately to himself. And that was where altruism ended. With Altaryn’s past, he could be a cynical bastard most of the time. “Durmah has been staying with Ashe, and I’ve left Emily as protected as possible with the mages. I’ve asked both of them not to be alone, and to keep someone in the know with them at all times. This should help, if I can convince them to share the same space.”

But….that was going to be a challenge.

<Altaryn> He waited for Atanya and Kaladorne to make their deal, but when it seemed he could ask another question without interrupting he would speak up. “I appreciate the statue and the protections it will offer. But this is ultimately a bandaid solution. Do you know of any ways I might put a stop to this ghost for good?”

<Phillip> listened to Atanya and Kaledorne barter and nodded to Atlaryn at the explanation, “Right. Well… That’s the guy with the swords, right and he’s a mage, so they are both safer than I could make them.”

<Altaryn> “But it is not a solution,” he reminds Phillip. “You can help me put a stop to him….as soon as we figure out how.”

<Atanya> “Florida.”, she ducks back inside and comes out with a folded piece of paper. “Dis where dey are and were dey need to be. You do dis, I let you have de book.”

<Atanya> looks at Altaryn, “Get wit Sascha and Talwar, dey be huntin de traitor. Talwar especially, but Sascha not let dat betrayal slide.”

<Kaladorne> takes the piece of paper and nods, “We have a deal. Do they know how to reach you to confirm they’re safely at this location? Will they be okay after the move? How many am I moving?”

<Phillip> nods his head, “Sascha is part of my pack, I will help where I can. Even if I can’t see the enemy I will try.”

<Atanya> nods to Kaladorne. “De spirits at dis location tell me when dey arrive safe. Six, unless I have lost more. Some jus babies still.”

<Kaladorne> “Children? That adds a sense of urgency.” He nods to himself, “I’ll check-in with you once it’s done.” He turns to look at Kitt and Altaryn, “It seems I’m working now. Do either of you need anything from me more tonight?”

<Altaryn> nods with respect to Atanya. “Thank you. I will.” That had been the plan all along, there was just so much on their plates as of yet. Perhaps then, it was time to contact Talwar. He looked up at Kaladorne with a touch of surprise, but shook his head no. “Duty comes first,” he agreed.

<Kitt> shakes her head. “No, we’ll give you a ride back though? Or I know a shortcut to Zaluut’s if you don’t mind walking through a mirror.”

<Atanya> nods to kaladorne, not entirely sure he will do it but giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. “Dere a word on dat paper, dat tell dem it safe to go wit you.”

<Phillip> rubs the back of his head and simply listens, absorbing the information as it was given.

<Kaladorne> opens the paper and looks at it and tries to say the word, and makes a good attempt but Haitian isn’t a language he’s familiar with. “Is that right?”

<Atanya> chuckles faintly but then shakes her head and helps him until he gets it. “Dere you go.”

<Kaladorne> works with Atanya and takes a few tries to be sure it’s 100% accurate. “Thanks. Your family will arrive safely in Florida. One last question; do they have papers to remain if they’re checked by the police?”

<Atanya> “No, but dat is not hard to fix. De hard part be getting dem here witout getting shot.”

<Kitt> looks to Phillip and Altaryn, “Phillip, can you make clouds of shadow yet?”

<Kaladorne> “Not so hard when they’re on a jet.”

<Kaladorne> looks back to Kitt, “You mentioned a mirror… Are you sure it’s safe?”

<Phillip> nodded his head to Kitt, “Yes, I can make clouds of shadow…. That’s how the asshole keeps trying to smother me.”

<Altaryn> nodded to Kitt to say he was fine giving Kaladorne a lift back, or anywhere within reason for that matter. Clouds of shadow sounded interesting though.

<Kitt> chuckles and nods. “Yeah, that’s how Zaluut gets back and forth. He won’t mind if it’s us.”, she looks at phillip. “You don’t have to aim that, but it will hurt the breathing people so you should be careful.”

<Phillip> tilts head head to the side, “Yeah, it’s useful to feed, but I wouldn’t use it on allies.”

<Kitt> sighs. “You miss the point… say you leave a gap on the ground for the girls to duck, but you’ll mess up any ghosts in the room with you.”

<Phillip> grins, “Ok, I didn’t think of that. That is why you are the smart one.” He winks, “I’ll have to practice that.”

<Altaryn> “Alright. If Kaladorne doesn’t need a lift, I’m going to pay Durmah a quick visit,” he declared looking at the snake statue.

<Altaryn> “Phillip, want to come for the ride?”

<Kaladorne> “Thanks anyway, Altaryn. I appreciate the offer. In this case, however, speed is a top priority.”

<Kitt> chuckles a bit and hugs Phillip, then Altaryn before taking off with kaladorne to get him a head start back home.

<Phillip> returns Kitt’s hug with surprising warmth and nods to Altaryn. “Thanks. I’d like to see her tonight. To make sure she’s ok in person.” He winks

<Altaryn> even hugs Kitt back and smile warmly. “Be safe Kitt. We’ll be in touch.”

<Altaryn> glanced at the time by looking at his phone, only then notcing he had a message. “It is kinda late. How about we visit her first thing tomorrow night?”