<Fiona> is sitting in a tree, reading a book.

Christopher walks out into the Courtyard to begin some exercises. He starts off with a long stretch and some minor grunting noises. He has been occupied with his research for quite some time now and he needs to let off some steam. He begins to count jumping jacks out loud and intermixing it with pushups and climbers.

<Fiona> looks down at Christopher from her spot in the tree, hopping down. “Decided to come out here and practice, dumbshit?”

Christopher nods noticing Fiona,”Yes Ma’am. I cannot spend all of my times with the books or my muscles will start to atrophy again. It has been difficulty maintaining consistency with my workouts. What brings you outside this evening?”

<Fiona> holds up the book.

Christopher looks suprised,”Ah it must be a very interesting book. What is it about? Perhaps the graphic and gruesome murders of a serial killer?”

<Fiona> just stares at him. “Are you fucking serious? Why the hell do you think I’d read something like that?”

Christopher,”I figure it must be something of utility somehow. It was the first thing that came to mind… So what is it about?”

<Fiona> stares at him some more. “…..It’s some technical book, you dumbshit.”

Christopher nods,”An ordinary technical book? I would have thought you would have searched for something more dramatic yet that also had direct utility… Well anyway, don’t mind me…”

<Fiona> just keeps staring at him.

Christopher looks around awkwardly then walks away and starts a slow run around the courtyard. After each lap he slowly begins to pick up the pace.

<Fiona> shakes her head, then begins to head after Chris, making sure he’s pushing himself.

Christopher starts running faster after noticing that Fiona is running behind him. He does his best to stay ahead not sure the exact reason she is following him.

<Fiona> is walking, not running.

Christopher tries to push himself to run even faster, quite scared at the vampire who is walking slowly behind him and that it may be about one of his social faux pas. Christopher continues to run until he inevitably runs out of breath and energy and slows down.

<Fiona> takes her time, beginning to read again, and comes to a halt when Christopher does. “That’s fucking it? That’s all you can do?”

Christopher ran for a good thirty minutes and well over five miles before stopping. He takes a few deep breaths,”… yes…”

<Fiona> hasn’t looked up from her book. “Add another mile tomorrow, then take a 5 minute break and do 20 pushups.”

Christopher nods,”Yes Ma’am.” Christopher wipes off the sweat and sits down for a few minutes. Afterwards he gets up and does another 20 pushups and some other exercises. Finally he leaves off with practicing some occult and psychic talents, particularly his psychokinesis which he uses to elevate some rocks over and over again. He then heads inside to shower, cleanup, and return

to his research. “Have a good evening Fiona. I appreciate the advise and motivation.”

<Fiona> just stalks off into the forest, irritated at what Chris is doing, as usual.