<Erin Summers> makes her way downstairs, getting pretty big now as her pregnancy progresses. She heads into the kitchen and makes herself some tea before settling down at the dining table with a large book from the library.

~֎Ramirez֎~ walks up from the basement and looks over at Erin after getting a cup of super caffeinated coffee. “Ah hah.. I need to talk to you, if you don’t mind.”

φCadeφ yawns the whole way down the stairs. He has been awake for a few hours now but hasn’t taken the time to stretch and walk around yet. He rummages around in the refrigerator for a moment and pulls out a quarter gallon of chocolate milk. “My precious…” He giggles at the fairly high quality Gollum impression and takes a long drink straight from the jug. “Whoops. Am I interrupting?”

<Cecilia> comes downstairs shortly after Erin and follows her into the kitchen, making some tea before settling on the couch.

<Erin Summers> blinks as she looks over at Ramirez, “Uhh, sure. What is the matter?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Nah, you aren’t interrupting”, he says to Cade and then looks back at Erin. “So.. in order to bring Kitt and Cassian back, we need fetters for them. The Tremere are kinda hard to get that out of, I suppose with good reason, but Zaluut was very helpful. Kind of stuck and wondering if you have any ideas.”

φCadeφ frowns and rubs his head. “Fetters…you mean like objects with strong attachments to the individual in question right?”

<Erin Summers> makes a bit of a face at that, but nods. “Well, I have an idea or two… what exactly would need to be done with said fetter?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “I got someone else to come and we’re going to try to basically use the fetters as a lure to get the two where they can be helped to get out of purgatory. We can’t really go in and apparently I’ll rack up some more paradox, but hey, I’ve been without it for what…a couple weeks now? That’s long enough.” * thumbs up.

φCadeφ looks between them and raises his hand. “I have a potentially stupid idea.”

<Cecilia> looks at Cade. “Let’s hear it.”

φCadeφ sighs, his face contorting a bit as he thinks. “Well…I don’t know if it would be dangerous so I hesitate to ask but…could Erin be the fetter? That’s a pretty strong connection.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “It is possible a person can be a fetter, easily enough.”

<Erin Summers> sighs, “Well, I was thinking his unborn child would make the better connection.”

φCadeφ nods, his expression softening. “Yeah that’s kinda what I meant. It’s just that without knowing what the ritual entails exactly it’s hard to say if there would be side effects. Plus I felt evil cultisty saying ‘hey let’s use the unborn child for the ritual’.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Yes, but either way.. you would need to be there, if you don’t mind. I don’t think the Tremere are going to let me get much closer to doing things. Isabo might have helped but it seems Cassian is in a bit of trouble for something. Someone like narced on him totally.”

<Erin Summers> nods her head. “I am not worried about magical energies too much. I am fairly resistant and that will protect our child too. And i do want to help him get back, he is my friend and well… the father of my child.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “I have been studying purgatory and some of the stuff but in the end, I needed to talk to someone more experienced and he told me what I suspected, but gave an actual way to make it happen. We will need to go back to the spot we were in when the demon took us first to purgatory, which was this particular clearing. Time doesn’t work the same

there, he says. Will you be alright to do this when I can get in touch with him? I am sending him a text after this, if you don’t mind.”

<Zoelie> gets done with the chore of maintaining the meatcase of her CPU with regular cardio on the treadmill. She showers and heads downstairs to the kitchen for “healthy snacks”.

<Cecilia> is sipping some tea on the couch, and looks over at Zoelie, giving her a nod.

Kaito walks a bit remembering what he was instructed to do before. He arrives at the Chantry and remembers he has been sent here to meet with the local mages. He takes a look around to see if anyone is around.

φCadeφ nods slowly, mulling over Ramirez’s information. “I hope by not working the same you mean it rubs slower there and not faster. Is there anything I can do to help?”

<Erin Summers> looks to Ramirez and then nods. “Yeah, I can handle it. If things get hairy… such as that thing attacks… I can get back here, I am pretty sure. I could ask Yusuf to assist too, he’d be pretty well versed in that sorta thing.”

<Storyteller> Kaito, you make your way out to a big plantation house that has a lot of overgrown plants about, but as you draw closer up the driveway, it’s really not that the house itself has suffered from it. Out by the road, it would seem to be a worn out old place, but closer up, it seems well maintained. There’s a big attached garage and a parking lot with some vehicles.

The front door seems inviting.

<Saturn> approaches the house as well, on foot and dressed in a tunic and blue jeans. She has cleaned up and is curiously observing the area about herself before taking her final few steps toward the front porch, letting Kaito go first.

Kaito looks and admires the place and nods. He then goes to the front door and knocks on the door to check if anyone is currently in. He then notices Saturn and steps aside to let her pass on in before him. “Hello there. Do you live here?”

<Cecilia> looks at Erin. “If you need a quick escape, let me know. I’ll try to get you out.”

<Erin Summers> wrinkles her nose a bit as she looks to Cecilia, “No offense but I think I would prefer to avoid breaking reality in the process… as i feel it’s already going to be rough.”

<Cecilia> nods. “Fair enough. I just thought I’d offer.”

φCadeφ perks up as a knock sounds from the front door. “I’ll get it.” He takes another drink of the chocolate milk still in his hand and goes over to the door. After a quick glance through the peephole, Cade opens up. “Hello! Looking for someone?”

Kaito bows a bit to Cade. “Hello, I was sent here by Father Thomas to meet the local mages. I’m Kaito Ono.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “No reality breaking that’s too bad. He said it would be worse if we tried to pull them out, but there would be paradox in this plan too. This one was the better option… and.. That’s the door.” He’d sip his coffee as Cade went to go get it, and then put the coffee down on the arm of his favorite chair as he headed into the living room.

<Zoelie> nods to Cecilia, Ramirez, and Cade, then notices Erin “Hey stranger, how you been?”

<Saturn> blinks at him, and then shakes her head softly. She remains on the porch, looking from one person inside to the other, remaining silent as she studies each face.

<Cecilia> looks over to the door from her seat on the couch, taking a sip of her tea as she regards both Saturn and Kaito.

<Erin Summers> waves to Zoelie and smiles. “I am okay. Starting to feel like a beached whale… but okay.”

φCadeφ smiles at the both of them. “Well you found us! I’m Cade Anima. Nice to meet you.” He steps back a bit and gestures inside. “Come on in.” He looks at Saturn with the same smile. “Didn’t catch your name, are you here from the same place?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ looks out the door at the two new people, studying them a moment and what was around out there. He however would wait inside and stand by since there was no need to crowd.

<Zoelie> puts on her glasses and checks out Erin

Kaito bows to Cade. “It is an honor to meet you and thank you.” He steps on in to see the other people that have gathered. He then bows again to those who have gathered. “Good day. I am Kaito Ono, it is an honor to meet all of you.”

<Saturn> stands there a bit longer, listening to them and watching without speaking to anyone, though she does nod to Cade when he speaks to her.

<Cecilia> takes another sip of her tea, giving Kaito a polite nod and beginning to speak, an Italian accent clearly evident in her words. “Good evening, Kaito. I am Cecilia di Pasqua.”

φCadeφ cocks his head at Saturn and gestures inside the door. “Well come on in, no point in standing outside in the cold.”

<Erin Summers> waves toward the livingroom from the diningroom where she is still sitting so she can read more comfortably.

~֎Ramirez֎~ looks at Saturn a moment and admired the fact she was being so patient and not being offended. Whatever he saw gave him that impression that maybe she could have. He nodded to Kaito and then to her. “Please come in and welcome to our home. I am Ramirez.”

<Saturn> seems to study them a little more, as if having some trouble understanding them before finally seeming to get it and coming inside. “(Greek) Thank you.”

<Zoelie> eyes widen as she takes in Erin’s full waistline “Girl what you doin standin around her an famiy like that? Sit down somewhere, you want a cup of tea?”

<Zoelie> looks over at the new arrivals “Ah, more visitors…”

<Cecilia> “Indeed.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ understood the ‘thank you’ since it was still a latinish but what language it was directly, he wasn’t sure. “How can we help you…and what languages do you know?” He’d take out his phone and type in how he heard her say thank you to see if he could come up with what language she was actually speaking.

<Zoelie> notices the bow kaito made and does likewise to him and to Saturn “My name is Zoelie, sa ki non-ou?”

<Zoelie> “What are your names,” she repeats in English, realizing she can’t expect people to just understand her.

φCadeφ cocks his head curiously at the woman. The words seemed familiar but he couldn’t quite place them. “Umm…you are welcome I think?” He shrugs and smiles sheepishly, closing the door behind her. “I really need to look into signing up for foreign language classes. Or programming Hecatrix with a translation protocol.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ actually didn’t quite get the thank you other than by nuance as it was maybe the right thing to say, but he was still looking up phonetically the word to see if he could figure out what language she was speaking.

Kaito tilts his head at Saturn trying to figure out what she just said. He then looks to the others. “Sorry did I come at a bad time? Were you busy discussing something? I hope I am not interrupting anything. I was told to come here by Father Thomas.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ walks over to Saturn and holds out the phone to her, which it has negotiably translated into Greek “What languages do you speak other than Greek? We do not understand you. Sorry.”

<Erin Summers> shakes her head a bit at kaito and she accepts some more tea from Zoelie. “No, it’s fine. We know Father Thomas.”

<Zoelie> nods at what Erin said to Kaito “Yeah, I just walked in myself from a workout, any friend of Father Thomas’s is welcome here.”

φCadeφ shakes his head at Kaito. “You’re fine dude. It’s no big. Not sure who father Thomas is though.” He turns to Saturn and holds up his chocolate milk. “You wants something to drink?” He glances over to Kaito again. “Feel free to raid the fridge.”

<Saturn> blinks a bit as she studies Ramirez and then takes the phone from him to look at it. Then she looks excited at it and then at Ramirez again. What she says does not come out in anything that the phone understands.

<Cecilia> watches Saturn for a moment, going to put her teacup away.

φCadeφ furrows his brow at Saturn. “Huh…wonder what she is trying to say. Maybe she needs to make a call?”

<Erin Summers> chuckles faintly. “ET phone home.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ gestures for the phone and then types into it again and says the following in Greek, negotiably of course because this is google translate: “I do not understand that either, but.. I can do a mind thing to let us talk if you would let me. Then we will not have to speak just through this phone.”

<Saturn> makes a gesture with her hand as if putting on and remove a hat from her head.

<Zoelie> to Kaito “So are you and she friends?” gestures to saturn.

~֎Ramirez֎~ types into the phone again “So it is okay? You will allow me to link to you?”

<Saturn> looks at Ramirez and points to his head, then claps her palms together, then makes a motion like breaking sticks.

Kaito nods. “Thank you. Maybe another time. Is there anyway I can help with anything around here?” He then looks to Saturn and Ramirez, puzzled by what they are doing.

<Cecilia> comes back, looking over at Saturn as her brows knit in some confusion.

φCadeφ chuckles and looks at Ramirez. “I think that means she is afraid your brain will break.” He is attention turns to Kaito. “Oh yeah there’s a lot going on that we could use help with.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ looks at her a moment and nods at what Cade said. “probably.” He types in Greek to her again “If we were careful it might work, but you can type back in greek and this will translate it too, if that is the better choice. Which option do you prefer?”

φCadeφ sighs and shakes his head. “I should have studied Greek instead of Latin. At least people still speak Greek. And there are as many if not more Hermetic texts and spells in Greek as there are in Latin.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Any of you techie people able to use one of your devices or something to translate English to Greek and vice versa, or I’m going to be using my phone?”

<Saturn> stops and takes a long breath, trying not to get frustrated or over excited, “(Greek) The portents of the ages require that honeybees carry you into the den of solitude.”

φCadeφ frowns and makes a few gestures in the air. “Hecatrix might be able to speed the process up. She doesn’t have any translation programs herself but she can cross reference multiple websites at once. So…maybe?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ shrugs. He’d look back at her and type in the phone to show her again “I think we can try, if that is okay. If it is okay to you, take my hand. I do not want your visit to be in vain because we cannot understand each other.”

<Erin Summers> “I feel like i should at least suggest that you put up some defenses… cause it seems to me like this could go badly.”

<Cecilia> looks at Erin. “What do you mean?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ nods. “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Will do.”

<Zoelie> looks at Erin “Sharing minds…?” looks thougthfully between ramirez and saturn then back at Erin “Should be totallllly fiiiiine. Besides? what’s the worst that could happen?”

<Zoelie> is totally sarcastic mode here

<Zoelie> “They get trapped in each other’s bodies?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “It’s not necessarily sharing minds. I’m not probing for stuff. It’s just like an outward scan to translate what she’s thinking and vice versa, since the language itself is the barrier.”

Kaito looks at them with a confused look. “Does she understand what you are attempting to do? Isn’t it risky connecting with someone else’s mind?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Maybe if I use some spirit too, that would help alleviate some of the Mind issue.”

<Saturn> sighs and makes a sign like writing on her hand.

~֎Ramirez֎~ sighs a bit and then goes and gets a notebook and a pen to hand to her.

<Cecilia> looks at Zoelie, then over at Saturn, still a bit bemused.

<Saturn> starts drawing on the paper, eventually stepping back and pointing to the notebook.

~֎Ramirez֎~ looks at the notebook.

It looks like system of file folders, like from a computer, with a symbol (Saturn) at the top of it and different files coming out from that one.

Kaito is observing the interaction between Ramirez and Saturn.

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Oh.., okay, now I really do need one of you techie people to come over here. This looks like it’s some kind of setup with a bunch of files and she has one..with a planet symbol of Saturn that is pronounced here. You guys know anything about this?”

<Zoelie> comes over and takes a look at it

<Cecilia> is doing the same, but remains where she is.

<Cecilia> is watching Saturn and Ramirez, rather.

φCadeφ sits on the couch, still messing with his interface. “Hmm…well that doesn’t seem to be working as well as I’d hoped. Guess I’ll have to shelve that idea for a later date.”

<Zoelie> mutters out loud, puzzled “Saturn…the name of a file server?” trying to think if she’s ever seen anything like it before, maybe when talking to Alice?

~֎Ramirez֎~ “She’s showing something like a computer program with a bunch of files and the symbol for Saturn.. so maybe that’s where we should be beginning.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ types to her on the phone and good ol google translate “Can you access it with a computer if we lend you one?”

<Cecilia> looks at Saturn. “What does the symbol mean to you?”

<Zoelie> takes out her tablet and does searches for the saturn symbol in case it’s something she might have gathered before

φCadeφ looks up from his virtual view feed and frowns. “Wait…what now? That…that can’t be right.” He stands and walks over to look at the notebook, then makes a flicking motion with his hand, pulling up a file. He looks over the notes on the coded filing system from the Rabbit Hole network, then rights his name next to one of the files she drew, along

with the corresponding symbols. Satisfied that his writing is legible, Cade picks the notebook up and hands it to Saturn.

Kaito still observing. “What is going on now?”

<Saturn> nods and points to the symbol, then herself.

<Zoelie> smirks “Oh you’re Saturn.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “You’re Saturn?.. cool. So, it’s some kind of network you are tied to. These two got it from here.” He smirks and goes to sit down with his coffee.

φCadeφ looks at Saturn with wide eyes and turns to Kaito. “Uh…I wish I had an answer for that because I am not really sure myself. There’s this network…it’s called the Rabbit Hole. Alice and myself and some other tech geeks all get random messages from it sometimes. I went poking around once and met an…intelligence that called itself Saturn. Apparently,

that’s her.”

<Cecilia> “Ah. A personal visit. What did you ask if, if anything?”

Kaito looks to Saturn and observes her for a bit before turning back to Cade. “Intelligence? as in like a contact or one who can provide information? I see…”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Well, if you communicated with her there, perhaps you can figure out how to do it easier here to help see what she needs. Did you talk to her when in this rabbit hole network?”

φCadeφ shrugs at Cecilia. “Mostly just tried to figure out who she was and what was going on.” Shaking his head he turns to Kaito. “No like…at the time I thought it was an Artificial Intelligence, maybe one that was part spirit like Hecatrix.”

φCadeφ nods to Ramirez. “Well…it was…weird. And not really my doing. I was just digging around the network to see what was up and my consciousness got…moved I guess. I don’t know how, wasn’t anything I did, it also almost fried my brain.”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Ah, so we’re back to brain frying again.” * he smirks.

<Saturn> sighs and glances toward the door after a few moments, then back to the others. She once again makes the motion as if putting on or taking off a hat from her head.

Kaito notices Saturn. “I think she is trying to tell you guys something… Something for the head?”

φCadeφ shrugs helplessly. “I’m still not sure what that is supposed to mean.” He sighs and then his eyes light up. “Wait…hat…hat hat hat…Deveraux?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “You’re looking for Deveraux?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ writes it in Greek to show her on the phone translator.

<Saturn> nods and she looks at it before holding her head a moment and then starting to walk toward the door. She says something that comes out like gibberish again and then heads outside.

<Zoelie> “uhhhh….where you goin, girl?” follows her

Kaito raises an eyebrow and confused with Saturn’s actions. “Do you think she meant follow her?”

~֎Ramirez֎~ “Well, good job, Cade.” He thumbs up and then heads out to see if she had anything else to say/do before she was going to vanish.

<Cecilia> blinks, then goes after Ramirez, just in case.

φCadeφ gives Ramirez a bewildered look. “I am so confused right now.” Shaking his head the whole way, he follows Saturn outside gesturing to Kaito. “Might as well come with dude.”

Kaito nods and follows them outside. “Sure… why not? Got nothing to do for now.”

<Saturn> looks back at them like they are crazy, and she sighs, grabbing hold of the nearest one of them.

<Zoelie> is right behind her

<Zoelie> “If you’re lookin for Monsieur Fancy Pants Devereaux, guess you figured out you in the wrong place though…”

<Saturn> has her fangs bared when she grabs Zoelie and looks her right in the eye as she speaks softly. In an instant, Zoelie can see flashes of different images all through her head, like memories being played out. From being drugged and forced into spouting off prophecies, to fighting on battlefields, looking for a sister and being captured by living shadows.

<Saturn> And while all of this happens in in instant, in Zoelie’s mind she seems to be speaking to her and showing her these things for months if not longer. But she also understands something about Saturn when she is done, that what was done to her prevents her rom communicating currently. She needs to gather her strength.

<Zoelie> is horrified and angered by these visions, trying to make sense of the intense bursts of raw experiences while railing internally at what was done to Saturn and her sister.

<Saturn> “(*) I am sorry for that and hope that I have not broken your ability to communicate, as mine has been. But I should go, I still need to gather strength, my body is going through vitae too fast.”

<Zoelie> “no…wait…don’t go…I want to help you…I know someone…”

<Erin Summers> slips upstairs to go rest a while, content that things are mostly under control and that they’ll have a way to get the others back soon.

<Zoelie> “I know he could help you but he’s…trapped …”

~֎Ramirez֎~ watches the scene unfold and just stands there looking off a moment..and then lights a cigarette. Silly addictions.

~֎Ramirez֎~ “We’ll tell Deveraux you are looking for him.” He’d wave and start heading off down the street since now he had some work to do and some more research…and to go tell someone in particular that they had the fetters.

<Saturn> turns back toward her for a moment, “(*) I will return. I need to reboot and decompile. Things are out of order.”

«~Daedalus~» As Erin slipped upstairs, Dae slipped downstairs, making his way into the living area. He didn’t appear too tired, but he was still a bit, given the time. Tired as he was, the inability to sleep with rest prevented him from going back to bed at this point.

<Zoelie> nods “I’l be looking for you.”

Kaito is observing if there is anything going on. He looks back inside to see some movement in the Chantry.

<Saturn> seems to simply cease to exist, as if she hadn’t been there at all, save for the memory that she was.

<Zoelie> will wander back into the house eventually and go zone in her room, food totally forgotten.

Kaito stood for a minute blinking and staring outside before scratching his head and heading inside the Chantry. He is still confused by the events and he sees Daedalus and he bows to him. “Hello there. Sorry didn’t see you earlier. I am Kaito Ono, I have just arrived today.”

<Cecilia> blinks at this and heads inside

«~Daedalus~» “.. Aye; tis nice to make your acquaintance this eve, for tis always grand for another helping hand. If I might inquire, of what brand you bear, as it were?”

Kaito thinks for a moment. “Brand? Oh! You mean to which do I belong to? I’ve been trained by the brotherhood, so you can say I belong to the Akashic brotherhood. How about you? Sorry I did not get your name.”

«~Daedalus~» “I apologize in such a light; for due to.. various unfortunate events, such as lack of proper sleep or the like, that I appear to have forgotten relevenat information; to such an end… My name is Daedalus; though I would ask that I be forgiven, for I do not recognize such a moniker.”

Kaito smiles and shakes his head. “No worries… it is okay. I’ve been sent her by Father Thomas to help out and meet the local mages. I’m sort of new here, I’ve been wandering around for some time before coming here. It is an honor to meet you Daedalus.” Kaito bows again to Daedalus.

«~Daedalus~» He’d give a slight nod, “And you as well. Though I would ask that forgiveness be given, as I am not completely… here… at this moment, for as mentioned prior, I did not get much in the way of sleep.”

<Cecilia> heads to the workout area for a while.

Kaito looks at Daedalus as if studying him. “Not enough sleep? is it due to bad dreams or such? You should get some rest if you can. Not getting enough sleep can lead to health problems.”

Kaito bows to Daedalus again. “It would be best if you would get some rest. It was a pleasure meeting you Daedalus and being welcomed here. If you will excuse me, I need to take a bit of walk before coming back, there is something I have to attend to.” Kaito bows to Daedalus and heads out to wander down the street.