The old man looks to him, “No. We do not let them starve.”, he says firmly.

Alice gets a curious expression, as if listening to something distant before starting to hum lightly.

<Deveraux> nods. He then looks to Alice to pay attention to what she’s humming.

The building shakes and a hefty piece of stone slides loudly into the water. The old man looks at Alice and waves his arms. “Stop! Are you insane! You’re disrupting it!”

<Deveraux> looks back to the old man, “Is one of your sleepers an ancient vampire that was formerly an oracle at the great temple? If yes, she is the sleeper I was asking about. If you were to release her to me I think my associate would could be persuaded to cease her humming? Alice?” He looks back to Alice now to see if she agrees.

Oddly the humming continues even though Alice’s voice comes out over it, though stronger than her normal voice. “(Greek) Oh it is far too late for that. I remember now. I came to rescue my sister and you took me captive as well. There must be a dozen trapped Cainites, among other things. So I am taking my body back. There arent enough of you to stop me this time. I am taking my sister as well.”

<Deveraux> “It appears our negotiations are over and you have a new entity to negotiate with.” He stands ready to freeze time as a defense mechanism, but otherwise is making sure he knows where all the angels are from the moving shadows around him.

The old man looks positively panicked. “You don’t know what you are doing!”

Saturn, in Alice’s body, shakes her head. “No, you had no clue what you were doing capturing us and making us listen to that terrible song for six hundred years!”

<Deveraux> raises his voice slightly to the old man, “What were you keeping asleep? Was it one of my kind or something else?”

Another large chunk falls off into the water and the whispering of the shadows stops. The old man backs up and wraps himself in shadow again, and they disperse as quickly as possible. Water sounds like it is hitting higher on the walls than before… The place is sinking.

<Deveraux> “Well, that was rude.” He looks at Alice/Saturn, “Can you free yourself and your sister or tell me where you are so I might free you? I am not sure how much time we have.”

Saturn/Alice looks over at Deveraux. “If you’d be so kind as to get Alice out of here. There are going to be several hungry cainites below. Celise and I will catch up to you later.”

<Deveraux> “She will be safe with me. If you could do what is possible to save the other sleepers I would appreciate no human lives unnecessarily.” He puts a hand on Alice’s shoulder and will /bamf/ them out of there.

The pair make it to London and Alice finds herself a nice musical interlude while Deveraux talks to his associates.

<Deveraux> offer to leave Alice at the opera house or anywhere else she wishes that is good for music while he goes to see his colleague. He’ll also share a little about his findings in BR and NO on the off chance that someone is interested. He’d find some gang-ish thugs somewhere to use as translocational batteries and then starts back toward the US with Alice.

Alice is totally happy with that and it even makes up for the nekkid incident.

<Deveraux> realizes that sometimes actions make better apologies than words, but the words will always be there due to etiquette and courtesy.

Back in NOLA, Sissy wakes up, and makes some nurses quite upset when she removes the monitors and such.

<Deveraux> will be calling her phone as soon as he’s back in town. If it goes to voicemail he’s heading to the hospital to check on her.

Sissy answers it, “Hey! So this was officially the weirdest week ever. You okay?”, she asjs

asks, despite having been the one in the hospital.

<Deveraux> speaks into his burner phone not caring if Alice wanders off immediately upon their return to NOLA, “I am fine, thank you. I have just returned from Greece and am pleased to hear that you are awake. You sound well for someone just recently in a coma. We can discuss the details as soon as you are well enough to leave the hospital.”

Sissy chuckles at that. “I so already ditched that place. But nice to hear your voice again. They swear I was only out for a day but it felt like a lot longer.”

<Deveraux> “Less than a day, to be precise, but I can understand why. You will, as well, once we can speak in person. Shall I meet you at your home or would you rather speak in another location?”

Sissy moves about picking up her mess in her apartment real quick before speaking, “My place is fine.”

<Deveraux> “Very well. I will be by shortly.” He’ll hang up and then look at Alice, “Now that we are safely back is there anything else you require right this moment?”

Alice looks back at Deveraux and shakes her head. “No. Thank you. This has certainly been an experience.”

<Deveraux> “Indeed. I am looking forward to speaking with Saturn and her sister when they arrive.” He bows slightly to her, “Until next time, Alice,” then turns to start walking to Sissy’s apartment.

Sissy greets Deveraux at her door, and smiles as she lets him in. “Hi Deveraux.”

<Deveraux> bows in greeting and removes his hat, “Good evening, Sarha.” He steps past her and into the living room where they were talking previously. Once they’re both seated he’ll set his hat down and look at her, “When I got your message and heard you lose consciousness in it I immediately found you at the hospital. You were under the sway of divine beings and they were afraid you were going to wake something or someone they were keeping

asleep. Apparently time is rather interesting and the shadows you spoke of previously were these beings trying to make sure you never got the chance to wake whatever they kept asleep. The situation has now changed and they have lost their location. I do not know if they will seek retribution on me, you, others I have involved or all of us and this troubles me slightly.”

Sissy listens to him and then nods softly. “I… Thought I saw something before I woke up. It is hard to explain… I saw you and the piano girl… And the shadows… And something underneath. Like… I cant describe it.”

<Deveraux> “That must have been what they were trying to keep sedated. They apparently had a number of humans and vampires asleep under the bunker caught in some song. We disrupted it. Also, I learned alcohol increases ones resistance to their sleeping song. Also, they are called Nyx but I would not repeat that to a great number of people. One of the vampires they had locked asleep was breaking free on her own and you happened to lead me to

her with your translation question.”

Sissy nods, listening. “Some would call that coincidence, others would call it fate.”, she says before looking at her papers.

<Deveraux> “Yet others predestination. Hopefully this marks the end of shadows trying to harm you, at least as far as shadows from the Nyx are concerned.”

Sissy looks to him and half smiles. “I hope so too. I will keep an eye out for trouble though. Do you need anything? I could certainly run a few daylight errands for you.”

<Deveraux> “I will certainly keep that in mind, thank you, but for now I am fine. Do let me know if you happen upon anything interesting in other languages again, though, and again please be careful with the Sabbat in Baton Rouge. They largely have no interest in retaining their humanity as the majority of the vampires in New Orleans do.”

<Sissy> nods. “Oh i come across all kinds of stuff. I will ask about some things through my family too, see if anyone knows anything about that place and what might have been down there.”, she looks fully back to him, sitting forward on the couch. “I will be careful. I am already taking more jobs here, and may phase out most of my work there except for Dragos. But he’s family.”

<Deveraux> “Blood is blood. This I understand all too well, and is part of the reason I try to help many Brujah remember what their Clan used to be. This is despite some of them being so steadfast about remaining ignorant. After certain events we became a fragmented bloodline and the vast majority do not even realize or want to accept when it is discussed.”

<Sissy> smiles a little, “People in general can be stubborn. Vampires seem even more so most of the time.”

<Deveraux> nods, “It seems to be our nature to resist change. To that end I regularly pick people to help me adjust to new eras. Usually mortals that I can offer an escape from a terminal illness. The last such woman to assist me should have died from cancer by now. Thady. She was a fine assistant that has since gone her own way. Lately, though, I seem to be doing okay with the burner phones and this Google page.”

<Sissy> chuckles a bit at that. “I could see you doing a lot of wiki correcting.”

<Deveraux> “What is wiki?”

<Sissy> smiles and reaches under the couch for her laptop. “It’s a … shared encyclopedia. You can read about all sorts of stuff, and people all over can add information to it.”

<Deveraux> “Most interesting. Along the lines I just mentioned, though, I would imagine a lot of the true information I could add would be refuted most fiercely.”

<Sissy> looks thoughtful about that for a moment, and then nods with a sigh. “True. it’s not like you should, or that anyone would believe the ‘I was there’ argument.”

<Deveraux> nods, “I know better than to make such a claim on the Internet.”

<Sissy> “Yeah, I didn’t figure you would. And uh… thanks for trying to help me.”

<Deveraux> “You are most welcome. I will admit some of my reasoning was selfish, but not all of it. I have taken a liking to you.”

<Sissy> smiles a bit and sets the laptop onto the table. “And I like you. I don’t meet people who can understand or appreciate my family.”

<Deveraux> “I could probably tell you things about your family’s origins that you might not know. I would not mind discussing it some time. Lately I seem to be seeking good conversation above most other things. The friendships and acquaintances that form around them are a very nice bonus.”

<Sissy> nods to him. “Well, you come off as pleasent and knowledgeable and so i don’t think you have any trouble making friends that way.”

<Deveraux> “My lack of emotional response is found to be rather off-putting by some. It is a consequence of my blood and my age.”

<Sissy> “Well, it is a little different. And I will admit, a little odd. But not like bad, I mean, you understand when other people are being sarcastic and stuff at least most of the time. But it is a little cyborg-ish.”

<Deveraux> “I can understand what is considered humorous now, and through the eras I have seen, but I have lost the ability to feel it. This does not bother me, though. I view it as an evolution of sorts.”

<Sissy> tilts her head at that, studying him. “You don’t feel happy?”

<Deveraux> “Not in the way that I did when was still breathing, or the way you can now.” (Sorry. I apparently forgot to press enter on this post.)

<Sissy> tries to wrap her head around that a bit. “But then, what motivates you to keep going? I mean, I don’t do stuff that I don’t like, least not for long.”

<Deveraux> “I seek knowledge and the perfection of my mind and body. Perfection, however, is a road and not a destination so for these things I persevere.”

<Sissy> “But… it doesn’t make you happy. I mean, I am all for learning new things. But I do it because I enjoy it. Not because it’s… in my programming.”

<Deveraux> “Define happiness in this context, please? Or enjoyment in regards to an activity or event?”

<Sissy> looks at him and then rubs her forehead lightly. “So… is it like a baseline thing and you are like a vulcan or something? You don’t get mad or scared or anything?”

<Deveraux> “Vulcans like in Star Trek are a good analogy. I no longer feel anger, fear, love, hate, sympathy. I still have a full understanding of what these things are, I simply no longer feel them.”

<Sissy> thinks about that for a moment, and then nods. “Well… in that case i am glad you still seem… well nice, since you certainly don’t have to be and it would be far more common in a case like that to not have any regard for humans at all.”

<Deveraux> “On the contrary, I place great value on human life. Also, at least for the time being, on etiquette, manners and civility. Even with others of my own clan who also no longer feel we are all very tactful around one another. Social processes are properly observed at all times.”

<Sissy> chuckles a little at that. “Yeah, I think that I noticed that. So… weird question… I am guessing you are way older than your uhm… style? Why settle on that kind of clothes?”

<Deveraux> “Another expressed interest in updating my wardrobe. Her sense of style so far is of the neo-goth persuasion. I am open to other suggestions. As for my current attire the Victorian era was one of the heights of manners and etiquette and I very much appreciated their attention to detail when it came to such. I have other clothes with me for specific purposes. Most

notably the other set I wore recently is usually for when I know I shall be fighting. It is inappropriate for general night to night visiting and observing of people and events. I will show it to you sometime if you wish to see it, though.”

<Sissy> smiles a little at that, “Sure. And i don’t mind the way you dress, it’s very… you. I was just curious as to your reasons. I mean, i wear whats comfortable at home, and what’s functional when not at home.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Part of my point. This suit is not convenient for battle. My other set of clothes is optimized for it. I also have a modern tailored suit but I have fond memories of wearing a suit like this one.”

<Sissy> returns the nod and then stifles a yawn before getting up and stretching. “Well, we can talk more later. For now i need to rest, cause even though i was ‘asleep’ I don’t feel like i was at all.”

<Deveraux> nods and stands, “You were not. You were being interrogated by the Nyx the entire time unless I am mistaken from what you were thinking. I hope you sleep restfully and am certain we will speak again in the very near future.” He grabs his hat and moves toward the door.

<Sissy> lets him out, “Goodnight, Deveraux.”, shutting and locking the door behind him after he’s gone.