<<Henry>> was dressed in beige slacks and a maroon turtleneck with a well loved tweed jacket complete with leather patches on the elbows. His brown hair looked perpetually mussed up and his spectacles sat perched on his nose. The slight man kept having to nudge them up periodically, but that was the least of his concerns lately as he made his way into the trill. Slung over a shoulder was his old leather satchel that was packed with

books, but they also held little attention for Henry as he made his way to the bar amid all the bikers and rather dejectedly ordered himself a spot of tea.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ meandered into the bar. It was kind of cold out there, despite where they were, and his dark brown duster and hat made decent sense. He also wore a plaid simple button down shirt, some steel toed work boots and cargo pants. He’d make his way to the bar and pull out some crumpled up bills, straightening them out as he ordered a stout from

the bartender, Erik.

ͼConradͽ slips out of his coat as he enters the Trill, glancing around the bar in search of familiar faces. To his surprise, one in particular stands out from the crowd. It is not a face he saw often, and never outside the Chantry, but it was indeed familiar. Conrad approaches the bar casually, taking a seat next to Henry. “Surprising to find you here. How have you been holding up under the…circu


<<Henry>> looked up from his cup of tea as two other people approached the bar. His eyes crinkle at the corners pleasantly despite the tension and worry on his face, “Ah, good evening, sir. A tad briskly, isn’t it?” Perfectly polite, as was proper, “It’s kind of you to ask, but I assure you that I am perfectly fine.” Which was, of course, a bold faced lie, but it would hardly die for the Welshman to bemoan his circumstances

or show too much public distress, “I simply needed some fresh air…” though he eyed the alcohol like it might be an old friend before returning the question, “Conrad, I believe? I trust you are doing well tonight?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Sure is a might bit chilly out there right now.” He gathered up his stout in a decent sized mug. He’d glance over at Conrad and then to Henry…both of who he had scents of that they were at least familiar with the Tremere.

ͼConradͽ frowns slightly. “I am as well as can be expected, I suppose. Recent events have been…” He takes a deep breath and sighs. “Taxing to say the least. Please pardon my rudeness but I seem to be having a spot of trouble recalling your name, despite the familiarity of your face. Something with an H I believe it was, yes?”

<<Henry>> could only nod that it was a biting sort of cold recently as he brought his teacup to his lips for a small polite sip. The cup and saucer was set back on the counter and Henry rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish look at Conrad, “Ah, no offence taken at all, Sir.” Afterall, Henry was just a ghoul and hardly worth notice. He couldn’t blame a kindred for not knowing it or forgetting it. He paused for a moment, but

decided to take a liberty and extended a hand for a proper greeting, “Dr. Henry Haines, at your service.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You’re both with the people like Cassian, right?” He sipped the stout and sighed contentedly. That was some good stuff.

ͼConradͽ smiles and returns the gesture with a firm handshake. “A pleasure.” As Henry has already demonstrated that he remembers, Conrad feels it would be a bit odd to state his name in return. He cocks his head to the side a bit and nods at Ethan. “Indeed we are. I’m afraid I am on a roll for impoliteness this evening. Once again I find a face to which I cannot place a name.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I’m Ethan. I stay with some good friends next door.”

<<Henry>> lifted an eyebrow and chuckled in response to Ethan, but the tightness had returned to his features, “In a manner of speaking, my good man.” He dips his head with deference to Conrad before looking back to Ethan, “I am a vassal to Cassian. A servant, if you please. Hardly fit to number among Cassian’s clan on a proper level.”

ͼConradͽ shakes his head and lets out a friendly scoff. “Now now, Doctor, there is no need for such humility nor formality. Your service is, I’m sure, quite invaluable and thus so are you. This affords you the respect to speak to us as equals. At least in my mind.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looked at Henry and shrugged. “You’re only as important as you let yourself be, I suppose. You’re still alive. That’s not such a bad thing.”

<<Henry>> hmmms quietly to himself at Conrad’s assertion, “Thank you, Conrad. That is quite generous of you.” His fingers lightly tapped the counter and he glanced at Ethan, “That is… a valid statement, Ethan. However, the role of a vassal is quite well defined in most cases. And currently, my owner is not present. This places me in a… rather precarious position should I been seen as out of line…. However, when he

returns… I have full intentions on swatting him with the largest Latin textbook I can find.” Henry’s fingers twitched at that. Cassian would, of course, return.

Kayn slips into the Trill, not spotting any familiar faces immediately and so slipping on to the bar to order up a cocktail, as the night of course never really starts while you’re sober. And so he gets his drink, paying upfront as he then turns to search for anyone he knows in the crowd before talking to anyone random about the place

ͼConradͽ gives Henry a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “And he shall be well deserving of it.” He could only imagine how hard it must be for the ghoul. The situation was worrying enough for someon like Conrad who only met Cassian a few months ago, it must be nerve wracking for a blood bound servant of who knows how long.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Who is this person who you are bound to?” He sipped the stout and sat back, removing a smoke from his pocket and lighting it. “You want a drink? Maybe that will take the edge off.”

φCadeφ enters the Trill with some trepidation. He cracks the door at first and peers around before fully walking in, his eyes still darting back and forth. Not spotting the person whom he has no desire to see, Cade visibly relaxes and approaches the bar, ordering his usual Blue Moon with an orange slice. To his relief, the only familiar faces in the Trill tonight are

Ethan, Kayn, and one of the Tremere that he knew by appearance but not name, having only seen him twice. Cade decides to talkl to Kayn first, since Ethan seems to be in the middle of a conversation with the Tremere and another man that he does not recognize. “Hey man. How goes? Any news on that ‘job’ we applied for?”

<<Henry>> had consoled himself with purchasing a particularly large hardcovered latin textbook off the internet and was eagerly waiting for his domitors return to employ it. His eyes crinkled once more at Ethan in sad fondness as he spoke, “Cassian is my Domitor. He saved my life and so… I am particularly frustrated that there is little I can seemingly do for him.” His eyes flickered back to the shelf of alcohol, “Perhaps a

drink or two wouldn’t hurt. I have been… on edge as of late.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ orders the man a stout and passes it to him. “Cassian and another are missing, but some are researching on how to get them back. They are good at what they do.”

ͼConradͽ frowns at that last bit. Though he does not have one of his own, he has heard that ghouls often become increasingly unstable when separated from their domitor. Hopefully, Cassian will return before things get too out of hand. “I agree, it is a most frustrating predicament. Perhaps we should speak to our neighbors and see if they have made any progress? I have been

meaning to do so, but was unusually busy as of late. Not to mention I do not know them particularly well. They may have some news for us, which would go a long ways to calm everyone’s nerves.”

<<Henry>> set the tea cup aside and smiled, “Thank you, Ethan, that is quite kind of you.” He took up the stout and gave it a good long drink before nodding to Conrad, “Ah, that might indeed help to settle the nerves as well. I am also a fair hand at research… perhaps I could assist, if they could use another hand?”

ͼConradͽ nods, relieved that this seemed to be panning out so nicely. “Aye, we could ask and see if they would like the assistance, which I am sure they will not mind. Another pair of eyes is almost always helpful.”

He’s dressed in black jeans and a multipatterned hoodie today, eyeing Cades fruit laden beer with a lofting of one brow. “Like it fruity huh?” Kayn teases, sipping from his darkly colored drink, giving him a friendly bump with his elbow and a grin then. “Well, I’m still waiting on word back, spent a solid portion of my day redrafting my resume and then getting it out there.”

“Can only hope they pick it up now.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You could try asking the Mages. I know some of them are researching it. Aren’t the Tremere at all looking into it?” Ethan seemed kind of surprised but then shrugged. Vampires were strange sometimes.

φCadeφ nods and takes a long drink. “Don’t be jealous that I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I don’t feel the need to drink something awful tasting just to impress people.” Cade looks up at Kayn with a sly expression, grinning slightly behind the bottle. “Yeah…not much more to do at this point, otherwise we’ll come on too strong and it’ll look


ͼConradͽ sighs and rubs his forehead. “We are but…well…it isn’t exactly our area of specialty. Our lore on the subject is limited at best. This is something that would have been more the Giovanni’s forte and, unfortunately, they keep their knowledge quite secret. We are…floundering in the dark, as loathe as most of us would be to admit it.”

<<Henry>> shrugged a little, “I have heard… nothing so far” but he certainly hoped people were looking into it, “I am also…. short on information as to who our neighbors are, what happened, and who the mages are.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Well, Ramirez and Amy work with the dead stuff. Might want to try them.”

ͼConradͽ scratches his chin, looking at Henry curiously. “I am somewhat surprised Cassian did not keep you informed on them. I do not know much, only that they have access to resources and secrets that we do not.” He nods at Ethan’s words. “I have heard of this Ramirez and his capabilities before. He is likely our best chance at resolving this issue.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks at Henry a moment and pats his shoulder. “The Mages and some of us who are shifters are there. You should come over if you want to ask more questions. I am sure some of them know more than I do on what’s going on. I’m just trying to keep watch out for something in the woods to keep it off of others.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ then would glance over at Conrad and nod to him. “It can’t hurt trying to work together.. Erin also knows some stuff about the dead, I’ve heard. She’s a friend to Cassian too.”

“Ahhuhh, I’m very sure you are.” Kayn chuckles some, leaning onto the bartop. “I think this tastes pretty good actually.. and, just a waiting game at this point really. Anything interesting witchu today?”

<<Henry>> sighs, “I have heard the name, but I have not met him, I do not think.” Surely there were better people than a ghoul for that task, however, “Perhaps this is time to change that and seek out this Ramirez. Surely he can forgive my inquiry.” But Ethan had him pausing for a moment, “Ah… are the woods unsafe?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You’ll be fine walking next door. They live in the house not so far from where you go to.”

φCadeφ snickers and takes another drink, leaning down as well. “Not really. Got some side projects I’m avoiding mostly. Well…avoiding is the wrong word. There’s just nothing I can really do about them right now. So I figured I would come here and see if there was anyting interesting hapening.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ glances over at Cade, studying him a moment and smirks slightly, giving him a nod of recognition.

<<Henry>> chuckles softly, “Well, that is why I was a tad bit concerned about the woods. I’d like to know if there is danger about where I occasionally stay.”

φCadeφ nods back to Ethan, then turns back to Kayn. “Have you met Ethan? If not you really should. He’s the only other one of you I know of around here.”

“I’m waiting on a few people, cleansing the forest someday soon with it still holding pockets of taint.. plus some electronic lock they want bypassed.” Turning his head then to where Cade nodded he blinks. “..Shit, didn’t see him, haven’t seen the guy in weeks.” Picking up his glass he nods towards them..”C’mon, lets join em.”

ͼConradͽ nods to Henry. “Yes…some sort of creature. The exact nature of it is unclear, and our effort to destroy it is what led to our current predicament. Indirectly. Regardless, it would be best to avoid venturing into the forest alone.”

φCadeφ nods in agreement and picks up his beer, following Kayn to the other end of the bar to sit with the other three. “Hey, Ethan. Hello…others. My name is Cade, I think you and I are neighbors, from what I understand?” He gestures at Conrad and sips his beer.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Some of us are out there often to keep the thing at bay. It doesn’t seem to want to tangle with me or some others, so it won’t come up too much to the houses. At least when it comes to the direct way to get to both. I would avoid going into the woods itself alone though, if you don’t know them really well.”

<Henry> nods slowly, “Ah, well I am not exactly the woodsy type. I prefer the library to the forest, but I will keep that in mind. I should like to thank you and the others for your stalwart efforts at keeping our abodes safe though.”

ͼConradͽ turns as the other two approach, looking Cade up and down. “Ah yes…I believe I remember you from the meeting, you were the one who brought up the drug issue, yes? You are correct, I live in the neighbouring house. Though we have not been formally introduced.” Conrad looks at Kayn curiously. “You, however, I do not recognize. I am Professor Conrad Austenveidt. How

does the night find you both?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Good evening, Cade.” He’d smirk amiably and then nod to Kayn.

Kayn walks up, clapping Ethan lightly on the shoulder then seating himself by Ethan and looking over the other shifter. “Wassup man, haven’t seen you in a hot minute.” Looking past then to Conrad he nods to him. “Kayn, just Kayn, ain’t too shabby.”

<Henry> turned to the two approaching and dipped his head in polite greeting, but like a proper servant, he wouldn’t directly address the newcomers until he was sure of their positions in society.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I’ve been vaguely around, doing quite a bit of wandering in the woods and all. Glad to see you out and about, Kayn.” He slapped him back on the shoulder. He’d then look back at Henry. “This is Henry. He’s from the house next door to the Mages’ place.”

φCadeφ smiles and nods at Conrad and Henry. “Nice to meet ya both. Sorry about your friend Cassian.” He frowns and shakes his head. “I really hoped we would be able to find a solution to that pretty quick but…well obviously that didn’t work out.” He sighs and looks down at his beer, feeling a bit ashamed. He knows that it isn’t his fault but Cade

can’t help but feel bad that they haven’t saved Kitt and Cassian yet.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “There are some others who are into this shadowlands stuff that are looking into it. I trust they will be able to come up with something more than we can. Demons are the worst.”

“Yeah man, heard we were going to cleanse the whole place.. and check out that hidey hole out there.” Kayn nods then, looking back to Henry and giving a short wave. “Hey man, call me Kayn.”

<Henry> dipped his head as Ethan introduced him, “It is a pleasure to meet you…. and thank you. Cassian means the world to me.” He let out a breath slowly, “If possible, I would like to assist in some way… if you are working towards an answer then perhaps we can work together?”

ͼConradͽ nods to Kayn, smiling slightly. “An…interesting name. Good to hear that you are doing well in these troubled times.” His smile turns to a frown as Cade speaks. “Yes…quite an unfortunate situation. We do appreciate the efforts you and yours have been making, even if they have yet to bear fruit.” He sighs in agreement with Ethan and rubs his face, then gives a small

nod to Cade as Henry makes his request, his way of saying ‘Please accept’.

φCadeφ rubs the back of his shaven head and shrugs. “Well I mean…we haven’t got much as far as I know, other than a potential name of the particular layer of the Shadowlands he is in. Something called Purgatory. Beyond that I dunno if anyone has made any progress. I know I haven’t. But…if you want to come over and help I see no reason why that shouldn’t be

okay. I’ll intrdouce you to Ramirez. He knows a lot more about this stuff than I do. I’m still basically an apprentice.”

<Henry> rubs his chin thoughtfully. “I’ll see if I can find any books in Cassian’s library or at the museum that might help. Purgatory… no… we certainly cannot leave them there and now that Henry had a name and a place, he’d be hard pressed to find the resolve to eat or sleep. His eyes flashed with the dogged determination of a man obsessed, “As soon as Ramirez could speak with me the better.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Well, come over tomorrow, if you can. It’s getting late now but I’m sure he’d be willing to talk to any people that actually want to help.:

φCadeφ gives Henry a nod and makes a few gestures in the air with his hand, a strange looking glove worn on both of them. “Okay, what’s your phone number? I’ll talk to him next time I see him and let you know what he says. In the meantime, like Ethan said, if you find anything that looks useful feel free to bring it over. I’ll make sure it doesn’t get mixed in

with our stuff and everything goes back to the right house.”

ͼConradͽ smiles as things seem to work out between Cade and Henry. The ghoul was a very calm and collected sort, and considering how long he has held out so far without incident, Conrad feels confident that there won’t be any issues anytime soon. But still, it was best for all parties that he have a task to distract him. Not only would it keep him out of trouble, but it could

very well help to hasten Cassian’s return.

<<Henry>> digs into a pocket and drag out a business card from the Nola museum and quickly scrawls his number on it, “Thank you both. I will be by tomorrow. In the meantime, I think Ill get started in that library.” He clapped Cade on the shoulder and handed him the card hurriedly before just as quickly heading for the door as if leaving was crucial to his survival, “Forgive me. I must be off.” And with that the ghoul was gone

to bury himself in a library.

φCadeφ is a bit suprised at the sudden departure, but takes it in stride, waving to Henry as he leaves and holding the card up in front of him for Hecatrix to scan and add the number to his phone contacts with a reminder about talking to Ramirez.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Take care, Henry.” He looks at the rest of the man’s drink, and then finishes it off. Waste not, want not, right? He then set that mug down and went back to his own. “Poor guy. Hope he’s going to be alright. He seems pretty new to this world… still soft.”

Kayn watches as the man leaves curiously, head turning at the rapif departure. “..He’s a little bit odd dontchu think? Who’s this Cassian guy y’all are talkin bout?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “He’s one of those..smart sciency doctorate types, so I think they are often quirky in some manner.”

ͼConradͽ nods, a wry smile on his face. “Yes, a bit odd perhaps. Cassian is our Regent, a…local leader of sorts.” He narrows his eyes at Ethan in a playful manner. “I take offense at that.”

“Hey man, I’ve got a.. bachelors in some nerdy field. Hell, the other day this ‘ guy’.” He jerks his thumb to Cade, grinning a bit. “And I jumped into a pentex site, real spook shit.. Leader? Leader of who? us?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You are a bit quirky too probably, in fairness.” He smirks at Conrad. “That’s not a bad thing.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ frowns suddenly. “Pentex?”

ͼConradͽ scoffs. “I am no such thing.” He looks at Kayn and frowns. “Never heard of this ‘Pentex’. And no, the Regent leads the local members of house and clan Tremere. If you are not of our blood then the position holds no authority over you.”

“..Yeah, Pentex, can tell we are talking about the same thing by your frown.. Little group of em called Chimera group in batom rouge.”

“Ah.. so you’re a vampire then?’

φCadeφ gives a small wave as he is pointed at and nods. “Yep. They’ve got a front company in Baton Rouge called Chimera Group that I was asked to look into. We found some…pretty heavy stuff. Real conspiracy theory type stuff.”

ͼConradͽ nods slightly to Kayn. “Indeed I am.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods slowly. “I see. Well that’s not a good thing at all. What did you find?”

“Not a lot thats useful besides what they do, loaded their system down with malware, looking into landing a job there to resolve it and get in on their company intranet.. Well, at least inside the Chimera group.”

φCadeφ nods in agreement. “Yeah these guys are like a real life Umbrella Corporation. Seriously bad news. According to my friend they’ve been making snot monster things and releasing them into the sewers.”

“Lots of animal testing, creating fomori.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Fomori.. that is what they are called. They are corrupted spirits joined to living beings.”

“In any case.. Its over in Baton rouge but, doesn’t make it not our problem yeah?”

φCadeφ “Yeah, those. Bad news. That’s why Kayn and I are gonna try to get inside. See if we can’t bug their system to disrupt security with the Baton Rouge guys make their move. Or at the very least get ahold of some building and security schematics.”

“Cleanse it.. then cleanse the sewers following.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I see. Do you know how Pentex actually works?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Because going to say this… they know exactly how most shifters and vampires work.”

ͼConradͽ frowns and shakes his head. “Alas, when it rains, it pours. First all the troubles here in New Orleans, and now this? I assume by ‘Baton Rouge guys’ you mean the Sabbat? They are the only group I know of that operates there. If so well…it is a relief to hear they are working against this ‘Pentex’ and not alongside them.”

“..Do they? Could they peg me down as a shifter on sight man?” Kayn looks curiously to Ethan, as if he’s honestly hardly heard of Pentex

φCadeφ purses his lips and grunts. “Well that’s…bad. I will definitely have to pass that warning along.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Yes, they have ways. There are some supernaturals who work for/with them. Also, they hide behind well.. a lot of humans that are clueless on what’s really going on there.”

“So.. in a small group like this, whatchu think chsnces of me being found out as a sorta server technician are?”

φCadeφ frowns and scratches the back of his head. “What about mages?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You might be able to get away with some of it if you are good at acting and can not upset the humans, but the problem is that you won’t necessarily know who isn’t human.. or what’s with the making of these Fomori. It could be something simple to mop up when you get passed the humans and into the area that actually is the supernatural

disaster, or it could be that there are banes and BSD back there or who knows? If these fomori are getting out now, either they are being let out, or something got out to release them. You might want to find out which is the case and also what you are dealing with here exactly.” He’d look at Cade. “I’d think they’d be less familiar with Mages, but they deal with Shifters and vampires not

so irregularly.”

“Well, that’s the plan going in there. Get into the intranet silently, try and get a gauge of what they are trying to accomplish y’know? Act with the notion that every single damn person there is a fomori or spiral.. Though uh, I’ve never seen, nor met a spiral to be honest.”

φCadeφ nods, stroking his chin pensively. “Well…we weren’t really intending on trying to infiltrate the place all Splinter Cell style. Like Kayn said, just need to get inside to bug their internal systems to collect intel. In and out pretty quick. I can try to keep a lookout for anyone suspicious while we are in there. Perceptual magic is kinda my thing.”

He frowns. “I’d really rather not go alone if at all possible, but if they are going to have an easy time sniffing out Kayn…well I dunno what to do about that.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I have. Not a good thing to run into. I’d suggest checking it out and trying to discern where the actual spot is you want to attack eventually in there. Take some time to not let them know you are onto them and though the best time to attack might be at night unless you can get the humans mostly out of there during the day, you might

want to investigate during the day what you can first… and check the umbra for signs of banes, corruption.”

“I’m not.. thinking of any attack at the moment man, just hoping to take a look at what they have going on, can scout out the umbra sometime while I’m at it y’know.” He nods towards Cade. “Is there.. a way they can just sniff me out.” He snaps his fingers. “Like that?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Going in there though, you can take the umbra to avoid the humans -but- the other creatures in there would likely find you easier. This is why if you go in for attacking, you’d be dead set on that mission then. Investigate first though, whatever you do, because you need to know if you are fighting some really tough stuff or just some

new thing starting off.”

“I’m not exactly the most rage filled among us.”

“..Yeah, thats the plan.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Some things have the ability to know what we are, just as we can sniff out the wyrm.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “So just keep mindful of it. I don’t want to say you guys should do nothing.”

“I’ll uh, be sure to ready for a quick escape just in case. Still have to get accepted for interview man.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods. “I am still learning things of this time.. but other things like this, I know well. If you need help, let me know.”

“You’re ann ahroun aintchu? I uh, ain’t had much experience actually fighting.”

“Hoping to learn with Elena about a few rites.”

φCadeφ nods his thanks to Ethan. “We’ll be careful.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods. “I am a Shadowlord Ahroun.”


¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods. “Yes.”

ͼConradͽ listens quietly but intently, not understanding much of what is being said, but not wanting to interrupt what is clearly an important discussion just to ask questions. His eyebrow quirks slightly at the name Elena, but he dismisses the brief thought that it could be the same one. It would make no sense after all.

“..I uh, don’t know what that is, or means.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “It’s a tribe of Garou. My grandmother was one and my great grandfather was one. It skipped my dad and older brother, but not me apparently.”

“Ah..” Kayn nods some, though not in recognition of the name. ” I think my line goes back to a tribe called the Glasswalkers. I know for sure they followed Roach as a totem though.”

“Roaches follow humanity, fitting I suppose.”

“Yes, that’s true. We should talk about it sometime. We can share some stuff. I do have to go now and am going to head out to the house, but definitely, we should talk. See you guys later.” He’d stand up.

“I’ll see you later then, take care.” He watches Ethan leave, standing himself snd working on finishing his drink

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods. “Gnight.” He puts his hat back on and heads back out into the night. ~

φCadeφ waves to Ethan as he leaves. “Later man.”

ͼConradͽ nods to Ethan as he leaves and stands to go as well. “It was nice to meet you both, but I too should take my leave. I have matters that must be attended. Good evening.” He hands Cade a business card and tips his head to the both of them before heading back to the Chantry.