<Alison Spektor> makes her way into the Trill quietly and looks around before heading toward a table in the back and taking a seat where she is out of the way. She sets her laptop down on the table and opens it up, putting one of several color coded flash drives into one of the usb slots before starting it up.

φCadeφ tips the Uber driver as he gets out and walks up to the door of the Trill, adjusting his backpack before entering. “Hey Erik! The usual, please.” Flashing the bartender a smile, Cade pays for his beer and takes a quick survey of the bar, looking for familiar faces. To his suprise, Alice is there, and Cade practically skips his way over to the table she

is sitting at, setting his backpack on the table when he arrives. “Hey there, Alice! It’s been a bit since I’ve seen you face to face. How is everything going?” Smiling as he speaks, Cade takes a sip of his beer and pulls his own laptop out of the bag.

<Alison Spektor> looks up from her clicking away at the keyboard and nods with a soft smile to Cade. “Uhm, not bad I guess. May have a lead on things… but not positive yet. How are you doing?”

φCadeφ smiles back and opens his laptop, making a small motion with his hand to unlock the encryption key using his augmented reality interface before typing in his password. “I’ve been pretty good. Minus the whole ‘getting sucked into Purgatory by some Archdemon’ thing. That was less than great. But at least now I am fairly sure it was Purgatory, instead of just

‘I dunno, somewhere in the Shadowlands’.” He pulls up an encrypted file and unlocks it with a similar motion to the earlier one then spins the laptop around for her to see. “At least based on this description that is. So what lead are you working on? Is there anything I can do to help?’

<Alison Spektor> makes a little bit of a face as she studies the screen and then looks to Cade. “Well that dosn’t sound very good at all. And the ghost-lands are a terrible place to be for long. Lots of nasty things roaming there.”, she says before looking back to her own screen again and typing for a minute. “The Hatter knows where to find Saturn.”

*Katarina* saunters into the Trill, looking around to see who was chilling here tonight.

φCadeφ frowns for a moment, thinking. “The Hatter…oh okay I think I know who you mean. So is that a bad thing? Like are you trying to prevent him from finding her or something? I don’t one hundred percent understand everything that is going on with this. I have been working on designing a device to help me talk to Saturn without, ya know, frying my brain, but

the spells and technology that will be involved are pretty complex and it’ll be a while before I can make any progress beyond the design phase.” He shakes his head in frustration. “But until then, I can try to help in other ways.”

*Katarina* looks over at Cade, smirking at him and blowing a kiss before going over to sit next to him.

φCadeφ blushes a bit and waves at Katarina as she approaches.

<Alison Spektor> looks from her screen over to Cade, then off toward Katarina before shaking her head and looking squarely back at Cade again. “I do not think so. They spoke, and she seems alright with him. Yes, though you have less to worry about than most since you already percieve things well beyond normal capacity.”

φCadeφ nods to Alice and scooches over just a bit to make room for Katarina. “Well that is good to hear. It is always nice when friends get along.” He smiles and gives Katarina a hug as she sits down. “Hey there Katarina. Have you and Alice ever met before?”

*Katarina* slides into a seat, hugging Cade back before looking at Alice. “Don’t think we have, unfortunately. Could be wrong, though.”

<Alison Spektor> blinks and then looks back to her screen. “I know -of- you, and have seen you around. I know about the incident at the Hospital.”

*Katarina* grimaces. “Right, that.”

φCadeφ raises an eyebrow and looks over at Katarina. “Hospital incident? What happened?”

*Katarina* “I don’t want to talk about it.”

<Alison Spektor> nods her head in agreement. “I wouldn’t want to either.”

φCadeφ gives her a concrened look but nods in acknowledgment of her request. “That’s okay, we don’t have to.” Taking a swig of beer, Cade sighs in satisfaction then closes the file he had open. “I really hope we get this whole situation resolved soon. Though interesting, the Shadowlands make for a depressing research topic. Plus I have other projects I

really want to get working on.” He frowns and wiggles the mouse around on his laptop screen as though unable to decide what he should click on. “What about you two? Been doing anything interesting lately?” He looks over to Alice. “Aside from what you’ve already explained of course.”

<Alison Spektor> blinks again, seeming far more engrossed in the screen than her surroundings at the moment but does seem to be paying attention. “A little bit. Worked on some new music.”

φCadeφ smiles at Alice. “Oh cool! We really need to set up a time for those piano lessons one of these days.” He chuckles and pulls up a window on his computer, entering in a password and having Hecatrix run encryption programs, nodding to acknowledge a message she sends to his view feed. “Hecatrix says she likes your music, too.” Another message pops

up on his view feed and Cade rolls his eyes. “Okay fine, what she ACTUALLY said was: Alice’s music has a mathematically pleasing pattern. Which is robot for ‘it sounds pretty’.” He snorts and pulls open the Rabbit-Hole network instant messenger. [Alice, I did figure out that classification system, that was a fun little exercise. On a more serious note, once all this other nonsense

has blown over I would like to try to make contact again. It might be safer if you were there to watch and make sure nothing goes wrong.]

<Alison Spektor> “That is because I write all of my music using mathmatics since it is a universal language that can be understood on some level by all things.”

φCadeφ nods enthusiastically, a beaming grin plastered on his face. “Oh absolutely! I use mathematics in my practices all the time. Most of my work involves it to some degree or another. A lot of what Hecatrix does is run those calculations in the background while I handle gestures and incantations. Numerology is one of my favorite disciplines in fact. Reminds me

a lot of writing computer code.”

*Katarina* looks a bit lost.

<Alison Spektor> nods in agreement as she watches her screen and types a bit more, occasionally peeking up over the top. “Sorry, Katarina. Been avoiding trouble?”

*Katarina* “For the most part, yeah.”

<Alison Spektor> smirks a little, “Only for the most part?”

φCadeφ laughs and playfully pushes Katarina’s arm. “I find that hard to believe.”

*Katarina* swats him back lightly, eyeing Cade. “Why?”

<Alison Spektor> “Because he obviously knows you.”

φCadeφ snorts and points his beer at Alice. “What she said.”

*Katarina* “Well….yeah. I’m keeping to myself a bit lately, so less chance of me getting into trouble.”

<Alison Spektor> takes that in and goes back to her screen for another couple of moments. “That makes sense. I usually avoid trouble on general principle.”

*Katarina* is lounging in a booth with Cade and Alison, feet propped up against the edge. She’s wearing a leather jacket with a hood, a tanktop, jeans and Converses, with a ring around her right ring finger.

φCadeφ nods in agreement and finishes off his beer. “Me too Alice. Though this city seems absolutely intent on sending trouble to find me anyhow.” Chuckling, he goes up to the bar and buys another beer, returning shortly. “Case in point: literally every single thing that has happened since I arrived.” He laughs aloud and shakes his head, quickly drinking

about a quarter of the new beer.

<Alison Spektor> looks back to her screen again and then for a moment seems to look around the room for something before her eyes drift back again. “Then you just have to learn how to hide better.”

<Zane Calbeni> comes out from the back office and stretches before making his way to the bar to have a little chat with Erik. He talks to him for several minutes, occasionally scanning the room with his dark eyes.

*Katarina* gives Zane a two-fingered wave as a greeting.

The Trill is fairly busy this evening, with the shutting down of a few of the other local hangouts, some extras have wandered in for the booze at least.

φCadeφ nods to Alice and sighs. “Yeah I really should look into some spells for hiding. I mean, I have one that works fairly well but it has its complications. Really though, most of the stuff that has happened so far has been just me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Cade shrugs and takes another swig of his beer then types a few things on his


<Zane Calbeni> returns the wave briefly as he goes about his business. After talking to Erik he goes to his usual horseshoe-shaped booth in the back and sits down, grabbing his book back up off the table and finding his place again as he props his feet up.

<Alison Spektor> nods to Cade. “I might be able to help with that. I am really good at getting most people to ignore me when I don’t want to be noticed. I was kinda helping Dan with that, in fact. Which was an interesting notion… since obviously it’s not quite the same technique.”

φCadeφ nods slowly, a pensive look on his face. “That would be interesting to say the least. I would be fascinated to learn more about how your abilities work, and to find out how closely I can replicate them. We can do that on the days we do piano practice if you have time.” He bounces a bit in his seat a little and nudges Katarina. “What about you? What

kind of cool things can you do?’

*Katarina* looks around the bar after being nudged, checking if there’s any mortals hanging out there tonight.

There’s always humans around unless Zane’s closed the place for a meeting, but the tables are all positioned so as to avoid any eavesdropping. Pool tables are stragically placed so that there is even and steady background noise, along with the speakers in the walls pumping in music.

*Katarina* relaxes a bit, looking at Cade. “Illusions. Animal control. Tanking.”

<Alison Spektor> peers from behind her screen a moment, then types some more. “Sure. That can be arranged.”

φCadeφ purses his lips. “That sounds pretty cool. So…I don’t really know much about this vampire stuff. How come you guys do different stuff? Is it just a matter of studying or is it something else? Is there anything all of you can do?” He smiles at Alice. “Awesome, just message me any time you are free. Great thing about having an inheritance is that,

unless there is some craziness like the other night going on, I am pretty much always free to do whatever I want.”

<Alison Spektor> “Do you mean how do we do different things from each other? Or in general?”, she asks as she puts a different colored flash drive into the side of the laptop. “Technically if you are speaking of our supernatural gifts, we all can learn anything if exposed to it.”

φCadeφ “I meant from each other, though, come to think of it, I am interested to know where exactly your powers come from…or…well…where vampires in general come from for that matter.” He shrugs. “Like I said I don’t know terrible much about most of the Night Folk. Mostly warnings Aunt Lucinda left me.” Cade clicks around on his laptop a bit and

then makes a motion as though grabbing something off the screen and tossing it at his face. The window disappears from the laptop screen and appears in his view feed, where he manipulates it a bit, making several gestures in the air, before ‘grabbing’ it and ‘tossing’ it back to the computer.

<Alison Spektor> “That depends on who you ask, really. Though as for why we are different it is just bloodlines. Familys have the same abilities.”, she says and then wrinkles her nose a bit as she studies something on her screen.

φCadeφ “Interesting. So families or bloodlines or whatever have the same abilities, but you can learn any of them through exposure? How odd.” He takes a few drinks of his beer, typing away as he does. “So where do you two think you guys come from? Unless of course that is rude to ask. Seems like it could be like asking Sleepers about religion or something.”

*Katarina* “As in….where were we born? Or something else?”

φCadeφ shakes his head. “I mean, if you want to tell me that too that’s fine, it would be interesting to know. But I meant more like…why are vampires a thing? How did they come to be in the first place? Stuff like that.”

<Alison Spektor> wrinkles her nose a bit as she looks at Cade. “I don’t think we should talk about that here. Zane might tell you, or the Hatter. He’s probably seen some of those old ones.”

*Katarina* “The Hatter? And yeah, what she said.”

*Katarina* arches an eyebrow after hearing the new voice, and laughs.

<Alison Spektor> shakes her head, curls bouncing off her shoulders. “I think everyone has seen him by now. Can’t miss him. Top hat, funny clothes. Just appears whenever.”

*Katarina* “I don’t think I have….?”

Kasia nearly trips in and over the threshold of the venue, so precariously juggling bag and iPhone, perpetually keeping the device a respectable 18-24 inches out and above her face. She might well faceplant, but it’s not going to fuck up her angles. Not on her watch. Not on her Brand. And besides, really, who makes a door that thick-looking that, you know, LIGHT? That’s annoying. And

now she’s annoyed. No, I will not “show feet,” She snarls at her Periscope viewers. How would that even work? You want me to walk — it’s the French Quarter. If you could ever get, like, the Clap from being barefoot, this is where.”

*Katarina* arches an eyebrow after hearing the new voice, and laughs. “How’s that even possible?”

<Alison Spektor> glances over toward the newcomer, then looks at her screen. Then back up again in rapid succession.

<Kasia> sighs long and heavy, a sort of Pavlovian conditioning for those viewers not clear on what, you know, Normal Healthy Boundaries are. Some people need bumpers when they bowl, and those people are all Extremely Online, probably. “Capricorn, though I don’t think too much about it,” she says to, presumably, someone, as she navigates through all the bodies she doesn’t bother

to look toward. And then there’s a bar — a natural stopping point.

φCadeφ frowns but nods his acquiescence. “Fair enough. I’ll wait until the next time I see the ‘Hatter’ or when Zane isn’t busy.” His head turns to watch the newcomer then to Alice, whom he gives a sly grin. “Already? That was quick.” He chuckles and takes another drink of his beer before turning back to more closely study the new woman. He makes a

few gestures under the table and mutters a bit of Latin, staring at her intently. “And people say that I’m the expression of everything wrong with millenials.” He snickers, but continues studying her.

The door to the Trill is a heavy steel hatch, like what might be found on a battleship. The scary part is, there’s a few dents in it from the inside and out. A stain on the front steps might just be blood as well.

<Zane Calbeni> looks up from his book, peering briefly out from his booth toward the table of computer weirdos and then the other weirdo with the phone. “Shoulda opened an internet cafe upstairs instead of an arcade.”

<Kasia> points at her frown in that very trendy kpop way that the followers love. Yes! It *has* been a while! Maybe they hate me here. Maybe they don’t serve food. She laughs. No, I don’t think they have tapas. They painted a fake bloodstain outside — it’s a thousand percent that Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy vibe. Bu then it’s also got an arcade, at least according to

Yelp, so, like, shrug emoji?

*Katarina* laughs

<Kasia> turns to the first person she sees and continues, now holding the phone out far enough to capture the entirety of her face and half of this new random NPC’s face. “New random NPC,” for what it’s worth, is how she would answer the question of “What is the name of the person you are currently talking to?” Did you know the dueling pianos at Patty O’s aren’t running tonight?

Since when has *that* been the case? It’s a Sunday night, what else are they doing? Going to church?

<Kasia> pauses a moment. I guess church doesn’t run at like ten o’clock at night but you get what I mean, right? Kasia notices the hearts rolling on her screen and furrows her brow. Catholic, but don’t get me started.

<Zane Calbeni> slowly gets up, and then looks directly at Alice, then just shakes his head and heads toward his office.

φCadeφ rolls his eyes and giggles. “Somebody is internet famous it seems. Are…are you guys allowed to do that? I thought you had a whole big secrecy thing going on?” He polishes off the second beer and rubs his shaved head, adjusting his augmented reality glasses in the process. He continues to watch the flamboyant newcomer, giggling and rolling his eyes

almost everytime she speaks. “Holy crap this is like…some sort of bizarro type thing.”

*Katarina* raises her voice, cupping her hands to both sides of her mouth. “Well, hello there!”

<Alison Spektor> looks at the woman after Zane looks at her, “I have a YouTube show. Though I don’t show my face… for obvious reasons.”, she says quietly, then glares at katarina. “You realyl want to stir shit?”

*Katarina* looks innocent, or tries to.

*Katarina* “What? I can’t get her to introduce herself?”

<Alison Spektor> packs up her laptop quickly and quietly, “Cade has a point. Even if she isn’t saying it, some of us should not be on camera. They are always watching. Always.”

<Alison Spektor> shoves everything into her bag and slings it over her shoulder. “I have to get going anyway.”

φCadeφ nods his head. “Yeah, I should probably avoid that too…I’ve got a fix for that if it comes to it though. Assuming it works. I hope it works. This headache is bad enough as it is.” Frowning, Cade wraps a few things up on his laptop and then closes all the potentially sensitive files, making a quick couple gestures in the air to tell Hecatrix to switch

to ‘Sleeper mode’ in which all supernaturally related files are hidden. “Just in case.”

<Kasia> swivels toward the sound of the beckoning voice with the sort of violent alacrity of a hunting jaguar. She grins wide, first for Katarina and then back to the phone and the followers. Well, hello to you! The stray hand goes down to the dress — a little black thing with the innocent-looking Peter Pan collars — perfectly out of place for the setting, but still deserving

of a little smoothing before making a new acquaintence. And so that’s what she does, giving up on getting a drink or Tapas or really *anything* from the bartender and instead approaching Katarina.

You look sooo familiar. She looks back to the phone. Who does she look like, guys? Somebody, right?

*Katarina* “So, what’s your name? And I do, huh?”

Erik, the large viking-looking man behind the bar, shakes his head a bit as the woman leaves the vicinity of his bar, perfectly fine with that.

[Obfuscated] Alice makes her way out, easily slipping into the crowd and just blending in till she’s safely out the back door and into the parking lot.

<Kasia> puts a finger to her lips, imagining herself being perceived as some sort of deep-thinking Benedict Cumberbatch-style Sherlock. She holds the gesture a moment, just to give everyone a chance to perceive her as the deep thinker she is. Yooooou….are…French, maybe? You look French. Doesn’t she? Back to the Periscope.

φCadeφ pulls up the hood of his coat as the woman approaches and begins muttering under his breath and making gestures under the table with one hand while adjusting the dials on the wand in his pocket with the other.

*Katarina* starts laughing. “French? Me? Please.”

Oh, God, so you’re just lucky then?

*Katarina* “More often than not.”

*Katarina* blinks, looking at Cade in confusion.

φCadeφ finishes his spell, putting a little extra oomph behind it, just in case, and focuses on the phone she holds, the electricity flowing through the battery. With a final exertion of will he alters the flow of power, causing the battery to quickly drain down until the device is forced to shut off.

<Kasia> tugs on the collar of the shitty little thing she’s wearing. Jealous. I spent like, way more than I could afford on this in the off chance someone might assume I’m French. They really do it the best… She says, trailing off and looking down at herself with the sort of half-defeated smirk that didn’t read as well to her followers as she hoped.

φCadeφ then turns to Katarina and gives her a mischevious grin from under his hood and shrugs at her.

*Katarina* blinks, looking at Cade in confusion. (repost)

*Katarina* looks back at Kasia. “So….what’s your name, Mrs. Twitter or Tumblr?”

<Kasia> in fact got way less of a reaction than she’d intended, as the phone suddenly flashes an aggressive black. If you’re thinking to yourself: how does a black “flash?” How on earth would that be perceived as “aggressive?” Well then, you’re someone that has not been abruptly and explosively severed from their source of validation. And if you, in fact, have — show some goddamn

empathy. Because now Kasia is so, so upset, banging fists against the phone. I. Just. Charged This.

φCadeφ pulls his hood down and gives the new woman a quizzical look, doing his best to conceal a smile. “Something wrong?”

<Kasia> runs a gamut of portable chargers and batteries, presented out of the confines of her bag one after another, to no avail. She frowns to Katarina, I shoulda got the X, she offers, by way of explanation.

φCadeφ chuckles and shrugs. “Bit too expensive for my tastes. If I’m gonna drop a thousand bucks on something it’s gonna be an actual computer, not a phone.” He holds out a hand to her, on which he wears a glove with what appear to be wires running from each finger tip to the wrist. “I’m Cade, by the way. I don’t think we caught your name?”

*Katarina* “Okay…..?”

jumps back from Cade, feigning shock. “Oh my God I did not see you there at all. You just –” She holds her heart dramatically and smiles. “I’m just so out of my element. I’m so…” She looks back to Katarina, lowering her voice. “Is this place…safe? I mean, it’s got two and a half stars on Yelp but it also showed up when I searched for Arcade?”

“Of course, now my phone’s not working so I can’t even get a good shot of the arcade, which sucks, and it’s just…” Kasia leaves it at that, blowing a deep breath up and into her bangs, ina way she continues to believes looks exactly like in the Disney movies.

*Katarina* “So…..your name is…..what, exactly? I’m Katarina, by the way.”

*Katarina* “Or do you just want to be called Mrs. Twitter?”

<Kasia> smacks herself in the forehead and laughs. “So awkward. Sorry. I’m Kasia. Caaaaaaahhhsheeeeeya. It looks better on paper than it sounds, which is also, you know, true of me.” She cracks herself up — but frowns very slightly at the very end.

φCadeφ looks at her with amusement at first and then his eyes go wide. “Arcade? No one told me there was an Arcade. Wait…that showed up on Yelp? Then…” He scrunches his face up and huffs. “We are going to have a talk about this later Hecatrix.” Turning his attention back to the new woman he smiles and gestures for her to sit at the table with them.

“It’s plenty safe. Probably one of the safer spots in town. The crowd may look rough but I have yet to see any real trouble and well…” He gestures at his outfit, which clearly does not fit in with the rest of the clientele, what with his semi cyberpunk aesthetic. “I’m the kind of person you would normally expect to have a bad time somewhere like here.”

*Katarina* “Oh, he has his bad times, alright. Speaking of, how’s the girlfriend?”

φCadeφ gets a faraway look in his eyes and makes a swiping motion in the air, then smiles, blushing slightly. He makes another gesture, as though unrolling a poster on his lap, then his fingers begin dancing as if on a keyboard for a moment. After a few seconds he rolls up whatever invisible thing he is messing with, makes a flicking motion with his wrist, and then

looks at Katarina and blushes a deep shade of red. “We’re just friends, and she is fine.”

<Kasia> nods. ” Three reviews. But since like every other place in town seems to going out of business,” She sighs. “You know, we have to expand out horizons. Which, like, let me just say,” And she rests her hand on Cade’s shoulder, giving him a highly emotive, compassionate-seeming look, “I just think it’s so cool that you can feel comfortable here.”

*Katarina* snickers, looking at Cade. “You sure? She seemed to be more than friends.”

<Kasia> responds to Katarina’s earlier jab under her breath, with a disproportionately sincere mumble, My Twitter game is…nobody cares about my Twitter.”

φCadeφ makes a face and sticks his tongue out at Katarina. “As I recall you were being just as…friendly.” He blushes at the last word and then shakes his head, turning to Kasia in an obvious attempt to change the subject before he blushes so hard that he shifts into infrared. He seems confused by her last remark but shrugs it off. “So, wanna go check

out the arcade then?”

<Kasia> tellingly picks her clutch off a table nearby. “Well, you know, I don’t want to interrupt if — you two…” A brief, insincere pause. “But it is kind of the whole reason I came so if you did want to go — actually, wait, what was….oh, Cade. Cade, you’re not gonna murder me in the arcade if I go with you, right?”

*Katarina* starts laughing hard. “Honey, he’s not the type.”

<Kasia> ponders. “Not that that would be the absolute worst way to go.” She builds an invisible tombtone with her hands, reading: “Here lies Kasia Sobiesawa: she died as she lived, embarassing herself at skeeball.”

φCadeφ snorts and shakes his head. “I’m a borderline pacifist.” Though sincere, there does seem to be a hint of dissonance in that statement, caused in no small part by the gun hidden in his jacket. It was true that he hates violence and tries to avoid it at all costs, but his life over the past few years has not been conducive to that goal. He puts his laptop

back into his bag and stands, looking down at Katarina, “Coming?”

*Katarina* “Sure, why not. It’ll be fun to kick your ass at Pac-Man.”

<Kasia> purses her lips as Cade stowes his laptop. “What’s the battery life on that thing like?”

φCadeφ gives Kasia a sly grin. “A LONG time. I bought a high end after market battery. With the right uh…settings…I can get it to last nearly half a day on a single charge.”

“A half a day. Human ingenuity truly knows no bounds.”

<Kasia> steps with a spring in her step behind Cade, letting him lead, following along from behind with a hand on his shoulder as he navigates through the crowd. New friends, already! The phone and it’s unaccessible 4G connection fades into the background as a social interaction with Real Life People starts to take form. And who needs Internet when you have real life fun things going

on, right? Of course, that thought causes her a momentary panic, but it fades quickly enough.

<Kasia> Also, she could just post about this on tumblr later if worst came to worst; so, you know, swings and roundabouts!

*Katarina* gets up and follows the two of them.

φCadeφ giggles like a little kid and bounces on the balls of his feet when they get upstairs and he sees the variety of games for them to play. “Oh my god it is so awesomely retro! This is great!”

*Katarina* snorts.

φCadeφ once again makes some swiping motions in the air, snorting with laughter and making that unrolling motion before typing away at a keyboard only he can see. He makes that flicking motion, as though shooing something away, and shakes his head. “So where do you guys wanna start? Skeeball? Pac-man? Street Fighter? Air Hockey?”

*Katarina* “Pac-Man. Asteroid. Centipede. Anything from the 80s.”

φCadeφ grins and runs over to the Asteroids machine. “Lets do this!”

*Katarina* smirks and saunters over. “Have you ever played one before? An actual arcade machine?”

<Kasia> is psyched for the whole experience, and throws herself into each game with the elan of an overcaffeinated toddler. Every skeeball goes flying up and above the highest scoring hole; the crew of the Asteroids ship travels from one side of the universe to the other with reckless disregard for geometry; Blanka just does his electric crouch over and over and over (oddly, this wins

her several rounds).

<Kasia> gestures toward Katarina from the Street Fighter cabinet, one palm still wrapped in knucklebone white around the joystick. “Look! Look, I’m the best at this! Maybe ever!”

φCadeφ scoffs at her. “Psssh! Of course! Aunt Lucinda took me to an arcade every year for my birthday for like…eight years!” He laughs and, much like Kasia, throws himself into the games with enthusiasm, doing quite well for himself, though by no means winning every round. He could, of course, cheat and twist probability in his favor, but what fun would that


*Katarina* laughs. “Mate, you would’ve loved New York City in the late 80s.”

*Katarina* looks to be in her early 20s, for the record.

<Kasia> “I’m — I’m the green guy. You know geniuses pick green, Focker, she says, hoping Katarina will get her very mainstream reference and then respond as if she’d said something very clever and niche. “From Meet the Parents, remember?” Nope. Couldn’t wait that long.

*Katarina* “Somewhat?”

If you just keep hitting Kick he shoots electricity, she explains.

φCadeφ giggles at the two of them and plays a few more games before he stops and seems to be distracted by something only he can see. “Well ladies, as fun as this has been, I do have another engagement I need to get to. Katarina, it was nice to see you again. Kasia, it was…interesting…to meet you.” He emphasizes ‘interesting’ in a way that makes it seem

like he is hiding a more unpleasant word, but he quickly laughs and shakes his head. “Just kidding, it was a pleasure. You two wanna meet up and do this again soon?”

<Kasia> seems to appear on Cade’s shoulder without having visibly, you know, moved. Her phone is out and in her palm before she realizes that it’s still dead. “Sure! Can you just put in your num — oh. Uhhh?”

What do we do here?

*Katarina* chuckles. “Write down a number on a piece of paper. The old-fashioned way.”

<Kasia> frowns, considering the viability of the proposed plan. “I mean…do *you* have a pen?

<Kasia> laughs. “Remember in Wolf of Wall Street when Jordan is trying to get people to sell him a pen, and the guy from Walking Dead goes ‘Write your name down’ and Jordan goes ‘I need a pen?’

This is kinda like that.

Not my favorite Scorsese if I’m being honest.

φCadeφ looks down at the phone and giggles. “Here let me try something.” He takes it from her and turns away, making motions with one hand while muttering under his breath in Latin. He frowns and shakes his head, “One second!” he sighs and starts over, getting the incantation right this time. To finish, he slips his nad in his pocket and taps his wand,

and the flow of electricity from the phone’s battery to the electronic systems resumes. “There you go!” He turns and hands the phone back to her. “The battery was just a little loose is all.”

<Kasia> stares with wonderment as the little white apple logo appears on the black of the screen. “This guy!” She beams, throwing herself into Cade for a totally non-consensual hug. “Got the magic touch — apparently! Here, here…” she says, pressing the devide into his hands. “Put yourself in and, and then give it to her too.”

*Katarina* snickers

φCadeφ suppresses a laugh at Kasia’s all too accurate statement and programs in his phone number before handing over to Katarina. “One thing though, I don’t like having my picture online. So while we are hanging out you can’t livestream me. Or tag me in Facebook stuff or whatever, okay?” He smiles and then seems distracted again. “Crap, I really gotta get

going or I will be in trouble.” He types at that invisible keyboard again and then waves to the two of them. “See you again soon! Feel free to message me whenever, both of you!” With that he heads downstairs and out to the waiting Uber.

*Katarina* “I promise not to. Also, is your Aunt Lucinda gonna spank you for being late?”

<Kasia> nods, as if she gets this all the time. “Oh, oh, sure. Yeah. I just, She blushes, which is a thing she can do because she has the perk, thank you very much! “I just do…Periscope is dumb, I just do it when I’m, you know, if I’m bored.”

*Katarina* would’ve cupped her hands around her mouth and called down to him. After getting his number.

But, but I’ll — I’ll see you two later maybe, probably, right? You guys are here a lot, too?

φCadeφ shoots Katarina a message as he rides. [My Aunt Lucinda is dead so…I hope not. Ghost spankings sound awful.] followed by a quick one to Kasia [This is Cade, just so you know I didn’t give you a fake number. And if you are wondering, I always snag someone’s number when I give them mine. I think your livestream thing is interesting, I just REALLY need to be

careful about my online presence.]

*Katarina* checks her phone, and sends a response. [I don’t know, man. Kinda sounds kinky.]

*Katarina* grins at the message.