«~Daedalus~» At the present moment, Dae could be found within the kitchen of the Chantry, leaning against.. something, as he found himself lost in thought.

Anastasia woke, showered, dressed and did her makeup, and now sits curled up on a chair in the living room reading a book on the basics of demonology ((if that’s ok?))

<Sascha> growls softly as she made her way to Overgrowth Chantry. Not that she minded the Mages, but being told to fetch wayward Sabbat was not her favorite thing in the whole wide world.

φCadeφ comes down the stairs with a box once again under his arm. Spotting Anastasia, he trots over and plops himself down on the couch, setting the box next to him. “Hiya Anastasia. Whatcha reading?” He leans over to peer into the kitchen. “Hey Daedalus!”

<Cecilia> settles down in a chair with some tea, taking a sip of it and looking over at Anastasia. “Interesting reading?”

Anastasia flips through the book on her lap, it’s old and delicate and REALLY obtuse but she tries her best to make heads and tails of it, and mostly fails. She looks up from her reading, rolls her head to work out the knots that formed in her neck from spending so much time hunched over.

«~Daedalus~» He comes back to the present as Cade calls his name, looking over to his friend before a slight grin began to snake its way across his face. “Cade… Cade, Cade, Cade.. The time of rain is upon us, is it not?”

<Sascha> walks up to the door and knocks soundly upon the wood before resting her arms at her sides. Vigilant, as usual in such a place but unworried.

<Cecilia> looks over to the door, before getting up to open it and leaving her cup of tea on the table.

φCadeφ cocks his head at Daedalus in confusion. “Time of…rain…what in the…” He frowns for a moment then his eyes light up in recognition. “OH! The rain check! Yeah sure we can do that in a little bit. Sounds like we have company at the moment.”

<Cecilia> looks at the figure on the other side. “Good evening?”

<Sascha> looks at Cecilia and nods to her politely. “Good evening. I am actually looking for one of my own that I was informed has been hanging around here?”

«~Daedalus~» “Aye. However, .. tis as you said; it does sound as if we have company, in this current moment.” He’d push himself away from whatever he was leaning against, moving to poke his head out into the living area so he could take a gander at who was visiting.

Anastasia smiles at Cade, “Not… totally sure, really… I think the author was an Arabian Mystic who trucked with a mad god… or a mad Arab talking about gods… it’s very confusing…”

φCadeφ laughs and looks at the book. “Ummm…pretty sure it is exactly none of those.” Grinning and shaking his head at her, Cade cranes his neck to try and get a glimpse of the person at the door. “Could take a break and play a game if you want. I made one up the other night, be more fun if Kayn were here to play too but…I can teach him some other night. And maybe

we can get Daedalus in on it.” He frowns, watching the entryway. “I wonder who is here?”

<Cecilia> “Who would that be, exactly?”

<Sascha> takes a deep breath and looks squarely at Cecilia. “Probably the only vampire you have here. Since the usual Tremere visitor is trapped in some shadow realm. I don’t know her, I was merely sent to bring her back before the Archon finds out she’s been running about your city.”

<Cecilia> “I see.” She looks over at Anastasia. “You have someone to pick you up.”

φCadeφ stands up. “Wha-a-a-a-at?” He looks down at Anastasia with a frown on his face. “You’re leaving already? We haven’t even played ‘Well Actually…’ yet!” He looks down at the box he brought down with a pout.

«~Daedalus~» “Get me in on what, precisely?” He turns his attention back to Cade as he speakds up regarding some sort of game, a bit curious now.

φCadeφ looks to Daedalus and points at the box. “A game I made. It’s called ‘Well Actually…’ but it isn’t as fun without a vampire to play also.”

<Sascha> waits patiently on the porch, not even trying to peek inside of the door.

<Cecilia> watches Anastasia, waiting.

Anastasia turns her head to Cecilia when she addresses her. “Really now, do I?” She asks then gives Cade a tight hug. “Aww, I’m honored, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon,” she promises, then disentangles herself from the bald mage and rises to her full height

<Cecilia> “I somehow doubt it.”

φCadeφ hugs Anastasia back and sighs. “You better. If not I will find you and there will be punishments.” He sticks his tongue out at her and then his eyes get wide and he blushes a bit as he realizes how that sounded.

<Sascha> scans the yard around front of the house while waiting, looking off toward the forest for a moment thoughtfully.

«~Daedalus~» “Interesting.. Well, such will have to be addressed later, I would say, for while as I said, it did sound interesting to me.. I feel I must prepare for our bout of evasion training which shall occur later, as it were. Must work up an appetite.”

Anastasia’s mouth forms a perfect O at hearing Cade’s bold and VERY naughty pronouncement. She laughs when he sticks his tongue out at her then turns, wiggling her tush at him provocatively as she says, “mmm, I’m going to hold you to that, Cade-poo.” Then she walks with a seductive swing in her hips towards the door to see who from the Sword has come to call her back into the fold.

Anastasia looks over her shoulder at Daedalus and calls out, “No using him as Ariadne in your twisted dragon games.” As she speaks she wags her finger at Daedalus before stepping through the door and nodding at Sascha in greeting.

φCadeφ nods to Daedalus, “Ok man just come find me when you are ready,” then follows Anastasia about three quarters of the way to the door, staying far enough back not to intrude but close enough that he can satisfy his curiosity.

<Sascha> looks Anastasia over briefly before returning the nod. “You did not check in, nor report back. Care to explain?”, she says before she has even left the porch.

<Cecilia> closes the door as soon as Anastasia steps through, locking it and returning to her tea.

φCadeφ frowns at Cecilia. “Rude.” He shakes his head at her then creeps up to the door and watches through the peephole.

Anastasia looks back at Sascha and blinks meaningfully at her before saying one word, “Freedom.” She lets the word linger between them, not like it’s the end of the conversation but it’s beginning, her half hooded eyes working to share the tacit message that this was not the right place for any further words to be shared near ears who had no business being included in their council.

<Cecilia> arches an eyebrow. “And that isn’t?”

<Cecilia> “It’s rude to eavesdrop.”

«~Daedalus~» “Very well.” He smirks a slight to himself, noting that Cade either didn’t notice his attempt at humor, or had taken it in stride. Either way, since the front porch was .. occupied, Dae wandered off towards the kitchen again, intent upon heading outside to warm up for an hour or two.

φCadeφ turns to Cecilia. “Shh. I can’t hear!”

<Cecilia> “Why would you want to?”

<Cecilia> “What they’re talking about is none of our business.”

φCadeφ rolls his eyes and shrugs his shoulders. “I just want to make sure I didn’t get her in trouble is all. I would feel really bad if I did and I’ll have to explain.”

<Sascha> just indicates with her head for Anastasia to start walking toward the forest. “I am Sascha. When it was noticed you did not return I was sent to check and see if the Archons had found you first, there about about half a dozen of them in town. So at least you are safe. You shouldn’t be out here though. I can give you a ride back to Baton Rouge, or you can wait at Zaluuts…

though he is taking things pretty hard right now so I don’t actually advice being anywhere near him.”

<Cecilia> “If she’s in trouble, it’s her own doing, not yours. And I’m sure they’ll let you know if they want to talk to you about it.”

φCadeφ sighs and steps back into the living room. “Well…fine. You have a point. Sucks though…really need a vampire to get the maximum fun out of ‘Well Actually…’. Guess I could try to get Cassian to play when he gets back. Or that Katarina girl.” He strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Anastasia does as hidden and begins preceding Sascha down the path that leads away from the Chantry. “Nice to meet you Sascha, I’m touched by the thought and concern for me,” she says in an even tone colored by the melodious resonance of her enchanting voice. “A ride would be appreciated, though Zaluut’s mood may be terrible, it may not be so dreadful as to need to be avoided,” she said noncommittally, knowing

she wasn’t out of earshot of the Chantry nor its neighbor

<Sascha> actually laughs a little bit and points at the stormclouds over the forest. “See that? That’s Zaluut. He’s old school, a force of nature. And he’s upset. His childe is the one trapped in there.”

Anastasia nodded and eyed the storm clouds with respect. There was nothing casual about her dismissal of the danger she’d be in if she approached the eye of the storm, and she let that be a hint at the potential import of the information she’d gleaned. “Strum und Drang, no?” She said to Sascha, smiling a bright and feral smile.

<Sascha> nods and starts to head toward the path to Zaluut’s then. “Well, he’s the Bishop and said he’s currently responsible for you and Cian and Fiona being out here so I won’t interfere. I am pleased to meet you though. You are braver than some, for sure. And obviously smarter or you probably wouldn’t still be alive.”

<Cecilia> “What are you planning?”

<Cecilia> looks at Cade. “And what’s ‘Well, Actually’?”

φCadeφ “It’s a game I invented the other night. Works best with at least three people of differing supernatural origins. The more the better though.” His eyes light up. “OH! We could get Amy to play! Mage, Shifter, Vampire, and Wraith! That would be awesome!”

<Cecilia> “What are the rules?”

Anastasia smiles and dips her head to Sascha as she accepts the compliment. “We girls have to be to survive, no?” She says in an amiable way. Her lips curl in a bit of a smirk to betray how easy she feels it is to gain the confidence of those who underestimate their sex. “I appreciate the Bishop’s largesse and am ever willing to risk all in pursuit of our aims,” she adds then lets her voice drop as she says,

“I do not have under my sway the elements as Zaluut does, but I am also deeply… affected by all that transpired those nights ago. The ease with which such great power was used against so many so casually…” her voice drops away into the reverent, silent respect one pays to a dread enemy.

<Sascha> nods her head at that, in agreement. Though no sign of darkness comes over her, rather, more a light in her eyes and soul. A warmth that can be felt radiated from her in renewed strength, pushing back against it. “I was only not drawn in because my Faith protected me. The Demon is not without weakness. It will be defeated.”

Anastasia looks at Sascha when she talks of Faith, blinking a few times as the notion seems to surprise her. “That is… good to know…” the Toreador Antetribu murmurs, finding more then a glimmer of hope in Sascha’s words but also another puzzle of a sort. “What did you see when it all happened to us? When it whisked us away?” She asks, deeply curious.

<Sascha> “I saw the storm and you all just fall into darkness. I knew of the Angel staying at the Chantry and went to see if I could gain his assistance while you all worked your way toward us from your side. Deveraux was able to somehow protect himself as well and assisted me in that.”

Anastasia’s dead eyes warm as she hears the role Sascha played in their rescue. “I am in your debt, then, Sascha. Thank you for your swift and right actions on our behalf,” she says in the most grateful and earnest tones Sascha has heard her use up to now.

φCadeφ smiles and trots over to the box that he left on the couch and opens it. Inside are a few dozen DVDs. “Ok so here’s how it goes. Someone is the first ‘Scholar’. They pick a movie that is about their supernatural type. So like I could pick ‘Dr. Strange’ or ‘The Covenant’. Vampires could pick ’30 Days of Night’ or ‘Lost Boys’ et cetera et cetera. So as you watch

the movie, whenever there is somethin inaccurate that happens, like in The Covenant when Ascension is just one mage giving all his power to another, the ‘Scholar’ says “Well actually…” then we pause the movie and everyone else gets one guess as to what correction they are going to make. Whoever guesses right gets a point. If no one does the Scholar gets a point. Then when to movie is

over you pick a new Scholar. You can also play it as a drinking game where whenever someone would normally get a point everyone else takes a drink.” Cade beems, quite obviously proud of himself for coming up with the idea. “So it is a game but it also gets everyone to learn more about the various other supernaturals that they are friends with!”

<Cecilia> listens to Cade’s idea. “I see. And if the other people don’t want to share or can’t?”

φCadeφ shrugs, “Then they just wouldn’t call out that inaccuracy. Anything that is too secret you just don’t ‘Well actually…’ on.”

<Cecilia> “Hm.”

φCadeφ taps his chin and thinks. “Ooh! Extra rule! You can ‘Well actually…’ on something that is right and it could be worth double points. So if you ‘Well actually…’ something that is true and no one thinks it is you get two points but if someone does guess that it is they get two points!”

φCadeφ smiles happily and bounces on the balls of his feet. “Once we get to play it a few times I’m sure the rules will change and evolve. I think it will turn out to be super fun!”

<Cecilia> “I’m sure it will be.”

<Cecilia> returns to her tea, sighing and getting rid of it before making herself a new cup.

φCadeφ nods and sits on the couch, dividing up the movies in his box by what category of supernatural they include. “Hmm…I guess for the Underworld movies we could let a vampire and a shifter both be the ‘Scholar’ at once. Or just not have a designated Scholar. Anyone can ‘Well Actually…’ as long as it is about their category. That could work.” He nods to himself

and smiles.

<Cecilia> sips her tea, listening to Cade discuss things with himself.

φCadeφ eventually finishes organizing the movies and closes the box back up and sets it next to the television, making sure that the side with his name written on it faces outwards. “There. Hmm…” He scrunches up his face. “Hey Cecilia, should I make like a sign up sheet or something do you think? Or like…I dunno…send a mass text or what? Gotta get the word out.

Game won’t be much fun if it is just Mages.”

<Cecilia> sips her tea. “It’s your decision.”

<Cecilia> “I’m not particularly interested either way.”

φCadeφ sighs and rolls his eyes. “You, madame Countess, are no help whatsoever.” He makes a face at her and then spins on his heel. “I am going to get my conjuring grimoire. I’ll be right back.” He makes a show of storming up the stairs and into his room, returning shortly with the book under his arm. “Since you have no interest in my frankly brilliant and, I daresay,

award winning game idea, perhaps you can help me study instead?”

<Cecilia> doesn’t seem to have her expression change as Cade finishes speaking before disappearing, the other mage returning with a book a moment later. “Mm. What are you studying?”

φCadeφ flips the book open and thumbs through until he finds the page that he was last on. “Conjuration magics. Originally I was going to start with the section on the prinicples of material magic but with evertyhing going on I thought perhaps spatial manipulation might be more immediately useful. So I have been pretty much cramming that part into my skull.”

<Cecilia> listens. “So you want to summon things from elsewhere. Anything in mind?”

<Cecilia> “And I agree with you about spatial manipulation.”

φCadeφ shakes his head. “Nothing in particular. Probably be a while yet before I can actually pull off any actual summoning. Right now I’m still working out the kinks in the magic required to sense the item’s location across distances. I figured out a way to practice at least. I got a roomba. I let it run in my room for a random amount of time, then try to sense where

it is. When I go back upstairs I see if I’m right. I’m getting slowly closer but I just cannot seem to zero in on the darn thing.” He grunts with frustration.

<Cecilia> “Is that all?”

φCadeφ shakes his head. “Well…no not really, but I figured it was probably the best place to start. I think once I get this part down the rest shouldn’t be quite as bad. I hope.”

<Cecilia> nods.

φCadeφ taps his fingers on the pages of the book and glances up at Cecilia. “Any ideas? I don’t know very much about your practice so I’m not sure how compatible our paradigms are but…I’m sure you can help me with the basic principles. I’m just not sure what I am missing and could really use the fresh perspective.”

<Cecilia> “Basically, what I do is manipulate the strings that make reality up enough to create a pathway to a different location.”

φCadeφ nods slowly. “Strings…pathways…okay. Hmmm…” He looks down at the book for a moment then makes a couple hand motions in the air. “Hold on ju-u-u-ust a second let me try something.” Cade waves his hands some more and makes some more gestures then runs upstairs and grabs his laptop, returning in a hurry. The keys clack loudly as fingers dance across them.

“Okay just gotta alter a couple equations here…and that’s done. Ok lets see what else…yeah let’s alter that incantation and this sequence of somatic gestures…okay that might help.” He nods with satisfaction then looks up at Cecilia. “So, anything else you can tell me before I give this a shot?”

<Cecilia> “Not as much, no.”

φCadeφ nods and then takes a quarter out of his pocket and tosses it to her. “Ok then. Do me a favor and hide this and I’ll see if I can’t divine its location.” He waves his hand through the air and jabs a couple augmented reality buttons, getting the spell prepared.

<Cecilia> gets up and moves around, hiding it behind a bunch of tea bags.

φCadeφ takes a deep breath and executes the program, following the prompts on his view feed. The incantations and gestures are longer and more involved than his other spells, as he has yet to perfect it. What matters, however, is that it works. He can trim the fat from the casting once the magick is actually functioning. After several long moments he finishes and

concentrates. For a moment nothing seems to happen, but then a creeping sensation begins in the base of his skull, slowly spreading through his head and then outwards. Cade gasps slightly as he attains a hyper awareness of the location of everything around him, not only relative to himself but to each individual object. “Oh wow…” He walks slowly into the kitchen, closes his eyes for

a moment, then reaches behind the tea bags and pulls out the corner. “HA! Yes! I got it! Thank you Cecilia! That really helped!”

<Cecilia> “Congratulations.”

φCadeφ gives Cecilia a beaming smile. “Thanks! So…well…uh…now what? Anything you would like to do now?”

<Cecilia> “Besides go to bed? Nothing.”

φCadeφ sighs, smiling as he shakes his head. “Well that’s boring. We should go do something sometime, once all this emergency stuff with finding Kitt and Cassian has blown over. Oh crap, speaking of…” He pulls out his phone and begins rapidly typing away. “Forgot to message Ramirez about something.” (Message to Ramirez: Think I have a good lead on where Kitt and

Cassian are. Research points to a layer of the Shadowlands called Purgatory. Hope that helps.)

<Cecilia> “What do you suggest, then? Since I doubt our ideas of fun are the same.”

φCadeφ wrinkles his brow and purses his lips. “We could go see a movie, or some live music maybe. Or go look at some art.” He eyes Cecilia as he talks, trying to guess what sort of things she would like that he would also enjoy.

<Cecilia> “Art sounds fine.”

«~Daedalus~» There is a tap-tap-tapping on the front door. However, if one were to say, look out the peep-hole in the door, nothing would be immediately visible from that angle.

φCadeφ smiles, nodding in satisfaction. “Awesome. We will definitely have to do that sometime then. Once everything is no longer all hands on deck.” He turns and looks at the door as a tapping sound echoes in. “I’ll get that.” Cade walks over to the door, his new spell allowing him to sense a body on the other side of the door. He sees nothing through the peephole but

shrugs and opens the door anyways.’

«~Daedalus~» He could be found leaning against the house, on the other side of the door and to the side of it. As the door was opened, he didn’t let out a sound, instead choosing to remain silent, to see if he could get Cade to jump a light.

φCadeφ leans against the door frame and chuckles. “I know you’re there, buddy.” He takes a few quick steps out and turns to face Daedalus, his eyes closed. “New spell! Finally got that spatial magic stuff puzzled out. Well the basics anyways.” Cade opens his eyes and smiles at Daedalus.

«~Daedalus~» “.. Well, it would appear as if I have been discovered before I could trigger my trap, as it were. Unfortunate, but fortunate in other.. regards, as it were. Another unfortunate thing, is that I would surmise it is.. too late for evasion training, at such an hour.”

φCadeφ nods a bit. “Yeah man, that errand had you out for quite a while and my sleep schedule is…well…non existent. After all that studying today my brain is fried and I am ready to settle in. However,” Cade grins at Daedalus, “I would be down to watch a movie or two before I pass out if you’d like.”

<Cecilia> sips her tea, watching.

«~Daedalus~» “.. Right. So.. You mentioned an activity before sleep is reached; such would be possible, just know that I am as of yet, not entirely familiar with such things, thus far.”

<Cecilia> heads back upstairs, pausing to scritch a cat.

φCadeφ cocks his head to the side with a slightly confused smile. “You’ve never seen a movie? Oh dude…there’s no familiarity needed. You just sit and watch. It’s like…being told a story. Here come on.” He gestures for Daedalus to follow him then heads inside and turns on the television. “So…let’s see…there are different types of movies. Funny, action packed,

dramatic, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance. What sounds most appealing to you?”

«~Daedalus~» “I would.. start off, with whatever you would recommend in such a regard, for while I am familiar with such.. things, in a light sense, I am not familiar enough with what they apply to, to form an accurate judgement call, so to speak.”

φCadeφ nods and thinks for a moment. “Then we will start with one of my personal favorites. Equilibrium. Stay here I’ll go get it.” He runs up the stairs to his room and returns shortly with a DVD in hand and pops it into the player before settling in on the couch. “This one has really cool acting sequences and is an awesome metaphor for the Ascension War.”

«~Daedalus~» “Forgive my lack of knowledge in this regard, but ‘Ascension War’?”

φCadeφ stretches and hits play on the remote. “Oh yeah my bad. That’s a long story but the short version is that it’s the term Mages use for the struggle between the Traditions, the Technocracy and other groups of Awakened. I can explain it a little better as we watch.”

«~Daedalus~» “Very well, then. Let us watch this movie of yours; just know that I am still as of yet, unused to these sorts of things, as it were.”

φCadeφ chuckles. “No worries man. I am going to introduce you to whole worlds of entertainment and time wasting awesomeness.”

«~Daedalus~» “Let us hope that this … lives up to your descriptions of it; though given what I already know of you, I believe it shall.”

φCadeφ grins and fluffs up a pillow curling up on the couch. “You better like it or I will be disappointed in you as a person.” He laughs and gives Daedalus a sideways glance. “That’s a joke by the way.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d smirk a slight, “Depending on the definition of ‘person’, I may not fit such a description in any case.”

φCadeφ snorts with laughter. “Fair point, dino-sir.”

«~Daedalus~» “I see that you have caught my meaning in such a regard; well done.”

φCadeφ smiles, stifling a yawn. “Ooh this part is important. Comes up later.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d quietly watch the film as Cade said that, before remarking, “.. I would surmise you have some amount of these.. experiences up your sleeve, so to speak?”

φCadeφ blinks slowly and seems to take a moment to process Daedalus’s words before responding. “Oh you mean watching movies? Oh yeah that’s a large chunk of how I spend my time for as long as I can remember. That and video games.”

«~Daedalus~» “Such is good to hear; as much as.. I train or the like, this is an interesting experience. However, it should be noted that we of course do have important matters to address, and as much as this experience is interesting, we must keep a level head, as it were.”

φCadeφ smiles at Daedalus. “Of course buddy. I spent most of the day studying conjuration magic, and I let Ramirez know I think I may have figured out where in the Shadowlands Cassian and Kitt are trapped. But it is also important to take a break from time to time. Scientifically proven to help with learning and cognition as well as mood and…I dunno…” He yawns,

shaking his head. “Other stuff probably. Taking breaks for fun and entertainment can be almost as beneficial as sleep.”

«~Daedalus~» “.. That is a true notation, for if one exhausts themselves.. say, working or training, such an event leaves nothing for the true battle.”

φCadeφ smiles, almost asleep now. “Now you’re getting it buddy. Entertainment helps recharge the batteries. Lets you rest and recharge so you are more ready when you need to be…” His eyes flutter open during an action scene but soon after he has drifted off.