Kayn heads in through the front door, giving a tired sort of sigh as he meanders over to drop on the couch. Having borrowed a book from a more shifter based bias on the shadowlands, or left one for later, whichever the mages allowed, he picks it up now to peruse through. While he studies the tome or book the man sinks into the couch seat and gets comfy

φCadeφ comes down the stairs from his room with a box under one arm. Spotting Kayn, he smiles and practically skips over. “Hey Kayn! Doing some more research?” He sets the box in a chair and flops down onto the other end of the couch. “I think I just might have actually made a little progress on that front.”

Kayn looks up a grins a little, turning a page of the book. “Yeah, just a bit.. find anything particularly useful?”

φCadeφ nods excitedly. “I think so. Apparently, much like the Umbra, the Shadowlands has multiple layers to it. It is huge. Like, I knew it would be big, at least the size of the earth since everything here has a mirror there, but yeah it is enormous. Layers and sections and all kinds of stuff. Based on what I was reading in several of the books, I would have to guess

that the section of the Shadowlands we were in is known as Purgatory. If I’m right, that narrows everything down considerably, we know where to look for them, and that will give us an idea of how to yank or lead them out.”

Kayn nods lightly, looking up from his readings only briefly. “So we have a specific area.. which means we can start looking for a path there… If it’s purgatory, how empty of a place we talkin?”

“And.. it is part of the umbra from what I’ve read man. More specifically a realm of the deep umbra.”

φCadeφ nods slowly. “I see. So it’s a realm that has realms of its own. Sounds like a video game. Anyways…” Cade laughs and shakes his head. “I haven’t quite worked out all the details on Purgatory itself. Been doing several things at once so I’ve only just gotten to the point where I feel confident that I’m right about what realm it is. Now that I’m pretty sure

though, I can narrow down my research and really focus on Purgatory. Should have some answers for us in a few days at the most.” He smiles and looks over at the book Kayn is reading. “What about you, find anything useful?”

“Not a whole ton yet. Just started pouring through it.” (I dunno what he would find) Kayn starts flipping through more pages, looking for mention of purgatory

φCadeφ “W-e-e-e-e-e-ll that sounds like loads of fun. Or…alternatively.” He leans in close and takes on a low, conspiratoral tone. “We could play a game I invented last night while high…on energy drinks.” He waggles his eyebrows at Kayn in a ridiculously exaggerated matter and jerks his thumb at the box he brought down.

Kayn shakes his head some, hand coming up to cover a yawn. Smirking some though, his eyes go back up to him. “Nah man, I’m tired as hell today, sorry.. Was just gonna sit back and read a lil bit.” He does however give a glance to the box he brought

φCadeφ scoffs and leans back. “Lame. You are a lame-canthrope.” He grins at him and shrugs. “Oh well. Honestly it would be more fun with Anastasia playing as well. You’ll understand when I explain the rules.