Kayn is relaxing out in the common area, feet up and watching a show on his laptop that plays over his earphones, for sake of everyone else. He munches on a bowl of cornflakes as one is wont to do further into the night.

Anastasia heads down to the common area after the sun went down. She looks around then plops down next to Kayn saying, “hey there, Cujo… thanks for last night, it was fun to let loose and just be.”

<Cecilia> comes downstairs for a cup of tea, a cat following her and twining around her ankles when she reaches the bottom. She’s currently wearing silk pajamas, her hair loose around her shoulders.

He pops out an earbud when she plops down by him, looking over and tapping his spacebar. “Sorry?” Leaning back into the corner of the couch he peers up over at her

<Cecilia> “Ah, I see you’ve returned.”

<Cecilia> looks over at Kayn.

Anastasia chuckles and murmurs to Kayn, “those things will do in your ears.” Then she gives him a warm smile and says, “thanks for last night, it was wunderbar.” She then looks at the newcomer and waves to Cecilia, “we crashed here last night, Cade and Kayn had us paint the town red.”

<Cecilia> has an evident North Italian accent. “Not literally, I hope?”

Kayn tilts his head some and throws up a hand in greeting to Cecelia. “Sup. Seems like the place to be.” He smirks some, folding his laptop a bit to better look at Anastasia beside him, shrugging his shoulders lightly. “Don’t mention it.”

<Cecilia> “Who’s your little friend here?”

Anastasia has an impish air of mischief and mayhem as she shakes her head ‘no’ as she says, “yes, literally.”

Anastasia smiles and slips closer to Kayn saying, “Fiancé, not friend, and I’m Anastasia.”

<Cecilia> eyes her a bit as she goes to make tea, shaking her head. “Which is it? Because I rather like the galleries being open. It makes things relatively easier.”

<Cecilia> “Cecilia di Pasqua, by the way.” She arches a brow at Kayn before disappearing to make some chamomile.

“It’s a full moon, sometimes you just can’t help yourself.” Kayn says to Cecelia, sideglancing Anastasia but going with the little ruse. When she leaves the room he quirks a brow openly. “Oh you’re just getting cozy Cade ain’t around is it hrm?”

Anastasia says to Cecilia, “as “Literally” now means figuratively, the question was impossible to answer… but no, no spray paint was used last night by us. Pleasure to meet you, Cecilia,” she says to her back. She giggles at Kayn, “Just being me… and keeping things light.”

<Cecilia> “The very same, I’m sure.”

<Cecilia> returns a few moments later, sipping from her cup of tea.

Kayn actually smirks some at the vampire, perhaps having grown more accustomed after the several days with her around. “Was a tamer night than the last all things considered.”

<Cecilia> “Was it? Dare I ask?”

Anastasia nods in total agreement with Kayn’s assertion. “God was it, and so welcome. Hey, did you get the girl’s number? The one who was eyeing you like a fat kid does cake?” She asks Kayn in a playfully coy tone. Then she looked Cecilia’s way and says, “well we stayed in THIS world, that was a plus.”

<Cecilia> “I suppose that’s a plus.”

“What?” He snorts at Anastasia. “Man, gals that lock onto you the moment you walk in are crazy.. Kinda like someone I know.”

Anastasia snuggles closer to Kayn and says, “ahhh, you love the crazy ones the bestest… they know tricks.” Then she nods at Cecilia, “I REALLY never want to visit the demon infested part of the Shadowlands ever again.”

<Cecilia> “I….see….and when did you make this trip?”

Kayn isn’t exactly up to cuddling, pushing back gently if she presses against him, though doesn’t comment on it as he watches Cecelia. “You missed the bus pull up right outside two nights ago, was a pretty wicked field trip.”

<Cecilia> “Mm. I had more important things to do.”

<Cecilia> “But I won’t bore you with the details. Goodnight.” She takes her tea and goes upstairs.

Anastasia holds up her hands and waves them in front of her face. “SO wasn’t by my choice and I wasn’t alone… probably about a dozen of us, Mages, Werewolves and Vampires were transported there by a nasty storm.” Anastasia let’s Kayn shift her away from him, pouting petulantly. “But you’re so warm,” she says in a wheedling tone.

“Girl, you made the choice long ago to give up bein warm.’ Kayn pushes his laptop back open, tone a little cold, but a little playful at the same time

“Nah, ah! The only choice I made was to sneak into a party Bowie and Warhol were supposed to be at,” Anastasia says in a wounded, defensive tone, though her eyes sparkle with mirth in response to Kayn’s assertion then hid behind his laptop screen.

Kayn sinks back behind the screen, not quite getting what she’s referencing. Oh let her be wounded! Popping his earbud back in he hits spacebar again, movie resuming

Anastasia humpfs! as Kayn loses himself in his computer and ignores her, sounding ‘hurt’ but gets drowned out by his movie as he starts it up again. She wanders off to explore the chantry and see if she can find someone more amusing to interact with.